Who wants to be a YouTube Hero?

Since almost the very beginning of the Hampstead SRA hoax, a major problem has been the massive proliferation of Hoaxtead-related videos on YouTube. Volunteers have devoted hundreds of hours to the thankless task of reporting videos that violate Mrs Justice Pauffley’s original court order, and YouTube’s terms of service.

Code 2222 outside RCJ

The return of an old YouTube friend?

One of our team members recently noticed that an apparent newcomer had set up housekeeping over on YouTube, and had begun uploading videos like there was no tomorrow. None of the videos were new; all came from a variety of older accounts, but they all shared one thing in common: they preached the Gospel According…

Tribulations of Angela 2016-09-04

The ongoing tribulations of Angie

Poor Angela has been having a rough week. As we predicted a few weeks back (because it seems to happen every bleedin’ time she travels), her computer equipment was stolen from her baggage while she was en route from Lanzarote, and (of course) she lost all the most important stuff, which will (of course) cost…