Yolande Kenward declares for Parliament

In a surprise move Thursday, Yolande Kenward (aka Yolande Lindridge, aka Yolande Gordon) declared her candidacy for Member of Parliament in Maidstone and Weald. She did not specify under which surname she would be running.

When we last encountered Ms Kenward-Lindridge-Gordon, she was battling her former allies John Hemming and Belinda McKenzie over the case of a Zimbabwean teen whose mother had spirited him out of the country in violation of a court order. At that time, we had unearthed a trove of emails among the various parties involved in that case, which Ms K-L-G had (probably unwittingly) been forwarding to an open email listserver. As a result, Ms K-L-G accused this blog of “hacking her email”, and could not be convinced otherwise. Not that we’re bitter.

Ms K-L-G is renowned for her obsession with Freemasonry, and believes that Masons have dogged her footsteps throughout her life. We do wonder, just in passing, what the Duke of Kent has to say about the various letters he receives from Ms K-L-G.

When Angela Power-Disney announced her “intel” that Belinda McKenzie was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star (rather like the Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Freemasons), we immediately knew who her source was:

So far, no word from Belinda, yea or nay.

In any case, on the very day on which she declared her candidacy, Ms K-L-G also learned that she was due for another psychiatric evaluation:Curse those bloody Masons and their damned vote-rigging ways! And Ms K-L-G’s friends appear to agree:

Dave Witcher, we really couldn’t agree with you more. As for Craig Turner, does anyone have a Fruitloop-to-English translator handy? We’ve stared at his comments for some time now, and it’s been giving us a monster of a headache:

they cant dismiss the fact so they dismiss your sanity its just being dismissive de smith who is the smith the f at the top of this page will tell you tublacains walking stick the smith master freemason builders the anomaly that has infested the matrix


Erm…sure. Whatever you say, Craig.

But back to Ms K-L-G’s candidacy: in case you happen to have a spare two and a half hours available, she’s kindly put up this very enlightening video about the issues she plans to address as MP. Be prepared: she starts off with a long and vivid description of her hysterectomy…and it goes downhill from there.

A recording of my presentation on corruption in Maidstone, held on 18 June 2016. This shows some of the ways that taxpayers money is being misused all over the UK eg children avoidably in care and adopted, medical accident cover-ups, miscarriages of justice, fake bankruptcies, fake repossessions, politically biased police and election rigging. What goes on in Maidstone is going on everywhere. Council tax could come down. Hopefully I will succeed in the Kent County Council Elections tomorrow and can then start to work on KCC’s 2 biggest budgets ie Children’s Services & Adult Social Care. If not I will submit my nomination forms to stand in the parliamentary elections on an anti-corruption platform – putting the rights of children, patients/the NHS and avoidable immigration via Kent as priorities. Maidstone Police put the interests of big business and the Upper Classes first ie they misuse council tax to ensure that the rich get richer at the expense of the poorest in our society because they refuse to pursue arrests of freemasons.

With a platform like this, we really don’t see how she can lose.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, EC.
    I think it’s worrying that a fully fledged Hampstead hoaxer could become an MP.
    Still, at least she seems to have finally settled on a surname. At least until Tuesday, when she’s scheduled to change it again 😀

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  2. Nicely summarised, EC. And scary stuff!

    This caught my eye:

    “Hopefully I will succeed in the Kent County Council Elections tomorrow.”

    Am I to take it that as well as running as an MP in the upcoming general election, she also stood as a county councillor last Thursday? 😮

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      • https://www.freelists.org/post/patriots/Nobbled,2

        ” Date: Fri, 5 May 2017 16:32:48 +0000

        Thank you dear friends for your kind messages of support.

        I am challenging the result of the elections yesterday and I do know that I
        will win and there will be a re-run and then the Tories will have a huge
        problem. Due to the threat to section me (again) yesterday because I announced
        2 days ago that I am going to stand in the parliamentary elections in Maidstone
        & Weald on 8.6.2017 I am going to win my KCC election result challenge. I am
        going to the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday morning to hand in my election
        complaint letter and this email chain. xxx”

        She didn’t win, but she’s gunna!!!!!

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        • So she really is hoping to be a county Councillor AND an MP, then! I thought I might have misunderstood the situation. I don’t think I’ve seen that before. We’re talking serious multi-tasking here.

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          • I seriously doubt that the sectioning has anything to do with her announcing shes running for MP (altho purely imho, it should be mandatory lol- anyone wanting to run shouldn’t be allowed to)

            and people are still `hacking’ her computer- to change the dates on her flyers she prints out…..
            and the freemasons are still after her….
            (seriously and she wonders why they wanted to interview her re sectioning????)

            check out the freelist emails shes been sending out at the link above- classic!

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          • Sharon Taylor wants to do that in Stevenage too, no one wants her as an MP but she wants to be all things to all people. Obviously the lady you’re talking about has money to burn, and may I suggest to her she donate her £500 to some one who needs it.

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        • She lost me when she said she was made bankrupt over £5000 but then went to the Royal Courts of Justice & in the bankruptcy division and had her ‘fake’ bankruptcy stopped by paying the 5 grand.

          In other words some desperate creditor got fed up with the stupid cow and began issuing bankruptcy proceedings against a well heeled debtor who refuses to pay and it worked.

          The real mystery is how this business ignorant dame got made “business woman of the year”? Doesn’t augur well for the quality of Kent business folk,

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  3. I note that Christine Ann Sands has made an appearance on the page of the video EC has linked above. Blimey, Yolande and Christine – I must remember that combo for the next time someone asks that classic question about who I would least like to be stuck in a lift with.

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  4. Here we have a prime example of why Yolande should never be an MP:

    A random stranger (and no disrespect to this person intended) posts his “forced adoption” story on a YouTube page and without any investigation or questioning and without knowing anything about this person or the case history, Yolande immediately, publicly announces that “what has happened to you Emma, is absolutely disgusting” and launches into a detailed analysis!

    Oh and calling someone Emma when they’ve just told you their name is Danny doesn’t help your credibility either, Yolly.

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  5. YAK’s election result was quite a surprise, she did manage to get 82 of the 4451 votes cast….. much more than expected

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  6. Sounds like Gayle and Angie will be sorely disappointed if the far right racist Marine le Pen doesn’t get into power:

    Not that Angela knows anything about either candidate, where France is or what an election is.

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    • Gayle my arse.

      The bitches name is WENDY BARFORD, calls herself WENDI Barford on fb, didn’t like the way Mummy and Daddy spelt her name, diddums.

      She’s an evil, vile, thick bitch, a key board warrior that does f all apart from moan on fb.

      A UKIP supporter that dreams UKIP will get somewhere at the General Election on her 56th Birthday 8th June.

      Don’t think so luv.

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      • I did try reporting Gayle Fawkes as a fake account on FB some time ago but got nowhere. She is vile, isn’t she. A full-on Hampstead ranter and Angie arse-licker.

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        • Vile, just isn’t a strong enough word to describe her.

          She has got fake ID to keep the Gayle Fawkes fb account. Has admitted to it in the past.

          Also has many aliases, Jessie James is another one, lmfao!

          Facebook employees are not bright enough to realise or can’t be bothered.

          Angela seems to be in Wendy’s pocket at the moment.

          I’ve noticed Angela is checking out Wendy’s fb Gayle Fawkes account a lot lately.

          Wendy is as full of bullshit as Angela is.

          Wendy has gotten people threatening me, by telling them I am an ex-social worker/social worker without a shred of evidence and will not produce any, because of course, I’ve never been and am not a social worker.

          Tina Mcguire fb from Jersey purportedly living in Wales, is another really violent, vile piece of crap, she’s a convicted poisoner. Very dangerous. This is the ilk of these people.

          Sharon “BOB” Back Of the Bus Chesterman even today has pointed out someone she believes is me in her shared video from over 2 years ago.

          This is the video she gave to the group set up to harass me last Summer run by Gayle Fawkes/WENDY BARFORD and Brenda Mc Namara.

          BOB has accused me of going to Parliament last week 29th April, hiding behind bushes and taking a photo of her! Evidently according to the super sleuth I travelled all the way from Brighton to London to do so.

          Another Narcissist, as is Wendy Barford.

          Give me a break, as if I really would go from Brighton to London to take a photo of that ugly bitch?

          Really, really??

          Haven’t been to Brighton for ages!!!

          Says I am Mentally Ill, bullying me, yet purports to be against all ABUSE!

          Bunch of hypocrites ALL of them.

          Gayle Fawkes Exposures or Exposes is another group the sad Chav Wendy Barford/Gayle Fawkes has on fb, again lots of incorrect posts on there about me.

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        • Fawkes is another who ignorantly claims the Official Secrets Act somehow means all manner of crimes are covered up by the Royal Family,MPs etc.

          These people can’t even do the most basic research or they would know the Act is fucking well non-compulsory and is only used when national security is involved and even then the media can decide if they will publish or not.

          Of course if they think the security of the country is at risk the media will comply but can you imagine if they were told to cover-up a child abuse matter?. Journalists would be trampled in the crush to get to their computers and get the tale out asap.

          I hate these frigging ignorant creeps !

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          • No I haven’t reported any of them to the Police, but now I know how to screenshot, I’m building up quite a dossier on all the “not so clever clogs”.

            I just might in future.

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          • Correction :
            I meant D-Notices not the Official Secrets Act which is remiss of me seeing I signed the OSA myself in 1977 because of 3 month job I had of no consequence.
            But that just goes to show what idiots these people really are as they made the same mistake when they always claim that “VIP pedophile rings” are covered up via D-Notices which are voluntary although the media usually comply. They didn’t once though when Harold Wilson decided to sue a newspaper for ignoring a D-Notice but his government lost the case.

            At least my excuse is old age and pending senility. What excuse do they have?

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          • Fanny Adams
            May 7, 2017 at 8:38 am

            “The McCann’s should sue Angela Power and Wendy Barford for their houses.”

            LOL- angies den would need 10’s of thousands in repairs (ciggy burns in carpet,walls and probably the ceiling in order to render it habitable by anyone else who doesn’t want to die of lung cancer within weeks of moving in)- current evaluation, would need more money to buy a pack of angies favourite fags…..

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        • Oh yeah!

          She’s creeping around him, has done for at least 6 months.

          Bet ya my house she doesn’t attend his court case in Manchester due to take place over 2 days, tomorrow 8th and Tuesday 9th May.

          She has no excuse not to attend.

          Wendy can’t get off her lardy arse to travel from Essex to London, so the Manchester support won’t happen.

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        • Last time I saw a Youtube video of this goose was at an eviction where he was screaming at the local plods: “have you taken your oath of office today”.
          Last seen he was being led off to a Paddy Wagon in a much more humble mood.

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    • “A paedophile wife”?. Why, because she married a man 20 years younger than her? What sick minds they have.
      Apparently there’s an Irish woman in Oldcastle, Ireland who is well into her prime and is known to grope young American chaps. Wonder if Gayle Fawkes knows who she is?

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        • No they didn’t have an affair when he was 14 (although in France that means nothing)- he courted her when he was 14. They have never discussed their sex life because it’s no-one elses business but the internet has invented it’s own scenario.
          My Irish grandfather was 18 when he got his future wife pregnant at 15 but they stayed together until they both died. Life can be complicated.

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    • Why doesn’t anyone involved in politics have to be somehow connected to the Rothschilds and paedophilia. These idiots see paedos where-ever they look which to me says a lot about them.

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  7. Has this Yolande Kenward person publicly promoted the Hampstead Hoax, or is she primarily a conspiranoid former associate of person who have? Did she participate in the terroristic invasion & harassment – oops, I mean – the “protest-vigils”?

    During these council elections was there any sign of co-ordinated, sexual slander ‘fake news’ stories or campaigning, targeted to discredit specific candidates or the process itself? I couldn’t find any evidence of that, in the mainstream media reporting about those elections. I’m hopeful there will be no such shenanigans during the upcoming parliamentary elections either.

    I think its very fortunate, that several MPs with an obsession for slinging unsubstantiated sex crime allegation slander around have shot their feet off via their own scandalous behaviour or outrageous campaign rhetoric & subsequent electoral losses, (I’m thinking of Tom Watson, Simon Danczuk and Zac Goldsmith in particular), also that fake news site Exaro crashed & burned, and that some high-profile VIP pedophile ring investigations were ultimately exposed as baseless fantasies.
    Because during 2015, I had serious concerns that subsequent UK elections might be saturated with and sabotaged by pretty much what we saw played out in the US election.

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    • Spiny Norman
      May 7, 2017 at 7:54 am

      may is the 5th month-5 and seven- the number between them is 6!!!

      2017- 20 minus 17 is 3, its the second group of numbers in the line so multiply by 2 and you get 6!!!!!

      7:54- counting backwards they have obviously left out a number (shown by the 🙂 which is 7…6…5…4- see its 6!!!!11!!1

      there are 3 groups of numbers, all equaling 6 ie 666!!!!!!

      Spiny is in reality Beelzebub himself posting in disguise!!!11one!1!

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      • Hey, sonny, before you sneak off…

        – There are SIX letters in ‘Steved’.

        – There were SIX paragraphs in your comment.

        – You posted it at 7:54. If you add up those digits, they come to 16. Which ends in…SIX!

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        • cue dramatic music
          Dun Doh Dar……

          Which means I am really Spiny in disguise! (or is it he is me in disguise????)

          But wait- in all three bulletpoints in your post- you have the word SIX in capitals
          So you are emphasising SIX in particular, three times, and three times only

          You are Spiny Norman too !!!eleventyone!!

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      • Blimey – that posted before I had a chance to correct it.! What I was about to say was that my land line number – randomly issued by BT – really does end in ‘666’. I often think that this lot would spontaneously combust if they knew that!!!
        Apologies for above posting – am typing on keyboard on tray on my lap…….

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    • sounds very `sov cit’ish, if so she’s been drinking of that poisoned chalice for a long, long time indeed


      • Are there any positions available in the Grassing Division? I think I’m being had with my monthly 2/6p stipend from GCHQ. The boss reckons I should count myself lucky as the last tea lady had to wash the cars as well.

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  8. I so love that in that Facebook exchange posted they all agree that they have all been accused of being bonkers or threatened with sectioning.
    It’s like the inmates of the Seriously Deranged Ward at the Fruitloop Mental Health facility have all met in the canteen to discuss how it’s the doctors and nurses who are mad and they are the sane ones.

    Yolande will have her work cut out for her if she wins a seat seeing she’s taking on responsibility, immigration and the NHS and child care.I suggest she join forces with that other Kent personality Matt Taylor and form their own party: UKIP2 ( Uninformed Kreepy Insane Persons).

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    • Funny how the “Mother”, and I use that term very loosley, chose to move into that area and presumably chose the school. As if by magic, it just happened to be one of the cult satanic Baby munching Pedophile Ring schools in the area, operated by RD. You couldn’t make this stupidity up, oh wait, you can, and THEY did. Only a bunch of real morons could believe in any of Abraham and Ella “Speedy Gonzalez” Gareeva’s ridiculous bollocks. The whole thing is a giant plot hole at every turn, a load of NONCE-SENSE made up by the drug addled brain of child abuser and lifelong criminal Abraham Jemal Christie!

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      • Yes, if this were a novel it would be sent back for major rewrite. There are plot holes you could drive a train through. As you say, could only have been dreamt up by a pair of criminal stoners.

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    • Yes, we seem to have her on the back foot—she’s currently squirming and trying to avoid the question. Interesting that neither she nor Abe seems able to provide an answer to this very simple question.

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    • Doesn’t she know Dolly’s mum is as mad as a March hare?. OK I made that up but why in the hell would anyone take notice of Dolly Parton’s mum? Has she been infused with special wisdom that ordinary mortals have been denied because her daughter is a successful country singer?

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  9. The Lyrical content is deeply Offensive, but then again, so is everything Mr Sharty Pants says and does.
    Personally I think the song sums him up, probably should have removed a few vulgar lines, but hey.


  10. Wendy Barford aka gayle fawkes and Angela Power didn’t get the French President they wanted.

    Macron won!

    Silly mares…

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  11. Pizzaloons! I replied to someone who said that James Alefantis and John Podesta were abusing and killing children and this is what I got in return. LOL!

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  12. Awww, Krisite Sue’s pride has been hurt, it seems. And running away and raging about it on Farcebook is so much easier than actually answering Snake’s question 😀

    Here’s what she’s posted on her ‘Believe the Children [except when they retract their allegations, of course]’ page:

    Believe The Children
    6 May at 21:31 ·

    Happy Saturday all!

    This post is directed at those attacking our admins on a personal level as well as our position on the Hampstead Cover Up. First, I’d like to take a moment to re-affirm our position on this case, we are NOT associated with the mother of the two children, Ella Gareeva. While we volunteer our support for her case, she has been timid to trust too many people since she has been the victim of massive infiltration attempts, we understand her lack of confidence and trust in activists has been hard to overcome. We do not push her to support our work, we only hope the fruits of our labors will help bring awareness to her case. We believe her children’s testimonies and the rest of the evidence in her case, thus the name of our page…We support this mother in her hope and attempts to see her children again and legally regain custody.

    There have been many activists who have failed in their attempts to undermine this case. Our main antagonists are associates of the father’s, including the father himself at a website called “Hoaxtead Research”. This website was set up to harass and intimidate supporters of the children and their mother. We are heavily monitored by this group, this is expected.

    One supporter that has attempted to undermine this case is Angela Power Disney who came out September 2016 saying she had received intel about the mother being complicit in her children’s abuse and a member of the cult. We knew this was not true due to the children’s testimonies where they said their mother was not a member and she did not abuse them. The children made this very clear and their body language showed they were telling the truth plus their love for their mother was very apparent in their videos. We took a stand against this attempt to undermine the mother as well as the children’s testimonies by showing evidence to the contrary. Our first stand, titled “Panem & Circenses” was written on 17 Sep 2016., three short days after Angela’s video came out on 14 Sept. 2016 telling us about how hacked computers gave evidence of Ella being the ring leader of the cult, not the father. Our second stand against Angela with more evidence of her lies and attempts to discredit the case was on 3 Feb, 2017 in a post titled “Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right” (

    Since these posts were written, Sonya and I have been attacked by Angela calling me a “LIAR” when she is the person who lied about Ella and her complicity. She’s spoken about me in several of her videos that I won’t link as they are painfully long and completely untrue anyway. It’s not my fault she’s an idiot and can’t read a DATE on a post when it was written. It’s not my fault she listens to our opposition when they send her messages then agrees with them. It’s not my fault her reputation is being called into question, she’s the one that threw Ella under the bus. It makes one wonder what side she’s on, is she now considered opposition to the Hampstead case? Indeed. Yet she calls herself the “face of the Hampstead case”, which is completely laughable, the children are the faces of the Hampstead cover up. She has nothing to do with the Hampstead case, the mother straight up disassociated herself from Angela in April 2016 in a video titled, “Hampstead Cover Up illuminati Cult Child Abuse & Psyop Agents Exposed” Angela being one of the psyop agents they exposed.

    Angela has recently accused me of being a CIA operative…I laugh while typing that. Angela, please ask yourself this question, would the CIA take the side of the mother in this case? Would the CIA stand up against all of the other alphabet agencies involved in this case? Would the CIA block a video in the UK and NOT the US? Think about that for a moment. And think about that the next time you push Arthur Charbel Kaoutal to speak out against Sonya and I.

    Angela has a reputation among the ‘truther’ community of having whistleblowers sectioned, arrested or murdered. One such sectioning was a friend of mine in Australia, Arthur Kaoutal. Due to Angela’s influence and prodding, Arthur has decided Sonya and I are ‘Candle Holders’ for the royal family. Angela telephoned Arthur while he was in the mental facility.

    Within this phone call, Arthur claims Sonya to be “the wickedest woman he’s ever come across”. Is it ‘wicked’ to stand up to blatant LIES while supporting the mother in this case? Is it ‘wicked’ to believe the children’s testimonies that their mother was not in involved in their abuse? Is it ‘wicked’ to take the stand for truth against all that would believe Angela’s ‘intel’? No, it is NOT.

    It is amazing to me that these people can put out lies about us and not expect us to fight back. That we get harassed for defending the mother, Ella, tells us that there are massive forces working to destroy any person who dares stand for truth. I believe the children, that’s the reason I created this page. I highly doubt HRH Queen Elizabeth or her agents would believe the children. Don’t you, Arthur and Angela? Your campaign to discredit us, will not work, any THINKING human being can see who the liars are. As Abraham has said, and I quote, “Like all who sip at the poisoned chalice that is the Hampstead Cover Up with IGNOBLE INTENT they shall reap what they sow.”

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    • Quote of the Week?
      “Any normal person can see they were telling the truth.”
      LMAO! XD
      Oh, these fruitloops crack me up!


    • “We are NOT associated with the mother of the two children, Ella Gareeva”

      Funny, that’s not what she said during the Audi fiasco, when she stated categorically that Ella had been in touch with her to confirm that she was “100% certain” that both of her children were in that commercial. Oops!


    • I see they’re back to claiming that this blog is run by Ricky Dearman. It was the CIA last week, Sheva Burton the week before that, MI5 the week before that, a satanic cult the week before that and and the UK government the week before that…I think they’re all on a rota and the next change is due Tuesday. LOL


    • “We are heavily monitored by this group, this is expected.”

      As opposed to Kristie Sue, who doesn’t closely monitor the wrongly accused, RD’s family and everyone who disputes the Hampstead hoax. Oh wait.


    • And speaking of headless chickens, I note that Kristie Sue is STILL claiming that Angela is one of us. Yup. That’s Kristie Sue, who was an avid supporter and ally of Angela’s until Angie hurt her pride and they fell out. Awww.


    • It’s actually quite sad. Some dame in mid-America thinks surfing the net is investigative research and that she is so important a variety of government secret agencies (but only the ones she’s seen in dramatic TV shows) have the time to harass her when in reality and in the scheme of things she is a complete non-entity.
      I would venture that even in the country town she lives in she is known as one of the town’s local nutters to be avoided and has therefore sought out relevance online.

      And the “oh woe is me” attitude from these dickheads that write outrageous false accusations accusing all & sundry of the vilest crimes on the planet and set out to make the lives of dozens of innocent people a living hell, when their false claims are shot down in flames by reality such as a court case, they scream they are being trolled.

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