Charlotte goes on a whingeing binge

We’re all probably a bit too familiar with Charlotte Ward Alton’s writings, which seem to have two speeds: petulantly aggrieved or slyly self-aggrandising. Neither is particularly attractive. Since announcing the impending demise of her slop-bucket of a blog (tonight at the witching hour, if she’s telling the truth), though, her self-indulgent whingeing has hit industrial…

Failing to learn from history: Hoaxtead and the Haigh case

Long before Hoaxtead was a knowing glint in Abraham Christie’s beady eye, there was Vicky Haigh. Vicky had a problem. She had a little girl, whose father was her ex-husband, and she didn’t want the little girl’s father to have contact with her. The problem, you see, is that there was absolutely no legal reason…

Abe goes off the deep end

My goodness, some people have trouble taking criticism, don’t you find? Ever since we began looking into Abraham Christie’s interesting and colourful criminal past, he’s been getting more and more agitated.

Charlotte Ward Alton backs out…again!

We’ve noticed for some time that Charlotte Ward Alton (aka Jacqui Farmer), owner of Hamster Research, has been getting more and more desperate to find something, anything! to post. So it was with only moderate surprise that we learned that once again, she’s backing out of the blogging biz.

Abe Christie, common or garden thug

Abraham Christie’s frequent conflicts with the law have been a subject of much discussion recently. Yesterday we revealed that he’d attempted to rape at least one woman, who gave us permission to disclose this info’ here. A commenter asked us to verify the much-bandied-about rumour that Abe has been convicted of 37 crimes, so we…

ACTION: Please report this video!

Yesterday we discussed the fake diaries that Abraham Christie has written, in which he has Ella’s children describe in lurid detail exactly how their father allegedly abused them. We are 100% confident that those ‘diaries’ are an invention emanating from Abe’s sick mind.