Angela Power-Disney’s blog suspended

Yesterday we learned that Angela Power-Disney’s blog,, has been suspended.

Angelascachesdotorg 2018-04-06 .png

It is unclear whether the blog disappeared because of a defamation or harassment complaint—and we can think of many people who’d have grounds for either—or because Angela has been failing to pay her blog-hosting bills. Or perhaps she failed to renew her domain registration…but whatever. It was a lovely thing to find on a Friday afternoon:Angela's Caches blog 2018-04-06

In either case, we can say with some certainty that whoever removed the blog from the internet is “helping to create a safe world for children”.

Angela's Caches searchIt is also unclear whether Angela herself is aware that her blog has expired and gone to meet its maker.

She did put up a rather cryptic Facebook post yesterday, but then Angela is the queen of vague-booking, so really, who knows?Angela vage-booking 2018-04-06

We’re sure we’ll hear all about it on her next long-winded video, but for now…let’s just enjoy the peace and quiet. SteveD AngelasCaches

60 thoughts on “Angela Power-Disney’s blog suspended

    • No, Malcolm – there’s nothing wrong with calling a girl who has Down’s syndrome a “mong”. I’m sure her mother would be very understanding. *Facepalm*

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    • I am bemused by his abusing people by calling them “dyslexic”. At least one of his regular targets is a qualified college teacher and an advanced graduate, despite being known to be dyslexic. They manage to write to a standard of English that is slightly above average and understand basic things like upper case letters and full stops. That is as well as having achieved a standard of education which allowed them to teach! These things being regulated and checked.

      My point here is that being afflicted with dyslexia has nothing (in general) to do with a person’s intelligence or their ability to achieve things at quite a high level. Foreigners and those with mild disabilities may have an excuse for not writing in perfect English, and that sometimes leads to slight misunderstanding. Malcolm, however, seems to write to a standard that would be considered troubling in a ten-year old child; and so it’s rather surprising that anyone can decode the jumbled array of random letters he throws at the page!

      I would love to know what his “excuse” is? I suppose it’s all his teachers’ fault and nothing to do with him being a filthy lazy dog with criminal tendencies? Or perhaps he might blame being raised in poverty? And yet the person I refer to in my first paragraph is not only afflicted with a recognised learning disability, but was born into and raised in one of the most notoriously deprived areas in Europe! What is the reason for Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy’s lack of basic education and failure to hold even the most basic analytical skills? It’s not “street” or “working class” – the man is just a willfully unlearned dolt- an ignoramus! Why?

      Then there is this “M**g” word that Malcolm uses so often which is really just as bad as using the word “N****r” to reference someone’s race. It is unacceptable, as is any form of abusing disabled people by using their conditions as terms with which to abuse them or others. It’s made all the worse (hypocritical) by Malcolm’s own lack of education and inability to function beyond the level of a young child!

      No one seems to know who this “Willie” is. – Another hoax on the horizon? However, it is perfectly correct to be calling out things which are hoaxes as such because, as others point out, such things only serve to “deflect” attention away from genuine abuse cases. It is so often the case that the people promoting these hoaxes have a criminal background, often involving the abuse of children. One can then only conclude that a significant number of these hoaxes are put about by perverts to try and cover their own tracks.

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    • Rather more serious than “pc incorrect” [sic] Malcolm… That is one of the most abusive terms you could use, whether in reference to a person with Down’s Syndrome or as a pejorative term directed at others. No reasonable person would use language like that and it says much about your mindset. You’re a sick, twisted puppy Mr. Ogilvy, and I think you know it! All the projecting in the world won’t change that.

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  1. Presumably Angela will cotton on to what’s happened when she reads this blog that she never rarely sometimes occasionally reads once a day/week/month/year/millennium.

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    The real story of Anne Craig, the ‘coach’ accused of encouraging false memories of abuse and tearing families apart
    What made two seemingly happy young women from loving homes sever all contact with their families and friends, renounce their inheritances and vanish into thin air? Mick Brown investigates how a self-styled ‘personal development coach’ digging for ‘forgotten’ childhood memories opened a door to catastrophe

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    • I just read this too, Sam. Many thoughts about it, but it’s just tragic that this utterly untrained quack was able to cause such profound damage and remains completely convinced that she bears no responsibility for the lives she’s destroyed.

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  3. It is a .org site and these can cost upto £400 per month to host. Chris Spivey has to rely on donations for his website. She should dip into her gofundme donations maybe?

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  4. I never thought to see who or what hosted her blog. Whatever occurred it’s a good thing the poison is gone for now.

    Wot a palaver!

    I did notice upon reading her fb page that she has a stock reply of either “very profound!” or “so deep!” to those who write more than two paragraphs to her regardless of what was written but which invariably includes references to the bible and Jesus.

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      • Lovely, you really know how to help a person find the truth, who was willing to listen and has read everything on this blog, gave the benefit of the doubt and then gets this treatment. If you want people to listen to RD’s side of the story and maybe hear what the man has to say and persuade the public into seeing his point of view and believing him you have seriously gone the wrong way about it. Nonetheless, i have watched his interview and had made my decision on what he has suffered and won’t allow another’s comment change my mind. I have no clue as to who the being above is but will look her up haha. I have read that this is a ” Shurter-free zone and all offending posts will be deleted. ” Let’s see shall yours be.


          • Maybe i have read about her on this site and what you have been calling her and took the word of the admin that the email address will never be posted in public and used that email address to see how honest the admin really is and now i have discovered how some can lie on a lower scale of things. Lets hope she don’t see email address i created and comes looking for me….. hahahaha


          • That’s one (not at all contrived) option. The other is that you got caught out acting like a silly little troll.


  5. I commented on Doazics video that I posted the other day, and he asked me if this blog had looked into the Batty case. I wasn’t aware of it, so he posted this:

    This is the link for the article, my blood just ran cold…..

    Susan Caruana, 62, is the legal guardian of her grandson Alex Batty, but has not seen him since he flew to Malaga with his mother, Melanie, 37, and his grandfather David, 58, on 30 September.

    Caruana said she believed her daughter and former partner had run away with the boy because they wanted him to have “an alternative lifestyle”. Melanie Batty has previously lived in a commune in Morocco with her son


  6. No it is a real email i made up hahaha. Ah well she deserves it getting mixed up the nut jobs she has got mixed up with. Over and out.


  7. Wow@APD’s blog being suspended! Jake, demand your money back!

    As for her not knowing who to trust anymore, that’s karma!

    How many people has she spoken to, then put their private conversations online for the world to see.

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  8. It’s about time this hoax went away. It’s also about time all the promoters of it were prosecuted for Harassment. I can only hope this happens soon and includes Angela.

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  9. The Weasel via APD’s FB page is still rabbiting on about the mysterious Allan Chappelow murder and seems to think because it happened in Hampstead that automatically anything else that happens there or is alleged to must be true.

    The Chappelow mystery is much of the trial was held in secret and we’ll never know why.
    I think these plonkers think the HampHoax court case was held in secret but if anything, it’s been the most publicized family court matter for years. The Judgement was very precise and detailed and basically laid out the entire case from go to woah.

    Weasel is promoting a new book about the case and some of Angie’s deluded followers seen to think the book is about Hoaxtead and are rushing out to buy it LOL.

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  10. Costa is probably related to MA. Serial killer from Truro, named Costa. Really sick case! The gory details Sound like her fantasies! It must be troo, same name, same state=Troo Gnus!?

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  11. Dopegirl looks like a “person of interest” trying to cover her QEG Cult’s Asses! Time for raid on their compound!

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    • You say Chris Everard wanks neo-Nazis?

      Nice that he has a hobby.

      Maybe Everard is a nickname. 😉


  12. The Truth About This Statement:
    “In 1975, an authoritative text proclaimed that the incidence of father-daughter incest in the United States was 1 in a million families”.

    I’ve taken that, above, from an 2011 article about incest by Dr Richard Kluft. But you can find this statement, or variations of it, in just about any article on the problem of CSA from 1980 onward. The point of this statement is supposed to be, that “years ago” in “the bad old days”, all the authorities of child sexual abuse believed that incestuous sexual interaction & abuse OF ANY KIND was extremely rare.

    In reality, statistical analysis on “incest” compiled by people like Weinberg or Henderson, circa 1960-1975, was based on America cases of prosecution for their antiquated State legal prohibitions against “incest”, defined specifically as MARRIAGE OR SPOUSAL RELATIONSHIP involving sexual intercourse which does, or is likely to, result in procreation.
    For example, in Connecticut:
    “Any person related within degrees specified in 46b-21; No man may marry his mother, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece, stepmother or stepdaughter, and no woman may marry her father, grandfather, son, grandson, brother, uncle, nephew, stepfather or stepson.
    “a person is guilty of sexual assault in the third degree when such person engages in sexual intercourse with another person whom the actor knows to be related to him or her within any of the degrees of kindred specified in the statute that specifies which relatives are prohibited from marrying one another.”

    THAT is what those early statistical analysis were based on – NOT on the prevalence of child rape or molestation between family members – which crimes, of that nature, were prosecuted as rape or sexual assault or sexual seduction-molestation and not as “incest”.
    In other words, they were talking specifically about THIS – truly one-in-a-million occurrence:


    • I have often wondered why stepchildren are included in that list? I knew as a teen a couple of friends that started dating, his father was divorced and her mother had been widowed in a car accident. After they had been dating for several months, the parents became friends and then a while later married, making the kids relationship technically illegal (even though it was the kids dating that originally brought the parents together!)
      We did (as was usual with teenagers) give them both a bit of curry over ‘dating his sister’ but they were technically now breaking the law…


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