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Neelu comments on Sabine’s plea…sort of

Well, wouldn’t you just know it? No sooner had we finished writing a post here about how none of the Hoaxtead mob had so much as blinked at the news that Sabine had entered a plea of guilty and had been sentenced to 12 months’ conditional discharge for having violated her restraining order, than we…

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New CPS guidelines target online harassment

We were provisionally pleased to note this week that the Crown Prosecution Service has introduced its new “Guidelines on prosecuting cases involving communications sent via social media”. The guidelines, which in many respects are very similar to the current guidelines for prosecuting harassment cases, nevertheless offer advice that’s specific to the internet, and potentially more…

Blackfriars Crown Court

Update: Sabine’s hearing Monday morning

Subsequent to her arrest and brief detention in late August, Sabine McNeill’s hearing for plea and trial preparation will be held Monday morning, 26 September 2016, “no earlier than 10:45 a.m.”, at Blackfriars Crown Court, Room 3. The judge is expected to be HH Judge Peter Clarke, QC.


Will Angie show her face at today’s protest?

With the recent spate of arrests placing a decided chill over the Hoaxtead mob this week, Angela Power-Disney has continued to exhort the faithful to attend today’s rally against child abuse at Westminster. In fact, while the arrests were taking place, she tried to convince her followers that this was a “cynical attempt to derail…