Is Hoaxtead an ‘internet prophecy cult’?

One aspect of the Hampstead SRA hoax which many of us have trouble grasping is how people can maintain their seemingly intractable belief in such an utterly improbable story, for more than three years now.

Scarlet Scoop first mooted the idea of the true believers as a kind of cult, and it’s a thought we’ve returned to several times. As Scarlet wrote in 2015,

Hoaxteaders are certainly “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices”.

They are definitely “regarded by others” – by most, in fact – “as strange”. 

They certainly “impose excessive control over their members”, as we have seen with [people] who have tried to distance themselves from the group; and with that poor couple who dared to remove their names from the petition and faced an avalanche of harassment and intimidation from Sabine et al. …

As for “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular thing”, look no further than their bizarre obsessions with tattoos, genitals, child porn, skulls and baby blood. …

Yesterday we stumbled across a new-to-us blog, The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories, where we found an article which posits the current alt-right/conspiranoid phenomenon of QAnon as an “internet prophecy cult”.

Suddenly, a great many things crashed into place.

Mike Wood, a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Winchester, writes,

Despite being an anonymous shitposter, Q’s got a lot of people convinced that he’s got insider info on the deep state conspiracy against Trump. But you need to understand that this is a much older scam than Q himself. People have been pulling the same thing for decades.

The thing is, Q isn’t just a conspiracy theory. It’s a kind of internet prophecy cult. Never mind that its prophecies are almost entirely wrong when they’re not too vague to make a judgement one way or another.

He breaks down the steps in creating internet prophecy cults, citing QAnon and several of its predecessors.

Step 1, he says, is to find an audience and tell them what they want to hear:

Figure out who you’re appealing to. Preppers? Goldbugs? New Age UFO fans? The new right? Whoever you want to reach, go to where they are. Find their communities and post there. Act mysterious. Tell them that everything they believe is right and good, and everything they disagree with is wrong, evil, and doomed.

In the case of the Hampstead hoax, this would have been “anti-establishment conspiracy theorists”, and as we’ve said in previous posts, Sabine, Belinda, Abe, and Ella put a great deal of effort into getting some of the more popular conspiracy purveyors on-side.

Tell them that while things might look bad at the moment, soon a great cleansing will come upon the world. The evil men who have jealously hoarded their power will be swept away, and the world will be ruled by the just. It might hurt, people might die, but in the end, everything will be set right.

How often have we heard Belinda and others claim that the worst problem facing society is SRA? Or that once the paedophiles (excluding of course those who are their friends) are dealt with, the world will be a wonderful place?

Next, says Mr Wood, establish who the “good guys” are: in the case of the Hampstead hoax, that would be “children’s rights activists” (or just plain “activists” for short). No matter who you are or what you do, if you call yourself an activist, you’re A-okay with the Hoaxtead mob.

These “activists” are going to put everything right. They are everywhere, even though we might not always be able to see them. They are constantly vigilant, they know who the bad guys are, and they are just about to bring them to justice…any minute now. No, really.

People will believe you. People always want to believe they’re right. Mostly, they will convince themselves that they’re right anyway, and since you were telling them things they want to be true, they’ll give you credit for having been “right.”

The Hampstead hoax feeds the belief, held by a small but substantial number of people, that the world is controlled by unseen forces, who prey on the weak and vulnerable (children) and get joy from tormenting those less powerful than themselves.

Given that many of those who avidly support the hoax feel themselves to be disenfranchised in some way, latching onto the Hampstead hoax is a way of regaining a sense of power and control over their lives…even if all that means is making the lives of other people miserable.

And really, who cares about a bunch of people living in one of London’s poshest neighbourhoods? Clearly, they are the oppressors, and those who adhere to the hoax have every right to destroy them.

Tell them that your critics are not really critics – they’re shills, trolls, stooges. Agents of the conspiracy. Tell them that the shills will stop at nothing to prevent the Truth from getting out, to keep people asleep.

Sound familiar?

Most of all, tell them that they’re special for believing you. They’re not like the sleeping masses – they are the rare people who can see through the lies. They are good and smart and righteous.

This calls to mind some of the emails Belinda sends out to her massive mailing lists.

On 8 June, 2014, she published the following call to arms on her blog:

Dear All

After hitting a low point last month, financially that is to say I’m happy to report that I’m back in the saddle, thanks to the great generosity of a dozen supporters who between them have enabled me to continue to make trips up to Scotland in the coming few weeks – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and I’m exceedingly grateful to you, you’ll certainly be on the Roll of Honour when this fight is concluded and hopefully successful!

Not a moment too soon as the really active part of the Battle, what I call my ‘Special Operation’ is about to commence. I mentioned this a few weeks back and asked for volunteers willing to allow me to inform you & hopefully enlist you VIA YOUR POSTAL ADDRESS – maybe that was the problem, I didn’t at the time give my my postal address? so here it is 83 PRIORY GARDENS LONDON N6 5QU.

So drop me a line and all will be revealed, as long as I’m satisfied that is that you’re not a McKenzie Enemy (I’ve a good idea who all of those are by now!)

Even without any ‘volunteers’ I will still be able to carry out the Operation but it will certainly help to have a few people assisting – but NB it can be done from home and will not take much of your time at all.

Mr Wood suggests setting a date for when everything will start to happen; here’s where the Hoaxtead mob seem to have departed from the script. No date is set, but it’s clear that Something Big is about to happen, and if Belinda’s supporters aren’t on board, they’ll be left behind.

However, the next step—when nothing happens, make an excuse—is definitely part of the Hoaxtead mob’s playbook: how many times have we heard that they would be winning this battle if not for (insert your choice of) corrupt police officers, evil Satanists, uncaring politicians, or vipers in their midst?

Tell them that despite all this, the signs are still there for anyone with their eyes open. The faithful, the enlightened, the awake – they will be able to see what’s going on. It’s obvious. How could they not see it? Anyone who doesn’t see it must be blind – and when the time comes, they’ll get theirs.

As Mr Wood says, when you can get your supporters making your arguments for you, defending you against those who claim you’re a scam artist, and urging people to get on board before it’s too late, you know you’ve got it made.

A spanner in the works

All of this, of course, assumes that Operation Internet Prophecy Cult will go according to plan. In the case of Hoaxtead, things began to fall apart shortly after Abe and Ella brought the children back from Morocco, and they have been in catch-up mode ever since.

Their original plan—to use to beautiful, intelligent, well-spoken children as icons who would draw millions of followers and reap millions of pounds in donations to fight the good fight against the evil Hampstead cult—was a failure from the outset, as the children were removed from Ella’s care following the police investigation.

To be sure, the hoaxers regrouped and tried again, and for a short while around the release of the videos in early 2015 it looked as though they were well on their way to an internet cult of QAnon-like dimensions.

However, while the hoaxers never achieved the mass market appeal they yearned for, those followers they were able to convince have remained staunchly loyal, as one would expect from faithful cult adherents. And as Mr Wood says, the real question, once the cult is established, is, “what do you want to do with it?”

Maybe you want them to give you money. Tell them your expenses are high. Tell them that it’s not easy revealing the secrets of the universe. Tell them you need help. They’ll do it. What’s a few dollars in exchange for the secrets of the universe?

Maybe you’re not in it for the money, though. Maybe you just want power, or attention, or to change people’s beliefs. Maybe you believe some of what you’re saying. In that case, you might make some more predictions, set some more dates – try to convince more people that what you’re saying is true. Expand the borders. Build an empire of belief. But at this point, that’s optional. You’re there, now. You have a following, a mythology. You’ve arrived.

It’s up to you. The world is your oyster. Enjoy your cult.


138 thoughts on “Is Hoaxtead an ‘internet prophecy cult’?

  1. LOL, this is fascinating. Am I bad person for thinking this would be fun to try? All I have to do is pick a fruitloop forum and tell them I used to be high up in, say, the Tavistock Institute, and then gradually ‘leak’ them exclusives about how we manufactured the Beatles as a means of turning kids into Satan-worshippers and chased Irish girls through the woods and chucked them in shark tanks to train them up as sleeper assassins and…er… Oh shit, they’ve already been done, haven’t they. Oh well, back to the drawing board – I need to think of something bizarre, stupid and logistically impossible that hasn’t already been done and lapped up by the conspiraloons, if that’s even remotely possible. Sigh

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    • Isn’t it funny how the conspiracy believers like to call us unbelievers ‘sheeple’ and yet they are actually the ones that are looking to be led by somebody and have someone telling what to think and do.

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      • They choose their dipshit obsessions like a callow teen chooses a t shirt. They just want to get involved with something in a very casual manner, just debating it over the web and insisting anyone who isn’t 100% in accord as a brainwashed savage or agent of Lucifer. You only have to consider their poor education, below normal intelligence and lack of normal social graces to see they are the lowest academic and financial achievers in society. I suspect a great many are institutionalized, wholly dependent on state benefits and their parents with no desire to ever work or pursue any meaningful activity outside of their online fantasy of being crusading journalists for an audience of two or three dozen similar types. They insist on seeing paedos and Satanists everywhere, as do their distant, but generally more agreeable, cousins – ufo 👽 investigators, ghost hunters and trainspotter


    • Tinribs mentions the Tavistock Institute, presumably as so many new age cults use the Tavistock Institute as a focus for their conspiracy theories. The truth is quite complex. The Tavistock Institute and associated clinic and NHS trust, while the subject of many deranged conspiracy theories (see the LaRouche cult for especially well known examples), also has a long history of treating patients who end up believing that they are victims of satanic ritual abuse. In fact this is what happened to Carol Felstead.

      Many of the SRA promoting psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists who are SRA true believers have a history of working and / or training at the Tavi, including Valerie Sinason, Dr Robert Hale, Rachel Thomas, Brett Kahr and their various associates at the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, The School of Life, Confer and the Bowlby Centre.

      According to SRA promoting organisation the Trauma and Abuse Group
      “With the aid of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, the Clinic for Dissociative Studies was established as an independent provider to the NHS.”

      I do not believe that every single person working at the Tavistock is an SRA promoter but the crazy definitely runs deep there and it is an organisation that should be the focus of much scrutiny and concern. Many mental health professionals who are trained to work around issues of trauma, whether with survivors of CSA/CSE and / or adult rape and sexual assault or with traumatised law enforcement officers, servicemen and women, asylum seekers, anyone really, have usually trained at the Tavistock at some point, very often the Bowlby Centre also.

      Unfortunately anyone who has suffered severe or multiple traumas (as I have) is likely to end up receiving trauma therapy or be on the receiving end of NHS mental health services delivered by SRA believers (as I have on more then one occasion). The situation is absolutely disgraceful and only serves to re-traumatise already vulnerable people, very often (not in my case) turning them into SRA believers or even “survivors” along the way.

      So to contribute to this excellent blog post I would say that one of the rationales behind creating an internet prophecy cult, in addiction to making money and simply obtaining power and influence, is to create a layer of confusion that distracts society from the fact that very real cult abuses are occurring.

      If we examine the activities of SRA hoaxers we can find evidence that many of them either abuse children or put the safety of children at risk from paedophiles, many have a long criminal history and / or a long history as frauds and scammers and many belong to religious or personal development cults that are known for brainwashing, abusing and manipulating vulnerable people. Oh, and then there is the giant shit icing on the cake, the alt-right and antisemitic conspiracy theories.

      For anyone wishing to learn more about the Tavistock and the abuse of vulnerable people a good place to start is here

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        • In her case you should say “work”; according to her autobiography her idea of “sticking it to the man” was to get a job then go off sick for as long as she could. I think she was in charge of paperclips at the Tavistock for a while; I’m not sure if that was before or after she seduced a blind student who she was meant to be aiding in his academic studies.

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        • She worked for Jean LaFontaine and actually got a mention in the foreword of one of her publications, as well. Seems our Charlotte has played both sides of the fence.

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          • wow!
            @ EC’s and FC’s posts

            the deeper you dig into this hoax the slimier it gets

            On a tangent I know of 2 psychotherapists, one a “prominent Jungian” cult apologist and the other a notorious quack with a fondness for “energy therapy” and SRA conspiracies who both have form for abusive and inappropriate relationships with supervision students. Both are celebrated within psychoanalytic psychotherapy circles. The energy healer quack is apparently as nutty as a fruitcake (technical term) and, according to a former supervision student, he seduced a very emotionally vulnerable supervision student who subsequently took her own life when he dumped her.

            It is probably only a matter of time before the “me too” movement hits the psychotherapy profession and when it does there will be blood!

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    • Everyone knows the then home secretary refused funding of sharks because of the huge expense and logistics involved. Stripey Ken the tiger was used throughout operation gingerbread and up until the late nineties lived in the boathouse at hearford enjoying his status as regimental mascot.


  2. A great post-EC and props to Scarlet Scoop for calling them out for what they are so early on in the hoax. These people believe these stories because they so wish they were true as it fits in with their beliefs. Frightening really that people would want stories of SRA to be true.

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    • “Follow the white rabbit” is what these people say instead of “connect the dots”. It sounds more Alice in Wonderland meets The Matrix…both of which are, of course, seminal documentaries in the QAnon Wingnutosphere.

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      • I wonder if any of them have actually read “Alice in Wonderland”? All the fantastic things that Alice encounters down the rabbit hole are JUST A DREAM. She wakes up at the end and realises that none of it is true.

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        • Is it a spoiler to mention that everyone in Alice’s Underground adventures is insane, or a liar, sadistic, mindlessly repeating weird rituals, or some combination of these?

          That sodding bunny is the WORST SPIRIT GUIDE EVAH.

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  3. Tell them that while things might look bad at the moment, soon a great cleansing will come upon the world. The evil men who have jealously hoarded their power will be swept away, and the world will be ruled by the just. It might hurt, people might die, but in the end, everything will be set right.

    Your ultimate source for “Millennial eliminationism” is Norman Cohn, “Pursuit of the Millennium“. The publisher originally thought the book was to be titled “Fur-suit of the Millennium”, and by the time they discovered their error, they were already committed to publication.

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  4. “Maybe you want them to give you money. Tell them your expenses are high. Tell them that it’s not easy revealing the secrets of the universe. Tell them you need help. They’ll do it. What’s a few dollars in exchange for the secrets of the universe?”

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    • Yes there are certainly a number of cheap grifters who jump onto the bandwagon when they see an opportunity to cash in. Sadly there are plenty of gullible people out there accompanied by genuinely concerned souls who believe the only way they can help solve real or imagined problems is by sending some cash to an “activist”.

      And those “activists” are not necessarily after mass donations like the appalling right-wing US religious right so they can buy a Lear Jet, there are some who just do if for the fag & beer money to supplement their social security. It’s why Jesus said “charity begins at home” (anyway that’s what he said to me !).

      Good to see Mr. Hedgehog that you are polite enough not to mention names and make it personal although for some reason the words “Angela”, “Power” and “Disney” come to mind.

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    • Oh Gawd, she’s back on that one, is she? I’m surprised she hasn’t mentioned the crank calls we supposedly made to her too. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when her prone rang during one of her broadcasts and she said, “That’s probably Hoaxtead.”

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      • All these allegations that Debs and Angie make against this blog and the supposed threats they have received and yet neither of them can show a shred of evidence to back up their claims.

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        • But I can. The woman had lived at Belinda’s & told me the Anons were gonna visit me & slit my throat. In a gutteral, evil sounding voice, at 5am………..quite a few times, over a fortnight.
          I managed to borrow a mobile and record her after a few daytime calls………… I had begun to switch the phone off.
          So the recording is me really loud and her not so, but babbling on and on……….for ages, in the between I was making sure that I asked her questions, like ‘why did you……?’, which she justified, at one point telling me to leave: ‘HopeGirl, #QEGSCAm, Angela Power Disney & Mel Ve alone…………… I also brought up that she’d lived at Belindas.
          I’ll let EC have it…….
          The police were pretty bad on that occassion.
          Earlier that year, I had a visit from the police, because a guy had rang them, because I posted , ‘suicide is dangerous’, on my wall…………………??????
          I’m pretty sure it was one of them………….. The police didn’t get it………. you all will…..
          Funny thing was…………….I was unable to do much with it………no tech…..they knew that.

          She had been a nuisance for some time, but as their watchers watched or contacted me, I was also…….watching, listening, sometimes looking briefly………
          Another woman, I’ve known since 2009, actually visited me, to inform me about Belindas email. We took a look at her house on Google search and chatted, caught up……….. I knew the Hollie Case was dying.
          For openly exposing the hoax, I had mostly covertly been feeling their effects, but I found other ways to carry on.
          Mostly in safe groups with good admins, and those who would recognise dangerous, dodgy behaviour and keep the people safe……..
          Still they got in.

          Anyway, there’s alot more to tell, anyway……….. we have a lovely purple umbrella……

          I want to encourage, ask, invite especially survivors who have been involved, or effected, either already engaging with this blog or just reading, noting, informing your groups, or not….usually probs not…..because you are doing what is really needed, providing safe spaces for people to open up, share and gain support to make choices and decisions and cope……….

          This lot behave exactly how our enemies do………….

          So I encourage those who can, to please tell The Real Fresh Start Foundation.

          Tell us what happened.

          Tell us to what degree you wish to have it published or not……..(we may find that there is enough evidence to propose some class acts of various kinds)

          We need your real ID, but also will respect your decision regarding your anonymity…………..

          You see we ARE the opposite of the Fake Farts………………

          And it is they who are the dark ones……

          I’m afraid that unhealed, unconcious victims are easy targets for the likes of Zen Gardner.

          It really is upsetting to see.

          I am so grateful that the esteemed El Coyote has taken on an Admin Role.

          But I’m in charge 🙂

          It’s really about holding a neutral position, regarding other agendas.

          To work effectively to make changes for children and stop so much abuse being possible, then we need to focus.

          Who doesn’t want that to happen ?

          Yeah………….. It’s just too obvious now isn’t it…………… ?

          It’s a big job….. I’m just going to try and provide a core group of safety, trust, protection….where it goes, will be up to engagement…… and goodwill.

          So, I went and messed up the email part of the blog………So any followers, and some have told me they’ve followed, but you’re not showing up, cos of me…………….. so please put it in again. And let us know if you’d like to participate as a contributor of any kind…..

          My open letter to survivors of abuse, effected by the hoax mobs, trollgangs, groomers, bullies, abusers, dangerous threats or blackmail.

          Of course people not abused are very welcome too, to please help and support and spread the word………

          We need to work together to prevent Fresh Farts from terrorising councils all over Scotland and once modelled…..any/everywhere……being held to ransom in the dark way that David Snott does……… The evidence already of the treatment of Me, Danny and a few others is enough to convince anyone that these people are dangerous to the very people they are targetting….. The are also determinedly dangerous…..they know why they want to stop us, and take our place……….and so do we, and the word is spreading, thanks to people that I’ve been talking with especially, recently…….

          Yes, Heather, we do have people who can make films, and all sorts of amazing and wonderful things…… but then I have the privelege of meeting so many amazing, strong and empowered survivors of an abuse that reaches a childs’ soul………or deepest part of itself.

          That Belinda McKenzie. Angela Power Disney and others are bringing dangeous, abusive bullies to the centre of their organisations……………. then they have watchers and who knows how many who try to sabotage those they consider baby eaters etc…………….. they will have such people, they do….. so they can turn a person into a targeted invividual…….

          I work always in quite a relaxed way, with no demands made, it’s a case of do what you can, when you can, if you want.

          Good signs so far…..

          And with the spitting from a few….of venom, already they are definitely hoping for a surge if they push …… to a newer audience…..they gotta be so dumb.

          Problem of viralising vile.

          When people realise…..there’s more of them than you, when they turn 🙂

          Isn’t that right David wtf name, Seaman…..

          David Will another wtf name…cock….
          Totally taking the piss ………..out of us survivors………

          Fantastic article Scarlet, I think it should go on The Real Fresh Start Foundation.

          It’s so important. It makes so much sense.
          Thanks again, I can’t believe EC and I are Amins on a blog together, I never saw that coming, what a journey, eh ? 🙂

          Heathers pathetic attempts to cause division were laughable. But now we have alot of evidence, of their tactics recorded.

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          • I can’t begin to imagine what you’ve been through over the years with the harassment and intimidation from these psychos, Sheva.

            I don’t know if you saw but I sent you a PM on Facebook last night, It was a screenshot of a vile post by Ogilfail, saying he has our phone numbers and is going to use it to find out our addresses.

            It’s all hot air, of course; in the same post he says that I’m El Coyote (which I found immensely flattering) and he’s still repeatedly posting that I live in Estria Road in Birmingham (and that he and his mates are going to pay me and my family a visit). I don’t live there, of course, and you categorically cannot glean someone’s address from and IP, as he claims (but there is a default address for every region, which he’s too stupid/drunk to grasp). And in this instance he hasn’t even got the right city!

            He’s not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, to be honest, Still, at least this crap keeps him busy and running around like a headless chicken – a bit like the effect the Q Anon crap has on Kris Costa 😀

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            • Should whoever lives in his intended target home in Birmingham be warned? Not that I believe he’ll get of his skunk-addled arse to actually do anything, but I’d hate to think some innocent family might be terrorised by one of the fruitloops.

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          • NOBOEYS LISTENING TO SUSAN MELDREW aka sheva burton . Nobody cares what SUSAN MELDREW says . Babs/BeaBea/Barbara Collier/Gloria turned on you TWO all by herself . Because she realised you’re a pair of deranged losers . Obviously she is correct . You’ve been exposed , so get over yourselves .

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          • Sheva

            I am very sorry and concerned about the level of bullying and abuse you have suffered. Some of the hoaxers really are disgusting people and it is great that you are exposing their attacks on you.

            I am a survivor but I do not feel comfortable about using your blog or giving you my contact details as some of the links in your “white list” are to very dubious individuals and organisations.

            I am not sure how this has happened or what it means but I would be concerned about any vulnerable people giving you their real life IDs when you have a history of recommending such organisations. Especially given how social networking and data collection can overlap, people giving you (or anyone else – please don’t think this is personal) their real life IDs can result in your contacts gaining access to this sensitive information, which in the case of survivors would be extremely concerning.

            Just for example, the first person you recommend on your list is a new age activist called Svava Brooks. I have serious concerns about this person.

            I just wondered why you are recommending her to survivors?

            Please don’t interpret this as an attack on you. I honestly don’t mean it as such I am genuinely interested in how it came to be that you are recommending Svava Brooks and other individuals and organisations in your white list of recommended links.


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          • EC, I think it should be ok, as he hasn’t specified a house number, just the street.

            By the way, how on Earth did your comment end up all the way up there, lol?!

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          • Hi Sheva
            Me again
            Take no notice of the ridiculous trolls

            Just to clarify re Svava Brooks

            She “likes” a fir few SRA promoting organisations on her FB page but I think that many good people who are not aware of the hoaxers “like” CSA support organisations without really appreciating that they might be doing harm by promoting SRA conspiracies. She also “likes” some “women’s empowerment” and “awakening” FB pages that appear to be fronts for multi-level marketing scams and cults.

            What really concerns me about Svava Brooks is that when you check out her video titled “The Healing Journey with Svava Brooks Part 1” here

            Within the first few minutes she is promoting EFT/tapping (a form of self hypnosis that can definitely create false memories) and the notorious book The Courage To Heal as if it is some kind of wonderful thing rather than a book that has caused untold misery to thousands of innocent families.

            In her other videos she repeatedly promotesThe Courage To Heal and The Courage To Heal Workbook and also (can’t find the video now but checked it earlier) in another video she tells viewers that if they have doubts that they were sexually abused as children or that the “memories” they have don’t make sense to just carry on reading the books and talking to other “survivors” and to believe that the “memories” are real.

            This seems to me to be utterly irresponsible;e and dangerous.

            Another thing that concerns me very much is that she starts her videos by thanking the viewers for giving her their details and for downloading material from her website.

            So I really am wondering why you are promoting her sheva. Not having a go at you, the trolls are doing a fine job of that and I don’t want to join in, I really am just very concerned and curious.

            I am also wondering what kind of research and / or quality control you have done in relation to the other links and recommendations on your white list.

            Maybe it is something that the more sceptically minded posters here could help you with?

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            • Thankyou. I’ve already taken, Svava off, I saw enough to concern, me and just havn’t managed to make time to address a few that I;ve realised are causing more harm than I realised, I and I’m sure many do not realise the immense amount of harm being caused, I wasn’t…..and I am sincerely hoping that some posters here will be able to help…. and also if anyone thinks I have unfairly blacklisted anyone or site. It has been hard to enlist help…… I’ve put a warning at the top of the list,, too.

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          • Sheva

            I’m just wondering whether it might be useful to create a list of red flags that indicate that an apparently supportive survivor organisation might be an organisation that risks harming vulnerable people rather than a black list and a white list?

            It seems to me, in fact I know to be the case, that some people who believe in SRA / DID etc. are not bad people but simply people who have naively and with good intentions believed “survivors” who have been brainwashed by therapists and / or who have a personality disorder or mental illness.

            I used to have an excellent GP who was always overworked because all the patients loved her and wanted to be seen by her and not the other doctors. She was a kind, caring, exemplary GP and an intelligent woman.

            One time I visited my GP and reported my (extremely traumatic) experience of being abused by a therapist who had attempted to convince me that I had been abused by satanists and repressed the memories. I was very upset and in floods of tears. She looked like she was going to cry, tenderly held my hands and explained very gently and carefully that people do get abused by satanists and repress the memories.

            Needless to say this was quite a shock to me. My lovely GP had attended a training course about SRA and received CPD for it. Being a kind, sweet person she bought into it without question.

            I tried to explain to her that the training she had received was bogus and quackery and she seemed concerned and confused. She left the practice soon afterwards and to this day I have no idea whether she still believes in SRA or not.

            The point I am trying to make is that good, intelligent people can be persuaded to believe in batshit crazy conspiracy theories. I think that many people who buy into the SRA myth are well meaning and well intentioned but believe what they have been taught by apparently respectable, well qualified specialists. In fact I used to work in mental health and initially believed the nonsense I was taught about SRA.

            It seems to me that the best way to educate and enlighten people as to what is really going on (and the truth is almost as sinister as the SRA conspiracies) is to do it gently so people can discover the truth for themselves, in the same way that you would try to help someone in a cult. Telling someone that they are in a cult is never helpful. Stimulating them to discover truths for themselves is trickier but has better results.

            So my suggestion is that rather than recommending an organisation to therapist, would be to empower survivors to ask the right questions, perform the correct google searches and to discover for themselves whether a therapist or organisation is likely to help or harm them.

            This in itself is a large piece of work we might all be able to contribute something and to do it together.

            I would also suggest than rather than you stressing and worrying about helping others that you let other people take over this particular task as it is a massive amount of work and one person cannot do it on their own. Seems to me like you have experienced a lot of bullying and harassment recently and I think you probably need some time to just relax and recuperate from all the attacks on you

            take care

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          • Sheva

            Just wanted to let you know that because I don’t have a wordpress, twitter or other relevant account I cannot seem to “like” your posts. Or anyone else’s for that matter. It doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate all the effort you have put in to trying to help people.

            take care

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        • OMGnotthisoldshitagain, I have nor had any intention of trying to do this alone….I have been in talks and messages for ages to get to this point….I am not stressing at all ….. about any of it.
          I appreciate the reminder about the Whitelist but I will remake it….It should have the IICSA & relevant links associated to it, and the Scottish Inquiry too…… There are authors who will be writing , as their cases or investigations come to an end….. Quite soon for some important revelations, relevant for people here.


        • Really good suggestions there, thankyou OMGntosa. The red flag list idea is good…..
          If you see things as the new blog becomes more active, please don’t hesitate to comment, in the future……… It is meant to work that way. Am I seeming too tough ?
          Blunt ? I probably am, it goes with having to see and experience this shite for 8 or more years….to find that others have too, but bravely not wanted to publish, or unable to because of professionalism.
          These discussions and debates need to happen.
          There are others able to be far more patient than I at times, and others quicker to harshness…..

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        • Hahaha that’s a great audio clip of Debs. She probably rang her landline from her mobile phone. It reminds me of something you’d see in Drop the dead donkey tv series.

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          • Of course, like many of these people, they actually use their real names, which makes it trivially easy to actually find them in their meat life (there are these things called phone books, they don’t even need electricity to operate, marvelous what they can do these days isn’t it???)

            What gets me is that if you are going to be a prick online, why would you actually be dumb enough to use your real name and location (like APD, actually showing mail with her address on it- um doesn’t take great detective skills, just the intestinal fortitude to sit through one of her videos long enough for her to actually give it to us…)

            I know some (most,all???) aren’t the full quid in the first place so to speak, else they wouldn’t fall for these cons in the first place, but really- to go online and abuse people using your real name and loacation is just plain stupid… no other word for it…

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          • Meanwhile Angie & Heather try to intimidate me, by threatening to track me down, hurt or humiliate me, whilst lying and accusing me of trying to find Heathers son, and accusing and taunting me in a way that is also very good proof for authorities of what Fresh Farts are letting people in for, if they allow their meetings.

            I’m busy making a montage of Heather & Angie chatting shit about me. for that purpose, for study, education and to warn.
            Including the videos already of Fresh Farts WildCat & David Snott…………
            I hope it will be as clear as possible for people.
            And that we can help people
            To find more effective ways, routes and paths to help.
            I hope we can gain resources for survivors…………we really have been a forgotten, stigmatised, suppressed section of society. Across every race, religions etc

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      • I think I need an automated head-shaker. It’s knackering doing it manually every time one of these twats opens their mouth.

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        • Just need to start lying, it’s amazing how many people do it, unconciously. @omgnotthisoldshiteagain………….. I was told by someone that they were engaging and it was working for them…… unfortunately, given the loss of laptop, and busyness, since having one again, I havn’t managed to update either list, and should have put a warning on my blog…….. I have since got misgivings about that site and some others: dreamcatchers for example….
          Partly why I am enlisting as much help, I hope from people who can begin to be checking out the rise of victim supporting sites and bots, online fake victims, or those collecting victims to pass along to predators, scammers, frauds.

          It’s a big job, but it would be good to build a decent database……. I am not asking people to give their real ID, that don’t wish to…… I should have worded it better……. There are many people who know that I know them….. it is fine for any that I know through here, and I’ve indicated to EC, that trusted researchers, many of whom I like Steve, do not know the real identities of……over tiem, trust has been built……between EC and I, so that if EC gives someone the headsup, they can come onto the new blog as they do here………

          It is only people who I or people here have no experience of, or know……they still don’t need to join the blog, but indicate their name so we can just look at their work, history, story or connections, on social media…….

          There are already both Scottish and UK inquiries, reading this blog, I am aware that in Scotland, it caused great interest to see The Real Fresh Start Foundation, because they have been plagued, for years via the Hollie hoax and Wellbeing Scotland, for years……….for some people they have wrapped their tentacles around them, it’s going to show as we go, by who unravels themselves from their grip and stops endangering survivors……..

          I’ll put a warning on the White List & Tweet it, and correct the pinned Tweet, thankyou, even my 8 arms are just not extending to doing everything……. that is the point of fresh start, a sweep, now to get rid. Thankyou for the needed criticism. I’m doing my best. If you’ve noticed any others, perhaps you can let EC or I know, either publically or email, with an explanation with any links as to why…….. any personal attacks from that area or person, etc,…… that goes for others, also whether you still have personal feelings, that drive a need, perhaps to have others hate who you hate, and that’s not a judgement or criticism, just a question for all who participate in warnings and information, but I trust EC with that kind of safety….. which is why I asked for him to be an Admin…… And even if anger is driving the need to expose, given what some of us are realising that has happened to so many………. so many who step into the frontline, or public arena….are being worked on……….. I am also concerned about Ian McFayden, because I’ve seen the evidence that he helped the attacker of a good man, and enabled serious, harm to his family……. Many people just don’t know yet, whose who, who to not trust.

          I have named very publically cathyfoxblog and I suspect it’s cat foxy s….or an associate running it, and yet recently, someone who has been in touch has their testimony on that blog, so for now, I’m not holding that against him, but going to be correcting it, by exposing some of what proves that both cathyfoxblog and researching reform are on the not to trust list………………… Who to trust, we need to build very carefully, bearing in mind, they are all improving or trying to, unless they are too busy scrabbling for funding, or pissing it up.
          I have stated that I have misgivings with for instance The Survivors Trust and certainly with the slew of expert witnesses for both family court and abuse cases………..and giving training on things like DID, but on top of that, also giving therapy ????? and in what way ? to serious sex offenders…… I have problems with quite a few, but think that they’re not going anywhere, so lets’ help make them improve in the right ways, I honestly do see signs of that.

          For example the underwear rule, something we banged on about since at least 2009, online…. so it has come to pass, at most schools…… there are more positive stories and those need airing too.


          • Sheva

            I would be extremely cautious about recommending any survivor websites at the moment if I were you. I think that part of the problem is that infiltration of services for survivors is such a massive problem that it is very difficult to recommend anything to anyone.

            I speak as someone who was going through very significant problems relating to my own experiences of child sexual abuse and who has had no luck whatsoever in finding any services anywhere near me that have not been compromised by satan hunters and conspiracy theorists, That is not to say that they do not exist, but they are the anomaly and the default mode is SRA / DID / MPD promoting organisations with specialist trauma professionals who have been trained by Sinason et al.

            Just for example, when I looked at Svava Brooks’ facebook “likes” I found one called Survivors Manchester their website is

            I had not encountered them before and a perusal of their website indicates that they promote DID and the ISSTD

            I am no longer surprised by this, it is a depressing thing and we really need good services for genuine survivors but I cannot find any organisations anywhere that are offering evidence based, proper clinical services including in the NHS

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          • I think that if you do want to publish a list of recommended supportive organisations you should
            a) research them very carefully first and make sure they are not promoting the Courage to Heal or similar books and quack therapies. If you do not have time to do this then either delegate to a trusted person or do not recommend the website / organisation.
            b) monitor the website / organisation regularly as some (many) survivor projects start of well but turn bad later
            c) publish a proviso alongside any list stating that the list is provisional and that individuals and organisations can change and for people to be diligent.

            Personally I believe the giant elephant in the room is that genuine supportive organisations that do not buy into SRA narratives are as rare as rocking horse shit and that this is something that needs to be addressed with extreme urgency, as does the fact that law enforcement, mental health professionals and social workers are being awarded CPD credits for attending quack training courses on SRA / DID etc.

            It is a national disgrace that needs to be addressed urgently and if there are hardly any good organisations out there (I believe that there probably are very few) the good ones should receive proper funding and the others should be shut down and replaced by proper services,

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            • I take your point about books like The Courage to Heal, which basically says that if you believe you were sexually abused, then you were, no matter whether you can remember it or not. I think it would be really useful to have a checklist of “red flags” to help guide survivors and other mental health users away from services, organisations, and books which help produce false memories, belief in SRA, etc. Such a checklist would empower users, and promote critical thinking about these issues, which is sorely needed.

              One thing I’d like to do here is look more deeply into some of the practices which are still used by seemingly reputable mental health workers, which create false memories in their clients. I’ve been looking into some very odd practitioners lately, and would like to bring these to readers’ attention. I think this is a project which could use a lot of input from readers, like yourself, who have a good base of knowledge about who and what is out there.

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          • Something to bear in mind is that people can be added to groups and are sometimes too busy to notice. The hoaxers do this to give themselves credibility and help division to happen.
            Though some are in groups to keep an eye too, you can’t always judge by the groups people are in, in other words, on Facebook. This is in the wrong place for omgnothatoldshiteagain…. I think I took a look and alot of the stuff is free, but then what ?……what would be good is to have secret survivors going in and testing helplines etc….. there was talk of a centre being set up as a hub for work on these issues….. I hope it is, and these are the kind of areas, dedicated teams could work on, maybe.


          • OMGnotthisoldshiteagain…. Points taken. The page has been set to private….if anyone wishes to have it for investigative purposes, I can put a password on or email a copy to EC. I found alot of help via The Courage to Heal, but back then it was the only book I came across that was offering tools to help….. I think I missed the danger, because I had always had concious memories…… but I must check that it’s not still on my wall….as the dangers have become more clear…. I don’t think I’m alone in that,


          • @EC

            It is even worse than that

            When I first read the Courage to heal, which I think was in the late 1980s, it was basically saying that if you suffer from relationship difficulties, mysterious pains / illnesses or problems applying yourself to work you were probably sexually abused as a child and have repressed the memories. The repressed memories cause all kinds of problems and you will not get better unless you recover the memories and, as part of the healing process, confront your abuser/s.

            I was very involved in feminism at the time (still am) and I knew many women who read the book, went into therapy – The Women’s Therapy Centre N7 or N4 London was treating many “survivors” of SRA and incest with recovered memories at the time and many women I knew were recovering memories via Primal Scream, Re-birthing and Gestalt therapy.

            At the time The Courage to Heal was considered the survivors’ bible and nobody I encountered at the time expressed any concerns about the book.

            The authors of the book have zero proper qualifications in mental health and were instead advocates of the Human Potential Movement and all that it entails – lots of cults, and especially sex cults, based on the ideas promulgated by Wilhelm Reich.

            I knew lots of women who, having recovered their “memories” of incest in therapy, worked on their “recovery” by confronting their families in public about the “incest” they “remembered”. I knew several women who, at the suggestion of their therapists, visited their families’ neighbours and informed them that their parents were either paedophiles or satanists or both.

            The trauma and destruction caused to perfectly innocent people can only be imagined.

            The truly horrific thing was that the book was promoted uncritically by my employers at the time (the NHS) and because of that I promoted the book to all kinds of women, a fact I now feel very guilty about.

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          • @ Sheva

            I think it is good that you have set the page to private.

            I think that the issue is too important and too sensitive for any one person to work on alone. If I was attempting it alone I would not be able to cope and I don’t think you should even try.

            In terms of being a kind of “mystery survivor” who shops around to test the water, I have already done this, although at the time I genuinely needed emotional help and support. I still do but I am now very, very untrusting.

            When the 6th or 7th supportive organisation you telephone tries to convince you that SRA is a real thing and they have clients who are survivors whose narrative they believe it is extremely traumatising and distressing.

            On the other hand cults that sexually and otherwise abuse vulnerable adults are flourishing and nobody is doing anything about it. In fact the narrative behind the Hoaxtead blog page today, that the hoax is a kind of cult, is one that I have often reflected on as I know others have also.

            One of the things I find fascinating is that while lot of professionals maintain a bizarre belief in SRA they seem very disinclined to believe in horrifically abusive cults that really exist.

            It is ironic that these prominent psychiatrists, psychotherapists, police officers and academics are reluctant to believe that cults sexually abuse children and rape and traffic women, unless course roasted babies and “plastic willies” are involved, at which point they swallow it hook line and sinker.

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            • I have too, been a kind of secret shopper already, but also in real need at the times, too. I’m seriously not considering doing this alone. I’m surprised that you think that, so maybe I havn’t made my intentions clear enough… I’ve tried to.
              I think some serious surveys and polls, questionaires, and engagements with Unis maybe… this needs to be guaged and recognised for what it is and the damage, ongoing.

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      • John Patterson has posted his own videos threatening to take a camera into court proceedings when it’s an offense. He argues relentlessly with hapless court officials and coppers that it’s his right despite it being a law that you cannot film or record proceedings.

        The idiot goose never seems to comprehend that courts can be filled with others going through a court hearing and they have a right to privacy let alone court workers, magistrates and judges (more of the “me me me” syndrome).
        I think police should take these actions very seriously. Is that why he was recently raided and had equipment seized?.
        A case happening now in NSW from long before my time but dreadful murders and bombings of courts and judges.

        “A court has heard a Sydney man accused of a string of murders and court bombings in the 1980s was motivated by a feud with his ex-wife.”

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    • I’ve actually given a fair bit of thought to this allegation from Deborah, and for the life of me I cannot work out what she’s talking about. We don’t even know her address, and if we did we certainly wouldn’t publish it.

      As for alleged threats to burn her house down…a) we don’t do threats, and b) see “we don’t know where she lives”, above.

      Deborah, if you have any evidence whatsoever of your claims, I suggest you show them. Otherwise, stow it.

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      • Lets assume for a moment that Debs has received these threatening communications.

        How can a blog send messages?

        She has a point of view that this blog and it’s contributors strongly disagree with, why would she assume that having a different point of view is evidence of making threats?

        She is the one who can not accept a different point of view without calling it trolling and making all kind of accusations. If that is her normal way of dealing with things, I would imagine it would make her unpopular with a lot of people online and off.

        If whoever is making these threats has her personal details, it would suggest, particularly if her tel is ex directory, that it is someone her knows her well, maybe she should look closer to home.

        The only times I have seen death threats being made, it has been from the other ‘side’ has she fallen out with any of them?

        It’s the internet, it’s full of people who like to troll whether they have a particular point of view or not, they do it for the sake of it.

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        • I get what you mean with assuming such threats were made (i.e. you mean you’re talking hypothetically) but for the record, I’m 100% convinced they weren’t. And Debs has a proven track record for lying through her arse.

          By the way, the irony of her rant is that she herself is an avid supporter of people who themselves have repeatedly made death threats, including Jason Streatham, John Paterson, Araya Soma, Arthur Kaoutal and Mark ‘Seylon’ Haining.

          She’s also repeatedly stated that Rupert was justified in going to the primary school and claiming to have a knife in his pocket.

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          • Exactly Moosnight. Today, I’ve had a minor malware attack… a scam attempt……this is what these charmers do, and then they get people believing that the reason for the attack is the person they want to smear, to another person……….division causing like…… Last night they had an attempt to viralise the dodgy hunters that are mass attacking those exposing them…. also picking up a nother vulnerable or gullible to convince they are a TI, and come to their rescue……. white knighting…. lots of signs of groomers in white dragons and hunting groups…… Chris Witless decided to phone and try to bully me into ignoring Badda or believe the bullshit stories going round about him….. again….. He cared not when I asked him to remove Malcolm uglyfail from his group/s or pages, because of his vile behaviour….. which was going to be putting others at risk, of being targetted behind scenes, via inboxes etc…..

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    • Like I keep saying, it’s just the same old team who planned and did hijack our 2010 rally.

      And Angie, it was where Baloney & Garish, Green & Sicke Oike got their undeserved cred …..
      All engineered by Belinda McKenzie, Anna Bragga, Penny Pullen.

      You really sound ridiculous with all your oohs and aaahs about me being wheeled out to wreck it for them…………….. It is obvious to anyone who looks that it was these cult leader types that took our platform, and self proclaimed themselves our heroes, just like you……………. sickening.

      Heahter, you wish noone listened to me, eh?

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  6. “Tell them that while things might look bad at the moment, soon a great cleansing will come upon the world. The evil men who have jealously hoarded their power will be swept away, and the world will be ruled by the just. It might hurt, people might die, but in the end, everything will be set right.”

    It is important to notice the narratives relating to cleansing and purging also relate to the individual’s body as well as society. “Memories” of SRA are often “recovered” during quack energy therapies and body therapies that claim to cleanse and purge the body of “blockages”.

    an example here from the notorious quack and bully (or world renowned trauma expert – depending on your perspective) Bessel van der Kolk

    Bessel van der Kolk was recently fired for buying staff at his own organisation

    Van der Kolk also worked extensively with the notorious Castlewood Treatment Centre, a very dubious organisation that produced many SRA “survivors” and should be known to anyone with an interest in SRA hoaxes

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  7. Another Desperate Devine post reported (for antisemitic hate speech):

    I’m determined to get this prick a suspension 😀

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    • Yeah Weaselly, like wot OpDeatheaters and pedophiles downunder did for the likes of fiona barnyard, innit ? Whilst simultaneously sadistically trolling people……………… Joe Public aka Malcolm Blackman pretended to change his spots, but in fact just got amongst the groups online that were organising events, and brought all his scammy mates in.; the freemen and sov cits, the Garishites and Oikes, the Holliehoaxers and Annett 9th Circle bullshitters, Galactic conciousnuts, and fukushimafrauds, free energy scams all prowled and skulked around wolves in sheeps clothing with Bo Belinda Peep…… glad to have proved pull en Mc ferrets…………
      To then relaunch the old paedobear & pedobear groups’ signs, symbols and 4 chan codes that enabled child abuse images to be shared and victims trawled for…..

      To do that, you need to keep wapping and tek guys that can see what you do…prove it, and you have to try and shut any survivors from helping your victims, try and keep us divided, by spreading disinfo and abusing peoples trust……… what you share, if leading to any of the pedogators is bad news and dangerous for survivors, the bullying of me, Danny, others proves that, we have your own posts, words and deeds on record, as evidence.
      Don’t try and play innocent, now. Wesley, it always goes easier for people to admit what they’ve done, show remorse,and if lucky to be offered the chance, to make amends. Sheva..

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  8. Many years ago when Satanism was known by other names and was more religious in nature, anchored in the Eleusinian and Orphic Mysteries, there was one of the great wonders of the world a temple dedicated to Artemis in Ephesus. An individual of low standing called Herostratus burned the temple to the ground as he wanted fame.

    The Satan Hunters behind the Hampstead hoax are all united in their lives of failure, envious of those who are better than them in looks, power, wealth and talent. These Satan Hunter cockroaches strive for fame, to rise above their little puddles of sewage they inhabit. Angela Power Disney, Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, Sabine McNeill, Jake Clarke… all grasping at illusions where they play the hero and those they envy become the villain.

    If there was a powerful cult in this world as the Satan Hunters allege, these little cockroaches would be bumped off quietly, disappearing down the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean or a shallow grave in the woods. These Satan Hunters would not be so cocky and arrogant in their social media activities if they knew they would end up dead.

    I laugh when I am open to these Satan Hunters that I am a proud and enthusiastic Satanist, and they seem shocked and unbelieving that “Satanists” they go on about actually exist and communicates with them. I am no slave to any great cultish illuminati group, I am my own god, and I walk a path where I am neither aligned with good or evil, a creature of chaos, a discordian.

    Sabine McNeill and Jake Clarke will play the martyr for the fame, they will do themselves and those around them harm so they can feel they are special and their meaningless lives have a purpose. There is no great cult or group arresting, sectioning and jailing Satan Hunters, they are the agents of their own misfortune, break the law, suffer the penalty. Herostratus is the god of Satan Hunters such as Angela Power Disney and their doom.

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    • “If there was a powerful cult in this world as the Satan Hunters allege, these little cockroaches would be bumped off quietly, disappearing down the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean or a shallow grave in the woods.”

      I wonder if that is actually true?

      I was just thinking that if I was controlling a powerful cult, or even a number of powerful cults, I would probably be very grateful to Sabine, Bellender, APD, Neelu et al.

      In fact I may seek to control their actions online and IRL via the various energy healers, yoga gurus, dowsers, psychics and fake shamans they seem so keen on.

      I could manipulate them into setting up a network of covert communications by feeding them an endless supply of apparently bonkers messages for them to share via social networking websites.

      I could set up multiple layers of shell companies for money laundering, all disguised as workshops on shamanism, women’s empowerment and enlightenment intensives. I could establish multi-level marketing scams in the same way.

      The hoaxers and their crazy antics would draw attention away from my real cultic empire and they would spread confusion and disbelief amongst the populace so that victims of real cults would be less likely to be believed.

      Just musing on possibilities really

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