BREAKING: Hoaxteaders plan vigilante attack

Two known Hoaxtead promoters, Maria MacMahon and Stephanie Mansell, have been openly discussing a plan to purchase a “black market piece” and take the law into their own hands to “save” RD’s two children.

Mansell, whose Facebook page states she lives in Sheffield, made the comment on MacMahon’s Facebook page this afternoon, in response to an earlier post:Maria MacMahon 2016-07-29Stephanie Mansell 2016-07-29Regular Hoaxtead watchers will recall that MacMahon was previously involved in discussions regarding a plot to kidnap RD’s children. At that time, she and her friends also agreed that vigilantism was “the only way”. Their discussions were halted abruptly when they were reported to police.

Today’s threats are currently being conveyed to the appropriate authorities.



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  1. Apparently, two people openly discussing their plans to buy a gun on the black market and shoot innocent people dead with it doesn’t violate FB’s community guidelines:



    @Joe Kerr
    “Farcebook” indeed 😦

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  2. Given Teresa May has been targeted as a central figure in Mansells weapon acquiring vigilante dia tribe I would seriously expect the PM`s security team to be alerted whilst this matter is investgated.

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  3. Another one:

    27 years if age, dressing and behaving like a troublesome teenager…

    “The reality is he was a 27-year-old man, living at home with his mum and dad and big sister, not exactly the gangster rap image of Doctor Dre”

    Remind you of anyone? Jake? Rupert? Kevin? – Robert Lee Taylor (not connected with the Hampstead scam) particularly springs to mind with this one.

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  4. I can assure you 100% that pedophile gangs acting exactly as the above mention people. Men and women have formed online gangs and in order to retain a clean image they are involving or join anti peadophilia actions accusing innocent people.
    I hear some of my critics WHERE ARE THE EVIDENCE?

    On BBC website TODAY.
    In Scotland they have uncovered a huge pedophile ring involving 530 children victims.
    10 MILLION IMAGES AND VIDEOS of children as young as 3 and they have arrested so far 77 people.

    I am sure soon we will hear the names of these people that are mentioned in here. (jake should I tell them who you are?)

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    • Yes Yannis… Third post down. The story was embargoed until today.

      But do go on…. Give us a laugh…. Tell us Jake’s soooper seecret identity! My money’s on him being another ‘Grimey D’ but hey, maybe he’s really one of MI4¾’s finest!

      It’s well known and understood that the characteristic of the paedo-shill include throwing hoaxes (such as Hampstead) and red-herrings into the mix in order to discredit grass-roots campaigns and send investigations up blind alleys. In that respect they don’t really succeed as the Police are well-wise to the rouse.

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        • As I do not believe I have committed any such offence that is of absolutely no concern to me Yannis. – YOU are the one claiming to know ‘something’ about Jake. You shouldn’t assume that others here do not have access to proper legal advice and/or a degree of professional understanding of these matters. Let alone that they might be a few-dozen steps ahead of you.

          There are ways and means of publishing comments about people’s past without breaking data protection or other laws. So I’d suggest you either put up or hold your own counsel. There is no glory to be hunted here.

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          • Between the lines EC it seems possible that comment on someone’s inconveniently-criminal past (not necessarily here) is a ‘problem’ to the eyes of some. That, or someone would like the world to think they are privy to ‘sooper seecret’ ‘good oil’ that no-one else has.


          • I am aware that there is a lot going on that goes over my head. There is rope being let out to certain people and I hope that when the time comes for them to hang themselves it will only be metaphorically.

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        • Yannis if, a big if, you have any info on Jake Clarke, “put up or shut up” as the saying goes.

          There’s no need to put up someone’s CRB etc. check, just state what the information is.

          I call bull on you.

          Not so long ago, you made up information about someone on fb that you had details of his criminal convictions. Lol.

          As that said person did not actually exist, was not real, you spouted absolute bollox.

          Reckon you are doing the same with Jake Clarke.


          • You (babs) are using defamation against me writing that I have accused someone who does NOT exist on facebook having a criminal record, I am saying in here that you are lying 100% and if you think that you are telling the truth post details in here or screenshots. Because in my facebook profile I write in Greek and not in English.
            On my other facebook profile i post news ONLY. and few who read this can vouch of my credibility.
            so babs you clearly trying to harass me by typing lies . So as someone else above said Put up or shut up or apologize for your lie.

            as for the comment I made earlier about Jake, this does not necessarily means that .he is a “spy” (as you jokingly said) neither that he is a criminal.

            So if you dint like to be accused do not play the same game starting to accuse others.
            Please be careful how you interpreter ones post.


        • To be fair, it’s a odd (and suspicious) way to go around though; as the now convicted example illustrates. Some do doubt if he’s quite as ‘green’ as he is ‘cabbage-looking’. But I’m sure if anyone has any information they can send it on confidentially where some corroboration will be sought and if appropriate it will form the basis of either a future article or a report to the police.

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          • Yes, the first thing we do when we collect information of that sort is report it to the police. If it’s legal to do so, we then report on it on the blog.


        • I agree it’s not the place and after this I won’t be responding.

          Yannis should not be making “stuff” up, that’s how misinformation becomes “truth” when it isn’t.


  5. Fucking hell! This is how low Maria and her chums will sink in the name of their defeated and falsified cause and their pathetic ideas of righteousness? These people are below animals. I hope they are dealt with swiftly.

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    • I agree, the police need to act swiftly. Those behind the Hampstead SRA hoax are mostly mentally ill, and in recent times in the media people seem to be settling their issues with guns.

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      • It says much about their mindset. They must have much to fear from rational justice when they feel the need to respond with such hysterical levels of violence.

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    • Belinda McKenzie was the one advertising for Knights of the Gun on her website. It looks as if she really has literally done her trick of making bullets for other people to fire. I think if the police have been informed they also need to know the history of this case. I think there was an article on it some months ago.

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  6. Kane Slater’s quick on the uptake as always:

    How long has it been since the team got that page banned in the UK, EC? 6 months at least! Not to mention the fact that I have personally posted him gloating comments and PMs telling him that it’s not visible in the UK when I’ve caught him telling his UK followers about it 😀

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  7. Great new one from McKenzie’s Devils 🙂

    Hope you can all see it ok, by the way. I can but someone I’ve just shared it with (in the UK) says it’s just coming up as “Video not available”.

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  8. By the way, under the terms of her restraining order, can Neelu allow comments like this on her Farcebook page?:

    As for David Howard and his polygraph fetish, I see he’s been branching out lately:

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      • As a football referee we can add up repeat minor infringements,issue player verbal warning then issue a yellow card in player persists.If player still doesnt get the message and continues being a prize twat we afford them an early bath with a red card from which they receive a ban and fine from the FA.

        Are there any paralells with how courts operate RO`s?

        Is a restriction order deemed breeched only as a result of one particular incident that flagrantly leapfrogs the court order or

        Can a collated pattern of persistant borderline piss taking infringements annoy the beak to the point that (s)he hauls them back to court for a bollocking or worse?

        I suspect it the former but a just wondering what if any flexibilty courts have in such matters.

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        • Those are very good questions, and I don’t fully know the answers, not being a legal type myself. My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that it would require a flagrant breach, but I don’t know how the courts feel about a series of seemingly minor ones. I expect we’ll find out in due course, though.


          • Thanks.I suspect the court takes a “very dim view” of anything that amounts to even flirting with such an order.

            As EC say no doubt such minutiae will be revealed in the fullness of time.

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      • I think it is a cause for concern for Neelu, reading Para [3] of the Restraining Order – she is effectively not speaking about the nonsense, BUT is directing people as to the locations where to find it – including specific Google Search Criteria. So it could be argued she is actually breaching it. What this illustrates is these lot are looking for loopholes. What they forget is, the Order can with enough evidence be EXTENDED or ensure her ISP monitors her usage.

        Another issue I noticed when “Free Hamspead 2” started harassing me via Twitter was these idiots have setup fake profiles – so it’s difficult to tell if they are breaching the RO.

        Another challenge for English Courts with these sorts of things is Jurisdictional issues, so if a person is posting using VPN routed through Ukraine its difficult to get the VPN to co-operate, and if done using TOR and VPN – its near on impossible.

        Then lastly, in terms of resource v risk: It takes a substantial amount of resource from Police, ISP’s, Courts, Informants to investigate any fake profiles, as we see in Child Protection matters, they would rather dedicate more resource monetary wise where risk is high. So anonymous breaches will always slip through the net.

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    • Mel Ve asks for questions to be posted to her and then goes on to say that she won’t respond to questions that she doesn’t like. Worthwhile exercise then. 😦

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      • It’s simply a reflection and confirmation of the woman’s basic dishonesty. She’s a fake and she knows she’s a fake. She also knows her target audience are morons. Running a modern-day carnival stall, that’s all she’s doing.

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  9. I think all threats like this should be treated seriously.

    Although we don’t know the full story behind the murder of Jo Cox all politicians are at risk from lone assassins.
    Whatever your political beliefs no politician deserves to have their life & safety put at risk and when an implied threat mentions the PM authorities must be informed.

    The FBI record & interview absolutely anyone making such a threat and keep a record of it. These people can inflame disturbed people to commit a deadly act. Just in the last few months we have seen horrible attacks in the US, Germany & France seemingly committed by lone disturbed persons. Those who keep up a constant stream of invective and false accusations can tip a deranged person over the edge. It’s a fantasy to think there isn’t some nutcase in the UK harboring unreasonable hatred who may be inspired to act.

    This woman McMahon has form with her association with those who claimed that kidnapping children was reasonable. Now she involves herself with but does not criticise those who advocate murder.

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    • McMahon was I believe at the Blackfriars Court case, she was even photographed with the 2 who had been in the Dock.

      This is not the 1st time she has made similar threats.

      The 1st threat it could be argued she was being hot headed, but when the same threat is made again, then it should be taken seriously.

      Join the dots I say.

      Is she acting as an agent for her 2 friends, Sabine and Neelu?

      i think the connection is there.

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  10. Just noticed this comment on my most recent YouTube video today and I’ve since removed it.

    Deborah Mahmoudieh5 hours ago (edited)LINKED COMMENT
    The problem is about lack of justice; when medical evidence supports fully satisfied arrest criteria, arrest the suspects in an effort to prove their guilt or innocence – especially, when those suspects have direct access to very vulnerable children. Baby trafficking and ritual murder is NOT a “fantasy” the UN state in their 2014 Report that “hundreds” of such murder of trafficked children happen in UK every year by members of pseudo-religious cults. It is true that some will ride issues for personal gain and sensationalise; but i ask you this, if a child described your genitals in explicit detail coupled with other dreadful allegations, as a head-teacher of a school, wouldn’t you be right away asking police to confirm the account was false, after all, you just need to show you have no piercings or tattoos? Something STINKS here and that’s a fact.


  11. Jake Clarke is still posting photos of the 2 children and going on about the 2 Whistleblowers.

    Surely he must have broken that restraining order by now.


    • The trouble is, it doesn’t apply to him.

      Other laws apply and have always applied. But there seems to be no interest in enforcing the law.


  12. Ugh, I’ve known Stephanie for a while, she was in a Facebook group I run. Might still be actually but I’ve let it go to the dogs as I’ve got less time to harass truthers. I didn’t realise she was still into this. She knows Graham Watkeys who featured a few weeks ago. Luckily she’s such a mess she’s totally harmless. Last time I spoke to her she was barely coherent ranting on about how I was her nemesis or some shit. High as fuck she was I rekon. She’s up in Scotland iirc.

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  13. The interpretation is probably them sitting behind their keyboard stuffing their face with lard and cream sandwiches and chocolate cake in between bars of chocolate.

    Fortunately threats are rarely carried out – but sometimes they are.

    Thank goodness it was reported (hopefully with a suitable outcome).

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