Sabine McNeill trial: 19 November–14 December 2018

In November–December 2018, Sabine McNeill stood trial in front of HHJ Sally Cahill QC at Southwark Crown Court.

She faced a total of 21 charges: four of stalking and 17 of breaching the restraining order which had been put in place by HHJ Worsley following the collapse of Sabine and Neelu’s 2016 witness intimidation trial.

Ultimately, the jury found Sabine guilty of all four stalking charges, as well as six of the restraining order breaches. In January 2019, she was sentenced to nine years in prison, reduced from 12 on account of her age (73 at the time).

EC attended Sabine’s trial and produced summaries at the end of each day’s proceedings. Now these reports have been gathered here for easy reference.

Please note that the identities of five of the witnesses were subject to a publication ban under the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999. The purpose of this publication restriction is to protect the identities of children.

Day 1:

  • Jury selection, false starts, and light attendance

Day 2:

  • Meet the barristers: Miranda Moore QC, prosecuting, and Tana Adkin QC, defending.
  • The prosecution opening statement outlines the details of each charge.
  • First witness: The Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Day 3:

  • Second witness, Mr Greenwood, solicitor; technical difficulties forced court to pause his testimony until the following day.
  • Third witness, Heather Reid, Church of England Deputy National Safeguarding Advisor
  • Third witness: [name withheld]

Day 4

  • Second witness: cross-examination, continued from Day 3
  • Fifth witness: [name withheld]
  • Two videos entered into evidence: One from Charlotte Ward’s “Hampstead Research” videos, and one titled, “Hampstead Confidential with Sabine, part 2“, posted by Angela Power-Disney.

Hiatus 1

  • Kudos to HR from Belinda (!?)
  • Neelu Berry and Lee Cant attend, and Neelu identifies a protected witness—breaching both the trial’s reporting restriction and Neelu’s 2016 restraining order.

Day 5

  • Where’s the defendant? A late start and finish
  • Sixth witness [name withheld]

Day 6

  • EddieIsOK films in the court precinct
  • Neelu appears, then disappears in a hurry
  • EddieIsOK, under the name Paul Rogers, is arrested for contempt of court, remanded in custody pending hearing the next day

Day 7

  • John Paterson threatens EC, HHJ Cahill
  • EddieIsOK goes on trial, found guilty and given two-month suspended sentence
  • Edward W. Ellis tries to advise the defence team
  • Sixth witness [name withheld] continues testimony
  • Jake Clarke turns up, harasses public gallery members
  • Seventh witness [name withheld]
  • Purported altercation between Paterson and unknown assailant

Day 8

  • Seventh witness [continued]
  • Eighth witness: Ms Stevens, Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS)
  • Ninth witness [name withheld]
  • Tenth witness: Michael Scott, forensic computer analyst

Day 9

  • Tenth witness [continued]
  • Eleventh witness: PC Chris Wall
  • Twelfth witness: DC Steve Martin

Day 10

  • Twelfth witness [continued]
  • Statement of agreed facts, including the 2015 Pauffley judgment
  • Thirteenth witness: Sabine McNeill

Day 11

  • Thirteenth witness [continued]

Day 12

  • Thirteenth witness [continued]

Day 13

  • Thirteenth witness [concluded]

Day 14

  • Standard legal directions
  • Prosecution closing speech
  • Defence closing speech

Day 15

  • Belinda McKenzie arrested, charged with contempt
  • Defence closing speech [continued]
  • Judge’s summing up

Day 16

  • Judge’s summation of prosecution closing speech
  • Judge’s summation of defence closing speech
  • Final directions before retiring jury
  • A note on permanent reporting restrictions

Day 17

  • Jury remains retired
  • Some notes on Belinda McKenzie’s arrest

Day 18

  • Jury returns verdict: guilty on all four counts of stalking; guilty on six of 17 counts of breach of restraining order
  • Sentencing postponed to the following week

Post-trial reflection

  • Thoughts on the verdict

Sentencing hearing, part 1

  • Prosecution recommendations
  • Judge Worsley’s restraining order remains in place
  • Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) enacted

Sabine McNeill sentenced to nine years

Sentencing remarks clarify Sabine’s 9-year sentence

  • Sentencing remarks in full
  • The issue of harm

Sabine McNeill appeal judgment in full