Sabine suddenly wises up?

Does anyone really know how many times Sabine has managed to breach her bail conditions since her arrest last summer?

Seriously, we’ve lost count. But here are a few highlights:

And of course, throughout everything, she’s continued to post on her ‘In the Best Interests of the Whistleblower Kids’ blog. Posting anything at all on that blog, which is subtitled ‘The Hampstead Scandal: From Child-snatching and the Secrecy of Family Courts to Forced Adoptions for Child Sexual Exploitation and Satanic Ritual Abuse’—is a de facto breach of her bail conditions.

However, yesterday when one of our team members dropped by to see what new mischief Sabine had been up to, they were confronted with this:

Sabine-Whistleblower kids blog- 2016-01-07What ho?

Is it possible that Sabine has suddenly grown a brain, or perhaps even a conscience?

Nah. Much more likely, her solicitor has had a stern word with her, and convinced her to stop bloody incriminating herself. She does have a court date coming up in a couple of months, and her legal team will have a hard enough time representing her as it is.

(Pity they haven’t checked out her multitude of other blogs, though: on one alone, we found no fewer than 10 Hampstead-related posts….)




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  1. I hope the prosecution is alerted to her actions. This is similar to a case here in Oz where a friend has just requested an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) via the court against someone for continued internet libels.

    They did very much the same- authored endless blogs & posts about the victim and then removed or put them behind a wall just before the case was heard. The magistrate accepted that this was a sign they intended to trick the court into showing some remorse but possibly intended to continue re-publishing after the case. AVO granted with a recommendation the offender be arrested & jailed if they disobeyed.

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      • No this was an unrelated matter but Ms Barnett is accusing all manner of people including dead and alive politicians of being in a Satanic Cult. She’s even referred back to previous Royal Commissions that were widely publicized at the time and exaggerated the results – no cults or ‘pedo rings’ were uncovered just about 3 bent cops who tipped off one child abuser for handfuls of cash.

        Disgustingly she is hailing a nutty Italian born MP who promoted pedo ring claptrap and who was booted out of the then ruling Labor Party for naming people in Parliament, one a judge who committed suicide the next morning. That MP’s two gay sons fled the country and have never returned.

        It’s like Barnett just discovered all this stuff and re-writing the history of them but never fear, Kevin Annett’s Brussels court is investigating so we can expect arrests soon.

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        • I should add, Barnett repeatedly tells blatant lies like she has given evidence before the current Royal Commission in institutional child abuse but it’s a lie.What she did was provide a written submission which anyone including me (but I don’t know anything) can do. I think they probably binned it or put it in the Nutter’s filing cabinet.

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          • Thanks for the info’, Sam. You don’t surprise me – Fiona is like a female version of He Who Cannot Be Named. The two are in close cahoots and in fact, he’s on record as saying that she’s the only person he trusts.

            It was painful listening to Fiona’s insufferable rambling on that Stephen Roberts show. Fun to hear HWCBN constantly interrupting her and shouting her down while she was trying to tell her story, though. You can almost hear him shouting, “Me me me, make this story about me, gimme that microphone now!”

            And in case anyone’s still in any doubt as to HWCBN’s credibility, in the last 12 hours alone on his blog he’s stated that no bloggers ever questioned the Hollie Grieg hoax (both Hoaxtead Research and Victims Against Hoaxes did, to name but two); and in a classic “Did he really just say that?!” moment, he’s written – and I quote – “Now the UK is being fed this Hampstead case and are taking two really beautiful ARYAN children.”


          • The guy just makes it up as he goes along. One minute he is backing up Abe and Ella in their interview together, the next he is saying that they talk “outrageous bullshit”.

            The next minute he has conjured a theory that Hampstead is a distraction from the HG case. To be a distraction, there would need to be action. Yet, the HG case has never been less discussed or campaigned for. Many of the people who originally supported it have since changed their minds once they actually viewed the documented evidence themselves. The same with his other 18 cases (assuming HG is one of the 19). It would make no sense for anybody to bring attention to a hoax sexual abuse case (Hampstead) to distract from cases which have all but disappeared. It makes about as much sense as Abe and Ella’s “outrageous bullshit”.

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  2. forgive me ignorance but is HWCBN also the one we think is Drif Loud ?. Sometimes I can’t keep up with the loony brigade even with that helpful Hoaxted ID parade of nutbags.

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    • ahh got it now. Yes the 2 claim to have been in a MKultra Nazi run satanic pedo rings and were forced to kill other children. I think authorities should them seriously and lock them up in case it’s true. Play safe and put them in secure units in case they decide to murder again.

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    • Sam: HWCBN is David Shurter, who has stated that we call him that because we’re too scared to name him (er, I just did, Dave) rather than because we aren’t remotely interested in anything he has to say other than to take the piss out of him.

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  3. One of the complications of this case is that the defence could possibly argues that the allegations Sabine is promoting are so preposterous no reasonable person would believe them. The problem is that, through the internet, you can communicate with millions and amass a small army of very unreasonable people.

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  7. Breach of conditions of Bail

    Revised Practice and Procedure

    Breach of conditions of bail is NOT a Bail Act Offence, nor is it a contempt of court unless there is some additional feature (Ashley [2004] 1 Cr App R 23).

    Pre Charge

    The police have a power of arrest where conditions imposed on pre-charge bail have been breached (see section 46A PACE 1984 as inserted by CJPOA 1994 Section 29 (2)). Where a person has been re-arrested, section 37 C (2) (b) PACE gives the police the power to release (again) “without charge, either on bail or without bail”. Section 37 C (4) states explicitly that if a person is released on bail under section 37 C (2)(b), then that person shall be subject to whatever conditions applied before the ‘re-arrest’. It appears that there is no power to change conditions of bail at this point.


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