Code 2222 and Abe’s new video: ‘Dis ting is gonna blow, bruv’

Yesterday will go down in Hoaxtead Research history as The Day of the Bad Videos.

Neelu released two Consciousness Caffeine videos (one from last June, one from a couple of days ago), in which she not only violated her bail conditions by going into rather explicit detail about the Hampstead hoax, but also violated the terms of her lifetime injunction concerning the sad death of her sister’s baby girl. This was mitigated only slightly by the fact that she revealed confidential details about Sabine’s recent arrest.

And Code 2222 released what could stand as his worst effort ever: a choppy, sloppy, massively edited recording of phone calls between himself and Abrella.

Cody does his best Ali G. impersonation, ending every other sentence with ‘innit’, and Abe natters along like he’s been over-indulging in the Bolivian marching powder. The overall effect is not pleasant.

Even Angie couldn’t be moved to enthusiasm over this dog’s breakfast:

Angela-re Abe-2016-01-16(Brief side note: Angie seems to have missed the memo from Abrella concerning the fact that there will be no custody hearing on 1st February. Anyone want to volunteer to break the news to her? We’ll supply the asbestos underwear.)

The video itself has been so heavily edited and redacted that it sounds like a parody of itself: three words here, two words there, microsegments clumsily spliced together, presumably to keep Abe the Master Control Freak happy. It’s clear that this is a public relations exercise, intended to push the New, Improved Version of the hoax, in which ‘satanic abuse’ has been dumped in favour of ‘trauma-based mind control’.

Anyhoo…a few points of interest in this almost unlistenable mess (which we’re not linking, since it names private individuals, and describes sexual abuse of children in minute, drooling detail):

  • At about 14:44, Abe chides Ella for not alerting him to ‘the troof’ about RD.
  • At 43:15, Abe reveals a prior rift between himself and Cody: “So do you trust me now or do you still think I’m a dodgy cat?” (BTW, Abe: there’s a bunch of 60s beatniks who want their jargon back.)
  • At 49:19 there’s a slight slip, in which Abe seems to call Cody ‘Sean’: to us, it sounds like “Sean, bruv…go on, bruv….”.

One small bit of consolation: it appears that Cody has been placed on waivers by YouTube.

Code 2222-limits-2016-01-16

Oh, gee. That’s really too bad, bruv, innit.




38 thoughts on “Code 2222 and Abe’s new video: ‘Dis ting is gonna blow, bruv’

      • That ain’t no alter, that’s the real Abe, Angie. He didn’t know some of that was being recorded, lol, he even said to Code: ‘You should’ve recorded this!’ when he thought he was being profound. Code gave a code-style ‘ha ha ha’ to cover his embarrassment that he was doing just that, secretly, unbeknownst to Abe. Ooops. Hope Abe didn’t mind when he found out, Code! What other treasures do you have, Code? Don’t hold out on us now, Code, Abe is so entertaining, au naturale.

        Angie, did you get the dissing? Abe: They say Abe is this, abe is that, Abe is Ella’s handler, blah blah, I don’t care what dem people say, dat group…as long as dem…

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  1. ‘Abe is a loose cannon and clearly an MK Ultra survivor too.’ Erm…perhaps he’s just an old lag. That’s what he sounds like to me. It seems Angie, like a lot of ‘troofers’, wouldn’t know a con artist if she fell over one.

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  2. I got the feeling that even Code thinks Abe is nuts banging on about trauma based mind control. Certainly Abe sounds more deranged than ever when he doesn’t think he is being recorded. As someone pointed out, Code just laughs when Abe mentions that it would be good if they had recorded it. Why does everyone end up secretly recording Abe?

    I get the feeling Abe jazzes up his accent deliberately to appeal to Code. Which Code appears to have fallen for.

    I found the story about RD in the blue car quite interesting. I had always assumed that Abraham knew that it definitely was RD, but it turns out he just assumed some random car was him. Even though he admits he thought the driver had grey hair. In the same way he just knew it was RD that had taught the children to touch because of the tone of his voice on Skype.

    Guidance and bless rasta, you hear me innit!

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    • That sounds like paranoid schizophrenia. I’ve heard of the condition leading people to make all sorts of bizarre conclusions – like the man who “knew” his wife was having an affair because the street lamp opposite their their house had gone out.

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  3. Abe doing his best impression of Huggy Bear talking Jive and Code sounds like a little lackey who doesn’t dare diss his master. Bomboclat

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