Let’s count our victories

The other day, one of our friends posted a collage of Hoaxtead Research’s recent victories, and it got us thinking: how much has this small community of hoax-busters accomplished since this blog went public in May 2015?

A lot, that’s how much.

For starters, there’ve been several arrests over the past 9 months.

Neelu and Christine Ann Sands were nicked and charged with riotous behaviour for their disgraceful shouting and harassment of innocent church-goers (all right, that was in April, so not officially on our watch, but still. Good times). Both were issued with restraining orders, and Christine was deported. And there was much rejoicing.

In August, Sabine was arrested in a dramatic scene at the Royal Courts of Justice, while Belinda tried to pretend she didn’t know her. Sabine’s been re-arrested twice since then, and is currently on bail.

sabine arrestNeelu, of course, has been in and out of court on a fairly regular basis since her first go-round back in May. Re-arrested twice, most recently, she’s been charged with witness intimidation (rather more important than her original charge of ‘vexing a priest’, which left a lot of us scratching our heads), and she’s looking at a trial date on 11 July.

Meanwhile, Sabine has been similarly charged, and will stand trial next to Neelu.

That should be a date to remember!

And then there were the injunctions…

In August, Belinda McKenzie and her loudmouthed sidekick Tracey Morris were served with injunctions forbidding them from discussing the Hampstead hoax in public or online. Neelu and Sabine, of course, were similarly subject to gagging orders regarding the case, as part of their ongoing bail conditions.

Not that it has stopped Neelu and Sabine, who seem congenitally incapable of zipping their lips.

…and the police warnings…

A friend of Angela Power-tool Disney, one Happy Brewer, was cautioned by police, and in consequence removed a video he’d published about Hoaxtead; and a woman going by the name of Tiny Magical Creatures was visited by police and warned to remove her defamatory and harassing videos, as well.

…and the blog take-downs…

Our team worked hard to expose the cowardly bully ‘Jacqui Farmer’, author of the scurrilous and defamatory blog Hampstead Research. We succeeded in identifying her as Charlotte Ward Alton, long-time conspiracy afficionado and benefits scrounger. And after a great deal of hard work persuading WordPress that Charlotte’s blog was violating the law and endangering the safety of multiple innocent families, we were finally able to have it shut down.

Trollstead Research, a blog set up specifically to harass members of our team, was taken down voluntarily by its owners, who realised at a certain point that they were targetting the wrong team. Kudos to them for acknowledging that error, and rectifying it.

Sabine, finally twigging to the fact that she keeps incriminating herself, has begun taking down some of her massive collection of blogs in a vain attempt to reduce the amount of online evidence against her.

More recently, we contacted Wix, the publisher of Abe & Ella’s horrific Hampstead Cover-Up blog, and had them permanently banned from Wix’s servers.

…and the video take-downs…

Although YouTube has been agonisingly slow about it, they’ve finally begun to remove videos that violate Mrs Justice Pauffley’s court order banning images of RD’s children from being spread across the internet. YouTube has also begun to clamp down on habitual offenders like Darius…er, Code 2222, closing some channels and limiting the length of videos to 15 minutes (because, as everyone knows, it’s not possibly to spread the Hampstead hoax in less than an hour-long video).

…and best of all:

The two children at the centre of the hoax have been safely out of Abe and Ella’s toxic reach for more than a year; their mother’s most recent attempt to appeal the custody decision has failed, and their future is now secure.

Ricky Dearman, the man who’s been falsely accused, viciously attacked, harassed, libelled, and smeared, is free to live his life. And the children, parents, teachers, clergy, and small business owners of Hampstead, who’ve suffered harassment and libel for the past year, are free and starting to begin the journey back to normalcy.

To us, these are the biggest victories of all.

We should point out that we haven’t had a hand in every victory sustained by our side. Still, we’ve been proud to contribute evidence wherever possible, to support the victims of this hoax, and to be there to cheer as the hoax is slowly, inexorably, dismantled.




45 thoughts on “Let’s count our victories

  1. Excellent work, guys. And great post, EC!

    Before this blog came into being, all of us were working away in our own little ways, daring to question this blatant hoax – in the face of unprecedented hostility, slander, abuse and threats – and getting multiple videos removed, including ALL of the original ones that started it all (courtesy of Henry Curteis, who’d uploaded them at Sabine’s request, even though she’s since desperately tried to deny it, despite irrefutable proof of her complicitness).

    What EC and his blog have done has been to bring us all together and enable us to share views and information and facilitate action in a safe, supportive environment.

    Keep up the good work, everyone 🙂

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  2. Through all the take-downs, bans, etc – Hoaxtead Research remained and for one good reason – we deal in EVIDENCE here.

    Big thanks to Scarlet Scoop for starting this blog and for El Coyote for continuing it.

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  3. It’s important to see what isn’t there, what isn’t there is silencing of people for saying “I believe the children’s allegations in the home videos” where they are simply expressing a view, respect the childrens’ right to anonymity and are aware of this whole innocent until proven guilty thing.

    I’ve always found it odd that people can one the one hand say that they believe there should be a more extensive police investigation, and on the other act as if the whole thing would be a forgone conclusion.

    Even Ella and Abraham don’t seem to believe in the tattoos anymore. They may have finally thought “What if we’re successful in getting the case reopened? And there are arrests, and then there are no tattoos, what then?”.

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    • That they have targetted such well known campaigners now, and called us cult members, put a whole new spotlight onto them, so then asked, whether their next step would be, to ask that of us, was so glaringly and obviously, suddenly dislodging that being still an option for debate, will have been made clear, somehow, to enough people, in an unavoidable way.

      i thinks surely under some kind of eu agreement, people accused by a judge of torturing children, ought to be able to be arrested, surely ?

      And surely the likes of Angie and others can be brought to book.

      Surely if the internet is worldwide, than so does beating crime on it, need to be.

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      • Unfortunately, in many cases people cannot be prosecuted for crimes committed outside the UK. The police considered it though and ruled it out for that reason. It depends on the offence. I wouldn’t wish a court case on the children just for the sake of it. Would it be in their interests? Even with special procedures such as giving evidence over video link? Not sure. They are the most important consideration.

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          • Many abusers slip through the net in the sense that in many cases parental abuse isn’t prosecuted.

            I don’t think there’s an easy solution, or easy answers. If a child is removed from the situation, would it be always good for them to give evidence, be cross examined, however kindly, however much support they got? I don’t know. It shows there’s still a difference in society’s attitudes to the different forms child abuse can take.

            The Musa parents had their children give evidence. They still deny it.

            Some forms of violence against children being completely legal complicates things.


            Sabine promotes someone who strongly believes parents should be able to hit children.

            The ultimate possible consequences are losing any contact with your children. That’s a life sentence for most parents really.

            I don’t think I have answers though.

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    • good points. Love how they often use the prefix ‘alleged’ and then go on to talk like it’s all a forgone conclusion. And a good point : “I believe”, which does not mean anything. Just because you believe something does not make it true or real. There are 100s of court cases where the public takes sides but once a conclusion is reached- in this case with overwhelming evidence of NO actual evidence of a cult, that is the end of the story.

      As for ‘believing’, dare I use Araya Soma and her Flat Earth belief as an example which she viciously pushes without a scintilla of evidence (apart from Captain Cook being unable to circumnavigate Antarctica and despite the fact dozens of people have since)- she abuses people who dare question her belief and who ask the most basic questions.

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  4. Congratulations but what an exhausting effort !! My only query is why haven’t code2222, allmoderncons etc been arrested ?. I know the law moves agonizingly slowly but until one of these lawbreakers is hauled into court in a blaze of publicity and prosecuted the others feel emboldened to carry on.

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  5. Well done, it is a long drawn out battle, but every small step builds into the ultimate checkmate that is coming to all those deluded witchfinders.

    I have an association of the witchfinders with the Magic Roundabout.

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    • funny you should say that 🙂 So do i, what a small world it really is, or is it that our spheres of influence can overlap, and expand, at times. wondered Zeberdee…………. now i know why it was on just before the news, i never got it, but had to watch it with little bruv, while mum did dinner, and dad snickered at the jokes, that went waaaaaaaaaaaaay above my numbskull. Crumbs now i’m in comicland, said Mr Rusty, ‘we can’t have that, what to do, what to do’……..

      The fact that so much was viralised can play in our favour, when i say they did or said something, i know many know i am reporting fact, i don’t need to prove it.

      The fact, that they can only operate by having secret lists of dissenters, which they then issue orders to minions to attack, to varying degrees according to risk, risk of them being dislodged from their very precarious perch, once the balance tips, not only proves their lowness, but also has boxed them in.

      There is no real defense for their actions…..they studiously ignored me for so long, made it impossible for me to be as free online as i once was, and clearly thought they could finish me off, swiftly as soon as i agitated too much, and punched holes in them too brazenly, to be ignored, the attacks at the level displayed, has opened alot of people’s eyes, eyes that wouldn’t have normally looked, cos they are too busy, wise, or seasoned to step into their arena…… i came to think that it was necessary for me, uniquely me, to add something here. Today i am so very glad i did, even though i had to just sort of throw stuff out, messily.

      I’m holding a small convention soon too 🙂

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  6. Good work every one.

    I hope this year the spotlight will be shining in the opposite direction and exposing those who invent, spread and profit from these sick hoaxes.

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    • Amen. I think the tide is beginning to turn, as people are beginning to realise that not all accusations are equal, and that some accusations actually do harm to those who’ve really suffered terrible abuse. This is how witch-hunts end: in people waking up and realising they’ve played a shameful role in a disgusting charade.

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  7. It is always good, every now and then to pause, take stock. It’s something i do, and recommend to any on their healing journey, and very important, when it feels as if we are climbing a mountain, so high, we can never reach the summit.

    One step at a time, one whisper, one gasp, one more step, and take rests, we will get there..

    One day, we will have better ways to care for children, protect them, and drive change clearly, without these horrible types, using our endeavours so appallingly.

    I am sorry that so many people have been drawn in to recieve or witness such disgusting bullying/stalking/trolling. But for me, it has served to highlight them in a way that, though i saw their dangers, years ago, i couldn’t prove, effectively.

    So, that is partly why i am grateful for the hardwork, done by people contributing here.

    Y’sll know i find the humour a bit harsh at times, but i have found that i can be me and still feel comfortable to interact.

    It has been a pleasure, to see people working as a team for a good purpose, though we clearly have differing opinions on some of the contentious issues or beliefs, and that is how it needs to be, imho.

    And it took a while for me to realise the extent of the bullying, disgusting comments etc, and other actions, that caused me to take the gloves off, confront, challenge, until they went for me, so disgustingly, that i could use my reputation to help.

    It was clear that they had no idea, that i have been quietly in contact, still with so many, nor that some alerted by me had done some digging, and for all i know even contributed here, i wouldn’t know, and i appreciate the safety needed, i just had to wing it with none, to achieve what i thought might be possible, once i could step up.

    A couple of old friends know my whole story, and what they have done to me, still, not all revealed. And they have cracked up at times, knowing exactly what i am doing and why, and assuring me, and checking that i’m ok when it’s got very shitty.

    My group and wall on facebook are nothing like they were, years ago, i was extremely outspoken, open, discussing the issues alot. At times, i would be at my desk, with headphones on skype, typing and on the landline and mobile, all at once, and even chat, too !!! I can’t do that anymore, i don’t feel it’s necessary, the silence is broken, now it’s become about clearing out the false accusations, and fake campaigners, so the genuine and strong, effective one’s can unite more, link more, and show a strong presence online, which has been there, but overshadowed by the viralising tricks employed by the scamsters and hoaxteaders, (hope i spelt it right).

    I am making a bit more effort with my grammar, which i can do. And i have found the colour button on word press….:) i promise not to blare colours like the orrible bloggers, but i use my keyboard like a typewriter and still have no idea what most buttons do.

    All in al, the word amongst the serious, longstanding campaigners, is that they know, they see, they desist from becoming involved…..but neither will stand by and watch me hung out to dry….that was their mistake, which fortunately, they were too stupid, to resist.

    One of their most stupid accusations, is that i want the limelight. Not 23yrs ago, not at the 3 other rallies, nor anywhere is much of my story told, what i am known for, is platforming to help others flourish and grow, because this job is too big for anyone, and even any one group, to tackle, and the various things needed, need various types of people and actions.

    I just hoped i have helped a bit. But it is out of my comfort zone. Usually when trolls rock up, i just block, report if needs be, and from time to time, some clear abusers, were so bad, i confronted them, openly and sorted them out, quite effectively, many times, but havn’t done that stuff, for years.

    The hypocrisy is astounding. Recently some other oldtimers were falsley accused by Fiona Barnet and him, that denies writing lies about me, accused so badly, that they all recieved death threats, and i have been called all the usual names, on the Youtube thread, defending good people, and it has been troll attacked, so it shows their methods up nicely, as well as their squawking about illegal recording of the call, yet ignoring the death threats issued, just as they all ignore Abe’s obvious abuse, etc, etc.

    They are trying to say that i, John Brown etc bully survivors, how can we treat a victim like this ???

    Same old, same old.

    But, fortunately for us, we all have a swathe of support and are well known, not that we havn’t all, also upset people at times, or had fallouts. None of us is guilty of the false accusations, incoming.

    We have though, done more good than harm, as ever they are in the reverse position, and to any clear on these issues, seasoned, and experience, it is chrystal clear….. it is sad for me, though, that other newer people bravely eg writing a poem for the first time, have been mass bullied by these same people that have targetted all of you, other groups.

    This is why, at times i do assert that there could be more behind it, in terms of the fear surrounding real people uniting, peacefully on an unavoidable reality of the extent of child abuse.

    Big group hugs and i feel very proud of myself, for facing my fears, knowing what i was going into, and not relishing recieving more disgustingness, but at least this time, it was in the open….the best way to catch out real abusers.

    It has done me more good than harm. 🙂

    Does anyone know whether hampstead is more peaceful now, safer ? i hope so.

    That wingnuts video, btw is mint…..belly laughs are so needed and have helped me enormously. Thanks 🙂

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    • There is a vast difference between genuine survivors and the Barnetts of the world who make really bizarre and ridiculous claims without a scintilla of proof and then demand they be taken seriously.

      If anyone is loving the limelight she most certainly is and with each passing week makes more & more exaggerated claims now accusing former PMs of appalling crimes. That’s apart from her endless claims secret services are tracking her (they wouldn’t give her 5 minutes of their precious time) and even published a snap of a railway worker claiming he was a Spook because he looked in her direction.

      Now since I’ve been in Oz I happen to have met 2 former PMs and the one now deceased this woman twittered that “she was told by someone he was into Asian boys” ) he was certainly bi-sexual and had a long affair with an Argentinian ( who he met when the young man was 30 years old) I often partied with him (poor thing now in jail on drug charges) but Barnett has now transformed her tweet into a claim she was abused by this dead PM. I have all her twits and claims recorded that show a piece of gossip she was told was then included in her Satanic Cult claims. I think with this lot there is almost a competition to claim he was abused the most.

      She also tells total fabrications such as police (cult members of course) harass her- the opposite is true. 1 state and the Federal Police have thoroughly investigated her claims and found nil evidence of anything.

      What really pisses me right off about this insane creature is that I remained friendly with the deceased PM’s family and they tell me a 11 year old grandson came across Barnett’s vicious disgusting claims via an internet class at school 3 months ago at which time his classmates mocked him mercilessly as unfortunately kids do. The poor boy now lives with that.

      Now the old PM would have laughed off these loonies just as Ken Clarke did until his son came across internet stories and urged him to do something. At least he silenced that twit who falsely accused him. These people seem to forget- everyone has family.

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      • I’m fascinated by the constantly expanding scope and detail offered up by the false accusers. For example, Neelu’s story of her niece’s death is constantly embroidered upon and embellished, so that now it bears almost no resemblance to the original story she and her sister espoused even a year ago.

        Your story about the PM’s grandson is very much on point here: the question has been raised about what RD’s children will feel when they are old enough to go online alone, and discover that they have been used in this disgusting way. That’s one of the things that continues to motivate us to keep fighting this thing until we have ground it into the dirt.

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  10. Well done Hoaxtead, so many victories and more to come still. Hoaxtead must be the only good thing that has come out of this sordid affair. It is so good to see people coming together to do something good for other people. How many more people would believe this hoax still if Hoaxtead didn’t exist at all.

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