Chris Spivey loses appeal bid, must pay £2,000 costs

Noted conspiracy blogger, the heavily tattooed Christopher Spivey, lost his appeal against his conviction for harassing the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby. When we last left Mr Spivey, he had been convicted of criminal harassment, and despite his wailing and moaning that he would be a “dead man walking” if he were convicted, received…

Score: Sabine 0, Her Majesty 1

Oh, how we do love our blog’s email inbox! Most days we receive some titbits of interest, some of which we report on immediately; others we put aside for further investigation. But yesterday’s prize entry caused such an eruption of hilarity amongst our team members, we felt our readers would want to see it right…

CCN: Another scammer overboard!

Last month, hoax promoter Mel Ve’s Conscious Consumer Network lost Angela Power-Disney, who ‘fessed up that she could no longer afford the alleged “news network’s” broadcast fees for her two weekly broadcasts. Yesterday we learned that “Hope Girl”, purveyor of the “Quantum Energy Generator”, has also left CCN, for unspecified reasons.

Why evidence doesn’t matter to troofers

When you’re a Hoaxtead pusher, some arguments just never get old. For instance: how often have we heard the chestnut about “if the accused cult members in Hampstead were really innocent, why didn’t they just drop their drawers in public and show the world their lack of tattoos?”