BREAKING: Neelu pleads not guilty

This just in from the Ham & High: Neelu has appeared in court today, and denied one offence of perverting the course of justice.

You can get the full story at the Ham & High site.

Neelu’s trial date is set for 11th July.

And now, prepare for Neelu to go into full Neelu Mode: we’re sure she’ll dishonour, disobey, and discombobulate this charge; and she’s most likely preparing her arrest warrant for the judge as we speak.

Neelu-pleads not guilty 2016-01-08


30 thoughts on “BREAKING: Neelu pleads not guilty

    • One of the issues I have with the legal system is that by the time cases like this come to court the witnesses can’t be bothered as they have moved on and want to put it behind them. This went on long before it hit YouTube so it’ll be getting on for 2 years by July 16.

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  1. If only my local bookies would take bets on whether Neelu would plead guilty or not guilty, or on how many crystals she will bury around the court before he trial. I hope they make an example of her.

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    • I would rather they made an example of Belinda McKenzie, Patrick Cullinane and all the other people who have filled her head with rubbish. Princess Lotus really needs some good psychiatric treatment to get her back onto an even keel.

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  2. But the judge isn’t going to go out of their way to do the searching.

    The CPS needs to present the evidence.


    • Indeed. I can understand witnesses not wanting to appear and wanting to put the whole matter behind them but they need to understand they are dealing with people who never stop unless the courts make them. They get emboldened by small victories as Lotus previously has.

      If they avoid helping the prosecution they will only suffer more in the end.


  3. They made that mistake with Ben Fellows, he’s still scamming round the world,even his own mother’s given up with him


  4. With a bit of luck Ben Fellows has disappeared.

    He conned the gullible, to fund his tour over to India via a few countries in between.

    Did he ever get to meet the Dalai Lama? I think not, con artist…

    Ben “fell out with” Fellows upset his previous supporters, Brenda Mumsy McNamara, Joy Thorn, Lou Collins and yet

    he still has the vulnerable concerned for him….

    Shocking, he’s a man of 41 i believe.

    If he can’t look after himself by now,

    I say tough…


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