Dragging a Hoaxtead mobster into the light: Atya Sca

Anyone who has posted on YouTube about the Hampstead SRA hoax will likely have run into a very unpleasant character called Atya Sca. This person has been an acolyte of Abe and Ella almost since the start, and no YouTube comment thread on the topic of Hoaxtead is really complete without one of their creepy, Bible-thumping threats. Here’s just a tiny sampling:

Atya Sca has also started naming a YouTuber who is fighting the Hampstead SRA hoax. Presumably she thinks that naming this person will terrify them into stopping:

If one were to draw any conclusions from this assortment of frothing-at-the-mouth pseudo-Christian gibberish, we might assume that Atya Sca is perhaps an older person who belongs to an Evangelical or fundamentalist church and spends their spare time making drawings of fiery pits and little red men with pitchforks.

The “real” Atya Sca

So it might surprise you to learn that we’ve tracked down the “real” Atya Sca, and she doesn’t seem to fit any of those stereotypes.

Atya Sca is a 36-year-old woman named Robyn Renee Hamme, who lives just around the corner from the local WalMart in the town of Leland, North Carolina. She is employed by Emergency Services in that area, and previously worked with an organisation called Coastline Rescue Squad.

Robyn appears to be the fun-loving type: many of her photos involve herself or her mates getting piss-drunk and slobbering over one another and grabbing various body parts. All in good fun, of course: In fact, drinking seems to be something of a hobby of Ms Hamme’s. We were initially puzzled by this next shot, but all eventually became clear…too clear, really.

We discovered that Ms Hamme’s tendency to over-imbibe has landed her in trouble with the law on more than one occasion.

In April 2014, she was picked up for “driving under the influence/driving while intoxicated” (DUI/DWI): Fortunately, according to this report, she didn’t kill or injure anyone that time. However, in November of the same year, only six days after her trial for DUI/DWI, Robyn was arrested again, this time for “simple assault”.

She seems to have got the worse end of things, judging from her police mugshot.

And that’s not all!

For someone who’s so concerned about Satanic sexual abuse and incest, Ms Hamme seems remarkably cavalier about the subject:

On Ms Hamme’s MySpace page, this shot is captioned, “Incest is best!” Nope. Not kidding.

The next shot really needs no explanation:

On Ms Hamme’s MySpace page, she has captioned this, “PRICELESS!” And just in case the message wasn’t perfectly clear…

And then there’s this one:

Funny that someone so seemingly obsessed with Christianity and Biblical themes would see fit to display a hand-signal that’s often taken to represent Satan, no? In fact, she seems to really like it:

You can learn a lot about a person online…

We’ve shared just a few of the fascinating pictures that we found concerning Robyn Hamme/Atya Sca, and they paint a rather grim picture: a young(ish), sexually confused woman with an alcohol problem that has led her into some questionable activities, and has brought her into more than one conflict with the law. Someone who had to be arrested for assaulting someone else shortly after receiving a drink-driving conviction. Someone who preaches about child sexual abuse but mimics “incest”, drinks out of plastic dildoes, and thinks “taking it in the ass” is “PRICELESS”.

Given what we can see, we might be able to join the dots and create a portrait of a person whose life is out of control, who feels angry and bruised by what life has handed her, and who has therefore turned to slandering and threatening other people, projecting her self-hatred outward and attacking strangers for no reason. Someone who has adopted the mask of a religious zealot to conceal her own sense that she is an irredeemable sinner.

That might be the truth, or part of the truth.

But the reality is, we don’t know Ms Hamme in any real sense. We can dig to our heart’s content for nuggets of information, and we’ll probably find them. We’ll find out what her house looks like, inside and out; whether she has a partner, whether she has pets or children or hobbies. We might even be able to correctly deduce a few things from those facts.

But to claim that we really know Ms Hamme would be utterly false. And to claim that she is this or that sort of person is a very dangerous game.

The hazards of dot-joining

People such as Ms Hamme (and Kristie Sue Costa, and Charlotte Ward, and many, many others) have made a practice of gleaning bits and pieces of information online—family pictures, business associates, and the like—and have tried their best to create coherent narratives from them. They have a theory—that an entire community in a suburb of London is actually a cult which rapes and trafficks children, and which murders and eats babies. Everything they see about anyone they consider a member of this imaginary cult, they attempt to cram into that false narrative.

They claim that their guesses are reality: we’re thinking in particular of Kristie Sue’s horrific blog post in which she accused RD’s elderly mother and grandmother of all sorts of evil-doing, based on absolutely no evidence other than a handful of innocent family pictures and a great deal of lurid supposition.

Where everyone else might see an older woman and her mother going out for a bit of Christmas shopping, the witch-hunters see a pair of child-raping baby murderers, bent on evil. Where others might see a man laughing while his nephew rides a “bucking bronco” mechanical horse in an arcade, the witch-hunters see a child rapist bent on sodomising the child (in public, with his clothes on no less).

We’re pretty sure that Atya Sca/Robyn Hamme isn’t going to like it that we’ve dug up pictures of her, nor that we’ve painted a picture of her in the way we have. We fully acknowledge that we did this intentionally, ignoring some of Ms Hamme’s less-questionable photos in favour of the ones that seemed to match up with our preconceived ideas of what sort of person she is.

Because this is exactly what happened to the people of Hampstead: complete strangers began pawing through their online photos, joining non-existent dots to create a very ugly picture.

“Ooh, here’s a dad with his daughter…he looks creepy…bet he’s a paedophile!” “Oh, check this out, this person’s abstract background photo looks very phallic…bet those are meant to be dildoes!” “They’re on holiday in Spain. Isn’t that where a lot of criminals hang out? I bet they’re baby traffickers”. “OMG, you have to see this: a teacher in a pub…with other teachers! They’re clearly all friends…friends of SATAN!!!”…and so on.

And if the people being “investigated” dared to shut down their social media accounts, or closed them from public view, it couldn’t possibly be because they valued their privacy and that of their children. No, it must be because they were guilty! They had something to hide! They were squirming!

So maybe Ms Hamme isn’t an alcoholic sociopath at all. Maybe she’s just a normal person who likes a bit of fun with her friends, and enjoys horsing around on camera. (And when she gets online, because she’s safely behind a mask, she thinks it’s okay to harangue perfect strangers who disagree with her…but that’s a whole other story.)

Our point is: it’s not much fun, having strangers poke through your accounts and draw conclusions about your life. And the conclusions reached are, more often than not, partly or completely wrong.

Atya Sca/Robyn Hamme, you might like to think about that, next time you start pointing fingers and screaming at people you don’t know, have never met, and about whom you have no personal knowledge. Before you cast the stone of blame, think about what it might feel like if it ricocheted off the nearest wall and came back to hit you.

141 thoughts on “Dragging a Hoaxtead mobster into the light: Atya Sca

  1. Atya Sca/Robyn Hamme and many other misdirecting dot joining fetishists are quick to hide under a veil of false spirituality whilst havng both feet entrenched firmly in the gutter.

    Wonderful writing as ever EC.Thankyou.

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  2. She isn’t going to like this post.. but I don’t give a flying fuck. She’s one of the craziest, nastiest people who comments out there in YT land.
    Well done, all involved!

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  3. Too late for me, I knew I should have used a VPN and five thousand proxies based in Atlantis.
    There is no place safe for anyone when the Coyote is on the prowl.
    FML, lol. Just going into the back yard to burn everything I own and live on a canal barge.

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  4. They better be, just burned all my posessions, i’m out guys. Life in the slow lane, just ducks, swans and the unopen waters fro me now.

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  5. I may be one of the back guys, even the front guys, who know’s these days matey.
    I realised El Coyote has a handle on the waters and Common Porpoise also has a keen interest in all things acquatic, so I am off into the mountains to become an off grid spoon whittler. 🙂

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  6. It’s a gratuitous insult but I bet she’s a Trump voter and Alex Jones’ listener.

    This evangelical madness is a cover for so many with deranged personalities.
    It occurred to me recently that while I referred to (as has been done on here so many times) that Abraham Christie had a shocking and vicious history of assaulting the children in question as detailed in the medical report (and which the details of his assaults comprises most of that report and was evidence the children told to the doctor and was something I had not read before) not ONE SINGLE hoax promoter has ever mentioned these nasty assaults.
    # And I read it on Sabine Kujo McNeil’s website and yet she has never ever mentioned this section of the children’s testimony..

    When they screech “believe the children” they cherry-pick the parts they wish to believe but if anyone can point to any mention by a hoax promoter where they show concern that these assaults were so vicious and nasty (threats of being buried alive) that one child may have lost their hearing in one ear, I’d be surprised.

    They studiously avoid this catalogue of cruel physical and mental abuses metered out by Christie while quoting from the document from which the majority of paragraphs detail this horrific abuse.

    These Bible Bashers have that in common and I believe they couldn’t give a flying f*ck in the ar*e for the children, rather they are mere pawns in their hysterical “the world is ruled by a Satanist VIP Freemason cabal”. I think, as has happened in a number of UK cases in the African immigrant community of evangelicals, they would actually torture a child to death to drive “Satan” out of them.
    They are mad, bad and dangerous.

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  7. Well she does have a jacket that says “Smile if you take it in the A**”, so that is a distinct possibility.
    The Great pretender.

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  8. And I forgot to congratulate El Coyote for another superb REAL investigation and expert deduction. If anyone comes across EC on the High Street give him my (and yours) hearty congratulations. You may recognise him from his passport photo which I found.

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  9. From my experience the Evangelical crew seem to be the worst of the fundamental Christians. Real nasty pieces of work (at least the ones I have bumped into) and very little in the way of being true Christians.

    Wilfred Wong was another I seem to remember. He’s a former secretary to Labour MP Russell Brown and invited Robert Green to speak about child abuse at the Meeting houses in Westminster.

    Wilfred and ole Greeny boy are back on the scene it seems!

    Robert is back making YouTube videos and even naming people (AGAIN) who he accused of being involved in the whole Hollie Greig fantasy.

    And now he is going back on tour even visiting Scotland with Wilfred and other “usual suspects.”


    “Fresh Start Foundation” – for who I wonder??

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  10. So good to see Atya Sca revealed at last. Amazing detective work and an excellent post also EC. I love days like this.

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  11. Excellent work. I think it’s only fair that the innocent people of Hampstead are allowed to see those who are making allegations from the side lines, and Atya is one of the worst.

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  12. It’s a shitfest of complete utter fuckwittery if the names of speakers I know are anything to go by. The ones I haven’t heard of I cannot comment on obviously, but I wonder why they would speak at an event like this.

    Speakers include:

    Robert Green
    Wilfred Wong
    Sandy Smith
    Vicky Ash
    Shirley P Cooper
    Andrea Sadegh

    Videos from:

    Brian Gerrish
    David Icke
    Lori Oschefski
    Kevin Annett


    Company set up March this year. It has shareholders.

    The officers are:

    Christine Margaret Gow
    Neil James McKechnie
    Andrew Christopher Peacher
    Penny Pullen
    David Scott
    Alexander Smith

    The company also has a YT channel


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  13. ALL of their videos (three at the moment) are taken from a genuine organisation.


    I wonder if they asked the interviewees or the organisation if they could do this?

    I wonder if they are after money? See in the FAQs:

    “I represent an organisation that works with survivors of in-care abuse. How do we become involved with Future Pathways?

    Any organisation interested in providing services to survivors through the Fund should contact the professional information line on 0131 202 6412 or email engagement@future-pathways.co.uk.”

    It’s all a bit murky. Fresh Start Foundation says this as part of their mission statement:

    ” Providing a support framework from partner organisations
    Practicing the highest standards of Common law”

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  14. Lori Oschefski seems to have done some serious and valuable work.


    I wonder whether she knows she’ll be sharing a platform with David Icke and Kevin The Queen Ate All The Childen At A Picnic Annett.

    She’s done an interview with Freedom Talk Radio, so …

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  15. Do we really want to know what she gets up to in the dark? The things she does in the light are disturbing enough!

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  16. This is the reason there are absolutely no personal pics of me online, anywhere. Once it’s out there, it’s out there to the world!

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  17. Robyn Hamme, Robyn Hamme, driving whilst she’s drunk,
    Robyn Hamme, Robyn Hamme, what a lousy punk,
    She slanders the rich, slanders the poor,
    Robyn Hamme, Robyn Hamme, Robyn Hamme.

    She drank vodka from a dildo in a tavern on the green,
    And incest jokes are really quite her thing.
    Her jacket bares a slogan that is really quite obscene,
    or is it just a misunderstanding?

    Robyn Hamme, Robyn Hamme, life of minor crime,
    Robyn Hamme, Robyn Hamme, projecting all the time,
    She talks lots of shit, oh what a bore!
    Robyn Hamme, Robyn Hamme, Robyn Hamme.

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  18. I notice she has photos of a black cat and people in halloween costumes on her Myspace page. If I were Charlotte Ward I would say that was enough evidence to have her condemned as a witch!

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  19. One would think these Hoaxtards would know that “All Legal Professionals are Free Masons and they run this World via a hidden Satanic Tunnel located under the Washington Monument” Tsk Tsk Tsk They really should listen to each other’s Warnings!! All We have to do is rub our 50 yr Golden Svc. Pins together and say in INTERNATIONAL Chorus, “Hocus Pocus Give Us the Mortal’s Name who Bore’s Us” And, Poof!! End of. Except….Three Cheers for E.C and Everyone here at Hoaxtead for their Valuable Contributions to On-Line Child Safety and Forging a “New Path” , so sorely needed, as envisioned by Our Honorary Eastern Star Sister and Tireless Advocate, Ms. Sheva Burton. May your hopes become a Reality….You ain’t seen Nothing yet Abrella and co-conspirators! Count on it.

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  20. I do find Deb’s videos highly amusing.
    Sorry about that Debs as I guess I’m a foe but I do mean that in nice caring & sharing compassionate way.
    I won’t be drinking your slops though but Robyn Hamme may take you up on that as long as it’s from a dildo shaped object and she’d probably like one shoved up her arse as she drinks the slops.
    I mean that in a caring sharing way as well x.

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  21. Mark Zuckerberg asked me to pass on a message Angie : he won’t be “engaging” with you as you have said very unkind things about his “father-in-law” David Rockerfeller who passed away recently.
    He did say you should delete your Facebook account promptly as GCHQ reads and notes all your outpourings and are considering having the US AirForce take similar action towards you as they have recently with David Shurter.

    See the house next door? The nearest wall is where they bounce the microwave beams from onto rocks strategically placed around your humble Oldcastle home.
    This can have nasty side effects as David notes:
    “The night before last, after speaking to Fiona Barnett on the phone- I went from being totally fine to my eardrums wanting to explode and this weird pressure that actually made me pass out.” Seems you haven’t yet clocked to the fact Fiona is a CIA plant and just the sound of her voice can destroy your eardrums although it’s reputed you have similar powers.

    But you don’t know about the new weapon being used on Shurter : his barn wall is now covered in mold and even though he cleans it off the mold comes back in a few days. This is how GCHQ works : they destroy your barn first and then go after you.

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  22. Yes, this is what I mean. If we were Hoaxtead mobsters we’d be combing through looking for “evidence” that she’s a baby-eating paedophile. Her friend’s Hallowe’en costume would be enough to condemn her; the “devil’s horns” hand signs would seal the deal. The Hoaxteaders would be building a bonfire as we speak.


  23. Agree. You won’t find a snap of me on the net. Indeed I’m so paranoid I wear this outfit when I’m at my PC so no-one will ever recognise me. Except my clients.

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  24. Yes, I have trouble understanding why some of the Hoaxtead mobsters (coughKristieSuecoughAngiecough) put up pictures of their children on public social media. They of all people should know how easy it could be for unscrupulous people to use those pictures out of context.


  25. I completely agree, GoS. I believe those who screech the loudest about this are attempting to cover up their own deficiencies, pointing to others as a smokescreen to make them feel better about themselves. It does occur to me that Hoaxtead started during what must have been a low point in Robyn’s life—it was only a month or two after her arrest for assault and her court appearance for drink-driving, and she’d probably have been awaiting trial for the former.

    Given a choice, would she rather run around pointing accusatory fingers at people she doesn’t know, and claiming that they’re guilty of horrific crimes…or face up to her own problems with alcohol and violence? Pretty clear which path she decided to travel.

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  26. Yes, “Atya Sca” (which appears to be short for Atya Scabra, a type of fresh-water shrimp) has been running around spouting pseudo-religious tripe for two years now. Frankly, she was starting to get on my nerves.

    However, an interesting thing happened while we were researching her background: I found I was seeing her more as a real person, with flaws and decent qualities, rather than just a virulent, nasty nonsense-shouting religious nutter. Now, if only she could find it within herself to do the same.

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  27. By the way, that song is now stuck in my head. I blame you. I’m going to put in a request to have your pay docked for workplace harassment, just you see if I don’t. 🙂

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  28. I laughed so hard when I saw that.
    I think shes still pissed off because every year she gets a prize through the post of Justformen vouchers and a certificate for best Kevin Bacon lookalike contest winner.
    Someone keeps secretly entering her into the competition without her knowing and she’s won it 10 years running. If she used her amazing detective skills and dug a little deeper, shed realise there isn’t really a competition, its just her husband taking the piss for all the years of misery coming home to that sad sack of bones everyday.
    Kris the envelope doesn’t even have a postage stamp, its and inside job love.

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  29. Crayon, you say? Did it contain childish drawings? I think Sodomite and plastic willy enthusiast Abe Christie mght be behind it. Which then links to fellow plastic willy and sodomy fan Scataya.
    I hear both of thems favourite movie is Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”.
    Trust BM to get to the bottom of it.

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  30. You mean to say that’s not you in your avatar, Jake?
    I’ve been lusting after that tortilla chip for months, makes me hungry everytime I see it.
    Kinda looks a big like an illuminati cheese slice, so stay clear of the pizzatards.
    Another rally at the weekend, old twitus Frosty pants back at it again.
    Protesting over a lack of action by police on some supposed hacking scandal at Comet.


  31. I wouldn’t be entirely sure of future-pathways credentials either. – Where are their registration details? They claim;

    “Future Pathways is funded by the Scottish Government, and managed by an Alliance partnership of organisations. These are Health in Mind, Penumbra, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership and the Mental Health Foundation. Staff from these organisations sit on an Alliance Leadership Team which also includes representatives from the survivor community.”

    That being the case, they should know more about corporate governance in charitable and quasi-charitable organisations, and the disclosure requirements the law imposes on such organisations. The web-domain for future pathways is registered to an individual in England, and there is something naggingly familiar about “IT Support” of Kettering Parkway, Kettering, Northants NN15 6XU according to someone I asked about this. The reaction I got was (quote) “I smell McKenzie on this one”.

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  32. Decent qualities you say EC? I can only think of one lol.
    She’s a child of the 80’s.


  33. What if she likes taking it in the ass, whilst in the ass, acting like a pain in the ass?


  34. You can talk,you monocle-wearing pink marshmallow, I think I look rather fetching in my pizza slice mask.


  35. I have it on very good authority that there is cctv footage online of you caught stealing a Steak Bake, 2, not 1, Vanilla Slices and a sausage roll from Greggs.
    So you be careful who’s monocle you mock.


  36. The address in Thurso is the same as freedom talk radio. 0131 is an “Edinburgh” number but ‘202’ is a VOIP “area code”, so it can be moved anywhere. “Future Pathways” isn’t registered anywhere except for two ENGLISH companies that are about to be struck off. “Fresh Start” -Limited by guarantee which suggests it might have “charitable type” aims, most likely a “ring fence” to protect the directors.

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  37. It’s quite revealing that the page advertising this features a picture of a naked child. I don’t think anyone genuinely concerned with taking a stand against child abuse would ever dream of using such a thing. What manner of pervert is this image meant to resonate with? Green must like the taste of prison food, must be better than life on benefits I suppose.

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  38. Being mentioned on a scot.gov site means only that they’ve presented themselves plausibly enough for nobody to make the appropriate basic checks. -Izzy’s promise is another good example of this, it’s as dodgy as F**k! It’s also been pointed out to me that the videos they’re using aren’t really a professional effort. They’re better than the webcam-licking of Angie or Mel, but nothing that one of McKenzie’s associates couldn’t knock together with a DSLR, a laptop and a cheap copy of Final Cut.

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  39. Interestingly, you can’t remove a Facebook page altogether. You can never close your account, only disable it. And you can reactivate it at any time simply by logging in.


  40. Penny Pullen – long time fund raiser working with Belinda McKenzie.

    David Scott – long time HGH supporter and UK Column supporter.

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  41. The Scott fellow is pretty much the voice of Green too is he not? As far as I can see both those organisations are just flat out charity scams, same as the Knight Foundation was. Obviously “Izzy’s Promise” has been inspirational here, it’s been lining its otherwise unemployable operators’ pockets for bloody years. In fact, there seems to be an awful lot of charity scamming going on in Scotland, the authorities seem pretty slack on it.

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  42. So these little Lassies think they can Libel Per Se and Threaten an Officer of the Court in their own Country? Methinks they should examine their Homeowner’s Policies and/or review the Law in their Respective States. Too late to scrub….Ah, Diddums!

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