Number Crunching with the Fruitloops

It seems those clever people over the Hoaxtead fence would like to put us right on a few statistics and school us in the art of advanced mathematics. Buckle up…

“80 people own roughly one half of global wealth”

“In America there are 45 million people – families – living in their cars, with 19 million children. There are another 25 million who are just homeless on the streets”

“Well, I think that there are probably about 56 people in America who are homeless”

“The report I read said it was estimated that 60 million people are homeless in America. I mean I can’t find the report, coz I don’t just get these things out of thin air.”

“Dunblane 20 years ago today” [Posted by Angie on the 21st anniversary]

“Supposedly Rigby was struck at 2:20 exactly. The shop’s CCTV said 1:26, so it was an hour and 6 minutes out”


“75,000 people going missing in the UK every year”

“I skim read most of it and then decided to post it immediately…I’m still in the learning process and not very good with numbers. My eyes just glaze over with maths etc. I see some of the patterns but even if I don’t understand it fully, I realise that it’s the truth and choose to share so others can benefit from it etc”

“I’ve been involved in the Hampstead case since February 2014”

“Ella is 110% innocent”

“I met George Michael in the 1970s and asked him for his autograph”

“My [WordPress] blog costs £300 a month to run”

“Actual gold in Indonesia Swissindo is 7 million tons or 7 billion kg”

“My Irish twin, 11 months older than me”

“So there’s over 400 adults and they’re all wearing 20 skulls each. Can you do the maths? That’s over 800 skulls.”

“There have been many signs pointing to the total destruction of New York and the start of WW3. I hope and pray that nothing happens on New Year’s Eve. Seems as though the elite are ramping up their plans just like the Bible prophecies. If at any time they are going to pull off something massive, this would be the event. Millions stuck downtown with nowhere to go and billions watching on TV.”

“Out of a hundred and thousand evacuees”

“At one point I had over 3,000 Facebook friends. I got rid of a thousand of them and now I have just 638”

“I note 7 likes and 3 shares but it’s still showing 268 views, so YouTube is rigging statistics”

“He was arrested with 137 child porn images and thousands of them were A-rated”

“This is literally 1984”

“BLOCK all with IQ below -297 or lower”

“Do you have any idea how many patients Dr. Janov has treated and continued to treat from the mid 60s to now, 2018, 58 years later?”

“14 years ago, whatever year that was”

“Our public servants are on £200,000 a year. That’s £2,000 a week!”

“They did a complete three sixty”

“The death rate fell from 124% to 95%”

“NOT MANY PEOPLE know that Queen’s Bench Division is open 24 hours, 365 days a week”

“Freudian slip at 15 minutes” [Posted by Angie on a 14-minute-57-seconds-long video]

“In October last year I claimed 6 million pounds from them and under Biblical law it gets 7-fold, so it’s now £72 million that they owe my family”

“Denis Thatcher [born 1915] may have been the father of Jimmy Savile [born 1926]”

“A mother of ten has had her six children taken”

“Great Fire of London started in a bakery in 1666. This preceded The Great Plague of 1665”

“Even a stopped clock is right twice a year”

“69, eh! 69! 70 years on this planet, brother”

“I know that she’s been extradited. She’s gone to France but there are five prisons there”

“Dogs need feeding every two hours”

“He walked into a pub that had a hundred bouncers…”

“Out of 7 trillion people on this planet…”

“I’m not designed to be shut up in a cell for 26 hours a day”

“When I was 27, I had four teen-aged children”

“I’ve been researching and investigating the Hampstead case for 4 years, since February 2015” (Angie, Feb 2020)

“22 British veterans are committing suicide every day”

“I’ve personally looked into 1.4 million companies”

“…a paltry fatality rate of just 0.12%, far lower than the seasonal flu, which has a mortality rate of about 0.1%”

“Sending love to all on day 22” <<< Kaley Einav on lockdown day 15

“Edward Ellis is an 11-year-old homeless pauper”

“John’s in court on the 15th, which is 3 days from now” <<< Uttered by Andy Devine on 13th April

“America had 250 million people disappearing”

“Do you realize we have 7.5 million people on the planet?”

“That could not be more 180 degrees from what I’m saying”

“This planet and its 7.6 million people…”

Screenshot (62)

“At Costco 18 bucks for a pack of 50 masks. Rip-off”

“I remember Dolly the Sheep being cloned in the 1970s”

“I was on Obamacare in 2009” (Obamacare started in 2010.)

“Drug dealers were all driving 1980/1990 Vauxhall Vivas” (Note: production on the Viva ceased in 1979.)

“I started studying the Bible in 97/98, so over 30 years ago” (Uttered in 2021)

“Try and nudge the viewing figures up a bit more, because again it’s not about the figures but then again it’s about the coverage and coverage is figures… ’cause it’s all about the numbers”

“I was born in 1964… I was 18 or 19 in 1984”

“This case was three years ago in 2014” (Uttered in 2021)

“By my reckoning, by this time next year you’ll have 15 bazillion people supporting you”

“Are you brain dead? The info is on the WHO website. It’s a virus that has a mortality rate of only 99.7% ffs lol”

“London buses kill more people than covid does”

“It’s a catch 21 situation”

“I’ve got a new Halloween costume today. It’s 20 metres by 20 metres”

“There’s a one in a million chance that you’ll give birth to a two-headed baby”

“The postage on a 1,400-page document is £1,400”

“I’ve been using cannabis oil. My penis has grown 7 inches. So I now have a 7-inch penis from using it”

“President Trump is in the back of the stage just waiting for the curtains to open and walk out on stage as the 19th President of the new America”

“…David Shayler, who was head of MI5 or MI6…”

“At the end of the day we only have 24 hours in a day. Out of those 24 hours we’re asleep. Out of the other 24 hours we’re doing things”

“Tell me about the 2001 machete attack. I missed all that, coz I was in America until 1990”

“We’re on 967 subscribers. That’s 10 away from the magic one thousand!”

“There are a million homes involved in the Hampstead case”

“South-East Asians are two or three feet shorter than your average European”

“I’m literally letting this one run 24/7 until tomorrow”

“It’s 11:58 pm, just coming up to midday”

“Covid 19 started in 2020”

“I know the watershed runs from 9 but what time does it start?”

“He was a 12-year-old teenager”


Please let us know if you spot any worthy additions  🙂


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