Tracey Morris not quite the super-heroine she claims to be

Tracey Morris certainly does seem to stir up strong emotions wherever she goes. Yesterday we received yet another “plain brown envelope” from a blog reader who appears to know Tracey and her family quite well, and had a few home truths to point out.

We’re publishing this with the caution that while we have no reason to disbelieve our informant, we understand that Tracey is not universally liked in her home town of Belfast, and that tempers seem to run hot when talk turns to her.

Here’s what we received:

I found this and just thought you could do with some inside information. Tracey Morris is well known in Belfast as a lying trouble making disaster, it amazes me that anyone is still taking her seriously.

On the Angela Power video she claims Tracey had something to do with getting kinship payments introduced in Northern Ireland. I almost lost my teeth at that.

Tracey is not a legal expert, she has never changed laws, she doesn’t have a hotline to judges and police officers, she doesn’t hold social workers to account, in fact her younger children remain on the at-risk register and she usually only rings social services to demand food vouchers after spending all her benefits on herself.

She’s fled Belfast more than once, the first time she left her daughter who is now deceased on the doorstep of a relative and drove away. The aunt came home to find the child sitting on a doorstep with a plastic bag of dirty clothes and bruises all over her, the child’s head was full of lice and she was malnourished. [Tracey] didn’t come back for over a year and the only contact she had was a picture of her mother with a new boyfriend on holiday that she felt appropriate to send to a lost little girl.

Her two other daughters were placed in care because she had nowhere to dump them.

The reason she left Belfast was because of the wild drug parties she was having in her Glen Road flat. SS believe her daughter was abused by men who attended these parties with Tracey’s knowledge. When an elderly neighbour complained Tracey attacked her, the woman died of a heart attack and the rest of the neighbours picketed to get her out.

She’s lived in probably more than 20 homes because she fights with neighbours everywhere she goes. She stole from people’s handbags at her own brother’s wake, she makes false allegations of sex abuse every time she doesn’t get her own way.

She claims to be able to get people’s children back out of care after less than 24 hours and yet there is a lifetime ban on her seeing her own grandchildren.

She ruined her children’s lives and appears to have her son, the young lad who is trans and was previously her daughter, brainwashed into believing that his life spent in and out of the care system is everyone’s fault but hers.

Her daughter was in that hostel for six weeks and by her own admission [Tracey] didn’t even know she was there. Tracey lives less than a mile away and yet her daughter who was troubled and vulnerable was living in a homeless hostel, suicidal with no one to help or comfort her, great mothering from Tracey.

She’s a fake and a fraud who is taking money off vulnerable people claiming it’s expenses to help get their children back when she’s just frauding them like she’s lied and frauded people her entire life. She tried to crowdfund her daughter’s funeral despite getting benefits to pay for it and rang all the local media to carry the story asking that they appeal for money, unfortunately her reputation as a toxic liar precedes her and no one in any part of normal society will touch her with a bargepole., hence her new-found pastime of attention seeking on Facebook.

This paints quite a different picture of Tracey from the one she’d like people to believe.

It certainly seems to indicate that further investigation is warranted, at very least. Considering that Tracey tries to project an image of herself as a street-smart, tough, and able fighter for justice, we’re most interested to learn that a growing number of those who know her would take issue with that view.

Erm, yeah. Not quite.

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    • Oh!

      Well Neelu and her son better go to wherever and pay what is owed plus the costs of this recovery within 1 week. I suppose.

      Who gets the money left after the sale minus the deduction for what is owed which will no doubt be storage charges as well?

      All this aggro for probably a small fine!

      Madness by Neelu.

      Isn’t her son old enough to deal with this himself instead of Mum making things worse for him or does he agree with this daft behaviour?

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    • Neelu seems unduly concerned about the £££’s involved when she so fervently declares such currency to be fraudulent thus null and void.

      Why even bother getting her knickers in such a twist when she could simply find a car dealership that accepts random Mickey mouse currencies,backed up by a shoddy print out of something she found on the internet and get her son a nice shiny new one,and let the matter rest?

      Neelu could do far worse than heed the advice of Scotty off of the Star ship enterprise.

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  1. Seaman lost his shit last night on multiple live streams then deleted them today.
    Apparently his “Pizzagate is real, attempts to kill me failed” video was extra cringey, not surprising as both those topics he covers repeatedly in nearly every video he’s made for the past 6 months.

    He ramped up the outrage with another live stream “Does Eric Schmidt Defend Pedophiles?”, which consisted of him walking around his apartment yelling at the phone and tapping the screen.
    389 people were watching but he was saying that it was showing up as only 3 watching. His audience could see the numbers and see him lying in real time and didn’t seem to care, although one person in the chat commented “I feel like he is doing this on purpose for views”.

    He removed the videos as usual a few hours later!

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    • Ah now I can…… scraping that barrel, Ange…running round in endless circles… out of things to say ? Where’s the evidence ? Of anyone threatening you, still waiting…… as are the good people here, that you’ve falsely accused….. You ever going to realise that child victims have the right to protection from vile creatures like you ? Ever going to admit that Abe Christie abused them, till they’d repeat his filth ?
      Mind you, you probably think it’s fine to torture children, especially mentally, bit like you must have done, to make your daughter apologise for disclosing the abuse she suffered, that you didn’t care about…… Child abusing, Pedoprotector Angela Power Disney

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  2. At least a few truthers have woken up to what was obvious to most people within a few months.
    “I am the most censored channel in youtube history (with over 3000 videos terminated)”

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  3. An actual Truther who realises that the whole thing was absolute bullshit.
    “I am the most censored channel in youtube history (with over 3000 videos terminated)”

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    • So Angie thinks Real cases of abuse and sexual harassment are taking away from her fake Satanic Panic fantasies that have zero proof whatsoever. This is what shills do. Same with Pizzagate, Hampstead etc, shilld promoting hoaxes to cover up real cases of abuse and take the spotlight off real crimes with their imaginary political and religious motivated hoax scams.

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  4. Anybody posted this one yet? Another terrible tragedy caused by conspiranoid videos…

    “A mom who strangled her 9-year-old son to death on Halloween was found by police with cloves of garlic, two lighters and a vial of holy water.
    Amber James, 47, murdered Ryan Rosales after watching conspiracy videos on YouTube and earlier that week called 911 complaining she was being followed by cars and airplanes”.


  5. He’s named two people in total, one in his book a few years back. He is able to name both of them as they already have convictions for child abuse. So he didn’t bring them to justice, others abused by those people did. If he had named them way back he may have been able to stop them abusing others.

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    • Another reason why he’s getting a mixed response from the Conspiracy crowd. Not believing in Trump or his Pizzagate psy Op is a massive sin in the right wing conspiraloon movement.

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        • He just doesn’t like the competition.
          Once again Feldman proves what my friend said 3 decades ago : “many of these entertainers trying to make it would cut their grandmother’s throat to get on the show biz ladder. You don’t realise how tough they are”.
          His viciousness towards Haim’s mother is as nasty as it gets.


    • The guy is an absolute Muppet.
      He’s named 2 people with convictions dating back years and who haven’t worked in the entertainment business for decades and when they did, they were basically not even as powerful as the idiot Feldman probably was.
      They could never be prosecuted as there was a statute of limitations so Dr Oz ( a bloody lightweight who promotes very dodgy products) and Feldman are being very disingenuous by going to police, who needless to say, Feldman has accused of “covering up”.

      What happened to his “powerful VIP pedo ring”?.
      I think Feldman’s one sick person who has tried to cash in on the current scandal. A nasty has-been junkie trying to make money (and many people have fallen for his scam) out of people’s emotions.


  6. I see Heifer Brown is back. She posted the following on Yolande Kenward’s page:

    Just to inform you ,your FB friend “Baz Evans” is ,in fact , HOAXTEAD commenter and SuperTroll “Babs” .This person is a mentally Ill DERANGED old hint from the west of England .She has a history of stalking and photographing people she has seen on the internet. She is spying on you for HOAXTEAD,and her own enjoyment. You might like to distance yourself from this person as she is quite dangerous.
    Yolande blocked her, I wonder where she will pop up next. 😶

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  7. I have a new favourite Truther, lol. He is also the caller Jeff C, who called Nathan out on the flat Earth rubbish which is covered in Bombard’s video on LTV.


    • Personally I find the old body language analysis stuff as ridiculous as the flat earth theory!


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