BREAKING: ‘Tiny Magical Creatures’ receives harassment warning

A YouTube user who’d been putting up multiple illegal videos featuring images of the Hampstead families named by Abe and Ella as ‘cult members’ has been issued with a formal harassment warning, and her channel permanently removed, according to our sources.

‘Tiny Magical Creatures’ jumped on board the Hoaxtead train in early November, posting harassing videos of innocent families, including photos and contact details. This caused the families immeasurable distress, making them fear yet again for their safety and that of their children.

In addition, ‘Tiny Magical Creatures’ violated Mrs Justice Pauffley’s court order against posting further images of Ella’s two children.

A member of the ‘reborn’ community, an online group of people who make, sell, and collect ultra-lifelike baby dolls, ‘Tiny Magical Creatures’ managed to alienate herself quickly by attacking other group members. In one of her rants, she claimed,

“You my dear are transparent ~ You can dig as much as you like on me but you won’t find anything other than the things I have already disclosed ~ My justice work, my causes, my advocacy, my geetarz & my full on exposure of those who mean harm 2 others ~ If you don’t want 2 be caught, don’t do bad things ~ Don’t lie, don’t create drama, don’t put fear in2 others & just be decent and honest…then you have NOTHING 2 be exposed for…”

Abe and Ella immediately published her videos on their blog, happy perhaps to have finally found another supporter. In response to criticism of one of her posts there, ‘Tiny Magical Creatures’ wrote:

Tiny Magical Creatures-on Abe's blog

Our team took notice and went to work.

Within a short time we had discovered that she lives in Golders Green, not far from Hampstead; we found her full address, and were able to find her name within hours. We immediately handed our information to the police, who assured us they would act promptly.

They were as good as their word: the ‘Tiny Magical Creatures’ YouTube channel has been taken down, and its owner has received a formal harassment warning in writing. She is aware of the consequences, should she decide on a repeat performance. It is also our understanding that she might be in need of new underwear.

We will bring you further details as we get them, but for now we’re just happy that the people of Hampstead now have one less keyboard vigilante to worry about.

Tiny Magical Creatures-Words to live by



60 thoughts on “BREAKING: ‘Tiny Magical Creatures’ receives harassment warning

  1. Hope that will be a warning for anyone else planning on doing the same! Wish I could see Ella and Abe’s faces when they realise what’s happened!

    Out of curiosity, any views from Morocco or Spain today?

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  2. Excellent work. It’s one thing having a belief that some of it may be true, but quite another to post details of people with knowing for sure if any of it is true. Particularly when some of the images were of children.

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    • Exactly. It’s our understanding that she thought it might be true…not good enough. We hear the police quickly convinced her otherwise though.


    • I agree to an extent but it’s a positive result in terms of the channel being taken down at least.

      It bothers me that a ‘Harassment Warning’ doesn’t appear on a person’s criminal record which I think would have been merited in this case. It does stay on the Police computer though and can be used against the perp if they don’t behave themselves in the future, so unless TMC is a fanatic or an idiot she’ll shut up.

      If it was up to me she’d have spent a few days eating gruel and wearing a striped suit but, sadly, I don’t rule the world yet. 🙂

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    • I completely understand your feelings. This has been going on for nearly a year now, and while arrests have been made, blogs and videos taken down, and injunctions slapped on people, others have continued to propagate the fantasy. In this instance, I understand that she folded like a bad poker hand when the law came to call; others have not been so amenable. It’s frustrating, to say the least, but I do think that today’s events are a meaningful victory for our side.

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      • I completely agree – this is a good result and a positive use of this forum. Also a good message to publish. Hopefully those that should be reading and paying attention are doing so and realising that there are indeed consequences for these behaviours (whether in the form of a warning or more serious) and that a computer and online persona is not some sort of shield. I swear, these keyboard warriors live in some sort of sci-fi fantasy that the Internet gives them superpowers, including the power to exist outside the rule of law…

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  3. A public apology would be an appropriate offering from her!

    Perhaps having to attend some sessions teaching her the difference between free speech and defamation and libel!!

    I have no sympathy with anyone feeling it quite acceptable to spread lies about innocent people getting their just desserts.

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  5. Good news but I’M PISSED OFF with Youtube who are so bloody slow removing this illegal content.

    I can understand the real victims : the children & Hampstead residents wanting to put this behind them but I think they need to agitate far more and the best way would be for the father to SUE YOUTUBE on behalf of his children & himself for continuing to expose their images which are banned by the UK High Court.

    Youtube thumb their nose at the UK courts and victims, and the bastards don’t even pay tax.

    I guarantee plenty of lawyers would take this on on a no win, no fee basis and I believe many MPs would get behind the cause to once and for all rein in people who are criminally publishing this material.

    Youtube want all the profits and none of the responsibilities. David Cameron can carry on all he likes about monitoring citizen’s social media and internet activity but it means sod all if entities like Youtube behave unethically. Haul them over the bloody coals and bring them to heel and go after anyone who breaches the law- that means those who breach a High Court order and criminal law (anonymity for victims)and those who assist them like Youtube.

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    • Believe me, you’re not the only one who feels that way about YouTube! We’ve struggled with them for months to get things taken down, and it’s always a 2 steps forward, 1.75 steps back affair. I can only hope that some of the parents note your suggestion. You’re right that no platform has the right to flout the laws of the countries where it’s available.


    • They obviously don’t care about promoting child abuse, but they are VERY quick to take down the latest blockbuster.

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    • Sam, I feel exactly the same as you do. I’ve been reporting, reporting, reporting, for months and giving damn good explanations with my report. YT are vultures.

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    • Do they do any good? I’d be more for finding out who the owners are and writing directly to them copying in to M.P.’s in the UK and Europe. Would go and see my M.P. to explain and ask for guidance about how to proceed. Unfortunately too incapacitated to do this right now so this has to be left to someone younger and fitter.

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  6. I’m sure TMC doesn’t think she owes you a ‘Thank you’ but most people would have published her real details. I hope she’s a bit grateful that you acted with more honour and integrity than she ever did when she was online.

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  7. Hopefully this will show any others who wish to publish names, addresses etc that online activities have real life consequences.

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