ACTION: Drifloud is back. You can help take him down for good

Yesterday we offered Twitter some helpful advice on dealing with Drifloud and his screaming fits. As anyone with children knows, the best thing to do is avoid fuelling the fire by offering concessions.

Twitter has failed to heed our suggestions, though, and for reasons known only to their support desk, has re-activated his account.

Yes, all of his account. Every last lying, harassing, accusatory tweet. Naming innocent names, libelling innocent families, showing pictures of innocent people…it’s all there again.

To say we are angry would be a massive understatement.

We found his account again last night, and immediately set out to have it taken down…for the third time. Yes, it’s frustrating and discouraging. But rather than sigh and moan about it, or accuse Drifloud of being part of a massive cult that pulls strings in the upper echelons of society and ensures he can spew his hateful filth online for as long as he likes, we immediately took action.

We’re used to this sort of thing, actually. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll remember our efforts to have Charlotte Alton Ward and Jacco De Boer’s pigsty of a blog removed. That bloody thing was up and down like a toilet seat, but we kept at it, and eventually (after two or three false starts and a blog no one bothered with) they fled the field.

So we keep on.

Drippy might be a world-class tantrum expert, but he’s underestimating our sheer stubbornness and tenacity if he thinks his Twitter account is staying up.

Let’s take him down.

If you’re angry that his account has been reinstated, and especially if you’re one of his victims—a parent, teacher, member of the clergy, or businessperson he’s targeted—you can join in the effort to take him down once and for all. Here’s how:

  1. If you’re not already a Twitter account holder, go sign up. (It’s easy.)
  2. Go to @drifloud. Painful as this might be for some of you, you’ll need to scroll back through his timeline and find posts that target innocent people: teachers, parents, clergy, RD. You’ll only need about five of these, so it shouldn’t take too long. To find a link to a tweet, look in the bottom righthand corner, where you’ll see 3 dots. Click on these, and you’ll see an option to ‘copy link to tweet’. Save your copied links.
  3. Go to the Twitter support page:
  4. Under ‘Report a Violation’, choose ‘Harassment’.

The form will look like this:

Drifloud-twitter-complaint form 2016-02-07

The two most relevant choices for ‘What are you reporting?’ would be ‘Harassment’ or ‘Exposed private information or photo’. Of these, we’ve had the best success with ‘Harassment’.

You’ll be asked to give some information: your own Twitter account name (if you don’t have one, you can easily sign up); the URLs of the tweets you want to report; and a description of the problem. In your own words, describe what Drifloud has been doing. Helpful points include:

Once you submit your complaint, Twitter should get back to you within 12–48 hours to let you know they’ve received your complaint. They may ask for further information, so we’ve made a handy list of illegal tweets, which you’ll find at the bottom of this post. Once you’ve reached this point in the Twitter complaints process it’s usually a short wait before they decide whether the account is engaging in targeted abuse.

Receiving multiple complaints on the same account can only strengthen the case, so especially if you read this blog because you’ve been targeted by the Hoaxtead promoters, or if you know someone who’s on their hit list, please consider helping us take down Drippy’s Twitter account once and for all.

Let's do this thing


A few examples of his abusive and defamatory tweets, in which he shows pictures of named private individuals who have never been charged with any crime, along with personal information about them:

Some examples of his use of illegal, confidential, and sexually explicit information concerning the two Hampstead children, whom he routinely names, in contravention of a court order: (includes graphic description of anal rape of a child)

Some examples of his tweets of excerpts of the police report, which was illegally obtained and disseminated:

25 thoughts on “ACTION: Drifloud is back. You can help take him down for good

  1. Fantastic guide El Coyote which should prove very handy to anyone wishing to report his account.
    I have reported individual tweets of his so far but once I’m back on my laptop tomorrow I will report him in the way suggested.

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      • Wow, very well put together, and written, I reported but did not get an email to confirm, although I got a thank you for your report screen but nothing to follow up like you did, CP. Now I am wondering why not.

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        • It can take a while for them to send out the confirmation email, Emma. Don’t worry–Twitter gets thousands of complaints every day, so they have to sort through them and deal with the most urgent first.

          But this is why we’re asking everyone who’s been targeted, or who would like to see this farce come to an end, to assist by putting in their own complaints. The more Twitter receives, the more likely they are to pull Drippy’s account down once and for all.

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    • Nice work Mr Purpoise. Good idea to include Sabine & Neelu in there to help illustrate the harassment that has been carried out and it also shows Twitter that the abuse is serious enough to warrant court action.

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    • They surely must act responsibly now……I am very sad, that you and the community of Hampstead had to go through so much for so long.

      I hope we can keep the momentum up, and i’m sure the signs are good, and more are waking up, that were supporting this abuser, the team around him, and their followers….

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      • Child Abuse Survivors see our turf as sacred, the abnormal, abusive, sneering comments towards some of us, would never be tolerated in the good groups, in our networks, the fact that they are pretending to spearhead Child Protection Taskforce UK, is an abomination, not to be tolerated, and the infiltration, grooming of victims, by some is becoming apparant, and i hope this will help to rake them out from interfering in what are in the main, courageous, strong, people, trying to heal themselves, take action to stop child abuse, and help others………… My whitelist will grow, as i can spend more time on it, and the difference between our usual behaviour, with boundaries, respect, encouragement, truth, is enormous, when compared to their twisted, insulting, ignorance…….. The fact that they have carried out this immense abusive harrassment towards innocent people, children and any that dissent or question, is shameful and no decent campaigner can be taken seriously, that still carries their links, or spouts these fake cases as real, important, or evidence based…….They have caused more harm than good, in every way. I have been shocked at how Twitter, and other platforms, have allowed this menacing campaign of hate to grow and continue…… I reported 5 but used the shortcut way, i’ll do more, and the report system route, when i can, but i’m sure all will add, if enough….. It’s something i hope will also lead to better systems to stop hate campaigns, more quickly. Thanks so much for presenting the ways to report, so clearly, for people. I hope many will get on board with this…… and any people out there, now perhaps regretting sharing vids, or supporting them, without realising how bad it was, well here’s a way to help and make amends.

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  2. If anyone who is being mentioned by Abraham Christie has been harassed or defamed, I believe you now have a good case to go and take Twitter to court for allowing this abuse to continue.

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