The twisted logic of the witch hunters

Here’s a conundrum for you: let’s say you are one of a largish group of people who’ve been falsely accused of doing something terrible. Do you:

  1. Defend yourself, state emphatically that you didn’t do it, and continue to assert your innocence whenever others repeat the false allegations?
  2. Say nothing, keep your head down, pretend it isn’t happening, and hope it will all blow over eventually?

According to Hoaxtead mobsters Kristie Sue Costa and her tiny brainless minion Prey on the Children, it doesn’t matter. No matter whether you choose option 1 or option 2, you are guilty as charged.

There you have it, folks.

“One of the reasons I support the children is because I know the father is conducting his own “its (sic) a hoax” campaign”, says Kristie Sue.

“When satanists come out of their hiding, to scream its (sic) a hoax immediately, you know something is odd. Proof of cover up is proof of guilt”, says PotC.

Setting aside for the moment the bizarre presumption that “the father” or “satanists” run this blog, we find it very interesting that these modern-day witch-hunters seem to believe that anyone who attempts to mount a defence against false allegations is, per se, admitting their guilt.

It reminds us very much of the immortal words of that great hempatarian philosopher Abraham “Spoonman” Christie: “If you’re crying, you’re lying”.

Silence equals assent?

On the other hand, according to the Hoaxtead mobsters, anyone who says or does nothing defend themselves against the false allegations is providing…you got it! Evidence of their own guilt!

The most obvious example, which we’ve heard ad nauseam, is the argument that if the accused members of the imaginary cult were actually innocent, they would prove this to the world at large by displaying their tattoos, or more accurately, their lack of tattoos, to…well, that’s not really clear, actually.

The police? No, they’re in on it. Can’t be trusted.

A physician? No, the “cult members” would just choose one of their own members, and he or she would claim they were all innocent.

A newspaper? Nope, mainstream media can’t be trusted either.

Well, never mind. The fact that the accused haven’t shown their lack of tattoos to someone is a clear indication of their guilt.

The great double bind

Back in the 1950s, a psychologist called Gregory Bateson described something he called a “double bind“: an emotionally distressing dilemma in which an individual (or group) receives two or more conflicting messages, and one message negates the other. This creates a situation in which a successful response to one message results in a failed response to the other (and vice versa), so that the person will automatically be wrong regardless of response. The double bind occurs when the person cannot confront the inherent dilemma, and therefore can neither resolve it nor opt out of the situation.

The classic double bind example, of course, is found in the Salem witch trials: a person suspected of being a witch is bound and thrown into the water. If they float, they are a witch, and must be put to death. If they sink, they are innocent…and dead. No matter what, the outcome will always be the same.

So: if an innocent person or group of people fight back against false allegations, they are obviously guilty. But if they don’t do anything to prove they’re innocent…they are obviously guilty. It’s a nice little game the Hoaxtead mobsters play.

The assumption within the paradox

And then, of course, there is the assumption, embedded in almost everything the Hoaxtead mobsters say, that anyone who stands up for the accused must obviously be one of the accused. In the examples above, we are all either RD or satanists (or both).

How do Kristie Sue, Prey on the Children, and their little friends know this?

Why, it’s because we defend the accused! Obviously.

The idea that people who are completely unrelated to the case, some of whom have never even set foot in the UK, let alone in Hampstead, would decide to stand up for another group of people they’d never met, just because it’s the right thing to do, seems utterly incomprehensible to people like Kristie Sue and PotC.

Never mind that neither of them has ever met the two wanted criminals whose actions they so diligently defend. That’s different!

Because in the twisted, illogical minds of the Hoaxtead witch hunters, anyone who stands up for the accused is obviously one of the accused. And if they defend themselves, or if they don’t defend themselves, the outcome will always be the same: guilty. So build that bonfire high, boys. We got us some witch-burnin’ to do!


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      • Yes, that is what I meant – still can’t see it, but I’m putting that down to incompetence on my part, as I’m sure it’s there somewhere. Contrary to the impression I might have projected, I’m very much happier when observing ‘things’ from the wings. A ‘Like’ button is a blessing for the dominant aspect of my personality, which is the introvert.
        Respect to you for what you are doing, for it needs to be done.

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  1. Very nicely laid bare – the underlying truth of the matter. Thank you!

    I’m going to suggest a couple of my own rantings for further reading:
    The Politics of Unconditional Belief
    Apolitical Disbelief

    This second one goes into detail about some people’s fanatically irrational belief that their own intuitive “hunches” are infallible, and how they will twist & contort, lie & distort any information they encounter, to make it somehow conform with and appear to validate their own intuitive perception. Up to, and including, actively harming the very children they may claim to be ‘defending’.

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    • Just read the two pieces—brilliant work, thanks! I highly recommend them to anyone here, as I think they spell things out very clearly.


  2. “A newspaper? Nope, mainstream media can’t be trusted either.”

    …Except when it fits the troofhoaxer narrative, of course. Then it’s plastered all over their Farcebook pages!

    Here’s just a random example from the past hour, which took me about 10 seconds to find:

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  3. Are you picking on that nice Detective Costa, EC? Awww. Come on, be fair – when the questioning gets too logical for her, she simply runs away to hide out on her long forgotten ‘Believe the Children’ page, whinge to her last remaining three followers* about how anyone who dares to question her is a “troll” and proclaim once again that Ella is the best mother since the virgin Mary.

    *Incidentally, poor old Barbara appears to have obtained the little girl’s name from the ‘Cookie People’ subtitles on Ella’s latest video performance. Bless

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    • “It’s tempting to want to reply, but that’s exactly what the devil wants to do…tempt you to become less than the light that you are”…awwww…and for a while there, Kristie Sue was thinking that she’d freed herself from her mother’s pathological fundamentalist/evangelical Christian fanaticism! Doesn’t sound like she’s made nearly as much progress as she thinks, does it?

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  4. Angie’s logical prognostications are so discomfiting to the lizard people that they’ve sent a drone in to monitor her.

    Drone overhead? Pssst! Angie – there’s one down here too. Go look in the mirror, luv.

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    • Most likely one of Angie’s neighbours who know she’s a scam artist from way back hoping to get some evidence of her shenanigans.
      Once word gets around that a complete lowlife lives in the area it tends to lower the value of all properties. Angie should check out her local real estate agent’s windows and see who has their house on the market.

      Some snaps taken have landed in my in-tray and the neighbours are right to be suspicious. Her gardening skills can only be appreciated from the air but the drone also picked up what looks to be APD and Heifer sub bathing on the garage roof. No wonder house prices in the area have plummeted.

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  5. Well, it is the only thing they have left to hang onto.

    I suspect they damn well know why the police didn’t get as far as arresting the ‘accused’ (victims) and inspecting them. No evidence to do so being one and it being a load of made up bollocks being another.

    Why do these people decide to ignore evidence when someone is paedophile and instead declare them a whistleblower?

    I came across this earlier, a lot of the usual suspects are there, you would think this type of thing would send alarm bells ringing for those still supporting this hoax. These are the kind of people behind it!

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  6. I have two drones buzzing around here ATM, one each side of my house!!!!

    (not unsurprisingly its the neighbours kids, they were on special down at the supermarket, reduced to $15 down from $19.99 yesterday, there was a rapidly diminishing pile on the specials table when I went down to get milk and bread)

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    • I was down by the beach today and there were several and yes, kids have gone mad about them. Being winter here in Oz there were no topless sunbathing ladies for them to spy on but in a few months…
      I did hear the owner of the drone hovering over Angie’s house has gone into complete meltdown as he inadvertently peaked through the bathroom window as Angie was having a bath.
      His wife thought he was having a stroke but he’s expected to pull through although possibly permanently traumatized.

      I’ve sent this chap around to see Angie..

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      • Did you see our moron of a PM GOS?- `We are going to bring in licensing for drones, it will be mandatory to have a license and follow the regulations we are going to be introducing to increase the safety of the aviation industry’

        I PMSL, there were literally dozens being sold at the local shopping center, under $20- and every single one of those is going to be getting a lisc???? or is there going to be a dividing line, but….. but some of the biggest have quite limited range, yet some of the smallest and cheaper ones can reach extraordinary heights…

        (and if you want to increase safety for aviation- first step would be get rid of that abortion called CASA- dont get me started about THAT mob)

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    • Very interesting! No idea who Lynn Sadington is…anyone? She does seem to have Belinda’s number, though I don’t think it’s a good idea to threaten violence like that.


      • Agreed, EC – but I must admit I’m looking forward to seeing Belinda in her armour.

        This sneaky peak at the preparations currently taking place in her garden was taken by one of our drones (the white one with the four protuding thingies):

        Perhaps this is what she was referring to when she said “G’nite”.

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    • Sounds like they all enjoy several glasses of wine at “the end of a stressful week” and every night is Saturday night.
      As it happens I sent my snapper to Brighton to cover the event and the umpire declared Round One to Lynn Sadington with her brilliant right hook to Belinda which is a tad unfair as she’s 93 yrs old. Belinda will be back for Round Two as soon as her trainer Neelu revives her..

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    • Trial by Combat???

      I thought that went out in the middle ages, along with witchburning and…


      thats right, I forgot who we were talking about

      carry on then ladies

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      • In the East of England witch hunting and burning was a country sport like fox hunting. I am talking to associates in the Illuminati to see if we can get these Satan Hunters entered into the 2017 Winter Hunger Games in the New Forest.

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        • My brilliant family tree on my father’s side ( mainly peasants) can be traced back to the 1500s in East Sussex so I wonder how they accepted the news about the Witch Trials and executions.
          I plan to ask them at our next seance and see if they can give me any tips.

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  7. Just wondering if son of God and Jesus’s brother David Shurter would like some Satanists to come round to his home to paint his house red and place a ten foot tall Baphomet on his lawn in celebration that he is now one of us and is the new master of Hell. Kris Costa, Sabine McNeill, Angela Power Disney and the rest of them should give 50% of all their income to the Dark Lord Shurter, for he is their master as well. Hail the Lord of Darkness David Shurter.

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    • I only watched the first 6 min, it was all quite average, but I decided to turn on the closed captions, then I couldn’t stop laughing- voice to text still has a ways to go to become useful…. Lots of little errors scattered throughout but one that really made me laugh was what it mangled their slogan to……


      (giggles), it did it every time too

      `wont somebody please think of the…hamsters???’

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  8. A Government run satanic blog eh?

    What Happened with CCN by Hope Girl QEG Free Energy Scammer, Chemtrail scammer, orgonite Scammer, Gang stalking/targeted individual scammer, Free Energy Academy Scammer. Note to HG, Scammers and con-artists cannot be trolled, it’s called exposing you for what you are.

    “For about a year I participated on an internet network platform called the Conscious Consumer Network (CCN). I left CCN several months ago and just wanted to provide an account of what happened for anyone who follows my work.

    The primary reason for my leaving CCN is because I witnessed Mel Ve (CCN’s Creative Director), handing over reams of private and confidential skype conversations of her paying customers to a government run Satanic tabloid blog for publication. The publishing went on for several days as Mel continued to hand over document after document to be published on this blog. Mel Ve also handed over other people’s financial information, their addresses, and much more for publishing. The evidence of which can be seen Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here. (There have been many more since then but I stopped looking at it)

    CCN charges their broadcasters and I had given CCN thousands of dollars over the time I was with them. Things were changing in my life and I was moving, so I took a break from broadcasting for a couple of months while I moved. Even though I was no longer broadcasting, I was still giving CCN a charitable donation of $50 a month. When I saw Mel Ve hand over her customers private information to a malicious third party for publication I stopped my monthly donation.

    After stopping this donation I received a blackmail letter from Mel Ve stating… “$50 is not a lot to pay for my silence for what I know about you”… I said nothing, and did nothing in response to this. Mel Ve then sent that letter to be published on the malicious trolling blog. Since this time she has continued to publish statements on that blog giving out my financial information, and my address.

    I am no stranger to being trolled because of my work in free energy. However it is important to note something to my readers: My very involvement with CCN turned me, my project, and my family into a refreshed target, and it was the worst targeting I’ve ever experienced. There are highly funded covert trolling groups that target every broadcaster on CCN, and we were no different. Because of this I’ve had many blogposts and youtube videos created about me in an outright public defamation campaign of false accusations and outright lies.

    Most of the people who follow my work don’t pay any attention to such trashy things when they come across their screen. However, it is important for me to let my readers know, that while I did work with Mel Ve, it was in an extremely limited capacity. She did not know me or my project or my personal affairs and about 99% of the things she is boldly writing about me all over the internet are complete fabrications from her own mind.
    These types of conflicts happen all the time behind the scenes with all types of online groups. All of these events I’ve mentioned here happened between January and April of 2017. While they were occurring I said nothing and did not react. Now that time has passed I thought it was important to create a record of the events.”

    Archived Link:
    Some interesting comments as well.

    Bonus Round.

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    • Translation of Naima Feagin post:
      “Whilst preparing our scam we hired cheap labour in India to do a crap website for us. We have not got a bloody clue about computers or web thingies, and we learnt yesterday how to turn a computer on. Well, when our crap website predictably failed, and we were too dumb to work out why, we had to make up some shit to protect our reputation with the few donkeys who bought into our scam, so we invented a conspiracy, and the failure because we don’t know how to set our nameservers on our host, we blamed on a spiritual attack by Hoaxtead.”

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    • TIVON:Avoid embarrassing power outages by getting your missus to pedal furiously on an exercise bike rigged up to a generator.It will save hours of thinking up excuses which no one believes anyway and lord knows she could use the exercise.


    • Those people love to spread disgusting images, they used those Kim Noble pictures a lot during Pizzagate as someone had used a comparison picture of a Comet Band poster next to one of those, then people decided to take that as fact that JA was into her artwork.

      Seems like some delusional quack of a therapist did a number on a vunerable person and encouraged them into making up multiple personalities to please them. Very sad and damaging, as now it seems she is stuck believing in them being real, probably for the rest of her life.

      “There are 14 names by paintings at a new exhibition at the Novas Gallery, central London, but all are the work of one woman. Kim Noble has dissociative identity disorder and her exhibition, All of Me, features works by each of her personalities.”

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