Court Order: March 2015

This is the court order which was issued against Sabine McNeill and Ella Draper, which they both chose to flee the country rather than obey. This court order also applies to anyone “who knows of this Order and does anything to breach its terms”.

Please note:

If you have ever posted anything online or elsewhere any text, video, or image which could lead to the identification of the two children; any information which identifies or could lead to the identification of their father Ricky Dearman; or any information including the names and addresses of any employee or representative of the Local Authority;


If you have ever harassed the father Ricky Dearman, or subjected him to unlawful and unwarranted psychological intimidation by posting articles upon any internet or social networking website accusing him of unlawful activity,

then you may be held to be in contempt of court and may be imprisoned, fined, or have your assets seized.