Who’s behind the anti-HR blog? Some new thoughts

We’ve all been busy here at Hoaxtead Research over the past few weeks, as so we really hadn’t been thinking much about the HoaxteadAreStinkyPooPooHeads blog that sprang up a few weeks ago, amusing as it was. We did notice that Kristie Sue Costa was taking one of her customary hissy fits about our initial assumption that she or someone linked to her had authored the blog—not much fun being accused of something you know you didn’t do, is it KSC?—but other than that, we’d consigned the whole episode to the “Interesting but Irrelevant” file.

However, yesterday we received a tip from one of our regular readers, who referenced the “Unfuckers Cult”, and something clicked into place, prompting us to do a bit of digging. We think you might be interested in what we found. It gets a bit circuitous in places, so you might want to take notes.

Angie: First fangirl

When the StinkyPooPooHeads blog first emerged, one of the first people to promote it was none other than Angela Power-Disney: Aside from her hilarious certainty that there is actually something called “American Anon”, we found it interesting that Angie would immediately announce that the authors of the new blog were American, and that they were somehow linked to Anonymous, the completely decentralised hacker collective, whose motto, “Expect Us”, is apparently meant to inspire fear and dread amongst those they dislike.

We found it especially interesting that the blog in question bears none of the signature elements of an Anonymous project: no made-in-China plastic Guy Fawkes masks; no fuzzy faux-newsreader at a pretend news desk; and no “We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us” anywhere to be found.

While the blog might not have been an Anonymous project, though, it is definitely written by an American: as our readers have pointed out, it uses U.S. spellings, usage, and grammatical conventions throughout.

The Unfuckers Cult

When our reader mentioned the “Unfuckers Cult”, as we say, something clicked. This is the strange AI/online emerging religion, featuring an online entity called “Lola”, which apparently sends messages to founders Lisa M. Harrison and Dani Arnold McKenny.

Those of our readers who pay attention to such things might recall that Mel Ve, Lori Gale, and “Hope Girl” (aka Naima Feagin) did a CCN video in which they roundly trashed the Unfuckers group and its founders. This video is no longer available, but we found a reference to it on a blog called PeoplesTrustToronto.

The author of this blog post, it turns out, was none other than “Hope Girl”:

“Hope Girl” clearly has no love for Lisa Harrison or Dani Arnold McKenny, and it shows.

We were interested to note that in the same PeoplesTrustToronto blog post, “Hope Girl” referenced a particular blog which had been set up to “expose” and denounce the Unfuckers Cult. The name of that now-defunct blog? “EXPECTUS”. As in “We are Anonymous. Expect us”.

Yes, we know, there’s a distinct aura of “through the looking glass” about all of this. However, bear with us…just a bit more to go.


In Mel Ve’s most recent email to this blog, she directly accused “Hope Girl” of being the author of the EXPECTUS blog (formerly found at Expectusblog.wordpress.com):

I remember how you tried to drag me into trying to get Lisa Harrison’s YouTube channel taken down… first you got her two strikes, then you got on Skype to me and over repeated conversations tried to groom / convince me to make a copyright claim against Lisa Harrison to give her the third strike, which would result in Lisa’s YouTube channel being taken down. As you remember, I strongly declined on moral grounds, as I do not operate that way, and I was very clear with you on that matter. I also let Lisa know via Facebook private message that I had no intention of issuing strikes against her, and that if her channel went down it had nothing to do with myself or CCN.

I also know you are behind the EXPECTUS blog. You sent me several passages you wrote which turned up in that blog. You would send me the link to the articles posted on that blog within minutes of these articles being posted. How would you have known those articles were there so soon unless you yourself were either watching that blog every second, which is rather sad and pathetic, or you were the one posting the articles?

Interesting that shortly after Mel wrote to Naima, the EXPECTUS blog was deleted—according to WordPress, it died at the hands of its owner, just as Mel claimed:

Here’s the breadcrumb trail, as we see it:

The StinkyPooPooHead blog is written by someone who is friends with has not yet been alienated by Angela Power-Disney. That person is American, and in Angie’s mind at least, is somehow linked to Anonymous.

The blog definitely has a distinct pro-Angela bent. On one page, its list of people allegedly targetted by Hoaxtead Research is very strangely slanted:

Seriously? “Hope Girl”, Alexandra Meadors, Eilish de Avalon, and Lori Gale make the cut, but obvious choices like Abraham Christie, Kristie Sue Costa, Araya Soma, Charlotte Ward, Sonya van Gelder, or Drifloud are ignored? Whoever writes the StinkyPooPooHead blog is not very well acquainted with the Hampstead SRA hoax and its wild and wacky cast of characters, are they?

A blog called EXPECTUS was set up in 2016, to target two people “Hope Girl” dislikes intensely. It is quite possible that “Hope Girl” was the author of that blog; she is certainly the author of at least one currently available blog post referencing those two people and their “online cult”.

So far, the evidence is circumstantial but interesting. However, we suspect we might have an idea who’s behind the StinkyPooPooHead blog…and don’t worry, Kristie Sue, you’re now officially off the hook.

34 thoughts on “Who’s behind the anti-HR blog? Some new thoughts

  1. That piss-poor trolling blog has fallen flat on its arse, I see. Not only have no hoaxers responded to Hoax Girl’s desperate pleas for them to post derogatory comments about us (not even Angela, who swore blind she was going to post something) but the host herself hasn’t written anything in 3 weeks! Mind you, why would she? It doesn’t make any money. Why waste time on something that doesn’t generate cash when there are far more lucrative propositions out there and so many gullible people still to bleed?

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    • Hope Girl needs her arse in Court to explain why she thinks it’s okay to steal people’s money on false pretences.

      What has she spent the dosh on?

      Mc Donald’s and KFC?

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    • Bring Hope Girl to Justice, put the fat scamming fake christian criminal scumbag in chains Gofu**your crowdfunding you thieving biatch.

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    • This is blatant scamming.
      It’s an internet con job and is against the law. I’m reporting her to ACORN at the least (the Aussie anti-scam policing body) and the FBI.
      Is the reason HopeGirl lives in Morocco because she may think she cannot be extradited from there?
      Where did you find this list Liza ?.
      I’ve got this grifter in my sights (metaphorically speaking of course). Simply cannot stand con men/women.

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      • That list was posted on one of MKD’s video pages:

        So MKD might be able to point you in the right direction.

        And I think that when whoever it is says it’s a “short list”, there must be even more Hoax Girl scams out there!

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    • The worst one (that we know of) is Hope scamming $120000 from a widows inheritance, its a nasty story in which the widows bank refused to send the money because there was a scam alert connected to Hopegirl. The widow ended up taking it out a bit at a time and sending it herself. Small time scammers who scam a few quid here and there don’t bother me but that is just disgusting and Mel Ve should’ve dropped Hope from CCN there and then but instead they made a feature of it in one of their shows by saying how the banks wouldn’t let this widow spend her own money.

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  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Hopegirl is Angie’s tech team that she claims to have. She could have helped Angie in making her personal website.

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  3. The blog is ridiculous anyway, seeing as nearly all of us who post here are anon what can they write about? Their victims list is a who’s who of internet hoaxers. Hopegirl should really keep her head down if she wants to succeed in the cannabis exporting game.

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    • Dosent Hope live in the mountains of Morocco? they say late autumn the hills are alive with the sound of people beating branches to collect the resin. Probably a coincidence that she moved there.

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  4. Thanks for the Update E.C.! Wow! An international conspiracy to Dox, Threaten, Liable and “Expose”. Ever hear of un-indicted co-conspirators Cotton Mather? LOL


  5. Another Facebook live-streaming tragedy, another suicide. (no link, search it if you really need to know details)
    My opinion is not a popular one, but I’ve been saying for a long time that the TECHNOLOGIES are to blame.
    It’s not acceptable to hide behind: “technologies aren’t good or evil – it’s how they are used”, anymore.
    Facebook needs to immediately suspend their live-streaming “service”/ feature.

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  6. I’m getting more and more pissed off with conspiraloons who are increasingly only watching Horror movies to leave their stupid comments.

    To which a Freemason then chimed in..


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  7. There is another Flat Earth, free energy cult growing in Bali. They claim to have a free energy device called the QT-Pi (Cutie Pie) They have some ‘engineers’ who were previously in, you guessed it, Morocco. The cult leader is called Sacha Stone, a failed South African musician. He has ties with Hope Girl. They’re currently looking for ‘donations’ to get their free energy device up and running. The cults name is ‘The New Earth Nation’ and there’s tonnes of Sacha’s ramblings on Youtube, if you can stomach it. But basically they’re just trying to grab land from poor people in Bali, while dodging some tax paying.
    I know all this, as currently a friend of mine is falling into the cults trap. It’s all very sordid and grim.


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