Has Ella’s leave to appeal gone kaput?

Yesterday while we were talking about Abe and Ella’s attempt to change the dates on the carer’s report to suit their own wishes, we made reference to a letter they’d published on their blog.

As it happens the letter was addressed as follows:

Abrella-Civil Appeal-1-2016-01-13

In fact, it seems the letter was in regard to Ella’s attempt to appeal the judgement on last summer’s custody hearing. The details of that judgement have never been made public, but Abrella’s supporters have made various attempts to rally the troops around an ‘appeal hearing’ that they claim will take place beginning in February.

However, before anyone can have an appeal hearing, they must be granted leave to appeal. We did a little poking around, and discovered that this is, in fact, what the letter was about:

Abrella-re permission to appeal-2016-01-13The letter refers to ‘the Judge considering the permission to appeal application’, so it looks as though we’re on the right track.

We’d be remiss, of course, if we didn’t draw your attention to this line: “we believe that no one is above the law and we have the outmost (sic) respect for court orders and civil procedures”. We’ll pause for a moment to allow you to digest that. (Oh, and the fact that Ella’s ‘legal team’ appears not to know how to spell her name. We suspect ‘legal team’ is Abrella-speak for ‘Abe’.)

All right, let’s move on.

Since Abrella graciously provided the case number, one of our team members set out to discover how the permission to appeal request had turned out. Here’s what they found:


Now, as of 3rd December, 2015, Abrella’s blog was still in full swing, yet for some reason we heard not a single word about their permission to appeal decision then…or later. This strikes us as odd, especially considering the fact that any time Abrella have had even the tiniest hint of success, they’ve bleated it far and wide.

So we’re left to wonder: has Ella’s attempt to appeal gone down the tubes?

We’re willing to bet that it has.

10157382-mission-failed-stamp - Copy



39 thoughts on “Has Ella’s leave to appeal gone kaput?

    • “Since my last funding application was refused again, I clearly have to make money some other way to pay programmers to develop my mathematical innovations and software designs.” Poor woman really is deluded. A Pyramid Scheme in this day & age ?

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    • Sabine seems attracted to hopeless schemes, scams and hoaxes. Does she really believe these things or is she just an old fashioned grifter? All her internet ‘inventions’ are just hocus pocus.

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  1. Just like on YouTube Abe doesn’t use his name so as to hide his involvement pulling Ella’s strings.

    If it was a legal team it would be addresses from a named legal professional, not a “team”.

    Well done with this one guys, looks like 3rd December was a disappointing day for their *cough* Legal Team.

    This place is a shining beacon in a sea of conspiratards.

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  2. In one of the Ed Opperman videos Abe interrupted Ella when she was about to say RD was going to get custody. From memory he mumbled quietly to her, no don’t say that, or whatever.

    The Opperman video was a couple of weeks or three after this 3rd December ruling so maybe her comment fits in with this lost appeal, Ella knows or is assuming that RD is getting the children.

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  3. I remember hearing Abe telling Ella not to say that too, in the Ed Opperman video. I think Ella also said something about custody would be granted in 12-18mths time, and that the judge had left the decision in the hands of social services. Anyone who has had any dealings with these agencies will know their involvement can be quite intrusive and stressful to family life. It is an inevitable hurdle in such a case. Their aims are in the best interests of the children, but nevertheless their presence is not natural. If RD gets the children he will have to deal with all of these additional burdens, as well as the task of helping the children recuperate from their experiences. His task will be to provide a loving, stable family life. He needs no more stress. He will have had to cope with the nightmare of being targeted not only in real life but online. My thoughts are therefore with him, at this point. RD will have to bear the additional pressures, and fear, on top of all the other things that come with the territory of parenthood in our culture.

    To all those people who are still attacking RD, including Ella, think of the children now, and do what is best for them. Let them be. It is best for them, as any other child, to be with their natural parent. Not some foster parent. The biological parent will be there, for life. Not just until the payments stop.

    For those that truly still believe that RD is some kind of bad man, in time, I imagine a fuller picture will emerge. I hope that a full evaluation in some form or another will be available, and that people who were manipulated by others will come to realisations they have not yet had. I hope this will be therapeutic to all the people who were named in this affair, as well as their relatives and friends. Some very unhelpful elements added and reinforced the crime Abrella committed in this case: Here I am thinking of Sabine, Belinda, Dr Hodes, Ellas ‘legal team’. Until such times as a full comprehension is possible, perhaps those that are still accusing and attacking should leave a question mark open in their minds, rather than adding to the wrongs of this world.

    I believe both sides of this case – we, the argument – are in fact on the same side, that we all want to protect children, the vulnerable. We both want fairness. We really should not be enemies at all.

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    • Very well said, Sarah. I wish those who attack RD and the people of Hampstead could be as open-minded and fair as you.

      Many of us came to this case with questioning minds: could it possibly be true?

      Those of us who wound up disbelieving the hoax did so because there were just too many things wrong. Too much information that just didn’t fit the Abrella narrative.

      But as you say, both sides are passionate about the welfare of RD’s children, as well as of children in general. It’s very sad that we cannot seem to find common ground.


    • Unhelpful elements list extension: The Angie’s, Araya’s, Bronny’s, Charlotte Ward’s, Video Man, Kev Bakers, Alfred Lambremont and all the rest, you know who you are. Repent, as the bible you like to quote, would say.

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    • yes a good statement although I disagree with this : “I believe both sides of this case ….are in fact on the same side, that we all want to protect children, the vulnerable”

      While a handful of the hoaxers may I believe the majority are there for the drama and children are incidental. Otherwise they would never have falsely accused other parents and published their names, children’s names and addresses along with all their antics outside the church and so on.

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      • I agree, Sam. They believe/jthink they are on the side of the children but in fact are stimulated by the drama, and the content, underneath the veneer of ‘activism’.


  4. So…you’re saying Abe and Ella have known for over a month, that the February custody hearing won’t be happening, but they haven’t told their loyalists yet? I thought Bronwyn was trying to rouse the troops for another big event outside the RCJ?

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall when this news hits the fan!

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