Ella Draper pleads not guilty

Ella Gareeva Draper, who was arrested in Gibraltar “following investigations” on 26 May, has now pleaded not guilty to three charges of drug trafficking.

According to GBC, Draper has been charged with attempting to export three packages of cannabis resin, with a total weight of more than 3.5 kilograms. GBC reports that Draper “was stopped on the way to the border where her car was searched and a package that contained a further 1kg of cannabis resin was reportedly found”.

Draper’s defence claimed that she had been unaware of the contents of the packages, believing them to be “books, jewellery, and cosmetic items”. She claimed that an unnamed person had given her the packages to mail.

The defence requested that the court consider alternatives to her current bail conditions, but the court declined, stating that “the offence could potentially be part of a systematic, commercial and planned operation”.

The case has been adjourned to 28 July.

Ella Draper and Abraham Christie, ca.2014

Alert readers may be aware that we had published a brief update on the Wilfred Wong et al. trial, currently under way in North Wales. We received information concerning publication restrictions on that trial, and out of an abundance of caution, made the decision to remove the post. We will report on the trial once information is allowed to be made public, but of course will remain within any potential court-mandated restrictions.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

30 thoughts on “Ella Draper pleads not guilty

    • That’s how most of the hashish is shipped from Morocco to Spain (La Linea). It’s what most people there associate with the hashish import business.
      The big boys ship it by the tonne.
      Papashrimp is a much smaller dealer 😉

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      • Call me old fashioned but I reckon if one allegedly dabbles in the importation of illicit substances like marijuana one should not get themselves published in daily newspapers being photographed in a field of marijuana plants with cheery look on your face.
        Such antics are likely to end up being noted in various Immigration departments where the “alert” red light goes off when one travels.

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  1. Lets suppose for arguments sake that in 2015 Abraham Christie took a long holiday to Morocco along with some library books from Hampstead library; the ones about spoons, plants and Zorro. Lets suppose we are now in 2021, and Hampstead library, being Satnic types, have no cap on the library fines. Being in the sort of permanent haze that Christie lives in from day to day he forgets about the books, a video of Zorro (he likes Zorro), reminds him that he has overdue library books, and faints. Being the law abiding type he is, Abraham rushes to the door with the bag of library books, and a big pile of cash for the fines, but grabs the wrong bag. It happens you know. Now for some: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRC4Vk6kisY

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    • My local library forgave me fines for a 4 month overdue book due to Covid restriction problems. A collection of works by Allan Bennett, no Satnicist as far as I know.

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  2. The “someone else gave me these packages to go across an international border and I dunno wots in ’em, guv” defence always strikes as me as foolish. Surely anyone who has ever crossed a border (or watched those Border Security programmes) knows that it’s a) less than believable and b) doesn’t negate the offence?

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      • My faithful slugs & snails have more intelligence.
        They will not be caught by any border guards, no siree, they’re quite happy to wait until nighttime to decimate my flowers.
        Hey there’s a thought, pack ’em with certain mind alternating ‘stuff’ & across borders we go!
        Disclaimer: Please do not be cruel to slugs or snails. I love ’em really. 🙄

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    • what else you gonna say when you are caught red-handed….stupid as she’ll be convicted anyway but lose early guilty plea discount.

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    • There are those pesky little Custom’s forms you sign. At the post office as well. Or are there in mail between Gibraltar & the UK?.
      No names and hypothetically but wouldn’t a parcel of illicit goods need an addressee in the UK?. Is there anyone who has featured in these pages who may have been on the receiving end of such a package?.

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      • Let’s hope they have already been apprehended whomsoever they may be.
        Check out known troofers social media posts/channels regarding ‘unlawful’ arrests, they may come to light.

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      • Posting “substances” to an address is relatively safe for the recipient, particularly if it’s addressed to a fake name. In the absence of any other evidence the chances of the addressee being charged, let alone convicted, are about zero. If they deny any knowledge of the package there’s no case as they are no more responsible for it being sent than they are responsible for junk-mail being sent.

        It’s probably one of the safest methods of moving Satan’s Spinach from Point A to Point B. Let the postman do the work.


  3. I’m not sure if it’s the said person’s current take on WW case but in ‘Real Dark News’ (episode 4 from 30 June ’21 I think) Mrs APD had commented that there were no restrictions on the WW case. That’s not my understanding though I’m not sure about how things are in Ireland or the USA. Going back a bit – well a lot – it was by listening to Irish radio that I learned the ID of the minister’s son who had been ‘done’ in a drugs bust – though the person’s ID was revealed in the UK later.

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      • I still say that APD’s hairdresser needs investigating. I think she has new video up about Abe no doubt revealing the Freemasons are picking off the brave SatNic hunters left right and center. It’s a wonder she has remained free to this date. Is she as we all suspect (me & Doris Fairbotham that is) really an agent at GCHQ? Think about, while all around her flounder she still graces the airwaves.

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    • Wouldn’t it depend on the age and circumstances?. Personally I’m with Germaine Greer who believes real assault victims should be able to shout it from the roof tops and anonymity implies shame but I fully understand any victim wanting to remain anonymous.

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      • Especially children of course who should never be named. Presumably naming the parents as well as that automatically identifies the children. APD is an idiot and never took the You & The Law class at Peter Stringfellow’s Table Top Dancing establishment.

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      • But adult victims are allowed to waive anonymity. It’s just that others are not allowed to do it on “their behalf”. Germaine’s a funny old coot in her old age.

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