Another small victory!

Yesterday the parents and children of Hampstead struck another blow against the torch-and-pitchfork YouTube vigilantes, as police warned a London man to remove his Hoaxtead-promoting video from YouTube.

Happy Brewer (yes, that’s his legal name) participated in an interview with Angela Power-Disney last spring, in which they repeated the same tired old lies about Hoaxtead.

Angie must have been short of new material, so she posted the interview video on her YouTube channel, and promoted it as ‘new’. Angela Power Disney-Happy Brewer video

However, Happy was most likely less than happy when the police turned up at his door yesterday and informed him that if he makes any more videos about the case, he’ll be in violation of a court order, and will be arrested. Oh, and could he please take down the existing video?

Happily, Happy saw the wisdom in this suggestion; and we infer that he passed on his concerns to Angie, who seems to have removed the video from her own channel, though she was a bit tetchy about it:

Angela Power Disney-Happy Brewer

Dear, dear, dear. Nothing like a sore loser. She hardly sounds happy at all!

Oh, and by the way, when she publishes ‘PART TWO’, we hope she’ll understand that she’s putting Happy in a not-so-happy place. We can only hope he’ll be understanding and forgiving as they cart him off to prison.

Still, we have to assume that he’ll keep a positive attitude. He didn’t choose his name for nothing!

Always Look on the bright side of life



28 thoughts on “Another small victory!

  1. I am really glad i managed to resist speaking with her, tho i never did see/get an invitation, just an accusation of refusing one…. glad my sensible side won, cos i;m quite good at verbal chess, and quite wanted to demolish her 🙂 not outlaw, bandit more like, or is it banshee ?

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  3. Fantastic news! I reported this video and not just to YT (as they’re not known for acting quick enough for me!)

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  4. Is this your first visit here? if so, yes. We see no evidence of any satanic child abuse. What HAS been proven is the abuse Abraham Christie inflicted on the children and how Ella Draper was complicit in what is a giant and very cruel HOAX.

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  5. Thanks, Jake–I was just about to say pretty much the same thing. Emma, the ‘Hampstead satanic abuse’ hoax is most definitely the product of 2 deranged minds: Ella Gareeva Draper, the children’s mother, who wanted to prevent her children’s father from ever seeing them again; and Abraham Jemal Christie, Ella’s boyfriend, who kicked, punched, pushed, burned, and suffocated the children until they were able to recite a story that accused their father, and anyone else that Abe disliked, of belonging to an imaginary ‘death cult’. If you’d like further links, please let us know. Otherwise, we invite you to browse the blog. You might find the Categories and tags on the posts helpful for exploring specific subjects.


  6. Angie may well fulminate about this and insult various police officers – for upholding the law and a High Court judgement – but she seems ignorant to the fact that because some hoaxers get their collar felt the law must apply equally to all the others. The hoaxers indeed must tread carefully.

    So it seems the authorities are cracking down on these nutcases, slowly but surely. I wonder what will happen about Sabine & Belinda’s McKenzie Angels whose website breaches the court order thus are is in contempt of court?. This lot is truly an arrogant bunch (except for the genuinely confused like Neelu who are sad pawns to be used) and on one hand ramble on about European law etc but seem to think they are above the laws of the land.

    ## As for poor Neelu – an example of how her mind works is her latest facebook post where she makes a claim about yet another council tax dodger who she claims court officials attempted to murder & broke his arm and posts a video of them after they were ejected from the court. The man while seemingly miffed appears to have no broken arm (which I can assure is painful) and though rightly has ruffled feathers who is physically intact. Poor Neelu – an acorn is planted within her mind and grows into a giant conspiracy oak over the weeks.

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  7. there’s a Happy Brewer on youtube who reckons the Earth is flat, there is no space & we ain’t spinning . Could only be the same one surely.
    There is now a proliferation of Youtubers and so-called ‘citizen journalists’ that give themselves a big desk with a backdrop and wear a suit & tie hoping to look like a mainstream TV broadcast. All rather sad really.

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  8. I prefer to pretend that there are no such animals as flat-earthers. It’s a pathetic fantasy, but I nurture it in an effort to preserve my own sanity.


  9. That’s a good way of putting it. And Barry Lyndon (the one with the non-broken arm, who was not in fact ‘left for dead’ on the floor of the court, is cut from the same cloth as Neelu. In fact, he and Penny Pull-the-other-one are her colleagues in crystal-planting! I actually don’t object to that activity, as it seems to keep them all busy and happy. It’s when they get into their common-law nonsense and start mucking about in woo-woo conspiracy land that they can cause actual damage.


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