HoaxGirl resuscitates Angela’s blog…but at what price?

For someone who claims to have no interest in the Hampstead SRA hoax or those who promote it, Naima Dawn Feagin (aka HoaxGirl) certainly seems to be keenly aware of what’s said on this blog.

A couple of days ago we noted that Angela Power-Disney’s blog had been suspended, most likely due to Angela’s failure to pay her hosting fees.

But what ho! Within 24 hours it had been reinstated, and HoaxGirl had posted the following on Angie’s Facebook page: Naima Feagin HoaxGirl 2018-04-08Funny that HoaxGirl would take such a keen interest in that blog, and funnier still that she’d loosen her purse-strings and share a bit of her ill-gotten gains with her comrade in arms.

Granted, a quick scan of just a few of her GoFundMe campaigns reveals that HoaxGirl is more adept at duping people into handing over their cash than Angela will ever be, but still.

HoaxGirl Hope Girl GoFundme (partial)

You’d think that someone with HoaxGirl’s obvious financial acumen would have noticed that lending money to Angela is generally a bad risk.

Just ask Mel Ve, who made the fundamental error of advancing her some credit back during her CCN days. To Mel’s sorrow, she found out that once Angela realised she could play on Mel’s sympathies for cash, she just kept pushing her luck…until the inevitable breakup occurred.

And a debt like this can be a two-way street: as one of our friends noted yesterday, “That will leave Angie in debt to a woman that she will regret being in debt to for sure”.

We’ve pointed out in the past that HoaxGirl has just a bit of a vindictive streak (in the sense that the Pope has occasionally dabbled in Roman Catholicism). For example, remember that time when HoaxGirl and Mel Ve had their little break-up, and HoaxGirl retaliated with a rather waspish blog post?

And then there was HoaxGirl’s “exposé” of her affair with Ray Savage, the breatharian alleged retired cop from Alfriston. We’re sure he was delighted when HoaxGirl wrote his wife to let them know of her affair, and then broadcast details of their relationship across the internet.

Not to mention HoaxGirl’s vendetta against the online cult emerging religion, the “Unfuckers”… Ah, good times!

Actually, that reminds us: wasn’t HoaxGirl’s husband, Tivon Rivers, a prime suspect behind that hilariously awful anti-HR blog last year? The one built to spec for Angela, who was first to announce it on Facebook:angela-power-disney-american-anonSuch a kind thing to do for a friend—but we think that eventually Angela will discover that anything HoaxGirl does for her will come with a price tag.

And conversely, as anyone who’s ever done Angela a favour will attest, no kindness ever goes unpunished. Hope Girl & Angie scamming for a living

41 thoughts on “HoaxGirl resuscitates Angela’s blog…but at what price?

  1. let em come back, get themselves deeper in… and be arrested like Sabine. Ah… and isn’t against the terms of service to have a gofundme or indiegogo and use the money for things other than you’re claiming it will be used for? Curious..

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  2. Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like etc etc & so on.Two con artists link up but the very nature of scamsters is that there will be a falling out eventually.

    Ireland is proposing new harassment laws : “under the proposals, offences such as revenge porn, online harassment/cyber bullying and cyber stalking would lead to a fine (unlimited) and/or a jail sentence of up to 7 years. For less serious cases of these offences, a fine of €5000 and/or up to 12 months in prison are applicable.”
    Angela Power-Disney’s “retirement” from the Hampstead hoax is in no way connected (pull the other one !).

    In the scheme of things Power-Disney’s entrée into HampHoax has been a dismal failure. Two people sectioned and one person jailed with less than flattering mentions in the convicted stalker Rupert Quaintance court case, probably a village of neighbours who now know a ghastly defamer lives among them (and the Irish love a bit of gossip) and the enmity of former conspirators all for the sake of attracting some beer money with only one fan still bedazzled, Jake Clarke (surely due for another mental health check).

    Her Savile BBC compensation ran out in Lanzarote (yes Angie we know all about it).
    Perhaps she’s about to become the local agent fro Naima Dawn Feagin’s latest con “Orgonite”.
    #The Weasil is so far behind in the ‘Truther’ scheme of things he’s only just discovered the convicted forger Andrea Davison currently working in a Bangkok Boiler Room flogging fake shares to unsuspecting pensioners.

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    • Interesting news about Ireland’s new harassment laws, GoS. Like you, I wonder whether Angela finally woke up and smelt the coffee?


  3. Let’s not put that party food away yet, guys. Hoaxgirl’s only paid one month’s fees. Who’s gonna pay it next month? And the one after that? And the one af… Oh you get the idea 🙂

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    • Yes, I hope that HoaxGirl realises she’ll now be expected to cough up the cash whenever Angela can’t pay for something. Should be interesting.


  4. So Angie pays a premium for a blog that she could get for free and then gets gullible idiots like Dope Grill and Jake Cuckoo to fund it for her? The sly old tart

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      • She says that some of her YouTube videos are “rare”. Sounds like a simple enough remark, doesn’t it. But what does it actually mean? Anyone?

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        • They rarely make sense, rarely fail to bore the arse off the watcher, rarely contain so much as a grain of truth, are rarely plausible to anyone with an I.Q. above about 20 and mostly contain half-cooked (i.e. rare) bullshit!

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          • Rare when describing a video/song/work of art etc. means it’s not widely available. In the case of YouTube videos, though, Angie or anyone else who makes one usually uploads it once to one channel. It’s either available or it isn’t. So what makes a particular video rarer than any other? I don’t think sh’es thought that through and is as usual being over-dramatic in her desperate attempts to ‘big herself up’.

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  5. And lest we forget Hopeless Girl’s (unintentionally) hilarious channel Real Speaks, which brought us such ‘classics’ as Transgender Agenda, Fake Alien Found in Peru and Surviving Electronic Harassment.

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  6. I followed a link fron neelu’s FB page to one called the “Committee to Support the ITNJ” (which is John Walsh of Brannagh- I refuse to put Sir in front of his name as he is NOT entitled to it)
    The direct link takes you to two videos which feature the kids faces hence its broken
    https://www.facebook. com/ ITNJcommittee/?hc_ref=ARTK4C1xrPDrcTRyVhonZX_MaG3JPZuJGcZB3bFr2-7p_juxroXzAS1S5YkpNcncGgY

    Seems like the ex farmer/vexious lit from Norfolk Is is ramping up for another round of funding, its the third time I’ve run across him recently
    These three seemed to be the hub of the Australian end
    from https://www.itnj.org/itnj-cases/closed-cases/

    Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannagh
    Julie-Anne Pho, Associate to Chief Justice / Court Officer,
    Shae Woodward, Associate to Chief Justice / Court Manager

    Julie seems to have moved on to The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) however still has her stunt with the ITNJ listed, which brings into question the validity of her RACGP claim as well (at least her version of it, there is a real one) or if they are aware of the history of her former workplace claims


    Shae seems a little less confirmed, there is one now in residence in the USA who looks remarkably like the one who appeared with Walsh and Pho, however she doesnt seem to have been in Australia at the time according to her resume but it is certainly an unusual name.

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      • That man is Chief Justice (he isnt) Sir (he isnt) Dr (he isnt) John Walsh of Brannagh Barrister-at-Law (he isnt), well you get the idea. I havent the time or inclination to type out all of his ‘presumed’ qualifications (he hasnt got any of them btw)
        Below is a list of them, its missing a few I think, but cant be bothered seeing which ones he has claimed that are missing from it

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    • I think the RACGP needs to be asked if this woman really works for them and why she claims she is a legal officer of a non-existent court issuing false judgments. There could be serious repercussions if they allow a fantasist anywhere near complex matters.

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      • Yes, I wonder if they checked her resume out (although I have no doubt the ex farmer from Norfolk Island would have given her a glowing recommendation), that alone should be grounds for dismissal, or at the minimum a full on check of all her qualifications- and checks into who issued those qualifications and if she actually holds them…

        Just because I have one seen an F1 car in person and actually know how to check the fluids, and regularly watch the F1 races on tv, does not mean I was the lead mechanic of a F1 racing team…

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    • So, Mr John Walsh (don’t think there is evidence he is anything but self styled of Branagh) likes playing dressing up and playing make believe in serviced offices.

      Now fundraising for money, for him.


      Looked into the Branagh/Walsh thing. Branagh means Welsh. Walsh means Welsh. Mr Welshman of Welsh. What a great big pillock. A steaming pile of pretentious lying bullshit.

      I think I posted his mum’s memorial. A plain “Jane” Walsh. Nothing there to be ashamed of.

      He’s got supposed honours from a self styled Hawaiian queen. I am sure those are especially reserved for unique people and only brought out for utter bellends. Sir Knobhead of Upperwankington order of the Butlins under 10 swimming championship, chief big boy pants loser of the pint pot whip-round.

      As an aside, some very poor people lost a lot in his University of Greenwich foray.

      Not surprised that poeople who might fall for a hoax are charmed by a scammer.

      He was an actual barrister. No more though.

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    • Ah yes, the Genius Hacker who attempted to hack this blog for a few days a couple of years ago. We watched with amusement as he attempted every trick in the book…i.e., every method which was currently popping up when one searched Google for “how to hack a WordPress.com site”. It was stupendously predictable: he literally went through each method, in order of appearance on Google at the time. Cos that’s how hackers roll, innit.


      • Yeah, he’s pretty crap at it, isn’t he. Maybe that’s why he’s been practising on Angela’s Facebook account. Oh no I didn’t 😮

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    • Please no-one point out to Weasley that hacking under any one of the Computer Misuse Act, the Serious Crime Act, the EU Directive 2013/40/EU, Police and Justice Act, the Terrorism Act, Human Rights Act, Digital Economy Act, Extradition Act, Interception of Communications Act, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Lawful Business Practice Regulation etc carries custodial sentences!

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  7. So, Wiggly Worm has given some poor sod an old phone (got a drawer full of them) and a £1 GiffGaff sim, some household odds and ends and an old laptop with a free O/S on it! Whoop dee fucking do! – Well, that’s poverty ended then! The likes of the Sally Ann and others do this sort of thing a few dozen times before lunch every day; but hey! Now We’ve got Wiggly on the case happy Easter Poverty’s over!

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  8. Sorry…. Confused…… He helped the young man find a flat what, from Tunisia?

    I wasn’t aware I had any relatives in that part of the world!

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  9. Flying Monkeys?

    Yo’re wrong there Dope Girl. Remember “Money! That’s what Angela Power-Disney wants!”

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