Fantastic news from our field agents: Hoaxtead fugitive Sabine McNeill has been arrested outside the Royal Courts of Justice and is on her way to Colindale Police Station 🙂




  1. I can’t see her getting bail either as she will be considered at risk of ‘absconding’. Oh dear. Who thinks Belinda stitched up Sabine by encouraging her to come back?

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  2. Ha ha ha, is all I have to say. Her and her clan have almost destroyed people’s lives with her accusations. Let’s see what happens now she is put under the spotlight….And as for her followers, you sad people need to get a life.

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  3. Bloody fantastic news. Whilst I like to take the piss as much as anyone else, I need to remind myself occasionally that those children are real. With all that crap about what would happen to them if they returned to California, I was thinking “my god” what if those kids had access to the internet and saw what had been written about them? Throw the book at the scumbag.

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    • I absolutely agree. This isn’t a game. It’s about real live kids…who will one day grow up and find themselves splashed across the Internet as fodder for a bunch of troofers who needed their fix of “Satan porn”.

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    • That’s exactly the point. The kids haven’t been protected and their ‘ordeal’ could go on for years to come because of all the crap on the internet.

      If the Family Courts were open, as some of these people want them to be, then increasing numbers of children would be at the mercy of the internet. That’s why Family Courts have to be private. I can see scope for allowing more people into the Court in terms of relatives and proper McKenzie (not Belinda’s crew) friends etc but essentially kids like this have a right to privacy.


  4. Wonder if she offers to show them her ladygarden….you know prove she doe/does not have a tattoo?


  5. Having been absent for a while (just moved house) this headline on my Facebook feed certainly grabbed my attention.
    I’ll say ‘hooray’ when she’s actually prosecuted, though this is a great start.


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