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ACTION: YouTube channel take-down

We are all too familiar with the daunting number of videos promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax that can still be found on YouTube (and don’t even get us started on Vid.me or Vimeo). Most of us have had at least some success with having individual videos taken down, but getting an entire channel removed is…


Maurice Kirk: Between South Sudan & South Wales

When we last left Maurice Kirk, the so-called “Flying Vet” who’d managed to get himself lost (twice) whilst flying the length of Africa as part of a Vintage Air Rally, he’d crash-landed in South Sudan. Rally organisers, fed up with his now-you-see-me/now-you-don’t shenanigans, had unceremoniously booted him out of the rally, but were continuing to…


Maurice Kirk’s strange associations

After following “flying vet” Maurice Kirk’s “now you see him, now you don’t” adventures last week, we confess we were intrigued. Kirk has been closely linked with Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie for several years, perhaps most notably via his involvement in the notorious Musa case, in which both parents were convicted of child cruelty.


Andy Peacher’s wife convicted of nuisance calls

Over the weekend, we wrote about Neelu Berry and Andy Peacher’s campaign of harassment against the Airedale Centre for Mental Health. Andy, Neelu, John ‘Butlincat’ Graham, and a number of their friends spent the weekend calling the reception desk and harassing the unlucky receptionists, in a malicious attempt to create havoc and disruption on behalf…