Caution: Debs Mahmoudieh can cause permanent hearing damage

So there we were, listening along to Deborah Mahmoudieh’s latest rant (using headphones to protect our loved ones from her spittle-spraying rage), when it happened again: she was chatting away, the usual lies and distorted half-truths about Hoaxtead, blah blah blah….and then KAPOW!! Her harpy-like shriek propels us halfway out of our chairs.

ACTION: Taking down Hoaxtead videos

Yesterday, in the wake of our successful take-down of Abe/Drifloud’s Twitter page, we talked about how to take down blogs that promote the Hampstead SRA hoax. As always, our amazing community contributed tons of interesting tips and suggestions, so if you’d like to help too, we’d urge you to check out yesterday’s post.

ACTION: Taking down Hoaxtead sites

Following yesterday’s successful removal of Abe/Drifloud’s Twitter account, we’ve been having many discussions about the best way to shut down some of the remaining Hoaxtead-pushing online accounts. Here’s a quick synopsis of what we’ve learned.