Data Protection

Once again, Jacqui Farmer of Hampstead “Research” has been publishing the names of addresses of innocent people all over the web in order to enable her creepy followers to attack, harass and intimidate them, as they frequently have done.

This is disgraceful and highly illegal and will not be tolerated.

We at Hoaxtead Research are working closely with the Police and reporting all such posts.

Jacqui has previously boasted about how she often uses an illegal website to trace people via the electoral roll. Let me rephrase that: in a civilised democracy, where we have the right to vote, the right to free speech and the right to privacy, she is tracing innocent people – and anyone who dares to question her – via their electoral roll details, in order to enable her creepy followers to wreck their lives.

This is in addition to her plastering names, photos and descriptions of those people’s children all over the internet, in case you want to attack them too. Just take that in for a moment.

Oh and she also illegally uploaded – and still regularly shares – videos of Child A and Child B giving confidential and highly personal testimonies to the Police. These children were assured they were talking in confidence. Thanks to Jacqui, Sabine, Ella, Abe and Belinda, however, they were not.

Jacqui is also in breach of several laws by continuing to slander Ricky D (see previous post showing the court order) and a High Court Injunction preventing the likes of her from continuing to harass and slander the innocent families of Hampstead. Oh and just for good measure, she uploaded a video last week which contained child porn images.

And this is a woman who has admitted that she isn’t sure of most of her claims. Yet look what she is prepared to do, based on such uncertain beliefs! This woman is dangerous and must be stopped. And believe me – she will be.