SRA Fraud

Some insights into the disgraceful world of SRA hoaxes:

Jean La Fontaine on Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic

The Real Victims of SRA



14 thoughts on “SRA Fraud

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    • I have just been going back thru my blog, and i don’t know if i approved your comment, of a while back, I am careful who i let comment, and let them thru differently, eg, i have only just let thru comments from mr green badge hollie man, which show him up a bit as a stalking troll. But i do remember reading some of yours, and going to come back to it, i looked again, and realised it was you. I hadn’t made the connection, you make alot of sense, valid counter intelligent information.
      So I know who you are now. havn’t blogged for ages, and even then not well, i’m just self learnt, but i seem to get people to take notice, and have worked my magic, as well as possible with tools, i hardly know how to.
      People that actually know me, know that i keep it simple on the spiritual front, air towards american indian, and used to use the motherpeace tarot. i am unashamedely nuts, i am disabled, home educating mum, whose had a variety of lives both now and past. and they are already coming at me with all the voodoo, shit…… whatever it is it is black, and whatever i choose to use, i send rainbows to all, i want peace, not a war, not a fight of who is the best campaigner, my role was linking and helping create a strong network, cos the fight to bring CSA into the light has been long, ardous, and many have worked hard to bring us to now. We have to keep it real, and stay grounded, it’s easy to float off into neverland, with this shit. ! Anyway, i hope you weren’t offended. holliejokes man of course calls me a shill and a gatekeeper, so i let his comments appear, including one from way back, that leads to his blog, i can’t find it, but need to reply on it, so people don’t think i;m giving him a greenlight, i find it hard to navigate at times.
      I might put the high priestess up, on motherpeace she’s ugly ! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Angela tho is extremely concerned now, that you have used me to channel my rage and anger at them fcough, and conned me, mindcontrolled me, etc, i can guarentee that you havn’t even tried, no one from this blog has tried to shut me down, and i have expressed some criticism, and own differing opinions, i have openly shown how i was partly responsible for the fake credibility they achieved at the rally 2010, and she comes with so much patronising bullshit…… Try and control me,? 🙂 Dominant women i have met before, and it doesnt work well, As ever gaslighting, and of course still portraying me as a bully, victim, and if she thinks that fools survivors who have had to regrow themselves from the inside out in order to fight say the Vatican, whose groups i have been in for 6 years, and she really has no clue who she is talking to.

    I am entitled fully to opine on this and put forward my evidence of this part of the puzzle that i know, and because of the seriousness of healing this evil, i have committed some time, with my best intent, many know that even with mistakes, i have held true to that.

    I have also had a dark, heavy curse laid on me,….. pish ! I hope the light of truth surrounds that person, and he gets help on the three fold return of that karma.

    My main belief is that if we all put our energy, skills, time etc into undoing abuse, the harm, effects, etc, and cannot use my power to do more harm…..i seem to have some influence, still.

    Nice salt bath and my amethysts are sound, i’m listening to lovely music,

    Cleansing of all the shit they threw, not letting them trigger me. but it is easy to see.

    what a lovely lot !


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