Abe confirms Finnbarr was a scout for UK Column

We were clearing out some old desk drawers yesterday, when we happened upon one of those scraps of information that make you go, “Hmm”. In this case, it’s something we clipped from Twitter last summer, without really knowing how it might fit into the Hampstead SRA timeline, but suspecting that we might have a use for it one day.

Here’s what we found: We originally found this on Twitter on 1 August 2016. In this tweet, “Free the hampstead 2” (aka Abraham Christie) is responding to a tweet from his bestie, Drifloud, who has mentioned an email that Abe sent to Brian Gerrish on 11 September 2014, the night RD’s children were taken into protective custody. Drifloud describes that email as a “cry for help”:

If it’s a “cry for help”, it’s a strange one. All it does is lay out the bare bones of the hoax:

Ritual satanic child abuse and sacrifice cult, serial murdering and blood drinking

Main action is happening in Christchurch primary school in Hampstead, London….

The baby sexual abuse and sacrifices are going on Tuesday, Wednesday (big sex day), Thursday
There are 4 secret rooms in the church where they perform rituals
They first sexually abuse babies (torture, hurting them too), then inject to put them to sleep, slit their throat, drain and drink blood, roast or fry the baby’s meat and eat.

School staff and parents, priest, other involved are doing sex to boys bottoms and girls front privates and bottoms with large plastic willies.
Adults force children to do oral sex.
Babies are supplied regularly for the rituals, abused, tortured with rat traps, dropped on the floor (often bleed), then killed. They put them to sleep by injections, slit baby’s throat, drain blood, then drink the blood and then cook the body by either roasting or frying. The meat is eaten by the leader…teachers, 20 special children and their parents.

Ritual involves special costumes children wear 10-13 babies skulls (sometimes with blood and hair still on the skull), adults – 20, -on their bodies, leader -30 skulls. Everybody has skulls worn around the neck, (4), on breast, front private, belly, knees, arms. All wear shoes made of baby skin….

Babies are supplied from all over the world. They buy them, inject and send by TNT, DHL services. …

Baby sacrifice, blood drinking, dancing with the Baby’s skulls happen in the church on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Main day is Wednesday, ritual…. (all sic) [All sick, shurely —Ed.]

This does not read as though it’s Abe’s first attempt to contact Gerrish. There’s no greeting, no introduction, no explanation of what he wants. It’s more like a laying out of his wares for inspection: he’s telling Gerrish what he can deliver, if Gerrish picks up this story.

Where does Finnbarr fit in?

We know from the Finnbarr recording that Finnbarr Hagan was with Abe, Ella, and RD’s children in London on 8 September, where he interviewed both children about the abuse they alleged they’d suffered. And Abe’s pairing of Finnbarr with Gerrish in the tweet we rediscovered yesterday indicates that our suspicions were correct: this adds plausibility to the idea that Gerrish had sent Finnbarr to check out the children’s story and determine whether it was worth supporting.

It seems like the perfect fit for Gerrish’s UK Column: blood, gore, sex, child abuse, Satanists, pretty children….what more could he want? And yet…he turned it down.

So why did Gerrish turn his nose up at the hoax?

One clue, we think, might come from an unexpected source: The Great Wiggy Herself, Danielle La Verité.

At about 2:55 in this video, she states,

DLV: Now the UK Column, when Ella went to the UK Column, they offered her full protection for those children. And Brian Gerrish and the other people at the Column…
Richie Allen: When you say he offered full protection now, you know I have a lot of time for the UK Column, but how could Brian Gerrish protect anybody?
DLV: Well, in the sense that what they were going to do was release the videos without the children’s faces being seen…
Richie Allen: Right, I’m with you.
DLV: Yes, so the children had protection, which they should have had, because now these children will spend the rest of their lives being the two kids from the internet that talked about ritualistic child abuse. Their lives could be ruined because of this, regardless of…this is…it’s child abuse continued, as far as I’m concerned.

So putting two and two together, it seems that the UK Column made Abe and Ella an offer: Gerrish would publicise their hoax and stand behind it, if they would give him what would amount to a degree of editorial control. They would have to play things his way—no showing the children’s faces, no identifying them online.

As we know, Abe has always clung to editorial control as if it’s the last lifeboat on the Titanic. The chances of him accepting a deal like this were approximately nil.

Add to this the fact that when Finnbarr reported back to Gerrish on his trip to visit Abe and Ella in London, he would have mentioned Abe’s panic when he discovered that the police officer assigned to investigate the hoax was the same one who’d investigated his assault on his own teen-aged son. And Finnbarr would also have reported that Abe and Ella were making serious noises about fleeing the country.

So despite the juiciness of the story, Gerrish seems to have taken stock of Abe’s inflexibility and determination to control the thing himself, Abe and Ella’s feeling that they ought to get the heck out of Dodge before the police caught up with them, and Abe’s worry that he would be correctly identified as a serial child abuser. Given all of this, it’s no wonder that Gerrish gave the whole seething mess a very wide berth.

Of course he would go back on that later, once the videos were already out in the public sphere, but by then no one could have blamed him for releasing them—and besides the story was a gold mine for the troofer community for several months.

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  1. They promote Gerrish as an ex-Naval office along with some of the other loonies- ex US navy Field McConnell (?) a favourite of the UK fruit loop community and that supposed ex-UK cop Savage, the deceased FBI loon, as though their former occupations somehow imposes great integrity upon them.
    Me? I worry that those who are meant to protect us -army, navy, police etc may have some seriously disturbed people among their midst.

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    • Yes, I find it hilarious that these people, who are so convinced that they are flouting authority and seeing through the trappings of power nonetheless practically wet themselves when they find a fellow fruitcake who represents the state authority they claim to hate.

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  2. “It’s no wonder that Gerrish gave the whole seething mess a very wide berth. Of course he would go back on that later, once the videos were already out in the public sphere…”

    Sadly true. He ended up embracing the hoax with bells on. One has to wonder why he didn’t pick up the early alarm bells of trying to deal with Abe and being treated like crap by him. In fact, I recall that Abe has been pretty rude and accusatory about him on several occasions. The Hampstead story seems to have fizzled out now on UKC but whether Gerrish still believes it I couldn’t say. I don’t know whether anyone here has picked up on any recent murmurs…

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    • I think by the time the hoax had made its way onto social media, Gerrish probably felt he had no choice but to cover it. He’d have looked like he was out of touch with his audience if he’d continued to give it a miss…and heaven forfend that he should have stood up and said, “Oh hey, you know what? That guy Abe has been acting very suspicious, and I have my doubts about all this”. That kind of talk doesn’t bring YouTube views or blog hits.

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    • “Racist website”? Oops! To back that up, he’s accidentally posted a screenshot of Hoaxtead Research, which is passionately anti-racist and has never posted or allowed one single racist comment in its two-year history. Silly man. He had a whole range of antisemitic sites run by his associates that he could have picked from and he still ballsed it up.

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      • Gerrish is just another common garden variety Troofer who seizes upon any sensation to propagate on his so-called ‘TV’ show on which, he must surely take the prize as the most boring presenter on God’s Earth.

        Like all of them they post arrests and convictions, such as the recent ex-BBC married presenters for sexual assault as proof there is a BBC / VIP /Freemason cover-up of..ohh wait that can’t be right.

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        • With the exception of Alex Jones, most of the troofers are incredibly tedious. They seem to think that the longer you drone on for the more important you are. Jones sometimes goes on forever – but at least he is “entertaining” with it.

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  3. Nice analysis, EC.

    Not sure what Gerrish’s stance on this is now. i recall that round about April 2016, Melanie Shaw was claiming that he’d recanted on his support of the hoax. But then I found a broadcast from around the same time where he was still pushing it. I haven’t heard anything recently from him about it but I haven’t been listening out for it.

    And what’s the latest re. Finbarr. is he still doing the rounds?

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    • “Look how fluid Finbarr and A speak to each other”…

      Like this, you mean?

      Finnbarr: Right. How much money do they get?
      A: Oh…a LOT…
      F: Do they charge…do they charge…yeah but they charge for it as well, don’t they?
      A: Yes.
      F: How much do they charge?
      A: Like, one thousand pounds…it looks like one thousand pounds a week, they get. Or maybe two…maybe it’s a million pounds….
      F: Doesn’t matter, yeah, yeah, yeah…
      A: It’s like fifty pounds every single day for a whole year, 365 days.
      F: Comes to a lot of money.

      I would think a 9-year-old would know that there’s a difference between £50, £1,000, and £1 million. Sounds to me like A is bored to tears with this discussion and is just throwing out numbers to make the creepy guy go away.

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      • By 2017 you`d have thought Microsoft would have developed something to monitor idiots like Angie windows turning perfectly good data into mindless shit.That Bill Gates has his work cut out when he gets back from Africa I can tell you.

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    • Angela is completely deluded.

      Honey trapped my arse.

      Neither her or RQ are in the slightest bit attractive.

      Angela is crazy if she really believes RQ was sent to ensnare her.

      She went out of HER way to entrap him, does she forget what she does?

      As for that fake note she claims was written by her 8 year old grandson on her fb page.


      That was written by an adult, probably her.


  4. One favourite of this mob which includes Gerrish et all : Andrea Davison the convicted fraudster “MI5 spy” and forger on-the-run.
    Davison has gone very quite over the past 2 years and the Troofer mob seems to have lost interest in her.
    Davison gave the impression she was hiding out in South America but she’s actually in Thailand where she is heavily involved in the ghastly Boiler Room frauds that target vulnerable people and rip them off for their savings.

    As a smooth talker and master forger she’s fairly high up in one of the 2 major gangs there run by British criminals but things are hotting up after a few murders and arrests and apparently the Generals who currently run Thailand are about to cave into pressure from the FBI and UK police as the gangs have become too powerful and the open corruption of local police too obvious. The same criminals are into the property scams that have been ripping of hapless would be British retirees and investors and a major crack down is soon to happen with the more blatant crooks who have been flaunting their ill-gotten gains.

    Time will tell whether Davison and her co-horts are either arrested and deported back to the UK or receive a certain style of Thai justice which can see individuals have an unfortunate accident which sadly means they cannot expose corrupted local officials.

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    • I read that article recently GOS and some of the others also. The comments from the ex-pats living there have put me off ever wanting to go there, if i had the money of course.

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    • Remind me again why this idiot wasn’t arrested after the children named him as the abuser, and why he was allowed frre to leave the country?
      I know it’s legal stuff beyond my pay grade but it makes no sense why Abe, Ella and Angela, continue to get away with calling everyone paedophiles all the time, then jabberering about the goobermint and secret agents controlling everything. Not doing too good a job of silencing either of these bar stools.

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    • nice one..LIES by the cops yet when do police actually discuss a person’s record with the public?
      Poor Abe is such a dill he’s basically admitting he has an extensive record.

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      • And Abe has “nothing to hide” which is why, errr..he fled over rooftops & is hiding out in Spain and afraid to come back to the UK.
        Abe is just dumb. Cunning maybe and manipulative but dumb as well..always a dangerous mix.

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        • Everyone wants to put something back into the society that gave them the opportunity to make them what they are.Abe is knocking on a bit now and would benefit enormously by settling down and finding a more productive use for his time and undoubted expertise.

          I have it on good authority HMP services are actively seeking a permanent residental Hoist and Petard quality control tester in their nonce wing workshop.Wages,snout and conjugal visiting hours unnegotiable.

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    • I can’t help wondering what a “fake sock puppet account” is. Does that mean that there are some real sock puppets out there?

      I always had my suspicions about Angie:

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  5. What happens the next time some nut like Christie approaches Gerrish, Finbar, etc with children? If it wasn’t for Jean Clement those kids fate would have been very different. If Abe and Ella succeed in making money out of this (highly doubtfull but you never know) Someone will do a copycat. What the hell were Gerrish and Finbar doing questioning children about abuse?

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    • Yes, that’s my question too, Karnevil. Finnbarr had absolutely no business talking to those kids about sexual abuse, real or otherwise, and Gerrish should never have sent him. As far as I’m concerned, it makes them accessories after the fact.

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  6. Someone calling themselves CHUN LI (yes, the Street Fighter game character) has asked to see the article about Islamist extremists exploiting fantasies of satanic ritual abuse to promote hatred of and violence against non-muslims. So, here it is:


    “Abu Hamza’s right-hand man, bodyguard and fellow propagandist of hatred & violence was a man named Abu Abdullah, aka Attila Ahmet.
    For many years, on a daily basis, Abu Abdullah preached hatred of America and Americans, as well as hatred of all non-muslims everywhere on the planet. Abdullah openly advocated violence and encouraged Muslims in his audience to commit atrocities, calling such acts a “religious duty”. He was convicted on three counts of inciting/soliciting murder….
    There are several videos which captured Abu Abdullah inciting hatred and violence in public, but I’m particularly interested in a video by Davebones titled “Preachers of hate”. In the first three minutes of the video, you get to see and hear Abu Abdullah using the Satanic Ritual Abuse related lie about “occult groups” sacrificing little children at Bohemian Grove, to incite hatred and murderous violence amongst his followers”.

    and here, again, is that video:

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    • Justin, would you care to take a guess who acted as solicitor to Abu Hamza’s son when he was convicted of armed robbery in 2012? And who read a statement on the son’s behalf claiming that the son’s actions were attributable to the fact that his father’s notoriety?

      Go on, three guesses.


      It was Aseem Taj, who would later further distinguish himself by screaming, “Google the Hampstead coverup! They’re eating babies!” in court last summer.

      Small world, no?


  7. Mr. Taj? (snortNchortle) Many false accusers take kids on a “Mr. Taj’s Wild Ride” if they can get away with it. Dollars to Doughnuts Crustie the Clown Car’s SOOPER SECRIT “SOURsez” tried to get away with the same thing but FAILED miserably and ended up in the Psych Ward! LOL Just a guess…Place your bets now friends and win a free slice of 🍕🍕🍕🍕. Cheers E.C.!

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  8. Idiot wannabe hacker-whistleblower and self-professed “investigator” is CSA images pervert, serving 42 years in prison:

    “A Florida man who tried unsuccessfully 400,000 times to hack into the computer network of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation has avoided additional prison time.

    Timothy Sedlak, 44, was sentenced Monday in Manhattan Federal Court to 18 months to run concurrently rather than on top of his 42-year sentence that was handed down to him last year for child pornography”.

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  9. heather brown hampstead hoax heather brown hampstead hoax heather brown hampstead hoax heather brown hampstead hoax neener neener

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    • I did some research last night. I had to read some of Shurter’s blog entries – ick!

      I don’t read his blog, watch his videos, or read his facebook page – believe it or not – except when someone comments on or reproduces from those materials, here. Even then, I will ignore it most of the time. Once I’d finished my expose articles on him, years ago, I was done with him.

      I still don’t know much more about these people he talked about, a Lori and an Amber, because his blog entries are inscrutable stream-of-consciousness rants. But I was able to establish that there is no “Lori King unsolved homicide case” anywhere in the US. It’s just another one of Shurter’s paranoid fantasies, as expected.

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          • @Jake – I have no idea.
            I don’t know much about the DID conference cult he was involved with in Washington State. I remember that, at one point, he accused them of being meth addicts and said: “I wouldn’t allow them to do it in my house”.


      • Yes, I tend to avoid him too. Find his various rants uninteresting and can’t be arsed to remember who he thinks is after him at any given time. I’m glad there’s no Lori King unsolved murder, though. Didn’t know one had been suggested, but good to know it doesn’t exist. 🙂


          • I think it unlikely that Shurter owns any guns or other serious weapons. I’ve actually never seen any evidence, that Shurter has been a violent person as an adult. But I also believe, that people who suggest he MIGHT be or COULD be dangerously violent, are extrapolating (and satirizing) from his many, many, attempts to claim that he DID perpetrate extreme crimes of violence as a child. If you go around telling fantasies about having murdered and eaten people in your childhood, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

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    • Wow, Kristie Sue has really lost the plot. Apparently having all her little friends start saying the hoax is a hoax has sent her right round the bend. Not that she had far to go.


    • Yes, I saw that thread, there was more, is the Kitty going to do a U-turn and “out Hampstead” for being baby munchers as she’ll be taking the views of KSC going on about the church and school going through renovations..lol..big mistake listening to KSC’s “logic”.


      • Lmao at solid proof of baby munching, child sacrifice and baby skin shoes.
        You gotta be more than a little simple to think any of the accusations are plausible, but we are not dealing with normal human beings here are we, just conspiraloons.

        But I guess if people want to waste their time believing in Abe’s childish ideas, and support a child torturer then that’s their MO, lol.

        Facts and logic do not interest these people, neither do the court documents or anything else from well written articles covering this case. If you believe in child sacrifice and baby munching being a delicacy like jellied Eels are in London, then there is no helping you.

        Strange, as I’m sure some of these people have experience of people investigating them in the same manner, and don’t like it one bit. Personally I have no interest in looking into any of them, that’s what the police are for, but then I forget that you cannot trust the police, right?
        So all convictions and any case ever before a court is lies, MSM is all lies, until they want to use police and court documents and articles from these sources to prove their own innocence.

        I don’t buy what they are selling, it smells like Bull!

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    • I’ve also no idea why that trio still have it in for RD and Steve Martin either. They don’t seem fully convinced of the hoax.


      • Don’t you realise Jakey. they are super detectives like Instector Gadget and know more about interviewing victims of child abuse than a professional. To say he should be in another job is just shameful.
        But then again they managed a few phone calls so it must be true right?
        RD is shifty because I saw a video from the BBC on Youtube, although I think BBC is MSM and liars on everything so god knows why I would then use it as a source, surely a stitch up to make Dearman look guilty. Then there is the question of a massive amount of real life experience where maybe, just, maybe, hear me out hear guys and gals, a man accused of the most disgusting accusations I can personally think of, might be just a little bit nervous, maybe taking medication like anti-depressants that dumb emotions or even maybe something a little stronger to get through a painful interview.

        Having taken medication for depression and anxiety, I can safely say, it can numb you to the point where you really don’t care about anything. It can have the opposite effect of course where you are over emotional, but considering what that man has been through based on sick lies, looking at how he acts on a video interview would not be my starting point of investigation.

        I would look exactly where the allegations came from, and what the possible motives be for what is an impossible story. The lack of any emotion in Abe, Ella and the children in the initial videos, where if we are to believe them, talking about a very serious situation.

        At no point does Abe ever take it seriously.


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