About Us

Who or what is Hoaxtead Research?

This blog started when a small group of like-minded people got together online and began to share our ideas about the emerging, and highly toxic, Hampstead child abuse hoax.

Some of us started off believing in the hoax, but were quickly converted to non-believers as the evidence mounted against it.

Others had expressed doubts online, and been viciously attacked and hounded by the hoax’s perpetrators and/or true believers.

We had one thing in common: when we looked at the evidence, we could all see that the thing was a fraud.

As our group grew in numbers, we discovered that we were far from alone. We began to meet up with members of other groups similar to our own, and we began to trade insights and evidence. We’d been doing this for a couple of months when we decided we needed a central voice, a safe space where we could openly discuss and share what we were finding.

That’s how this blog was born.

Over the months we’ve grown and changed, attracting new followers and commenters, people from many walks of life, whose voices we value immensely. Our little blog now boasts an average of 1,200+ views per day, and our comments section is a treasure trove of insight, fascinating argument, and humour. Because sometimes, in the face of insanity, all one can do is laugh.

New to the Hampstead SRA hoax?

We understand. The hoax is big and confusing, with many moving parts and strange characters. That’s why we’ve created a section on the blog especially for new readers. Whether you’ve only just heard of the hoax, or you’ve heard parts of the story but don’t really understand how it all fits together, you’ll find our “Frequently Asked Questions” section is tailored to getting you up to speed.

You’ll find the Hampstead SRA hoax FAQ on the right-hand side of the toolbar at the top of each page. That’s where we store the information we’ve gathered about the Hampstead hoax. If you start with the first page, “How it all began”, you’ll find the entire hoax laid out in chronological order.

Oh come on, aren’t you all just Ricky Dearman sock accounts?

No. As far as we know, RD has never contributed to this blog in any way. We don’t know anything about his current life, but he doesn’t spend any of it here.

None of us has ever met him, though we have sympathy for the situation in which he has found himself, through absolutely no fault of his own. We hope he is doing well, away from the remaining internet loonies who are still willing to harass and defame him despite everything.

How much do they pay you to be shills?

No one at this blog has ever received a penny from any source for the work we do here. We are all volunteers, donating our time freely to this blog because we think it’s important to confront lies, especially public lies that hurt people.

We have never asked for money, and we never will.

Unlike the hoax promoters who have used Abe and Ella’s lies as an excuse to add “donate” buttons to their websites, and who have profited from YouTube’s policy of paying certain channels per view, we make no money here, nor do we want to.

Are we sure this thing is a hoax?


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