CCN: Experiencing technical difficulties?

We probably should have noticed this sooner, but to be honest, keeping tabs on Mel Ve’s Con-the-Consumer Network isn’t high on our priority list. So it wasn’t until yesterday that intrepid reader and commenter Spiny Norman pointed out that CCN was off the air…and had been, apparently, since Monday last!


Yes, it’s true: we had noticed last week that APD’s Thursday show hadn’t happened (and there was much rejoicing)…but we thought that was just Angie being her usual incompetent, bone-lazy self. It didn’t occur that it could have been a system-wide failure.

One possible explanation: Mel said the other day that their 2016 “broadcast year” had ended, and it was time to break out the begging bowl for 2017. However, CCN’s crowdfunding page shows neither crowds nor funding:


Despite the hefty “broadcast fee” they charge each and every one of their suckers…er broadcasters, Mel and BigEars just can’t seem to make ends meet, so they must rely on public fundraising to help them defray the cost of posting their inane drivel on YouTube. (Which is free to use, by the way.)

We wonder, then, whether the current broadcast silence is some sort of blackmail ploy—give us money or we’ll stay off the air? (Note to Mel: as ploys go, this one is fairly weak. You might want to rethink your strategy here.)

Oddly, the usually garrulous Angie has had nothing to say about the current state of affairs at CCN; and Mel Ve is staying uncharacteristically silent as well. In normal circumstances we’d expect them both to be putting up their patented Wall’o’Sound’n’Fury™, their usual defensive rants when things have gone tits up and they can’t or won’t admit it.

We’re sure someone will eventually break down and explain what’s going on, but until then we leave you with MKD’s ode to this welcome moment of blessed broadcast silence:


CON Network


88 thoughts on “CCN: Experiencing technical difficulties?

  1. As if as a response to our speculation, they’ve uploaded two new videos in the last few hours but I suspect that they’re several days old, maybe up to a week. The last live show advertised on Mel’s Farcebook page is from 1st November and the most recent show uploaded seems to be from about then too.

    They’ve also just uploaded their programme guide for the coming week (as usual, inexplicably titled ‘CCN BROADCAST GUIDE 11 – 17 JULY 2016’). But then, they also did this last week, then stopped broadcasting the promised shows anyway. (Including ‘Angela’s Caches’, but as Mik pointed out at the time, “This cancelled episode is by far Angie’s best work to date.”)

    And yes, one does wonder whether this is linked to Angela’s bizarre comment about a male “colleague” having difficulties and pondering on whether she should “go public” with it. Could Piggy Hobo be poorly, perchance? (Not that I’m wishing that, for the record – that’s not my style.)

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    • Presumably Neelu doesnt use cash when she goes shopping.Bloke at corner shop must be pulling his hair out by now.Not sure exactly what her strong points are but in a process of elimination economics can be struck right off.


    • Yes, that’s the kicker on their ‘live’ shows–they go on forever, but never get anywhere. Editing is the key. For instance I bet we could edit Angie’s epic moan-fests down to five minutes apiece.


      • It does make me laugh when Mel spends so much time talking about how the ‘trolls’ aren’t getting to her at all and then proceeds to moan about them for the next 30 minutes.

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      • 5 minutes is most chivalrous of you EC! A succinctly synopsis of all her outpourings to date can be whittled right down.


  2. Hmmm, so if I’ve understood correctly, here’s the choice: give up a chunk of my hard-earned salary to fund an incompetent, unreliable, FREE YouTube channel to continue broadcasting slanderous, ill-informed, barely audible bollocks round the clock to their audience of six…or not pay them anything and thereby get them to shut the fuck up for free…Ooh, it’s a toughy!

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  3. It beats me why Angie and the other mugs bother with CCN at all. They don’t get much for their money – viewers in double figures if they are lucky. It’s like the worst sort of vanity publishing.

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  4. They seem like well organised grifters but in the end, they are just very cheap low level con artists. This fantasy ‘network’- posting videos on Youtube- is a vanity publishing on an embarrassing level.

    They remind me again of the odious Chris Fay who caused so much trouble. All he wanted was 100 quid here, 50 quid there and when the tabloids realised he was a con, a free lunch to supplement his pension.

    With Mel Vd & Angie it’s that 25 quid, 50 quid if they are lucky, donation. Angie thinks she’s investing in her show and it will bring more donations. It will end in tears & probably quite soon.

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    • I’ve often speculated about Chris Fay. Newspapers were saying he was a ‘social worker’ but I could never find any evidence of that.


  5. Tune in tonight between 5 and 7pm or catch up in archives in a couple of days to the latest episode of ANGELA’S CACHES ….the Word of their Testimony.


    Love an stuff

    It would appear the old carcass is still blithering on.”Boots on the ground!!” ffs

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  6. Mystery solved: Here’s what they’ve posted on their defunct YouTube channel now:

    “We no longer stream on YouTube. This does not mean we have stopped broadcasting true FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA. If you click on the Watch Live link on our YouTube Homepage you will be taken to our Live Feed. Or you can visit . Looking forward to seeing you there.

    “All broadcasts / shows will be archived on You Tube.

    “For those who miss shows or need to pause the LIVE stream, please use the DVR function to pause or rewind.

    “To see what is on and when, please check out the broadcast guide

    “We thank you for supporting FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA”

    Odd that it never occurred to them to make any sort of announcement, but there you are.

    Also, our guess is that they want to stream live independent of YouTube so they can harvest people’s IP addresses (all 8 of them), so we’d suggest you use protection if you decide to watch. Use a VPN, and stay safe out there.

    Oh, and yes, Angie is on.


  7. Well the view count is currently on 4.One is me and theres the guests…there is an acute sadness involved in this derangement.

    Tracey Morris prattling on and Jacintha something in usual denial of any personal responsibilty for their shit.

    I am surviving so far by simultaneously working my way through a particularly hot Lamb Vindaloo.

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  8. Tracey Morris on about how she prevented the courts putting a gagging order on her.Hmm, only because they havent invented industrial strength megagags just yet.


      • Plus she will have the opportunity to meet and greet half a dozen messiahs,a triad of Napoleons,an assortment of pothead pixies,someone terminally fixated about everyone trying to steal his biscuit and if she`s fortunate a f`ing partridge in a pear tree.She will be right at home AND wont have to pay the bill.

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    • Cheers Spiny,that really revitalised the grey matter after a 2 hour celebration of undiluted cretinism.

      Angie should give serious thought to going back to school as it certainly did`nt work first time around.

      “Journo Angie” my arse.

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  9. Oh Lordy.

    The only reflection or discernment she engages in is weighing up what she deems will score virtue points and self aggrandizement tokens.She appears to have a complete absence of capacity to pause and reflect with any degree of objectivity,humility or genuine consideration for others.The only credo she is nailed to is that of self possessed,unfettered inanity.

    The bore that doth babble on (and on and on and on).


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