Sabine’s green kryptonite

Anyone who was present at Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill’s witness intimidation trial earlier this month will no doubt recollect the sight of poor Sabine, crippled and hunched over with pain, as she manoeuvred her way slowly along the hallways of Blackfriars Court, leaning heavily on her walking sticks.

UK’s Satanic Panic, 25 years on

Earlier this month, in the days leading up to Neelu Berry and Sabine McNeill’s trial, a notice landed in our email about a conference at the London School of Economics, featuring Dr Jean LaFontaine, Britain’s foremost researcher into the topic of ‘Satanic ritual abuse’.

Our advice: Never tell Angie anything

To those of you who don’t yet follow the very interesting and informative blog belonging to Ms Anna Raccoon: you’re missing out. For example, yesterday morning Ms Raccoon addressed the important issue of secrets—and who should be entrusted with their guardianship.

Sabine’s latest anti-Semitic hate-mongering

A broad thread of anti-Semitism can be found woven throughout the so-called ‘truth movement’, and so it should come as no surprise that since the ignominious end to her trial for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, Sabine McNeill has reverted to publishing grossly offensive anti-Semitic hate speech on her most recent blog.