Has Belinda crossed the floor on Hoaxtead?

The other night, one of our readers kindly drew our attention to a rather interesting feud taking place on a Facebook group dedicated to the care and feeding of convicted paedophile Peter Hofschroer. It seems that Belinda McKenzie has taken it upon herself to shelter Mr Hofschroer whilst he awaits extradition. On Saturday she posted this:Someone we’d never heard of, Lynn Sadington, picked it up from there:

Belinda seems to lapse into some hitherto unknown language at one point…anyone know that that’s meant to say, other than, “It’s well past gin o’clock”? Answers on a postcard please.

So yes, it appears that Lynn has challenged Belinda to a duel of sorts, which is interesting in itself.

But what we find even more fascinating is Belinda’s response above:

Could you be a friend of types who shouted at me in my local park/woods in 2015….(W)ill you be willing to have this whole issue out on the street with me this summer so we the public can understand there’s been a horrible mistake and all the people in the area in question have been wrongly accused by implication?

Whoa. Let’s pause on that.

Belinda’s reference to the “type who shouted” at her in her “local park/woods in 2015” is clearly a shot in the direction of the Hampstead parent who (quite justifiably, in our estimation) confronted Belinda in Highgate Woods in early July 2015. Here’s a firsthand account of what actually happened:

I bumped into Belinda McKenzie in Highgate Woods….I always wondered what I would do if I saw her. I didn’t have very long to think about it as my primal instincts kicked in. I called her by name and then launched into her. The whole playground heard me. Her son stood by in silence not once asking me to refrain from calling her a disgusting woman who has destroyed innocent people’s lives. When I asked him directly if he knew the danger she had put us in he feigned complete ignorance. She asked me to move away from the children to have a more private conversation. I refused stating she had not stopped to think of other people’s families and I was not going to spare hers the truth of her evil actions. She backed down on every issue like a cornered rat. Denied ever being involved in implicating the parents, stating she only aimed at the children’s father.

I called her a liar and quoted all the the things she has put on her blog inviting vigilantes to investigate those named. She seemed shocked that I could quote her ad verbatim. I told her I had read every libelous comment and watched every video where she spouted her evil lies. I informed her that everything was saved and with our lawyers. She asked me to meet to discuss things to which I refused stating it was too late. She excused herself saying she was helping a mother. I added a “mother who had tortured her kids into lying”.I stated my children were there and did she want to question them to see if they had been abused. She was horrified. I told her she was a dangerous, despicable human being who didn’t care about the truth and only promoted hoaxes.

I told her the devastation she had caused a whole community who had been targeted by vigilantes due to her lies. My partner told her we had received death threats. She denied anything was linked to her. I pointed out that she was head of McKenzie friends at the relevant time, and basically controlled Sabine and Neelu. She denied it. I said I’d heard her recent call to arms at the rallies to investigate Hampstead; again she said the father not the parents. I was visibly upset and shaken and she was mortified by the very public humiliation. I told her exactly what I thought of her and how the false allegations she had made against us were the worst kind any parent could be accused of. My partner told her she was totally insane and I just kept calling her a disgusting human being.

I pointed out the harm she has done to our children by sexualising and naming them, giving the paedophiles of the world their addresses. It was as if this had never occurred to her! She just kept trying to wriggle out of every responsibility. Saying she was helping children. I laughed at the suggestion she had ever helped anyone but her own self-promotion. I pointed out she wanted people to come forward and say they were innocent and that was what I was doing. Don’t think she ever expected to be confronted in such a public way. The teenagers looked horrified at what I was saying about her being a dangerous disgusting woman who had ruined innocent people’s lives and put children in danger. I have informed the police of my encounter where I did not swear or issue a single threat apart from a legal one. I have two lawyers as witnesses. Knowing her she will complain she was harassed—ha ! Funnily enough she hasn’t talked about meeting me on her daily blog yet!

Apparently Belinda was quite shaken by the encounter, but did that stop her from referring to the parents, children, teachers, clergy, and business-people of Hampstead as “Satanic paedophiles”? It did not.

She spent that summer attempting to rally the troops to continue harassing the people of Hampstead until she was finally shut down by an injunction, served during Ella’s appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice, where Belinda and Tracey were outside, megaphones in hand. Belinda high-tailed it to France, but eventually returned when she felt the coast was clear. She’s spent the past two years quietly egging the Hoaxtead mobsters on, careful never to get her own hands too dirty.

Now. Where were we? Oh, yes…Belinda’s challenge:

(W)ill you be willing to have this whole issue out on the street with me this summer so we the public can understand there’s been a horrible mistake and all the people in the area in question have been wrongly accused by implication? As the police didn’t do their proper job at the time so all this has been left hanging in the air, that’s always been my main gripe about this case I’ve always blamed the police for failing to investigate properly not anyone possibly wrongly accused for god knows what perverted reason

Hang on, hang on. Back the truck up a bit. Do our glasses need cleaning, or are we really seeing Belinda claim that Hoaxtead was “a horrible mistake”, that the people of Hampstead were “wrongly accused by implication”, and that it’s really all the fault of the police?

We’ve turned this one over and over, looked at it from every possible angle, and we can come to no other conclusion than that Belinda, who was one of the driving forces behind the Hampstead SRA hoax in the first place, has suddenly and inexplicably made a complete U-turn.

Could it be an imposter?

Our first thought was, “Is this really Belinda?” and apparently we weren’t the only ones. However, as if to quell any doubts of authorship, Belinda posted the following on her Facebook page yesterday:

Not that we would ever hold Angela up as a reliable source of information, but she claimed yesterday morning that she’d received the same message from Belinda via email…so for the time being we are accepting that it’s the same Belinda.

If so, what could possibly have made her declare that the people of Hampstead were wrongly accused?

At first we wondered whether she’d caught wind of Ella’s sudden about-face on the issue of Mr and Mrs Draper and her eldest son. While that’s an outside possibility, we suspect that the reason for Belinda’s surprising statement has more to do with concern for her own welfare: We reported in late March that Belinda had been arrested—a surprising turn of events for a woman who until that point had seemed to be coated in Teflon—but we heard shortly afterward that charges had not been laid. However, if Belinda is worried that she (and two others) might be facing serious charges this autumn, the realisation that her lies and manipulations could be coming home to roost might have put her in a more…flexible frame of mind.

As in the encounter in Highgate Woods, it seems that when push comes to shove, Belinda is not nearly as steadfast as she would have her friends and followers believe. Perhaps “cornered rat” really is the most apt description.

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  1. She has grandchildren, she has a paedophile over to stay with her? What the fuck?

    No, a collection of 36,000 indecent images wasn’t put on that vile man’s computer over fifteen years Belinda.

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  2. Except by the convicted man himself, of course.

    She doesn’t recognise the risk, that there is a risk, and won’t be taking steps to protect her family, this is a time for police or social services to be made aware.

    Frighteningly deluded.

    Her sons are on social media.

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  3. Belindas arse has been on fire for so long that it has finally burnt away a vital layer of Teflon and she is now rapidly looking to shore up her posterior defences.

    A poorly disguised Belinda was spotted only yesterday on the Northern line, between Golders Green and Belsize Park station out shopping for supplies of non-stick bakeware coating and possibly a one way ticket to pretty much anywhere in case it all goes completely tits up(again).

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  4. I was thinking the same thing, Tracey. Her son claimed he knew nothing of the damage his mother had caused in Hampstead, though, so I suspect her children are unaware that they ought to be keeping their kids away from her house while she’s entertaining Mr Hofschroer. Who, incidentally, is facing further charges in his native Austria, in part involving a further large collection of child sex abuse images…this time on VHS tapes. Did the police plant those too?

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  5. Well “Lynn” is not having the Trafalgar Square meeting according to her fb comment, so it seems Belinda will be discussing with herself and any of her supporters that show up.

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  6. I hear that Lynn used to be a McKenzie friend and is a very serious drunk as for Yannis he is her little friend that will do as she says and there is another a Nicola something or another.

    Its all over Facebook if you look around them three always seem to attack together.


  7. I suggest the appropriate forum for any aggrieved person to meet Belinda is in a civil claims court after serving her with a claim for harassment and defamation.
    # do not be fooled by her claim her bank account is “in the red”.

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  8. I suppose he has to stay somewhere while his further legal actions continue and I guess McKenzie is a friend but he would now be on the Sex Offenders Register for at least 8 years so Belinda needs to be mindful of that or she could be in trouble herself.

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  9. This man is probably on parole as well so Belinda McKenzie is walking into a legal minefield once she starts claiming on Facebook evidence was ‘planted’ and so on with ongoing legal matters. She’s certainly not helping his case.
    This demonstrates her bizarre disrespect and ignorance of the law but I think we saw that demonstrated as far back as the Iran scam.

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  10. I take it that when I saw Belinda outside Christ Church with a bunch of neanderthals and lunatics who were shouting ‘Satanist’ at Sunday morning worshippers it was nothing to do with her then.

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  11. Several issues surround Belinda McKenzie. They’re well documented and understood here of course, so I need not go into detail. The facts and detail surrounding these matters provide a sound basis for reaching the conclusion that the fortune she has made has been obtained through a career in what might be termed ‘low level crime’. It is then reasonable to form and express the opinion that she is a petty-player on the organised crime circuit and has no difficulty (moral or emotional) in supporting and exploiting that which does serious harm to innocent people including, particularly, children.

    In recent years we have seen her increasingly move away from ‘relatively harmless’ charity scams and UFO hoaxes to ‘tinkering’ with CSA/SRA frauds. These have been and are money-spinners first and foremost as the ‘next big borro’ is sought – which is what these ‘ringmasters’ do. But another purpose is served here.

    Sadly, there is a very real industry that produces packages and sells the sort of material Peter Hofschroer was caught with. There is little or no serious doubt that this industry is the domain of very nasty organised criminals, and is directly linked by this means to more obvious/traditional crimes such as the drugs trade, prostitution, human trafficking etc. By ensuring CSA cases are driven into the realms of lunacy – ‘crying wolf’ if you like; McKenzie and her kind help ensure that any serious grass-roots concern about child abuse and child abusers is kicked into the ‘long grass’ of conspiracy theories.

    It is genuinely suspicious that Belinda McKenzie (and one or two others) seems to enjoy a certain level of immunity from prosecution – or at least any meaningful consequence of their actions. Which in turn suggests a certain level of ‘influence’ within that group. Previously you might have reasonably argued that the link between McKenzie and her ‘clan’ and the child pornography industry was tenuous, circumstantial and required too much by way of extrapolation to prove… Increasingly though, these links become ever-clearer. And no more so when we consider the ‘family tree’ of interconnects between the various SRA/CSA hoaxes she is involved with.

    All this crystallises into an agenda which can only serve the needs of criminals and perverts; and the latter might well include individuals of some note.

    If there is any ‘high level/well connected paedophile ring’ in existence, one of the main functions of Belinda McKenzie seems to be to blow thick dense smoke in order to hide it! – At best she’s a sociopathic criminal trading in genuine human misery. But I think it more likely she is in the direct employ of organised criminals and/or paedophiles. There is no doubt that many in her circle are exactly that.

    As to what she says or does – well, see the antics of Donald Trump for an example of how that sort of thing works! She tacks like a pond-yacht caught in a mid-Atlantic swell!

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  12. One of her sons was meant to be taking over from Kevin Mccloud as presenter of Grand Designs this year, or so I understood. Doesn’t seen to have happened – possibly due to his mother’s reputation.

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  13. I like the direct advice offered by Suzy Jones. I think it is the language that Belinda McKenzie will understand. I am sure I am in no danger of libel by suggesting that Belinda McKenzie hates children and works hard to destroy them: example, what she did to her own child; her love of paedophiles; her relentless war without foundation on the children and their families of Hampstead. I might personally add that when Belinda McKenzie is nailed down in her coffin on its way to the earth worms or flames, it will be a great day for the children of this world.

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  14. That was me, piloting the drone! 🙂
    It’s true, I’m really a 6″ tall alien from Alpha Centauri. Search “tiny aliens” on youtube.


  15. Just read the link on his conviction, Pedo Horseshagger’s been done for firearms and VHS cassettes full of sick porn hasn’t he? – That classic combination among dodgy-book dealing sickos! Funny thing, at the trial of another convicted pedo locally it emerged he had been producing and selling his sick movies using some sort of professional version of VHS. I’m told his stuff would have been obsolete for any legitimate use around 20 years ago. But the sickos keep using it as they think (wrongly) it’s harder to do spot checks on it if its intercepted in the post plus its easier to fully destroy the evidence as it can be fully wiped with a strong magnet apparently! And it doesn’t leave “digital footprints”. “Lots of people still have VHS machines for innocent reasons of course, but beware dirty old men with VHS duplicating set-ups” I was told. “Anybody legitimately archiving VHS will digitise it, never duplicate it, as the quality loss in doing so is massive.” Then I remembered seeing this the other day:


    Another one of Belinda’s associates is he not, or at least part of the conspiritard scene? Interestingly I’m reliably informed that what you’re looking at there is the equipment necessary to duplicate DVD, VHS, SVHS and Mini DV tapes, possibly up to two at a time! Something there is “absolutely no technically legitimate reason to be doing these days”. I wonder why Miles has that setup? Just askin, as they say!

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  16. Obviously these people have some personal interest in the sort of porn they produce/replicate. There are markets for all sorts of weird things; I’m sure someone would pay to watch Belinda and Sabine pop their tops off and indulge in some heavy petting, or APD riding bareback on her 40 year old horse (don’t try to visualise either scenario if you are about to eat lunch). But they don’t make an “honest” living from porn, they choose to exploit the most vulnerable people they can.

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  17. Weird is one thing, and bad/revolting enough. There is a massive gap between that though and trading in images of innocent children being brutalised or for that matter anything else involving child abuse. These people creep me out totally.

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  18. Spiny mate forget all that, check Angies Facebook, she is finally coming round to realising Hampstead might be a hoax set up by Ella and “Common Garden thug” Abe.

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  19. Puhrlease..us members of the Tea Ladies Union of the Probus Club are tough old biddies but there are still things in this life that can turn our stomachs and you conjured up images that will be difficult to forget.

    It’s worse than you think though..Angie on that horse was a prelude to her appearance at the annual Oldcastle Parade as Lady Godiva. Many of the residents took years to recover but spare a thought for the poor horse who begged to be put down.

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  20. Belinda may well will have been busy doing some quickfire “creative accountancy”as the poison tipped boomerang wends its inevitable path in the general direction from whence it came.

    She will of course milk the slightly batty old eccentic granny sympathy vote for all its worth.Sabines skiis will receive another airing amidst the crocodile tears.

    A truly nasty manipulative piece of shit whose Karmic account must be deep into moral bankrupcy territory.

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  21. It’s true, but this sudden about-face seems to be more about realising that they are about to be in serious trouble, and trying to evade the consequences, than any true repentance. I don’t think any of them really believed in the hoax to begin with. It was just another ploy to try and dredge the bottom of the gene pool for some ready cash.

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  22. Given Angie going on about Madeleine McCann & mentioning her very active fcough facebook, blog etc…… and that Echo Truths whose channel she twice misnamed….. I reckon, she has realised that Echo Truths seems to have some following and in touch with look to Angie like big hitters but, just bigger hoaxers with bought followings, tricks and perhaps backing to promote pedogate which serves the same purpose…..She wants some of that ! Knows from Abes non existant support that this horse is not worth flogging anymore, looking for a new audience as ever……..
    By the way, the other day, she asked ‘Who bullies a granny?’….. You do, Angela, with you ex mate Heather Brown. Quite recently.

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  23. A personal note for “Suzy” –
    If you’ve been reading my articles on Dysgenics blog, linked from here, you’ll know that I understand this – that WE understand this – sometimes adults lies come out of children’s mouths, but that’s never the child’s fault.

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  24. its a bit blurry but they are as follows I think,
    on the left top is a vhs/dvd combo player,under that I think a dvd player
    next looks like an old video disk player, then vhs, then I think is a svhs/vhs combo unit then at the end a very elderly 1/2″ reel to reel
    most looks consumer grade gear and quite frankly is only half as good as what I have here, and mines just what I have accumulated over the years….

    Certainly theres none of the gear I would associate there with any even half assed copying going on, the beta copies would be lousy as there is none of the gear I have used for getting good analogue copies or analogue to digital transfers, no sync boosters, no video mixers of any kind.

    I also noticed none of it is powered up, and his webcam/mic setup is seriously overboard- I suspect he is like the `webtv studio’ that was trying to show off his `20K studio’ a few months back, until an actual tech that had used that gear said it was actually all obsolete stuff that could be picked up for less than a hundred quid and none of it was actually hooked up correctly, he had just plugged cords into sockets to make it look impressive….

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  25. I emailed a friend who know a great deal about these things to check what I was looking at:

    “Yes, I’d say what you’re looking at there is a small duplicating set-up. You could run any of DVD, VHS, SVHS, DV or Mini DV through that lot and make either two VHS/SVHS copies at once or one (digital) mini-DV copy and a SVHS copy… The main reason I say that is unless you’re copying tapes there is really no good reason to have ‘two of each format’ in the same system as he has here.

    Top left (Sanyo?) SVHS/DVD player, the machine below it is a (Panasonic I think) DV-VCR… Unusually for a domestic machine it takes full size DV tapes as well as the ‘mini-DV’ tapes used in a lot of camcorders of the day. This was sold in the mid-90s when they were looking for a successor for VHS and is basically an industrial machine with a tuner built in. There are a whole load of colour correction tools accessible behind a flap on that thing.

    Top right is a (JVC S69 series?) SVHS , underneath it a JVC Mini-DV/SVHS combination machine; again these were sold to camcorder enthusiasts back in the mid 90s, and they have simple edit facilities behind a flap.

    My guess is the VHS/DVD runs as a main source through the full size DV machine; this would provide both a ‘DV’ (digital) output to feed the other DV/SVHS machine, and a ‘Time Base Corrected’ (analogue) output to feed the second SVHS…

    As the main DV machine has a very good built in digital TBC there would be no need for signal boosters or the like. And yes, the final output would be shite, but then SVHS/VHS always was and I don’t imagine these people are concerned about EBU compliance!

    And that’s a camcorder bolted to the shelf… Cannon possibly? Maybe a ‘mini-DV’ type? It’s quite comical that he still has a windshield on it when it’s quite clearly fixed for indoor use. 😉 Hope that helps you Al. ”

    The guy I asked actually makes serious broadcast and commercial videos for a living and lectured in the subject for a number of years. Talking to him he thinks the overall set up is a pile of obsolete junk and will produce poor results by today’s standards, but it is pretty much geared to making copies.

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  26. The top left one is an RCA. A few more images some from the BBC MS documentary. Looks like he has another RCA and JVC unit in the cabinet as well. Hasn’t he being making videos for over 20 years? He probably has kept all his gear over the years from converting his old recordings.

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  27. So it is…….. But if you look a the rest of these gallery pictures it seems he’s moved things around so this latest setup is quite recent (the vice film is new). Actually having/keeping the gear is not the issue its what you do with it. So why in this day and age would you be making copies of VHS tapes? As my contact pointed out, if you’re archiving material these days you digitise it. I’ve seen a place where this is done for real, maybe 15 or 20 machines all different formats (some I’ve never heard of let alone seen before) and it all goes through some black boxes to emerge as digital. The real pros don’t even use tape these days! The BBC and other broadcasters won’t accept it apparently! It’s something called an AS-11 file they work with nowadays. – As I say, I’m just asking the question. I know Miles is delusional and a fantasist, but he has always struck me as really quite creepy too.

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  28. Honestly Al you’re trying to knit a jumper from a loose thread here. Is Miles creepy and weird? Yes! There is a very good reason why Vice showed him making a tit of himself in his kid-on ‘studio’ just as there’s a reason for the cutaway of the Dutch clogs at his door i.e. his house stinks of weed and he’s off his chump; there are wee hints at drug abuse being in the background right the way through this thing. And yes, that certainly looks like a VHS dubbing set up. But – Nobody’s taking him seriously as an “archivist” or anything else other than a delusional stoner. He probably thinks the techs that visit him are impressed by this pile of shite.

    A sleaze? Yup! But in all honesty I think he’s more interested in getting inside the likes of Teal Swan, Christine Hart or APD’s knickers than any little kid’s. If you ask me he’s got that stuff just because it fascinates him; in reality he’s just a wannabe that used to drive a van for the BBC back in the day, that’s all. A UFO-goofball like our own ‘dear’ AH. Yes, you lie down with dogs and you get up with fleas and Miles has been sucked into McKenzie’s gravitational field; but then that’s what she does, she sucks in eijits to take the drop for her. FWIW as far as I know, Miles isn’t ‘in the frame’ with any of the people who are chasing up the child porn angle. He’s an idiot, that’s all.


  29. A lot of people keep things for nostalgia, maybe he is a horder, i’m pretty sure if used regularily those old machines would just wear out. Maybe it is odd, but then Miles is into odd ideas about Mind Control and other things. I know a few people have made accusations about him regarding adult entertainment, but those are less than reputable individuals. Personally, I cannot stand the guy, and he has promoted a lot of falsehoods, but it’s a stretch. I know I got a great suitcase full of cds from a friend who had digitised his whole collection of CD’s, I told him, it would have been quicker to download them illegally, technically you are still reproducing the content either way.
    Maybe they are relics that remind him of the old days when he used to have to make copies, before the internet and mail them out as part of his business.
    Surely anything nefarious is all done on the Tor sites. Saying that on a separate note, didn’t they uncover a mailing list during operation Spade?


  30. Speaking of “crossing the floor”, check out what Peter Klein says near the start of this latest ramblefest (at 1:06):

    “I want to speak just for a moment to all the people who’ve concluded that the children’s claims were false for whatever reason. I don’t necessary disagree with you on that point. I remain very open to the possibility that some elements of their claims were false or mistaken for whatever reason.”

    And at 3:47 he says:

    “To me, the whole array of claims seem improbable.”

    Admittedly, it’s not a full U-turn as such but I’d say it’s definitely a nudge in the right direction.

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  31. “Maybe they are relics that remind him of the old days when he used to have to make copies, before the internet and mail them out as part of his business.”

    What business though???? What kind of a business knocks out a handful of copies of something at a time using domestic video recorders? Surely the guys who did this legitimately back in the day had some sort of pukka factory system? And I’m pretty sure that would involve something other than Curry’s finest. Yes people hoarde and collect stuff that’s true, but is there anyone out there still making mix tapes to play in their car?

    “Surely anything nefarious is all done on the Tor sites. Saying that on a separate note, didn’t they uncover a mailing list during operation Spade?”

    Apparently no….. As Horseshagger’s case indicates they still use physical media and apparently most digital smuggling is done using memory cards and keys rather than “over the air”. The thing with digital media is it will always leave “some” sort of “footprint”. Simply playing a file can sometimes leave traces in the computer’s hard disc cache which forensics can trace if they get in quick enough. AVT….. Maybe you’ve a point. TBH I’ve not heard the direct accusations about “adult entertainment” that Barchon refers to. But that whole set up there just screams “Blue Movie Man” surely? Fraid I ain’t buying the whole UFO Bases project crap. What other purpose can it serve? It’s maybe one of the few things I’d believe from APD if she claimed Miles made a move on her. And let’s face it, who does he invite into his lair that is anything other than “disreputable”?


  32. No! This prick is trying to spin it to make the ridiculous story sound plausible. He’s saying to forget all the impossible stuff and just focus on sexual abuse. This man is a tosser who turned off his youtube comments when I started showing people the court judgement, he is buddies with Abe Christie. This is damage control.

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  33. Similar to what Jeranism did, say the ridiculous stuff is implanted to cover up the real sexual abuse by a pedophile ring. They like to twist it, take parts and alter it to fit their narrative.


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  35. ` but is there anyone out there still making mix tapes to play in their car? ‘



    lol- its that old that it doesnt even have a cd player in it- am/fm and autoreverse cassette!
    (its half the reason I keep my old record player too- I still have a HUGE LP collection and altho my gear is old, its still used regularly- that older stuff isnt like todays plastic crap, it just keeps on going)

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  36. Fair enough….. I still have a turntable too and a massive collection of LPS myself. In fact you can buy vinyl in the local supermarket so its not even a dead format! What I don’t have is a setup that would have been “very odd” even back in the day and has no legitimate use now. Had another chat with my technician contact this morning who says there is still no good reason to be set up to “dub” VHS tapes these days and that’s really not how any kind of legit, professional duplication was ever done. Again, it’s not what he has that’s sus, it’s the way he’s got it set up and is using it. People do collect VHS though apparently….. In which case they’re after original comercial releases, not pirate copies.


  37. Al, as I understand it, it was also clearly pointed out to you this morning that you’re really not helping here and it would be better if you just buttoned it! I don’t know what you’re hoping to achieve.

    ‘If’ there is a good reason to go after Miles Johnston or anyone else then you can expect that the relevant people are drilling away at his foundations as we speak. – Yes, we know fine well that ‘X’ was caught with SVHS equipment and was still using it to film some of the rapes he was done for and we know this other guy has been done for possession of similar material. Yes we know ‘X’ is supposed to have had a semi-permanent ‘creepy studio’ setup very similar to Miles’ in a bedroom of his house. But we also know ‘X’ had that kit from new back in the early 90s and it was bought under other pretences.

    Miles just lives in a complete fantasy world. He has in the past been laughed out of court in technical forums he tried to inveigle himself into. As a result he’s the ‘go to’ conspiracy clown whenever anyone wants shots of a kid-on boffin; he’s not unique though. Any allegations we’ve heard about Johnston have been in relation to grown women, all crumbling dippy-hippy geriatric stoners and wasted middle-aged bead-sellers who also claim to have been abducted by space aliens.

    Nobody’s condoning that – a sex-pest is a sex-pest and he’s considered ‘worthy of note’ as a result. But frankly it’s more pitiful than anything! There are no allegations of him being involved with child or otherwise illegal pornography or of him showing any ‘interest’ in children or young people. And in all honesty, I think he’s bright enough not to be dragged-in too far to McKenzie’s circle.

    He’s a conspiracy theorist – in the pejorative sense – that’s all. Now, can I politely but strongly suggest you do as was requested and just STFU here? As I said, you’re NOT helping!


  38. Peter Klein who promoted “Sandy Hook was a hoax”, Manson murders were a “hoax”. The guy is a below bottom feeder. Holocaust denier with his pal Deana Spingola and Sofia Smalltits, their brains have full on fifth dementsions lol…..Far Right White Lives Matter folks. Yep.


  39. Never believe what you hear! Far from an ex McKenzie friend I’m more busy thanks everyone! I don’t get time to drink! You can go back and inform who you ‘heard’ from that they should only make statements containing facts or they could end up putting themselves in trouble! As for attacking people far from it so your post was pointless trash!


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