BREAKING: Update on Sabine’s latest charges

Last week, we reported that Sabine had been arrested for the third time in relation to the Hampstead hoax. At that time we were unable to ascertain the exact charges, but we can now reveal further details.

As you know, Neelu was charged with witness intimidation recently, pled ‘not guilty’, and now has a trial booked for 11 July. She has put in an application to desist, which will be heard on 26 February.

Sabine is now facing the same charge—witness intimidation—and will stand trial alongside Neelu in July, according to Neelu’s recent interview with Consciousness Caffeine, released here:

“[Sabine]’s been persecuted in the same way”, Neelu alleges.

By which we expect she means that Sabine has been arrested, charged, and will face the justice system.

And just about time, too.


61 thoughts on “BREAKING: Update on Sabine’s latest charges

  1. “The Police and the CPS are involved with the Cult,”

    “They’re treating me like a criminal, like I’ve done something terrible but I should be recognized for shining the torch.”

    Surely….surely.. she shouldn’t be able to get away with giving an interview like this at the moment?
    I hope you know of someone we can send this video to?

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  2. Oh dear.. she’s uploaded another video just 45mns ago talking about her niece. Other accusations which she has been warned not to talk about in the past. I’ve seen the legal document saying just that.

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    • She talks about her niece in the one above too (Part 2). Not sure why she uploaded Part 2 before Part 1 but that’s Neely logic for you.

      And yes, she harassed a number of doctors and medical staff over the niece thing and, if I recall correctly, received a permanent restraining order for going near them or stepping foot on that hospital’s premises. She’s also been struck off as a chemist.

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    • She so blatantly breaches an original court injunction as well as the Hampstead one. This will not bode well for her in court.

      I also feel the CPS having been stung once before with the absence of witnesses and a case dismissal may work extra hard this time.

      I urge any potential witnesses to put aside their undoubted distaste for further involvement : these creatures will not stop their campaign unless made to by the courts.

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      • I agree. Unpleasant as it will be, I think it’s vitally important for anyone who’s able to help get these people off the internet.


  3. Re. Parts 1 & 2:

    By the way, does anyone else find this American presenter annoying? “Oh my Gaaad, oh my Gaaaaaaaad. Whaaat is going on here? Jeez Louise.” Feigning shock, getting all pseudo-emotional, occasionally giggling (!) and lapping up every little slice of bollocks that Neely serves up, without so much as questioning anything she says, picking up on her obvious logical flaws or even asking her what her evidence is. And disgracefully allowing Neely to slander people by name without let or hindrance or use of the word ‘allegedly’. Hardly Woodward & Bernstein, is it?

    Oh and speaking of annoying, I see John Taylor stops making death threats to RD for 5 minutes to pop up and put in his ten penneth of shite.

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  5. This is interesting…

    At 21:42 on Part 1:

    “We’ve met Kevin Annett on our calls several times. We haven’t had him on in a long time and he’s been under attack from Alfred Lambremont Webre has [sic] withdrawn his support and I know there’s a, like, controversy surrounding what it is he has done.”

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    • those former flatmates Alfred Lambremont Webre and Kevin Annett fell out with each other ages ago, allegedly about a fight over a shared refrigerator shelf.

      Sad to see old friends in dispute but in this case, I can’t stop laughing.

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  6. She says there are Witness Statements but they are not signed. Yes that’s what you would do : give the names of witnesses to a person accused of Witness Intimidation.

    Actors hired as police?? (beam me up)

    If the CPS bungle this case then Neelu will be able to sue the police.

    American Underground Network = The National Enquirer

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    • Hired actors are the tip of the iceberg, I’m afraid. Go on to 52 minutes, where she goes into great detail about how there was never any such thing as Irish terrorism. The whole IRA thing was a hoax so that the cult could blame their murders on the Irish. Or something.

      I confidently expect Neely to take this to its logical conclusion at some point by denying the existence of William the Conqueror, Oliver Cromwell, Michael Collins, Ted Heath, Ian Paisley, Ross McWhirter, Margaret Thatcher, Airey Neave, Bobby Sands, Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and all the other key figures in the completely made up 1000-year history of the Irish conflict. Sadly, however, I don’t confidently expect any of it to be backed up by a single scrap of evidence. Ho hum.

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      • The IRA gave warnings, often too late but always accepted they were their bombs. IRA members arrested sometimes pleaded guilty. Protestants / Catholics were murdered by their opposites in front of family or friends as witnesses. My parents family were Irish (Protestant) and often discussed the difficulty in retaining friendships with Catholics in the heart of Nth Ireland in the glare of IRA pressure.

        Ultimately the IRA didn’t really achieve their aims so it can’t be a very powerful Cult that can commit mayhem & murder, control all money / gold in the world, start WW2 with the Rothschild / Hitler / Windsor Illuminati running these campaigns for 100s of years to achieve a One World Government.

        This woman is a disgrace. All those innocent Catholics & Protestants, MPs and soldiers (and their horses in the Mall) Harrod’s shoppers killed by bombs are being mocked by Neelu.

        Once these people walked around with sandwich boards (there was a regular on Oxford Street in the 1970s with all the same rantings, there every day but ignored by all , the poor thing) but now they organize and have the Internet to join the dots. They are deluded but dangerous and their vicious campaigns and delusions come down to harassing and falsely accusing some poor man (RD) and using children to further their aims.

        Throw the bloody law book at them, I say.

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        • You’re right, the internet has ushered in a whole new era of crazy. It’s one thing to hear this stuff at Speaker’s Corner and whatnot, quite another to turn on your computer and have it streamed into your home.

          As for Neelu and the IRA…one would hope that the casual listener would hear her stuff about alien DNA and realise that she’s not the most credible of sources. Then again, we’ve spent the better part of a year dealing with people who believe DHL can successfully ship live infants and deliver them on time, let alone alive.

          I don’t think there’s a cure for that.


  7. At 1:14:20, as per conspiraloon tradition, Neely goes all antisemitic and launches into some “good old-fashioned Jew-hating talk”. Jews aren’t from Israel, you know – those are fake Jews. Real Jews are from India, apparently. Araya must be so proud of you, Neely.

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  8. 1:27:39
    “I don’t believe that when girls or women go in for terminations of pregnancy that… I don’t believe that those foetuses are, actually, you know… I believe that they’re carefully removed and harvested elsewhere for completion.”

    OK, that’s it – that’s all the Neelu bollocks I can stomach for one night.

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  9. Go to 1:13 36 on the above video. You can hear a man being tortured. Honestly. Listen to it!


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