Wesley Hall’s latest claim: ‘Gang-stalked’ in Spain?

After an all-too-brief hiatus, long-time grifter Wesley Hall has returned to Facebook with a vengeance. Readers may recall his most recent performance piece: having fled to Spain following his arrest and questioning last May, he reappeared in September with a bizarre story about somebody making death threats toward his daughter.

At the time we were able to debunk the story quite thoroughly.
It turned out that Wesley had used emotional blackmail in the form of suicide threats to extort money from a woman who had befriended him
, convincing her first that he was being pursued by a Satanic paedophile ring which was trying to murder him, and then that he needed to get out of the country in order to be safe. 

When his victim realised she’d been had and turned off the money tap, Wesley mounted a campaign of vicious harassment against the woman and her husband, as well as others he felt had wronged him. 

Eventually he fell silent, to the disappointment of…well, no one, really. 

However, all good things must come to an end. Wesley is back, and he’s picked up his harassment campaign where he left off; only now he’s added a new ingredient—he claims that he’s being followed and spied upon by a number of mysterious individuals. In a series of Facebook posts, he’s been trying to whip up support amongst his friends, and trying to get people to phone Amnesty International on his account.

He’s shifted his game slightly, from making suicide threats to claiming that he’s being gang-stalked by a series of mysterious people who threaten him by standing outside his room filming: 

Note to gang-stalker: you’re aiming your camera the wrong way!
In a double reverse-flip, this gang-stalker is cleverly ignoring his prey. 

Strangely, not everyone seems to believe Wesley’s latest tale of woe: 

Slight correction to that last bit: in fact we can think of several people in the UK who would very much like to see the return of Wesley Hall. Unfortunately for him, they wear uniforms and ask uncomfortable questions. On  the plus side, though, we’ve never heard of anybody being gang-stalked whilst in prison.

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      • I think Wes has run out of money, depleted whatever funds were sent to him for his new venture, was thrown out of the building he took possession of, (squatted in), took down his FB page himself because of course, he has nothing now to show for his usual scams & can’t face the people who did send money to him.

        Note that he pm’s people who ask how they can help.

        He’s telling people the Police have done nothing , a classic lie by scammers & yet people can’t seem to get it that they are not investigating the people he has named, because they did not commit a crime rather the other way around.

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    • I like the reaction of the old guy, he’s standing there checking facebook or something by the look of it,neither camera on a tablet/phone would even be able to see weaselly as he is holding it at an almost perfectly 90 degree angle to the paranoid one, weaselly then makes a noise or something and the guy looks around to see someone peering at him through a mostly closed window (which note is made of privacy glass, so he couldn’t film anything through it anyway…)

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      • I would take a guess at him having a schizophrenic issue and not taking his medication. He has very grandiose ideas about how important he is, along with the stalking of him. Weed can explain some of this as well but not all


  1. He’s totally lost it, hasn’t he. (Or has he? Can we expect a PayPal appeal to follow?)

    And speaking of people who’ve totally lost it…


  2. Long story short – both Angela and that “Nattalie Stubbs” freak (aka Marc Armour?) have just endangered the safety of a number of innocent people and have been reported for harassment. Unfortunately defamation isn’t a reporting category on Facebook or the numerous people they’ve slandered and endangered would be taking them to the fucking cleaners.

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      • “Many of my exposing videos are banned in the UK”
        (throws up slightly) and thank god for that- my brain needs a bleaching now at the thought of angela ‘exposing’….

        And you would think that such an eminent journo as angie would know the importance of punctuation and sentence structure…

        “Lavery was a victim I interviewed and got groomed by Hoaxtead” is not the same as “”Lavery was a victim I interviewed, and who was groomed by Hoaxtead”
        Or is APD saying she got Lavery groomed???

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      • She’s got a new “crew” now—a few mentally subnormal people willing to do her bidding, for the time being at least. With Sabine out of the picture, I think she fancies herself the new Queen of the Hampstead Hoax.

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    • I noticed that APD is spending a lot of time at the various FOTL pages, she’s been following what Robert White’s group has been posting quite a bit

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      • Oh no! The last thing we need on Quatloos is an APD thread. There are enough fruit loops to keep an eye on there as it is!

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        • LOL @ anowlcalledsage

          (I don’t know why, but every time I see your name, I read it as ‘a nowl called sage’)

          The thread would be huge within days with APD’s output lol- she nearly would need her own subforum rather than a thread…

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    • “i did not call out john honia on my live feed 1s”
      I assume that this is Nattalie’s brain-damaged rendition of “Hoani John Wanoa”. Is she saying that he is a scammer, but she doesn’t want to say so, out of general nobility?


  3. On a tangent but highly relevant to the Hampstead hoax

    An extremely dodgy collaborative enterprise of quacks and witch-hunters the so called “Leadership Council” all agree that there is no such thing as Parental Alienation Syndrome


    A perspective that the child victims at the centre of the hoax and their father would no doubt wish to dispute were they not so busy dealing with the trauma and stalking generated by hoaxers and witch-hunters

    Just another aside – where would the Hampstead children and their father go to receive help and support for all the horrors they endured resulting from the hoax? In my experience quacks have infiltrated and contaminated mental health services dealing with trauma to the extent that anyone who has suffered trauma risks being abused and traumatised all over again by quacks and witch-hunters.

    The “Leadership Council” is connected to this highly dubious organisation, unsurprisingly also featuring quacks and witch-hunters,


    which is promoting none other than Jessica Clark, one of the many new cutesy faces of DID (remember her? Jess of the Multiplicity and Me youtube channel?).


    Jess delivered a talk to psychology students at Bangor University in 2013, thus spreading the infection of pseudo-science and quackery to new populations of MH professionals


    Jess is also moving into gamification, monetising / revenue generation and possibly multi-level marketing via her Patreon crowdfunding account


    You can get your hands on postcards each featuring images specially designed to reflect the characters of the different alters and, if that wasn’t sufficiently exciting, each postcard will be signed by one or more alters each with their own unique handwriting! wow!

    Jess suggests helpfully that you might want to send chai tea or wooly socks as gifts. Of course, as detailed on the Patreon page, hard cash is definitely always welcome.

    Jess also provides a video showing the “money shot” of the DID pop videos, a “switch” caught on camera.

    The “switch” may appear underwhelming, unconvincing and frankly tedious, but if the public want switches on camera then that is what the public must have.

    Please excuse my absence from the blog of late, I am woking on something significant.

    Well done to Flo Destroyer for giving Mel V enough rope and to EC for the magnificent work on Sabine’s trial;

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  4. Yet more evidence of the Strange World these people inhabit (within their heads).

    Just this week a pal thundered on the phone to me that he was going to hire a private investigator to pursue some matter that really was not of great importance. I said “go ahead and get some quotes” knowing the result already.
    His horror at the cheapest PI quote-$800 per 4 hour shift, floored him.
    Who do these people think will pay for someone to stalk them?. Certainly nor George Soros- he’s not that silly.

    Which brings me to EC’s comment yesterday that Andy ‘Tick Tock’ Devine’s exhortations to people to plague the judge in Sabine’s case with letters could be very risky while the case was still under way. It could be seen as an attempt to influence a judge- it’s called an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

    I had experience of this 12 years ago when I acted as an assistant ( McKenzie Friend?) for a plaintiff who won their civil matter. I had a series of calls from pals of the defendant who claimed foul ( and oddly assumed I was advising -ignoring he had a top lawyer & barrister ) and said they were going to write to the judge and put him right. I advised that I didn’t think the judge would read such letters,

    But apparently the judge did and 2 letter writers- the most vitriol – received a visit from Mr Plod advising them that writing to a judge before, during or after a court case was a highly risky matter and could be perceived as a criminal act and caution was advised.

    Does the UK have an extradition treaty with Greece?

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      • Judges in newsworthy cases get this a lot, I know one who was plagued with letters (or rather his associate was) after he convicted a high profile truther. Only confirmed to the judge that he’d done the right thing. Doing this before Mrs Mcneill has been sentenced is doing her no favours at all, she might well say “God protect me from my friends”

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  5. Looks like EC gets a well deserved lie in tomorrow

    NOT BEFORE 02:00 PM
    For Sentence T20170731 ******* ****** ***********
    Order made under s46, Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999

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  6. Jeez, Yolande Kenward & Baz Evans (can’t believe Baz has turned so nasty, I really used to like her posts, but didn’t see the one where she named someone), have horrible posts about EC & Ponstein on Yolande’s page. I can’t believe how bitter Baz has become. I haven’t linked because I don’t like putting Yolande’s FB on here. Just my opinion though.


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