HoaxGirl strikes back at CCN

We knew it had to happen at some point. One of the rules of being a CCN video-blogger (or an ex-CCN video-blogger, as more and more people seem to be) is that when the inevitable dust-up happens, you are obligated to write a wordy, self-justifying confessional blog post about it, blaming everyone but yourself for the shambles you’ve made. Apparently.

So we weren’t surprised yesterday when HoaxGirl, doyenne of the “Quantum Energy Generator” (yeah, just try and say that without using air quotes….can’t be done), “orgonite” (ditto), and “forbidden tech” (don’t even ask), blogged about how hard done by she was during her time with CCN.

In her opening salvo, she blasted former colleague Mel Ve:

The primary reason for my leaving CCN is because I witnessed Mel Ve (CCN’s Creative Director), handing over reams of private and confidential skype conversations of her paying customers to a government run Satanic tabloid blog for publication.

She did?! That’s awful!

Oh wait, does she mean us? Does HoaxGirl have the unmitigated gall to call us a “government run Satanic tabloid blog”? We hope she realises that those words constitute slander, as the only part that’s true is the word “blog”. But never mind, we’ve heard worse.

The publishing went on for several days as Mel continued to hand over document after document to be published on this blog. Mel Ve also handed over other people’s financial information, their addresses, and much more for publishing. The evidence of which can be seen Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here.

Fair enough, that happened. It wasn’t exactly the Pentagon papers (hands up, anyone old enough to remember those), but it made for interesting reading, we’ll admit.

CCN charges their broadcasters and I had given CCN thousands of dollars over the time I was with them.

Okay, we’ll be blunt. We happen to think that the CCN business model is not particularly good value for money…but can HoaxGirl really complain if she signed up for their services in full knowledge of what she’d be receiving for her fees? As far as we’re aware, CCN delivered exactly what they promised.

Things were changing in my life and I was moving, so I took a break from broadcasting for a couple of months while I moved. Even though I was no longer broadcasting, I was still giving CCN a charitable donation of $50 a month. When I saw Mel Ve hand over her customers private information to a malicious third party for publication I stopped my monthly donation.

After stopping this donation I received a blackmail letter from Mel Ve stating… “$50 is not a lot to pay for my silence for what I know about you”… I said nothing, and did nothing in response to this. Mel Ve then sent that letter to be published on the malicious trolling blog. Since this time she has continued to publish statements on that blog giving out my financial information, and my address.

Hmm. That’s not exactly how we remember it.

What Mel said was,

Thank you for cancelling your monthly donation of 50 bucks. I myself have been trying to figure out a way to not feel as though I am keeping my silence for such a small fee, because I have a lot to say to you, and have done so for a while, which is why I know you have been avoiding me….(T)here is no reason any longer for us to remain silent anymore about what we know. It is not like I have anything further to lose. Your most valued friendship was gone the day you lied to me about Wilhelmina (the lady who gave Hope $120 000 of her inheritance—Mel) saying she had an issue with CCN, when in fact it was your mother Valerie.

Perhaps it’s the mention of the $120,000 that has HoaxGirl so hot and bothered; she doesn’t like people knowing how much she’s conning from the gullible. Pleading poverty is ever so much more effective! By the way, we certainly were never told her address or any other contact information, just for the record.

Back to HoaxGirl:

I am no stranger to being trolled because of my work in free energy.

Hahahahahaha! That’s like saying, “I’m no stranger to being trolled because of this here snake oil I sell. Care for a bottle? It cures everything from impetigo and cancer to housemaid’s knee. Only $500 a bottle, $1,200 for two! Step right up, git yer (costly but completely useless) snake oil here!” and then being surprised when the townsfolk get together and run you out of town on a rail.

My very involvement with CCN turned me, my project, and my family into a refreshed target, and it was the worst targeting I’ve ever experienced. There are highly funded covert trolling groups that target every broadcaster on CCN, and we were no different. Because of this I’ve had many blogposts and youtube videos created about me in an outright public defamation campaign of false accusations and outright lies.

Oh, back to the “highly funded covert blah blah blah” again, are we? Well, whoever is funding us, could you please start mailing the cheques to the right address, then? Because we haven’t seen a penny in our two-and-a-bit years of operation. As for untrue blog posts, if HoaxGirl could kindly point to anything we’ve published about her which is untrue, we’ll be very happy to discuss it with her. So far as we’re aware, though, everything we’ve reported about her is true.

(W)hile I did work with Mel Ve, it was in an extremely limited capacity. She did not know me or my project or my personal affairs and about 99% of the things she is boldly writing about me all over the internet are complete fabrications from her own mind.

We’ll let Mel answer that on her own behalf, if she chooses to do so. However, our independent research has confirmed many of her allegations, such as HoaxGirl’s fanatical hatred of Lisa M. Harrison and Dani Arnold McKenny.

Perhaps more interesting than HoaxGirl’s spat with Mel Ve is this:

It looks as though YouTube has started to wise up to HoaxGirl, and the cash cow has started to dry up. As always, it’s everyone else’s fault, and has nothing to do with that whole snake oil thing at all. No, it’s all about CCN, Mel Ve, and YouTube…oh, and the “satanic trolls”…er, that is, us. Stand up and take a bow, everyone.

78 thoughts on “HoaxGirl strikes back at CCN

  1. Great article EC.
    Just a small collection of the “Snake Oil” promoted by Hope Girl.
    The supplements “Medicine/Cures” are for chemtrails and other times of poisoning a “Targeted Individual” may encounter on their travels, i.e. normal daily routine.

    Anyone who wants a rummage round the back end of Hope Girl’s blog is more than welcome, Ray Savage not welcome, he’s already been there and got the t-shirt to prove it.

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  2. TIVON:Prevent further embarrassing power outages by getting your missus to pedal furiously on an exercise bike cleverly rigged up to generate free electricity.This will save you both having to make up idiotic excuses that no one believes anyway and lord knows she could use the exercise.As an added bonus the bloody thing actually works too.

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    • You no doubt needed a team of skilled engineers to fly in from all four corners of the earth (it’s not only flat, it’s square) to develop the above model. 🙂

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      • It was always inevitable that these two rogues would end up being their only supporters as their dwindling crowd of previous pals dissipates.
        As my old Mum used to say : “water reaches it’s own level”.

        But that ‘friendship’ is bound to end in tears sooner rather than later. Any sane person who falls out with so many people as APD and HoaxGirl do would surely question whether it may be something about themselves that is the cause.

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      • My commitment is to the next donation so I can get another packet of fags and hopefully another Spanish holiday as my BBC compensation from my claimed abuse by Jimmy Savile has been spent.

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    • Angie suddenly feels the urge to put on her crown of roses at 22:36, just before she starts talking about the Hampstead cult. This is clearly a coded message to her fellow baby-eating witches and she should be burnt at the stake immediately.

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      • Little does she know that we at the CIA ( well not me personally as I’m only the Head Tea Lady but I do listen in) have planted bugs within Angie’s Crown of Thorns and CIA operatives sent a drone just the other day to activate them which is why she unwittingly felt the need to place it on her head.

        It’s the same microwave technology that was implanted in Dave Shurter’s rocks but has been refined to such a degree that it is now implanted in every blade of grass at Shurter’s house. He needs to dig up the lawn asap.

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          • Yes,and lets just hope neither David or Angela get wind of the vast fleet of sub cellular micro-cat drones that our overpaid basement boffins currently have in development(Codename:operation Bird Brain).

            When flown into the subjects brain via a suitable external orifice they will attempt to remotely ascertain what the fuck is occuring in there and make adjustments as appropriate.MUHAHAHA.

            Office cat assisting with trials only recently.

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    • 35:50 – “Somebody contacted me and said that…erm…there are 17 people running the Hoaxtead site and…er…at least two of them are documented paedophiles, including the pseudonym Spiny Norman. And I’m hoping to have forwarded to me…erm…the newspaper report of that person’s real name and conviction for paedophilia. So 17 people are running Hoaxtead or regularly contributing. We know Doug Mesner’s one. We know Sue Melrose is one. Spiny Norman and A.N. Other are documented paedophiles with convictions. So…erm…you know…without without jinxing it, that’s in the pipeline to get those details.”

      Yeah, good luck with that, you lying CHRISTIAN (?!) twunt. “My commitment is to the truth”? Really?! LMAO! 😀

      By the way, big shout going out to “Somebody”, Angie’s completely anonymous and notoriously reliable source.

      Hiyaaaa, “Sombebody”. Yooooo-hooooo 😀

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      • 47:07 – “It is character assassination. it’s defamation, libel and slander off the charts…It’s lies. It’s lies. It’s bullshit.”

        You fucking said it, Angela. Shame on you.

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        • How low can they go limbo. She has no problem accusing her elderly father, she certainly has no problem doing the same to others. Disgusting, and makes a mockery of any genuine cases of child abuse.

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      • “We know that Doug Mesner’s one…”
        Eh? I don’t know, that Doug Mesner participates in this blog. Not under his own name, obviously, unless he’s making contributions by private correspondence with people “behind the scenes”. Which is certainly possible, but if so I’m personally not aware of that.

        The hilarious persistence of some people’s mistaken belief that I am Doug Mesner, provides a very practical illustration of their unfounded faith in the infallibility of their intuitive “hunches” and their magical ability to ‘diagnose’ unrevealed ‘truths’ about people they know nothing about.

        Shurter’s problem with respect to this, began with his ‘brilliant’ deduction many years ago, that Doug Mesner was the only person on the planet who didn’t believe David Shurter was the most honest, sincere, knowledgeable, important and trustworthy SRA commentator who ever lived. Apparently it seemed self-evident to Shurter, that EVERYONE must perceive him in those terms, (including Mesner, who must be only pretending to perceive him as a lying & fraudulent con-artist), and therefore any other person who echoed the criticisms Doug Mesner aimed at him MUST BE…Doug Mesner in disguise!

        I’d been quietly studying Shurter and his online shenanigans for a looong time, before I first felt compelled to expose him on Amazon book discussion threads and other forums. Naturally, David immediately ‘diagnosed’ that I must be Mesner in disguise, just as he deduced the same thing about everyone else who wasn’t wildly supportive of him. And having once “intuited” this to be true, he has obsessively twisted any & all subsequent evidence to the contrary so that it appears to him to validate his infallible intuition, year after year after year.
        Truly comic genius, too bad he can’t understand it that way.

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        • I think this blog is one of those places where the Hoaxtead mobsters and their fawning acolytes see what—and who—they want to see. Angela and Kristie Sue see RD, Sharter sees Doug Mesner, etc.

          I think you’re right that it’s Sharter’s own bizarre and entirely unwarranted narcissism that makes him believe you’re Mr Mesner; then again, if he thinks all people who believe him to be a sad little man with a personality disorder are Mr Mesner, I suppose that means I’m him too.

          (checks in mirror)

          Nope. Still me.

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    • Well…in regard to the MALE trolls…
      I’d expect that the very simple expedient of cutting their balls off, where & when they can be identified, would greatly reduce their desire to engage in such activity – just as cutting their balls off would likely reduce any males’ desire to engage in victimization of any sort.
      (I’m kidding, of course.) (Perhaps)

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  3. @hopelessgirlscam –

    Kim Noble, the artist, has been psycho-quack Valerie Sinason’s star patient for many years now. You can read all about that, in this article by Dysgenics author “Altus” :

    Noble and Sinason have a relationship that extends far beyond the the bounds of “a patient and her therapist”, and this is typical of SRA-DID therapist’s relationships with their favorite patients – the ones the therapist considers to embody their “greatest achievements” as a helping professional, are also the patients whose personal lives they are most intimately, (and inappropriately), intertwined with. Other examples include; Ellen Lacter & Diana Napolis, Valerie Wolf’s relationship with Chris deNicola and Claudia Mullen, Sara Scott’s exploitation of her adopted daughter as her “star” and primary research subject, etc.
    Such SRA-DID therapists are not only baldly unconcerned about flaunting the extreme violation of professional boundaries ethics evidenced in these relationships, in some cases they openly advocate abandoning the whole concept of “boundaries” in their professions. Refer to: “A Therapeutic Relationship: Shifting Boundaries in the Service of Healing” by Lorna Joan Brown, for an example of this.

    My satirical take on the value of art (paintings), as evidence/ proof for SRA-MC crimes and victimization:
    “A Portrait Of The Artist As Extreme Victim”

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    • You missed out the relationship between Lawrence Pazder and Michelle Smith. Pazder must be responsible for more human misery than any other psychiatrist in history; he seems to have been a completely unethical man.

      A very common thread in the cases seems to be a complete lack of imagination on behalf of the hoaxers or the deluded. Their fairy stories are usually based on Hollywood or Hammer Horror interpretations of witchcraft or alien abductions. Conversely, when they encounter an individual who has real imagination they think the novelty proves that the fiction is actually real.

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    • @Justin Sanity. Justin, have you noticed the relationship between Judy Byington and Kevin Annett and how she backs his most ridiculous claims? Annett claims to have a worldwide group of special forces operatives that carry out missions for him including this latest bullshit and Byington was on his Radio free Kanata show recently making this crap seem legit. When people who don’t know much about her see her Child Abuse Recovery website promoting this rubbish it gives it legitimacy as nobody wants to call a supposed child abuse rights activist a liar. http://itccs.org/2017/05/14/itccs-communique-issued-by-its-central-directorate-may-15-2017/

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      • Karnevilnine & Justin Sanity, have you seen the videos on the Ella Ster channel with Annett?

        Findings of ITCCS during raids remind of Marc Dutroux case – https://youtu.be/xDRtQf8ZcwY

        “During a raid by on the premises of the Ninth Circle cult, the ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) found evidence that strongly resembles the Marc Dutroux case. Children locked up in cages and body parts of prior victims kept in cooling cells and secret basements. On several places in Europe similar raids were held in cooperation with the local police. In total 19 people got arrested and 8 children liberated.

        The reason for the raids was the announcements made by the ITCCS that on April 30th 2017 satanic rituals with child sacrifice would be held on a number of places worldwide. In Dijon (France), Lucerne (Switzerland) and Zwolle (Netherlands) children were liberated and cult members arrested. Most of the evidence was found in Zwolle. Ella Ster spoke with Kevin Annett about these recent developments and why the media rather keeps the lid on this case.”


          • I think part of the problem with such people is that their lies always fail the Clapham Omnibus test, i.e. no one in their right mind will believe tham, so in court it can be asserted that their lies are harmless. However, in the days of the internet, their are lots of idiots who do get taken in and get into trouble because of him.

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      • Karnevilnine, when we were digging about and trying to identify Jacqui Farmer, we discovered that she had some interesting links with Byington, as well. A man named Trevor Oosterling, who Jacqui/Charlotte Ward says “helped her find her true direction” in life, designed both Charlotte’s and Judy’s blogs. One wonders whether one of them referred him to the other.

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    • A few months ago we ran a story by a social worker who described something very similar:

      She said her counselor had been fascinated with her MPD symptoms, and would sometimes call others into her office to observe Jane’s “alters” in action. Jane said she felt like a trained seal, but that she didn’t feel she could object because the counselor was “helping her so much.”


      This kind of blatant training and boundary incursion is rampant in the “DID community”, I hear.


  4. Open questions to Angela Power-Disney re. the following statements:

    “Somebody contacted me and said that there are 17 people running the Hoaxtead site and at least two of them are documented paedophiles, including the pseudonym Spiny Norman. And I’m hoping to have forwarded to me the newspaper report of that person’s real name and conviction for paedophilia.”

    “I’ve been told the pseudonym of Spiny Norman and one other are documented paedophiles, like prosecuted, in the newspapers, the whole, you know, names, addresses, contact details, everything, the whole nine yards, and I’m waiting [sic] confirmation on that but I completely believe it.”

    1. You, Abraham, Kris Costa and others have categorically stated on numerous occasions that ‘Spiny Norman’ is Ricky Dearman. Have you changed your mind on that?

    2. You, Abraham, Kris Costa and others have categorically stated on numerous occasions that Ricky Dearman runs this blog. Why are you now claiming that it is run by 17 people (including ‘Spiny Norman’, who does not run/co-run the blog and who you are now claiming is not Ricky Dearman anyway)?

    3. Why could your so-called source (Yannis) not provide you with that alleged newspaper article upfront? Why is he making you wait for it? Exactly how long does it take to copy and paste a web link?

    4. Considering I have never once used my real name on here or on YouTube, how believable do you think your claims are?

    5. Whatever happened to your assertion that you “always check information with at least three reliable sources before publishing it”? A number of us have been monitoring your Facebook page and YouTube channels for over two years and never once seen any evidence of this happening. And you most certainly have not done so in this case. In fact, by your own admission, you’ve made an extremely serious allegation against me – yet again – without having it confirmed in any way, shape or form.

    6. Explain why you consider Yannis Emmanouel to be a reliable source. Nobody else does, not even your own allies.

    7. Exactly how would this mythical newspaper article link its protagonist to ‘Spiny Norman’? On what basis are you connecting it (if it exists) with me? The article specifically refers to the miscreant as “Spiny Norman”, does it?

    8. Why in a million years would Spiny – or anyone – share personal information with Yannis – or indeed anyone?

    9. Have you learnt nothing from your embarrassing Ellagate fiasco? You admitted you fucked up there – big-time – yet here you are, making the exact same mistakes again. Good luck with that.

    Fact: I have never had a conviction for anything in my life. I have never even been arrested for anything. And if you think I will allow you to continue slandering me in this way without me taking legal action against you, you are severely mistaken. And I say that on behalf of the countless other people whom you have slandered, defamed and endangered over the years.

    Shame on you, Angela. Shame on you.

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    • I remember seeing the screen name “Yannis” on some comments posted here, a long time ago.
      I’m baffled, if the person behind that screen name is claiming to have gathered personal information on any of us from having once been a commenter here. Wtf?
      There isn’t any secret, hidden “backroom” webpage or website wherein we all gather to scheme & plot, under our legal names, and openly discuss our documented life histories with each other. Is he claiming that there was such a thing, and that he was invited into it simply on the basis of posting comments here? That would be a hilariously blatant fantasy.
      I don’t know about the other folk who comment here, but I’ve never had “offsite” communications with any of you – except for Scarlet and Coyote. I frankly have no interest in knowing anyone’s legal identity, nor anything about them that they haven’t volunteered here. We share a common interest in debunking SRA hoaxes and exposing those who propagate them, that’s all I need to know or wish to know. I suspect the same is true for most participants here. So – how was Yannis supposed to have gathered all this information about us, when it seems likely that WE don’t possess such information about each other in the first place?

      Perhaps, what I’ve just described – people coming together and working together for a common cause, who are focused on that cause and that work, rather than spending all their time trying to “investigate” and then “expose” each other as we’ve seen over & over in other social media groups – is beyond the comprehension of some people.

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      • I think people like Angela PD can’t get their heads around the idea that people might be involved in something (say, a website which debunks SRA lunacy), without the messy, incestuous, unboundaried way she and many people with similar personality disorders associate with others. They all have the same pattern: best best mates within five minutes of meeting online, the honeymoon period where they have a sickly love-in, then the “betrayal”, the fight, the break-up and the acrimonious aftermath of accusation and counter accusation.
        It’s simply beyond their comprehension that adults could remain anonymous to each other while working together, the boundaries kept in place for very good reasons. The bottomless pit of their personal neediness allows for no such relationship. This is why they love forums and you tube – narcissistic attention-seeking and constant attention, spiced up with cat-fights and drama….. yawn.

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        • True.They also appear to struggle with the concept that ordinary people with ordinary lives can independantly coalesce around a common cause without being funded by some secret malificent,overarching,demagogic agency of doom.

          How anyone can even dare venture out of bed with everything being so convoluted and thoroughly costed is a minor miracle unto itself.

          Angela et al would do well to cognate it is not yet actually compulsory to publcly advertise ones own abject stupidity for future generations to laugh their socks off about.

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      • Exactly so, Justin. Whoever Angie is claiming her source is, he or she is talking through their hat (or bonnet, as the case may be). We joke about having an office, but as you say, most of us have never exchanged names or personal details, let alone met one another in person. We don’t have an equivalent of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop where many of the Hoaxtead mobsters hang out, and believe me, if 17 people were involved in producing this blog it would be a very different place.

        Angela is a pathological liar, so you’d think she would know another of her ilk when she encountered one, but it seems she is as gullible as she is dishonest.


    • Quite right. How dare she make these false claims.

      And the only way this Yannis character could obtain any personal information on posters is by hacking into the website or personal email accounts which is serious criminal offense.
      He needs to be reported to the authorities.

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      • Yannis makes up rubbish to feel important.

        Everything he says is to be taken like a pinch of salt.

        He has no credibility.

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      • Of course he didn’t.
        One minute we’re CIA, MI5, Mossad and in the pay of the Rothschilds and next, RD.
        Me? I’m just a simple Tea Lady and truth be told, I’ve never been near GCHQ or MI6 and I actually just serve tea and scones at the local Probus Club.
        But that’s between you and me so don’t tell anyone else.

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      • According to Angela, “Ellagate” came from a fairly well-known Hoaxtead mobster whose name I won’t mention here as she has small children. However, Angela wasn’t shy about broadcasting both her online name and her real name at one point. I noticed that as soon as that happened, this person vanished from Facebook.

        “Spinygate”, on the other hand, is from someone we all know here, as he used to grace these pages with his bizarre lies and half-truths, until he had a falling out with one of our readers and decided to turn on us.

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        • Oh, OK I must have missed all that, which is not surprising as I tend to ignore anything to do with Angie.


  5. Angie talks about Ray Savage and describes him as a detective ‘from that police station’ implying that he had worked in Hampstead/Barnet. That’s how I took it anyway.

    Shortly afterwards she says she has a commitment to the truth. You couldn’t make it up.

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  6. Hope Girl has not broadcast with CCN for over 8 months now, and she is still crying like a child that spat her dummy. Honestly, we as CCN have moved on from Hope Girl and APD, and we are entering a whole new phase of CCN for the second half of 2017. I witnessed this same behaviour directed towards Lisa Harrison and Dani Arnold McKenny, when she parted ways from them as documented in Hope’s tell all book. Hope is a very unforgiving, manipulative and vindictive person. Of all the people I have worked with, I have never come across anybody quite so manipulative and vendictive, fighting very viciously with people online, some of which she had never met. At one point she even hired lawyers to send a few threatening messages out to people, including Dosiac, Lisa Harrison but to name a few. Both Biggi and I were staggered at her determination to fight with people, and we had to step away from Hope on many occasions, who tried to rope us into hate campaigns such as trying to get Lisa Harrison’s You Tube channel taken down, which I declined on moral grounds. The lack of emotional maturity she exhibited at various point is what caused the eventual rift in our friendship, that and the fact that she was scamming people. In the end, I began to realise that Hope was using our NO HOLDING BACK show as her personal platform of personal hatred campaigns, and she was dragging me through it too. There is a vast amount of time and energy that Hope spends fighting with people and writing bad things about people, and generally scheming behind the scenes, coming up with elaborate public relations presentations to spin negativity about her, in a different direction. Her efforts were so relentless that she even set up fake blogs (Expectus) and You Tube videos about people she wishes to hate on. I mean what kind of person has this much hatred in them?
    For some one who claims to be so very busy all the time, she certainly had a lot of time to fight with people. As they say, the Devil makes work for idol thumbs. There were even point where even her own mother Valerie was pleading with Hope to not get involved with the drama. Hope admitted this much to me on several occasions, but I would often still receive updates about this or that person, that Hope was spying on for purposes of hatred and manipulation.

    For what ever any body may say about me, for what ever my perceived faults, I honestly have better things to do than fight with people. As for claiming to be a Christian, Hope Girl need to learn a little forgiveness and humility, and stop being such an angry hater, and deal with that fact that people are working out who and what she is, and she won’t be able to stop everyone from working out the truth about her.

    Just for the record and to clear a few things up, I only released Skype correspondence with Sandy Bergen and APD after they did a broadcast where they read out private emails that had been sent between us. They were the ones who crossed that boundary first, and I only offered the Skype conversations to add context to some grossly miscontexualized drama. I have never released anybody’s personal financial or banking information or addresses (yet another lie from Hoaxgirl).
    I also know El Coyote has been diligent about making sure that this kind of information does not get published on this forum.
    I released a letter that I wrote to Hope, which was the only thing I wanted to say on the matter, and which I was more than willing to make public. That letter was as much addressed to Hope as it was a public statement. As I wrote the letter, I have no issue making it public. I can see why Hope felt embarrassed by that letter, and she should. But at no point was I obligated to keep that letter private.
    I have still not released my Skype conversation with Hope over the year that we worked together, but having recently read back over it, let me tell you all that it more than shows just how many people she was constantly at war with. I have no time to war with people like that.

    What is funny is that Hope has sunk to the absolute lowest of low by teaming up with Angela Power Disney, and also apparently now going onto a show with Randy Maugans and Cara St. Louis, who are both just utterly rotten people, having worked with them both personally. It seems like HopeGirl is scraping the bottom of the barrel pretty quickly, with no working machine to present to the world, and a desperate need to distract from her own shortcoming by projecting vile hatred campaigns by those who has seen though her. And of course like attracts like, as the rotten, negatively polarised folk pull together in an orgy of hatred. In the end, all I can do is feel sorry for people and their desperate and pathetic behaviour. The need to viciously attack everybody that finds out the truth of a scam, is like issuing punitive measures for one’s awaking process. A truly hideous faux par impose upon a journey of discovery… because let’s face it, anyone with any common sense can figure out that there is still no working QEG after 5 years, and several hundreds of thousands of donations have been poured into a project that looks more like an outright scam every day.

    The worst bit is the complete lies that HopeGirl has come up with, claiming that I blackmailed her, and other far fetched statements such as calling me a Satanist, and what ever else her vivid imagination can fathom. The fact that she will go to those extremes, shows just how desperate she is ruin the credibility of anybody that figures out her scam. This should stand as a stark warning to anybody who works with her.

    There are so many truthful things I have to say about Hope, that are not very flattering either, but I sincerely am not interested in any more fighting lies, manipulation and bullshit. And by all means, anybody who wants to hate me on Hope’s or APD’s behalf, please by all means go ahead and waste your precious life force on pusillanimous pursuits. I will be the last one laughing.

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      • LOL! Is there a single one of her so-called “broadcasters” that isn’t either an out and out con artists or completely off their fucking trolley? I have to hand it to her though, it’s a rare wheeze scamming the scammers!

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        • Media does attract some of the most damaged people, who think that they can use media to justify their perceived shortcomings and perceived purposeless existence. I sure have had my fair share of con artists, wackos and egomaniacs to deal with during my time in media. There are however some true gems that just always shine, because they are authentic and real. Sad that you are dismissive of these amazing people. They inspire me everyday, and are of so much value to the greater good. Broadcasters come and go from our network at all times, that is just the ebb and flow of media. Not everyone is cut out for media, as it requires a large amount of emotional maturity to last any length of time, and do it with dignity. But a rare few truly do set a very high example for others, and they should be acknowledged for that, as they show us how to shine from a humble space. As for scamming, I have never scammed anybody. We run a perfectly legitimate project / business and all our dealings are upfront and transparent. Let me just state that CCN is one of the very few long running projects, that is NOT scam. We never raised funds promising something to work which never materialised… in fact, our project has run successfully since 1 January 2015 and it is still going. Not only did we manage to successfully launch it, we kept it going all this time through much adversity. I don’t know if any one of you can fathom just how tough that has been, and how much we have to deal with in the background. But in all honestly, I don’t expect much understanding from nasty or negatively polarised people who have nothing going on in their own life, so they pick on others out of ignorance. Truly grateful I am nothing like that.


          • You’ve a right bloody cheek lady! I don’t know who you imagine you’re trying to kid Mel…… I’ve a trade to my hands and earn a good honest living with it; which is more than can be said for a cheap tawdry con artist like you who lives out of the begging bowl and wouldn’t know an honest day’s labour if they were slapped across the legs with one. You’re not a broadcaster or anything else to do with the media. You’re just another amateur fantasist nutjob with a youtube channel and a brass neck. A cheat, a liar, and a fucking crook! I’ve seen the complete and utter rubbish you put out and it’s a cheap shoddy shambles. The only remarkable thing is that you’ve conned the other con artists into handing their cash over. But don’t imagine for a second you have any credibility with anyone who has an IQ north of 40! Sitting there in your daft gold-spray-painted throne against a wall that needs painted lit by a table lamp! Broadcaster my arse! I know people that are the real deal when it comes to broadcasting and media, and you madam are nothing but a complete fucking laughing stock! – Now off you go and boil your silly bleach-bottle head – dried up old fraud of hell that you are!


  7. It’s official – Abe & Ella are working with us. Yep. Definitely 100% true because…er…Detective Dave says so.

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    • Couldn’t just be that she’s full of shite? And that lots of people such as EEV blog have exposed here bullshit for what it is? And that lots of engineering types take exception to her brand of bullshit and routinely report it as scamming????? Too obvious???? Funny how the really successful youtube channelson engineering subjects have tens if not upwards of a hundred thousand subscribers and her scam-chan never did! Guess you can’t fool all that many people for all that much of the time eh Naima?

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      • GoogleTube may have a number of flaws but raining on the parade of a gobby career scamster is most definately not one of them.As for the poor “fellow reputable youtuber”,well thats a recommendation from hell if ever there was one.

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  8. Lift the Veil is on Live yabbering about how even though he was wrong about the girl in the Manchester video, it got loads of views, and was a good exercise to see what videos YouTube push. He says all his videos over 100,000 views, are disinformation. His caller is saying the usual garbage about Sandy Hook, 9/11, Boston Bombings, freemasons etc.

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  9. EC: “…’Spinygate’, on the other hand, is from someone we all know here, as he used to grace these pages with his bizarre lies and half-truths, until he had a falling out with one of our readers and decided to turn on us.”

    Captain Mainwaring: “Oh, OK I must have missed all that, which is not surprising as I tend to ignore anything to do with Angie.”

    Hope this helps (Yannis = Crazy MF)…







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