Brian Pead arrested…again

It’s been some time since we had news about Sabine McNeill’s convicted paedophile friend Brian Pead, but we learned yesterday that he has been arrested yet again, on another breach of restraining order.

Mr Pead, who is prevented by restraining order from contacting his daughter or grand-daughter, has a long history of alleging that he is the victim of police corruption.

In a recent “open letter” to London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, Mr Pead enumerated any number of ways in which he believes he has been maltreated.

In relation to his current circumstances, he wrote:

I do not think it will have escaped you that I mentioned earlier that a Restraining Order was issued against me contrary to the rule of law on 01 November 2011 for a period of 18 months.

I regret to inform you that the Police are still claiming that it is active. No paperwork to support their lies is ever produced. I am also presently banned from the entire London Borough of Bexley (where my family live) because the police are perpetuating the myth that I am a danger to my family and that they need protecting. The only people my family need protecting from are corrupt police officers.

It seems that Mr Pead’s daughter would beg to differ.

Over the years, Mr Pead has found multiple creative ways to breach the order prohibiting him from contacting his daughter and grand-daughter, including recruiting unwitting accomplices to hand-deliver written material to their address. This time, he managed to dupe an 83-year-old associate of the controversial millionaire farmer Tony Martin, who in 1999 shot dead a teenager who was burgling his home, and seriously injured his accomplice. Mr Pead convinced the elderly lady to write to his daughter on his behalf. When the police turned up at her residence, they were able to arrest Mr Pead, and collected a mass of evidence.

Surprising as it may seem, when he is not being arrested and cooling his heels in custody, Mr Pead acts as a McKenzie friend, accompanying people to court in order to not represent them at all, no, no—and he most definitely did not respond to a judge’s query as to whether he was acting as counsel to the accused by stating yes, because that would have been impersonating a barrister, and that would have been a very, very bad thing.

No, he said he was a “counsellor“, but the judge misheard him. It was all a stitch-up, not Mr Pead’s fault at all.

In fact, Mr Pead has stated in his letter to Commissioner Dick, that he is completely not guilty of “allegedly impersonating a barrister (I have acted lawfully as a McKenzie Friend for Tony Martin and others) – when I have never spoken on another person’s behalf in Court, I have never worn a wig or gown in Court and never portrayed myself as a barrister at all”.

Nor, he states, was he guilty of the crime for which he was convicted, “the incitement of a female aged 14 to engage in sexual activity (s.10 Sexual Offences Act 2003) – there never was a female and the SOA requires there to have been a ‘Person B’ to have been incited”. In fact, the “Person B” in the case was an undercover police officer. 

Mr Pead is currently in custody in Bromley, Kent. We will continue to follow this story.

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  1. “In fact, the “Person B” in the case was an undercover police officer. ”

    So the US custom of entrapment is recognised in British law?

    Strange and scary.


    • Others may correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s considered legitimate in most jurisdictions to plant undercover officers in places where paedophiles congregate online, so long as they do not play an active role. That is, the suspect must contact the officer, not vice versa; and the officer may not make any mention of sex—that must come from the suspect.

      Entrapment would occur if the officer sought out the suspect, and if the officer solicited the suspect for a sexual encounter.

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      • It’s not a police action I endorse but you are correct : an officer posing as a teen cannot introduce talk of sex- it must be initiated by the suspect and a strict procedure must follow where the ‘child’ does not agree or encourage the ‘perp’ but allows the flow of conversation to go where it will.

        Remember all of this is recorded obviously and is available for the defense so if the officer were found to be initiating or encouraging the defendant to commit a crime the case could easily get thrown out.

        It’s a sign of the times & the internet where people seem to throw all caution to the wind and feel embolden to throw off the constraints that normally stop then acting foolishly.
        Pead- just another nutter and part of Bellend’s Crackpot Army.

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        • Ghost of Sam is correct (I think I posted on this before): entrapment in the sense of an undercover officer urging a defendant to commit a crime (“sell me some drugs” “no, I’m out of that game” “oh, gwan gwan gwan gwan gwan, I really need it” “oh, all right, I’ll see what I can do”) is not legal. But setting a passive trap and seeing if anyone enters it is not. The obvious example is the bait car or lorry. Just park it, see if someone breaks in. Nothing has been done to encourage them. The leading case is R v Christou where the Met set up a fake jewellers’ shop and recorded customers coming in to sell second hand jewellry and in that way received evidence (on concealed camera) that it was stolen in burglaries. The Met did nothing to encourage the burglaries which had already happened. The defence argued it was entrapment but failed at 1st instance and appeal.
          Pead went on a chatroom, met a girl who said she was 14, exchanged a few posts, then offered her £300 for oral sex. ‘She’ did nothing to encourage him, though obviously nothing to deter him, ‘she’ just responded to his lead, which ended in him offering to meet her at a tube station. Pead’s defences have varied, initailly that he was doing research for his qualification as a children’s counsellor, and more recently that he was a whistleblower, because with his incisive mind he had realised the “girl” was a fake, and concurrently, that it was a trap by the Met to stop him revealing the truth about his dismissal from work. Which I suppose is where we came in.

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          • ^ it’s interesting. Must say I’m not sure that I’m entirely comfortable even with that limited use of entrapment that is currently allowed under UK law, and certainly wouldn’t be if we went down the US route. Then again, I guess some degree of entrapment has to be permissible to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks and so on.

            I commented elsewhere on this blog recently (unfortunately I can’t find the post – I find it very difficult to follow discussions on this blog at times) in a discussion about conspiracy theories re the proven (official) report that showed that a high % of ‘terrorists’ during the Northern Ireland troubles were actually working for state intelligence all along. Of course, the conspiraloons on the net aren’t interested in official research or reports, they prefer their tales of UFO’s, baby-eating Satanists in Hampstead, faked moon landings and so on!


          • One advantage of the exchanges being online is that it is all recorded, every `word’ uttered is available to both prosecution and defence, so any entrapment is also recorded and would nullify any prosecution- this is imho good

            I shudder to think of what the undercover people got up to re IRA- I am not accusing them all- or even a majority of being corrupt, but certainly as they basically ran completely unrecorded it comes down to I said, he said with no supporting evidence, I personally am of the belief that there was the almost certainty of various people being subjected to entrapment at various illicit meetings etc by undercover personnel in the belief that the ends justified the means


  2. Very positive announcement by Facebook:

    “The social network is making it impossible to repost or share intimate images of people thought to have been uploaded without their permission once they have been identified as such and removed”.

    This implies, they are capable of permanently blocking the reposting of hoaxtead related images…

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      • Scott’s nurse has already issued an alert for Mr Gerbert as he escaped a secure unit this morning after hiding his medication under his tongue. She said if he comes back today he will still get his favourite desert tonight.

        Mind you the Podesta art collection is very disturbing as you can see in this famous 17th Century work by Rembrandt which was removed from Comet Pizza walls when the scandal broke. So many unanswered questions :
        Is that the little girl’s father? where is her Mummy? Buried in the garden?
        Why is there a fire in the house on a sunny day?
        are there satanists in that jet and where are they going? what is on the in-flight meal menu?
        How did Rembrandt know that one day there would be automobiles? Did an Illuminati witch tell him during an orgy?
        Why did Rembrandt steal Leo DaVinci’s plans that accurately describe an areoplane?. How did Leo know here would be planes? Another Freemason?
        Why did Scott change his name from Scott Gerbil?

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        • Lmao, too funny. I think that Plane may be Epstein’s Lolita Express flying overhead, and those clouds are clearly an acid rain attack or chemtrail related.
          Which brings me to the worlds most annoying man, EVER!

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          • Yes. Well…
            It would be possible to “debunk” at least 75% of what that twit ranted about, but doing so in itself becomes a game for them. SOME of these conspiratards WANT you to engage them in an endless cycle of accusations and refutations, so they can falsely paint you as a “cover-up agent” or “pedophile defender” to their audience, i.e., “why is this person devoting so much time and energy to refuting these allegations – what are they trying to hide?”. I’m sure you understand.

            In the long run, it may be more important to understand & expose the answer to this question: “why are so many of the ‘elite pedophile conspiracy’ whistleblowers, convicted child sex abusers themselves?”. I promise to come back to that sometime this weekend. Watch for it here 🙂

            For now, let’s look at our friend “y…tracy’s” very legitimate question about the Elm Guest House register/ guest list/ legal records. Yes, there should have been some legal record of who booked rooms or stayed over as guests in that place during its brief period of operation (about 3 years, only).
            I think everyone accepts that there might have been reasons why the proprieters could have been lax about this, not least of which being the very simple problem of closeted gay men visiting an openly gay-friendly guesthouse fearing potential “outing”. And so, no one questions the idea that guests might have “signed in” using just a first name or perhaps a pseudonym.
            But I was able to uncover the names of 3 persons who were openly gay at that time, who by their own words had stayed there. They were all quite unremarkable persons, in fact one of them was working in some kind of call-centre at that time. Certainly not “elites”, celebrities, or persons of power & influence.
            None of their names appear on the infamous “guestlist”. Why not? If the infamous list represented the actual records kept by the proprietors, then their names ought to appear on it – in one form or another – because I can document that they DID stay there, but apparently that’s not the case.
            The names of famous, or infamous, persons are said to have been decoded out of simple first names like “John” or pseudonyms like “Kitty” – no one has claimed for example that Cyril Smith signed in by writing “CYRIL SMITH” on a guest register. Supposedly, the decoded names were provided to a whistleblower by a proprietor before they died (a lie), but if so, and if everyone who ever stayed there did so for the purpose of abusing children as has been alleged, why don’t the decoded names of those 3 persons appear on the list? They would be presumed to be child abusers – surely the whistleblowers would have wanted to publicize their names, even if they didn’t know who they were, so that they could be and would be investigated?

            Nope. “The list” wasn’t derived from any genuine records of the management that may ever have existed. It was created by writing out a list of persons the list makers WANTED TO IMPLICATE, and then falsely claiming those persons could be and were “decoded” out of such records.

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          • Now you have got my blood pressure up again.

            The revolting Paul Joseph Watson who is a “reporter” for the disgusting Alex Jones & operates from a basement in the Battersea.
            I simply cannot believe this video as it’s dated 5th April 2017 yet everything (and everyone) has been debunked yet this toad acts as though it’s all still happening.

            “Nick” : the fantasist who falsely accused Harvey Proctor and Ted Heath (who loathed each other) and the war hero Lord Brammal who fought in WW2 so scumbags like Watson can talk freely.

            John Mann MP : an opportunist who made extremely damaging claims in Parliament about a (non-existent) ‘Westminster pedo ring” (Elm House etc) yet who as a councillor on Lambeth Council was totally ignorant to organized child abuse in the borough and often in council property under his nose. Now gone silent.

            Ian McFayden: a self admitted ex-rent boy who says he was a drug abuser who had no problem viciously assaulting anyone who crossed him and has re-invented himself as a “child abuse campaigner’ yet no-one has ever been charged or convicted over his claims (the head teacher at his school was convicted for child abuse but McFayden did not feature.)
            His spectacles and accountant style look bely a man who is not to be crossed and issues threats via Twitter to people to “meet up with him and sort it out man to man”.
            Tom Watson MP called him a “narcissistic bully.”
            McFayden also issued threat to survivor advocate Graham Wilmer OBE.

            Peter McKelvie: another self appointed child abuse campaigner who inveigled his way onto the Vatican and Pope Francis’ committee to look into child abuse within the Catholic Church. McKelvie appeared on the Australian TV show 60 Minutes and attacked No 2 at the Vatican Cardinal George Pell calling him a psychopath on zilch proof.
            McKelvie was told to resign from that committee or face a massive libel action, sacking and deportation from Italy (and co-incidentally another who claims he was abused as a child but no-one has ever been convicted for this)

            # the Oz 60 Minutes has been thoroughly debunked as it ‘sources’ were the infamous ‘Nick’ and a woman who says Ted Heath abused her, and an Australia House in London “chauffeur” who backed her story and claimed he regularly drove VIPs to the Elm Guest House in the official Australian Rolls Royce.

            Except it turned out after official records were presented to the media that he had never been a ‘chauffeur’ for Oz House but a driver hired for 3 days only when the regular driver was sick and that the official car then was a Mercedes and Oz House had only purchased their first Rolls Royce in 2014 for the current Oz High Commissioner Alexander Downer (very much his style)

            # this is interesting as so many ( all the above) tried to jump aboard the The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) and have been rejected and actually are the ones who have caused the terrible delays into a very important Inquiry.

            Paul Joseph Watson demonstrates that no matter what the truth and evidence is, you can simply re-write recent history for a gormless YouTube audience.

            For your enjoyment : this is The Hon Alexander Downer current High Commissioner for Australia, donning fishnets supposedly for a charity event in Oz when he was a politician. What an odd country I have landed in!

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          • Justin and GOS Great info.
            Shame Jones and Watson are nowhere near as well informed, but then they wouldn’t have anything to report on. Watson said in a video on infowars he has been researching this for the last 10-15 years, lol.

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          • “SOME of these conspiratards WANT you to engage them in an endless cycle of accusations and refutations, so they can falsely paint you as a “cover-up agent” or “pedophile defender” to their audience, i.e., “why is this person devoting so much time and energy to refuting these allegations – what are they trying to hide?”. I’m sure you understand. ”

            Yep, it’s similar to the type of arguments holocaust deniers use.

            “Hey, I’m just asking questions! Are you saying I can’t ask questions? Maybe you are the real Nazi!” etc

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          • ^ I remember watching that 60 Minutes programme, which as you rightly say has been completely debunked (admittedly I was then still in believing mode regarding tales of vast ‘VIP’ abuse networks). I asked an Aussie acquaintance if he had seen the programme, he bluntly responded saying he hadn’t watched 60 Minutes in years as he considered it tabloidy rubbish!

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          • ^ Another point about the Elm Guest House is that it was on the wrong side of the river. A real VIP CSA network, if one existed, would surely have used a larger and posher hotel, and one closer to the Palace of Westminister.

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          • GOS -Alex Downer was considered a pratt by most ozzies, born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has never done a days work in his entire life- so of course a natural politician…

            And as for 60 minutes- it WAS at one time, considered a frontline media source….
            That was back in the 80’s tho, these days, well most (LOL- OK all…) of its `stories’ are indeed just that- lightweight made up tales, they are only one (very small) step above the `I’m having Bigfoots baby’ and `UFO molested my cat’ type rags these days (Poor old George Negus must cringe every time a 60min add appears on tv these days)


          • Indeed Ghost of Sam, the delays in the IICSA have been largely caused by infighting and jockeying amongst ‘survivors’ or individuals and/or groups claiming to represent survivors, with various people looking to appoint themselves ‘the best survivor ever’.


          • @Steved

            That’s more or less what my Aussie acquaintance said, he said 60 Minutes hasn’t been considered a serious investigative programme for 20 years or so.


          • I know its hard to believe, but at one time 60Minutes was actually a well known investigative program, it won many awards for the quality of its investigations over the years
            That was then and now is now, and unfortunately it is nothing more these days than a cheap scandal sheet ripoff- anything for ratings and to hell with actually investigating

            Like I said, I bet poor old George Negus and the rest of the earlier crew must cringe when they see what its become…


        • It is a very little known fact that in the heady summer of 1634 during his “right off my tits” period the young Rembrandt and his pals would gather ergot from nearby wheat fields and throw shapes to orchestral baroque beats until the break of dawn.That was his high watermark and it was all downhill after that wasting away the rest of his life on the golden age of the Dutch masters and other commercial tat.

          Parental advisory:The underlying metaphore and deeper symbolic significance of the brown door is best not discussed prior to the 9 pm watershed.

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          • We all know Rembrandt despite his rather dour supposed history was a real swinger and probably a regular on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet. Don’t forget he lived in Amsterdam for some time and we know the Dutch are real ravers and spend all their time in the Red Light district.
            And yes, that is a very nice pussy there but what does it mean?

            # it’s bizarre that Alex Jones’ hack Paul Joseph Watson has posted a video just now about Jeffery Epstein with the usual rant about Bill Clinton yet completely ignores the fact that the current US president Donald Trump was a regular passenger on Epstein’s plane and who described Epstein recently as a great bloke while refusing to condemn him.

            Jones and Watson are Trump fans with an amazing ability to cherry pick what they choose to believe. Or are they engaging in a “look over there, not here” exercise?

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  3. “In the long run, it may be more important to understand & expose the answer to this question: “why are so many of the ‘elite pedophile conspiracy’ whistleblowers, convicted child sex abusers themselves?”.”

    Simple, they’re trying to deflect attention away from themselves by projecting their own guilt onto others. The “forward facing” part of this operation seems to be organised so that any ordinary person happening upon the “whistleblower” phenomena will find something dominated by mentally ill people, crooks and actual child abusers themselves. In this way any genuine whistleblower victim or concerned party becomes just a part of the mix. The baby gets thrown out with the bathwater in other words. The other thing I notice is that so many of them are stoners. I’ve heard it said that most of the genuine child abuse and people trafficking in general links to organised crime, modern slavery and the trade in drugs and illegal pornography which is the only really profitable kind these days.

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    • I agree, Peas certainly tries to turn everything back on his accusers (he recently alleged that his MP, who had given him a lot of support, must be a paedophile if he stopped supporting him) But I also think they get off on inventing the paedophile crimes they invent – just like Abe. It’s a kind of porno fan fiction.

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      • “Porno fan fic”—that’s an interesting way to put it. Listening to Abe telling the children what to say on the Jean-Clement video, one has the sense that this is exactly what he’s doing: forcing the children to recite his own fantasies in just the right way.

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        • I made a similar comment a while back, and agree completely. Certainly the kids at that age wouldn’t have had the ideas they were relating, and when you can hear Abe in the background `coaching’ them in what to say, its obvious where the original ideas come from….


    • I’m surprised the infamous debarred barrister Michael Shrimpton hasn’t inserted himself into Hampstead, Despite being busted with child abuse material and for claiming the Germans were about to drop a nuclear bomb on Buckingham Palace (and blow up their cousins?) he seems perfect material for this mob. Perhaps he can represent Brian in court.


  4. As usual, he has some excuse, which Sabine and others will happily believe as long as they can blame the police and court.

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    • …and the sound of hypocrisy, considering the amount of personal, confidential information she’s given out about so many innocent people (including vulnerable children and helpless old age pensioners).

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      • The bloody cheek of the woman. We have never done anything like that and we never would. Pity the same can’t be said about Kristie Sue.

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      • Kristie Sue, I hereby challenge you to show me one single place on this blog where we have published the pictures of any children under the age of 18. We have a very strict policy: no matter who their parents are or what knobs they might be, we do not put up pictures of their children. Ready? Go.

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      • Kristie Sue like nearly everyone of these hoaxers thinks it’s all about HER.
        I bet she gets down on her knees every night and prays to Jeesus for allowing the light to be shone on her.
        The children? Mere pawns in the game.

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    • The people that believe in Pizzagate get so angry when the story gets debunked. Surely they should be pleased that the story is false and yet they have an internal desire for the story to be true.

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      • “No one wants Pizzagate to be real”, “we wish it was fake news”, springs to mind.
        They don’t want people ruining their perverted little satanic, pineal gland, baby munching child sex fantasies.

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      • Yes, just like those who were waiting outside the courthouse when Mrs Justice Pauffley brought down her judgement, and were utterly enraged that no one had sexually abused the children.

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    • I’m fascinated by this alleged elite Hollywood ring of pedos. In the 70s as a wide-eyed youth in LA I met an actor who was the son of 2 legendary 40s movie stars whose parents, unlike many, stayed together until their respective deaths and who had made excellent investments and become very wealthy so this young actor didn’t really have to pursue his career.

      Unlike his many friends he had never taken drugs which proliferated in California as they did throughout all the USA but was often used as an example that the movie business corrupted people. Reality was of course that more drugs were available in LA because there was more money there hence it attracted pushers.
      Hanging out with him was fascinating as he had carte blanche into every Hollywood institution and studio which meant being able to tour the back lots etc without going the usual tourist route.

      I had dabbled with acting and had had a few minor jobs and one night we discussed the ‘casting couch’ situation which he said was very real but it was in almost every business – the notion the rich can use sex as a bargaining chip – but it was maybe more powerful in Hollywood as the rewards were so much greater : incredible wealth and fame.
      He said he could reel off the names of major stars who jumped into bed with powerful producers etc, gay or straight and such was the lure of fame budding stars had no qualms whatsoever.
      Who was using who?

      He did say however nothing was ever forced. It seems to me the two Coreys in that video probably went down that route as a choice (which does not condone the idea the powerful can exert pressure) but it was their choice and they could have said no. They both seem to have become embittered as their careers basically stalled as they aged and because they both heavily indulged in drugs especially cocaine which seems to make people believe they are all powerful. When reality hits and their careers stall, they look for others to blame.

      My pals advice if contemplating going that way? Get the contract signed first.

      These days it is entirely different and anyone can be sued for sexual harassment and when real acting talent turns up producers fight each other off to sign them up.
      Actors are now the real power in LA as a name can guarantee funding and big box office takings.

      The two Coreys were talking about a world that no longer existed. It wasn’t nice at the time and it was immoral but no-one was forced to participate. They could always go back to the small town they came from.
      There are probably still sharks around that prey on the 1000s of youngsters who flock to Hollywood with stars in their eyes (one reason you actually see more good looking people per capita than anywhere on Earth) but LA also attracts the flakes & nutcases by the truck load.


    • Brian seems to be a Major Bumbler in every enterprise he undertakes even when trying to meet up with an under-aged teen for sex.
      No wonder his family don’t want him around and want to keep their own children as far away as possible from the top nutcase. A perfect recruit for Bellend’s Barmy Army.


  5. Of all the people i didn’t expect to fall for the Hampstead hoax, i wouldn’t expect to see Danny Shine come out and talk about it. Having bought into the Baldwin case and using Hampstead as a means to prove it real. Blocked and deleted as a friend.

    As a Jewish man, i’d expect he would have seen how most parts of the apparent cult bullshit story seemed to be made from lots of bullshit written about Jews over history, such as Blood Libels and other nonsense.

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  6. i see that Kristie Sue is still getting her latest scoops from this fine blog:. She’s finally caught up on the tragic demise of Aaron Dover, thanks to EC’s post:

    is it just me or is it bizarre that none of Aaron’s “friends” knew he’d passed away?

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  7. Another well made (cough) informative and truthful documentary from Ste Murray, coming soon! Now doubt Hampstead will feature in this.

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  8. There’s a strange fantasy world that appears to exist inside Alanson and Ogilvy’s head. There are no comments from Alanson on here and not in a million years did Ogilvy do anything on Holliehoax sites other than make a complete knobhead of himself. But in their heads they’re fully fledged Kinghts Templar of the Holy order of Hoaxteadia!

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    • Breathe, Elizabeth…breathe. That’s it, luv. You alright now? Yes, I’m afraid there isn’t a gigantic satanic baby-munching paedophile ring involving half of Hampstead. Sorry to disappoint you, luv. This must be such a blow to your twisted fantasies. Are you going to be ok?

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      • People like Elizabeth will never be ok unless they get some much needed medication. They live in a constant state of paranoia.

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  9. ” I do not think it will have escaped you that I mentioned earlier that a Restraining Order was issued against me contrary to the rule of law on 01 November 2011 for a period of 18 months.

    I regret to inform you that the Police are still claiming that it is active. No paperwork to support their lies is ever produced. I am also presently banned from the entire London Borough of Bexley (where my family live) because the police are perpetuating the myth that I am a danger to my family and that they need protecting. The only people my family need protecting from are corrupt police officers.”

    Interesting use of words- commonly used by FOTL believers. Be interesting to see if he is going down that particular path

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      • They surely do EC
        I’m wading through some of his many (many many many) submissions to various committees, officials etc

        (One thing I did have a bit of a giggle over is like another well known FMOTL guru Robert Menard, his address is `My postal address is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I do not live there – I live in my car’- seems to be a bit of a theme with that breed)

        Another recurring theme he manages to bring up in every submission Ive read so far is his constant promoting of his books- In an official inquiry (IICSA Inquiry) it took him only 3 paragraphs before mentioning his supposedly ghostwritten by him autobiography of a `famous person’ then 9 paragraphs later a mention of another of his books(banned), most of his submission was nothing about the matter at hand (abuse at a group of childrens homes), but a litany of his own issues with the police and prison authorities and namedropping of famous people he’s written to


    • Pead maintains in relation to every order made against him (injunction, bail, restraining order, sexual offence prevention order, community order, reporting requirements) that it’s wrongly made (because he was wrongly convicted) and void so he doesn’t have to comply with it. He does have some FOTL ideas, which is why he always elects to go to the Crown Court, which is actually really bad tactics as the sentences are much higher than in the mags, particularly if you have a tendency to commit contempt of court. I’ve often wondered what is going on in his head, he seems to have lived a blameless life before he returned from retirement in the mid-noughties; his only notoriety was buying up all the Premiership domain names cheap and trying to sell them back at a premium. He’s also a typical FOTLer in that he keeps losing everything but his conviction that he’s right, and is very happy to tell the world about it.


  10. Dear Hoaxtead,
    Please accept my apology for my crazy wife’s mendacious posts about imaginary pedos. I had no idea why the house was a mess and the kids were neglected but now I do. Have a heart and don’t name me as a co-defendant due to her unlawful on-line activities or worse, file a lis pendens freezing ALL of my tangible assets…..She broke her promise to stop after the Arthur fiasco upset the neighbors. PLEEEEEEEEEEEESE Don’t SUE me too!


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