Chris Spivey loses appeal bid, must pay £2,000 costs

Noted conspiracy blogger, the heavily tattooed Christopher Spivey, lost his appeal against his conviction for harassing the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby. When we last left Mr Spivey, he had been convicted of criminal harassment, and despite his wailing and moaning that he would be a “dead man walking” if he were convicted, received…


Why evidence doesn’t matter to troofers

When you’re a Hoaxtead pusher, some arguments just never get old. For instance: how often have we heard the chestnut about “if the accused cult members in Hampstead were really innocent, why didn’t they just drop their drawers in public and show the world their lack of tattoos?”


The Walter Mitty world of conspiritainment

It’s been two weeks since Edgar Maddison Welch, armed with an assault rifle and a handgun, commandeered a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C. in a fruitless hunt for evidence of a “child sex slave ring”. On 16 December, Mr Welch pleaded “not guilty” to a federal count of interstate transportation of a firearm and ammunition,…


Hoaxer movement in a tailspin over Pizzagate gunman

In the wake of Sunday’s armed invasion of the Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant at the heart of the bizarre “pizzagate” conspiracy, it’s fascinating to watch the hoaxer movement run about squawking and squealing. They are now trying to invent a brand new conspiracy theory to explain why one of their own failed to find a…