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New CPS guidelines target online harassment

We were provisionally pleased to note this week that the Crown Prosecution Service has introduced its new “Guidelines on prosecuting cases involving communications sent via social media”. The guidelines, which in many respects are very similar to the current guidelines for prosecuting harassment cases, nevertheless offer advice that’s specific to the internet, and potentially more…

Sabine on bail-29-08-2016

BREAKING: Sabine charged, released

Following Sabine McNeill’s Saturday arrest at Holborn police station, there was some confusion as to whether she would be brought to court today, a bank holiday, or later in the week. We can now confirm that following a weekend in the cells, Sabine was charged this morning at Highbury magistrates court and released on bail.…


The consequences of no consequences

Well, El Coyote is more or less back on his feet now, and has been pawing through the comments on yesterday’s blog. Thanks to all for your best wishes, and he promises he will no longer eat entire chickens, feathers and all, as they seem to disagree with his digestive system.


Neelu violates restraining order

Neelu’s been a busy girl lately, finding new and creative ways to violate the restraining order that was imposed on her on the final day of the trial last month. Just yesterday, for example, she managed to fit in two violations, as she vies with Sabine for first place in their race to a prison…