Finnbarr and the Glastonbury connection

The positive identification of Finnbarr Hagan last week has led to much excitement, followed by some extremely interesting discussions chez Hoaxtead Research.

We’ve known for some time that on 4 September 2014, when Abraham Christie and Ella Draper brought RD’s children back to London from their month-long torture and indoctrination session, their first stop was at Abe’s brother-in-law’s home. Abe put the children through their paces for Jean Clement’s benefit—and fortunately, Jean Clement made an audio recording of that event, which highlights Abe’s pushing, leading, and coaching the children to describe the imaginary “cult”.

According to Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement, Jean Clement recordings were given to police, and on 5 September Barnet police began their investigation at about 3:00 p.m. They conducted their first ABE (Achieving Best Evidence) interviews with the children that evening.

The Araya connection

One point that is not raised in the judgement, but which is mentioned by the little boy in one of his police interviews, is that he enjoyed the trip to Glastonbury that Abe, Ella, his sister and he made between the time they returned from Morocco and their first police interview. In other words, they made the return trip from London to Glastonbury—a 3-hour drive each way—during the day on 5 September. In the above screenshot from the infamous never-ending Hampstead discussion thread on the David Icke Forum, Ledingue points out that “AS” (Araya Soma) claimed that her connection to the case was via her friend Lisa, a former girlfriend of Abe’s. As Ledingue says, it seems an odd choice to drive for six hours with two fatigued children, and for what?

Despite Araya’s claims that she met Abe for the first time after he and Ella had returned from Morocco, it’s more likely that she’d known him for some time, and that he was making that trip to ask her for help.

But help with what?

As we pointed out last year, it seems that Araya became quite deeply involved in promoting the hoax, almost right off the bat. Her mission: to contact alleged film-maker Bill Maloney, and enlist his help in promoting the hoax. In this series of Facebook posts, we see Araya doing her best to interest Maloney, who gives her the cold shoulder:So…no joy there. Maloney was having none of it. Of course this didn’t stop Araya from continuing to spread the hoax far and wide, particularly after Sabine released all the videos and details online.

Gerrish gives Abe the brush-off

When we originally heard the Finnbarr recordings, we wondered whether he might have been sent by Brian Gerrish to assess the situation and determine whether it was worth promoting. Finnbarr has at least a passing familiarity with Gerrish’s UK Column, having written at least one article for them in 2009.

We know that Abe contacted Gerrish early on, as he sent him this email on 11 September 2014: This doesn’t look like an introductory email, the sort of thing one would send to say, “Hi there, Abe here, and have I got a story for you!”

Rather, this looks as though he’s already been in touch with Gerrish, and is simply spelling out the details of the so-called cult. As Drifloud points out, Gerrish apparently turned away from Hoaxtead after receiving this email. He only jumped on board the Hoaxtead train once Sabine had released the videos and the list of names and addresses, via the Tap Blog and Veterans Today respectively.

It sounds very much as though Abe and Ella had been expecting big things from Gerrish, and he let them down badly.

Where does Finnbarr fit in?

We now believe it’s unlikely that Finnbarr was sent by Gerrish to check out the situation and report back. The information he gathered during his interviews with the children would have made the above email redundant: Finnbarr had it all recorded on his phone.

Given Maloney’s seeming indifference to Araya’s requests for assistance on behalf of Abe and Ella, it doesn’t seem very likely that Finnbarr was visiting on Maloney’s behalf, either.

At this point, it’s not really possible to say with any confidence what Finnbarr’s role is—though there is the rather tantalising fact that he seems to have a connection to Glastonbury. There are multiple YouTube videos featuring him with his bagpipes on Glastonbury Tor, and as recently as October 2016 he states on Facebook that he spends time there: It’s probably a stretch to state that Finnbarr has any connection to Araya—even though his visit to Abe and Ella’s London house seems to have occurred within days of the trip they took to Glastonbury. It’s possible, of course, but we don’t want to fall into the trap of fitting facts into a theory, rather than building a theory that matches the facts. Let’s leave rampant speculation and dogmatic cherry-picking to the Hoaxtead mobsters and their ilk, and stick to what we can verify.

The story of Finnbarr remains very much an open book.


109 thoughts on “Finnbarr and the Glastonbury connection

  1. Have we ever determined who Araya is referring to in her comment “We have found ONE helper but the more, the better..” Could the one helper, in fact, be Finnbarr?
    I’m just speculating but the timings are right.

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    • I’ve wondered this as well, but she could also be talking about Charlotte Ward, who started taking down her Conspirituality blog about four days later.

      What surprises me is that Finnbarr turns up, interviews the kids…and then seems to drop completely out of sight. Strange days, indeed.


  2. Careful with those screenshots, Angela is on to you. She’s finally discovered your secret and has blabbed in her latest video. Apparently all the talk of how to do screenshots that was in the comments section of a post about Rupert recently has alerted Ange to the dastardly goings on at Hoaxtead. You should have been more discreet guys! Fancy admitting that you can edit a screenshot! Now the truth is out and your cover is blown. Seriously though, she must be more computer illiterate than I am; she can’t have ever taken a screenshot or she’d know that you have to edit if you don’t want the entire screen showing. I recommend watching her video and I can’t wait for your responses, lol. She goes on at length about how she’s caught you out because of your screen shotting shenanagins! Great work by the way El C. I sent you an email but the issue I had hasn’t re-occurred so not sure why that happened. Maybe I should get Angie, computer whizz kid to look into it?

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    • LOL! Don’t let her near your computer–she’ll steal it, claim it’s lost, and then blame her “tech guy”…or is he her “handler”? (She should only wish someone would “handle” her.)

      Anyway, glad the glitch is fixed. I blame gremlins.

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    • She says what was posted on Hoaxtead is evidence for the police. I’m still trying to figure out what the police would do with such ‘evidence’. I suspect it would find its way into the circular file.

      She obviously thinks ‘editing’ means ‘altering’. Thing is, you don’t have to alter anything because the originals are so batshit crazy to begin with. Why guild the lily?

      Liked by 1 person

        • Well, you can draw lines on it (as we do here) pretty easily, but to actually alter it to say something different from what it originally said would require access to the exact font used in the original, and a great deal of skill that frankly is beyond my ken.


          • Altering the wording of one screenshot would undermine everything that has ever been associated with that poster and probably the blog.
            That is exactly what the PizzaGators have been doing in the past. Using Inspect Element to fake emails from JA and to change Wikileaks emails in photoshop to say different things than what the originals state.
            That is why they rarely bother with posting sources. They also faked facebook messages and convieniently didn’t manage to record two phone calls JA supposedly made to that Pizzagear Ryan twat, even though his friend was there with a phone ready. Takes 2 seconds to press speaker phone and have someone else record.

            They also started at the very beginning with some weird cheesebay account on ebay and a haiwaiian connection including 4chan underground servers and faulty hard drives supposedly selling for huge amounts. In reality these hard drives never were completed listings, just best offer price.
            There was also a jpg of a basketball and lots of shit art selling for huge prices but again in reality, the completed listing showed best offer accepted. I.E. No real sale just someone creating the auctions as a hoax.
            This is just one recent debunking by BZ.

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          • This took me less than 30 seconds in So imagine what someone who knows what they are doing and using photoshop can do.

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          • Yeah I didn’t bother lining up the text with the start of the user name for obvious reasons, but it does show you that screenshots are not the best evidence and possibly would not be taken seriously by the authorities.

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  3. If something is really important archiving is best wayback machine or, and then print as pdf in case the archive eventually gets taken down.
    Remembering to save the archive links somewhere as well otherwise it can be hard to find the archived page. My last seaman video was all thanks to people archiving his twitter posts 🙂

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      • On some of the forums I visit, it has become a bit of a thing to quote the persons post (especially the woo’s ones, the regulars we dont tend to) simply because they have the ability to edit their posts, and we found that they would often go back and edit their post so it no longer said what you were arguing about (the moon fakers in particular were notorious for this) so quoting them allowed the original post to stand even if they went back and changed it later
        Another trick (if you have plenty of drive space- I got 11Tb of external hdds I use for my media server), and I often use `save page as’ and simply copy the entire page to one of my hdd. for pages with lots of links you can use a scraper such as download them all or similar, they can literally copy the entire web site

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      • The other thing I found is archiving will often only capture the first page worth of content. If its a long thread such as on twitter it wont save all the page unless you load it all up before archiving.
        On youtube you have to load the longer comments up otherwise it will just say read more.
        Sometimes even then it wont save everything when archiving.
        The pizzagators found out the hard way when the whole image hosting site they were using got removed, and had a purge of a lot of archived comments probably from legal pressure, which set them back lol. is good, 50gb of free personal cloud storage with encrypted links.
        If someone deletes their twitter, youtube or whatever site account, it can be hard to find the archived pages if you cant remember the exact page address.
        It’s a good idea to remember that everything said online can be used at a later date against you or somebody else.

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  4. “El Coyote
    April 9, 2017 at 3:35 am

    Yes, good idea. Too many times I’ve gone back to find a page, only to discover it had disappeared. ”

    something like this is what we do

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    • Yes, a good idea–I do wish that WordPress blogs were set up to be a bit more commenter-friendly. As it is, I’d be quite happy if people wanted to adopt your style of grabbing a copy of the comment they’re responding to. Not a requirement, but people might find it made things easier to follow.


  5. Kristie Sue Costa, next time you find yourself weeping into your vodka and Kristie-whizz cocktail and asking yourself why you got chucked out of detective school, check out the above article and say these four words to yourself: THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE!

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    • Thanks Mr. Spiny Sir!
      I told her but she wouldn’t listen….
      Sunday Dinner came and went: Poptarts Again!
      I have had just about enough! What next?
      I hope they can’t sue ME due to her erroneous choices online? Can they? What’s in that archive again? Everything? Oh Dear, what have we here?

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  6. EC, I’ve found another psychopath wandering the streets. She’s really sweet – she claims to be an associate of Pinecone Utopia, she’s convinced that she’s being remotely blasted by microwave weapons, she’s made a bunch of videos in which she calls for people who piss her off to be put to death and her own son was taken into care for his own protection. She’s a real charmer. Can I bring her home for tea? Pleeeease?

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  7. Araya Manyana or whatever the hell she’s called these days is not having much luck with her video posting on YT. They are disappearing at a rapid rate if you check them out. I think most of them are probably virulently anti-Semitic and “that poor Mr Hitler has been so misunderstood” etc.

    Is she another Angela Power Disney victim?
    Seems she’s been busted for marijuana possession and is a’ranting & a’raving : “England today, get found out or get told on by assholes that u have some cannabis, ten coppers at ur door, jail, bail then maybe jail again, apparently if are caught more than twice u can even go to jail for up to 14 Years.”

    She reckons it cures every know malady on Earth (but apparently not loony madness) and she’s advocating shoving it up your arse (she seems fixated on sticking unusual things there – what else is up there? ). Pity she didn’t think to when those 10 coppers turned up at her door.

    I know Angela claims she didn’t kill Aaron Dover but we know she lies so much. I think she must prove she didn’t murder him.

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  8. Further suggests and element of pre-planning by Abraham. I have always given him the benefit of the doubt that he did catch the children touching each other, and the hoax unfolded from there. However, with so much early involvement and contact with conspiracy channels and groupies, it looks more and more like Abraham had a plan all along. Especially when put together with his constant attempts to push cannabis juice, which just by chance is the only cure for mind control.

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    • Perhaps some experimental touching went on but if as Araya claims “full sex” happened I think this reflects more on the guardians they were living with ie : Abe & Ella.
      You know children do fumble around and have natural curiosity. When I was very little some girls said if I dropped my shorts they would do likewise and being an obedient child I did so but they all laughed and ran away. I’d probably be on a charge these days.

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  9. Folks, I can’t get that Echo Truths video out of my head (as much as I hate to admit it). She’s noticed a moment in the one of Abe’s interviews with the kids when A appears to be really surprised by G going off script and is whispering to him to get the names right!

    Sorry, I know I mentioned this yesterday but I think it got buried with all that was going on and Dave’s comment above has prompted me to throw it out there again.

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          • I think the problem is that is easier to go along with the conspiracy stories than to go against them especially if that’s what her viewers want to hear. It’s easier to use made up stuff that can be taken from other videos than it is to search for the real facts behind a story.


          • Yeah but the girl says “Don’t say me” or something like that, which only reinforces the hoaxers belief that the children didn’t want to admit to the deed (which didn’t even happen.) I’ve seen it mentioned in comments.

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          • At another point in one of the videos the boy urges the girl to “tell the truth” in quite an anxious tone. Clearly she was the more resistant of the two—Abe says it himself, and notes he had to punish her more to get her to cooperate. You can hear her in the Finnbarr interview, stumbling over the term “Papa Hemp” at one point, then just reverting to calling him Abraham with a slight sneer. And I say, “Good for her”.

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          • If we alll examined the evidence that is already out there, really examined it, in a forensic manner, I am sure we would also find new gems. It is very easy to watch something once or even twice, you really have to get an editor to do the fine stuff, slow some of the speech down, there is so much, from my own experience, but sadly, there is no point in showing these nuggets because some people just don’t care, their beliefs might as well be cast in concrete.

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          • Yes, it’s important to watch things carefully, compare notes with others, and then and only then form a hypothesis that seems to fit the fact. Then comes the hard part: testing one’s hypotheses against factual evidence to see whether they stand up. It’s not just a matter of proclaiming “I heard there are Satanists who eat babies and rule the world and they are coming for us, and oh look over here, someone else is saying more or less the same thing, it must be true, everybody freak the fuck out!!!1!” Any moron can do that. And many do.


  10. #Angie’sNextTarget

    How long before Angela gets her claws into Cindy Kay Currier and gets an interview with her? Never mind that Cindy is on record as issuing death threats to innocent people, which of course Angie is sooo against!


  11. Fritz Springmeier and his imaginary Illuminati Bloodlines.

    The group that Fritz Springmeier was involved with, was a fumbling, bumbling, “keystone comedy” version of this seriously deadly organization:

    “Robert Jay Mathews (January 16, 1953 – December 8, 1984) was an American neo-Nazi terrorist and the leader of The Order, [aka The Silent Brotherhood aka Brüder Schweigen] an American white supremacist militant group.
    Mathews burned to death during an intense gunfight with approximately 75 federal law enforcement agents who surrounded his house on Whidbey Island, near Freeland, Washington”.

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    • Here is a detailed expose of Fritz Springmeier, from a Christian perspective:

      “Articles like these are not fun to publish. It brings grief to the body of Christ and it tends to give credit to the Devil who does not need any more publicity. But when a Christian is a public speaker and writer and is not living according to the Bible and teaches false doctrine, the New Testament tells us to speak out and warn the Church about such a person”.

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      • And once again I urge people to read through this expose of a 1996 SRA-MC conference, exposing Ted Gunderson’s affiliation to the White Supremacist-separatist/ Christian Patriot militias underground.
        John DeCamp was consigliere to the Montana Freemen militias, both DeCamp & Gunderson were Timothy McVeigh apologists. Cathy O’Brien and her handler were affiliated with the same circles, as was “psycho”
        therapist Ellen Lacter and many other SRA-MC claimants, advocates and supporters.
        It’s no coincidence, this pizza-gator explosion and the current, emboldened “alt-right-sieg-heil”.

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        • Thanks Justin Sanity! Maybe if I read this Gunderson/DeCamp Expose to her while she is sleeping it might help, ya know like, Subliminal Seduction or such like? I’m not doing all the yard work this year again while she is glued to the dark interwebs. No Siree!


    • Specifically, Springmeier was involved in an alleged Army of God cell. Being largely incompetent doesn’t mean they can’t be dangerous, of course.
      Springmeier was released in January 2011, but the FBI thought he might know something, about people attempting to incite lunatics to assassinate American politicians, so they had his parole revoked. He’s out, now.

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      • What is the ‘Army of God’ cell, is this anything to do with the notorious ‘Children of God’ sect that a former Fleetwood Mac band member joined and that Julian Assange allegedly grew up in?


    • Funny how the actors killed in ‘Hostel 2’ have appeared in other things since. Quite an achievement considering they’re dead.


    • Classic quote from SGT in that video:

      “I never watch those kind of movies, EVER. The only reason I watched that one was…”

      No contradiction there, then 😄

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    • I wish there were some way to bring people to justice when they discourage a frankly mentally ill person to from seeking the help they need. If he hurts himself or someone else, his supporters ought to be charged as accessories.

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    • I’m too scared to even look to see what the comments are under this one as they will no doubt make me angry. The man needs help, fast.
      By removing a small rock, when someone asked him to look for one, it has achieved a placebo effect in his head and now there’s no bad feeling in his house or noises in his head. This is actually, very sad.

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      • It is, very sad indeed. Although I wonder if someone has perhaps provided him with this placebo in the hope or even knowledge it would bring him down a bit?


        • The person who told him to look for a rock, said she got the message from Max Spiers on the Astral Plane, I kid you not..they’re thanking Max for fixing things for David.

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    • He isn’t well. One of my very good friends had psychotic delusions which would weave in real life events and objects, very scary for my friend. His delusions were so real sounding and plausible he got the actual bomb squad out looking for a non existent bomb once and the area evacuated.

      Mental ill health isn’t funny.

      Though, I have to say my friend telling the tale of the police searching for this imaginary bomb when it’s told from their current position of mental wellness (ish with the help of meds and a careful lifestyle) is actually as funny AF.

      My friend has never touched cannabis since a spell as an involuntary patient, which I think says something about their insight about cannabis’ effects on them, and their very caring psychiatrist’s advice.

      Which reminds me of an amazing present I got given from not quite sane friend, actually for my other half, a ticket and a programme for something that is very meaningful to my parter. Need to get them framed.

      I wish DS has the good fortune to get better as my friend has. And that isn’t quite a better as in a cure. I think it takes insight and meaningful self reflection to stay well, among other things, which mental illness can strip away at the time it is needed most.

      Reminiscence of the week hereby ends.

      Someone who can should get DS some help, though I have a feeling he won’t welcome it. At least someone in his community could keep an eye on him. He could get worse.

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    • Fascinating – thank you!

      People who have escaped a conspiranoid mental rabbit hole should count themselves blessed. Some of those who have not escaped are no longer with us. I have a little list – some who killed themselves & their families, some who took their own lives, some who forced a ‘suicide by cop’ confrontation. I might share it someday.

      “…This is kind of a road map for the next American revolution,” Michael O’Donnell told me”.
      I have another little list 🙂 – this one is about manifestos for “the next American revolution”, penned over the last 50 years, their authors and those person’s fates.

      Anyone care to wager, whether this nutter’s manifesto reflects current conspiracy theories?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Quite possibly!

        It’s worrying isn’t it.

        I think the New Yorker article sent shivers down my spine, that shows the writers skill I think, because I could also see what many would put in the bracket of domestic violence, coercive control of a partner, not letting a daughter see her terminally ill mother, she gives up her job, doesn’t make friends, must record conversations, and also that this was a man who wasn’t without some real talent. Not a man with a hundred YT followers.


  12. You will be right about what that manifesto contains I’ll bet! We have a LIVE ONE running around Free and Dangerous in Midwest. BOLO!


  13. Interesting listening again to this old interview of Abe and Ella. Here he distances himself from Ray Savage, saying he was sent in to disrupt and stop the Church protests. Interesting due to the fact that in the last few weeks, he’s been linking the new pizzaloons to the video of Ray!


  14. The Devon and Glastonbury trip could also have taken place over the weekend of 6th/7th Sept 2014.

    After the children’s first ABE interviews on Friday 5th Sept, a panic alarm is installed overnight at the house. A photograph of the children is taken on Saturday 6th Sept in the garden (for newsinsideout). On the evening of Sunday 7th, AC and ED take the children on a drive round to identify locations. The police do the same at 11am on Monday 8th Sept.


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