Parents of Hampstead finally have their say

As the implications of yesterday’s verdict against Rupert Quaintance ripple through the community of Hoaxtead mobsters, we’d like to offer our congratulations and admiration to all the parents who stood as witnesses in court, knowing full well that they’d be leaving themselves vulnerable to further attacks by speaking out. Over the past two and a…

Update: More signs of victory

Last week we noted that several key illegal Hoaxtead videos had disappeared from the internet—a good sign overall, as it indicates that finally some of the larger platforms have begun to take notice of the court order we’ve been waving in front of their noses for the past year.

Signs we’re winning the battle

Things have been relatively quiet on the Hoaxtead front lately, in part we suspect because of the court case that is taking up two of the hoax’s most public proponents’ time. But we’ve been noticing other signs that give us cause for hope, as well.

Handling toddler tantrums: Some advice for Twitter

Drifloud is at it again…or rather still. He’s thrashing about on the floor, kicking and screaming and pounding his tiny fists…because Twitter has banned his account due to his ongoing targeted harassment of those he believes were involved in the imaginary ‘Satanic and/or trauma-based mind control cult’ in Hampstead.

Drifloud takes his exploding head all the way to the top

On Saturday we reported that über-troll Drifloud’s head had exploded, following his permanent expulsion from Twitter. Apparently we underestimated the full extent of this event, as we’ve recently been informed that the Drippy One has now taken his cranial eruption all the way to the top: