What really happened with Mel Ve and Hope Girl?

We were intrigued the other day by a short video by McKenzies Devils, in which they pointed out that it appears “Hope Girl” and Angela Power-Disney are communicating (some might suggest “scheming”) behind the backs of Mel Ve and Biggi Boho at CCN.

It seems the video caught Mel’s eye as well, for this email popped up in our in-box yesterday morning:

Dear Hoaxstead,

As some of you have mentioned, I have been uncharacteristically quiet about my split with Naima aka Hope Girl. I have been deliberately quiet as I actually had a very deep friendship with Hope, and really enjoyed her as a person during the times we were communicating and working together, and I really cherish and honour that… However, I could not keep lying to myself and my audience about who and what Hope really is, as I got to know her very well.

I would like to thank McKenzies Devils for revealing the private emails that have been going on between Hope and Angela. I had a suspicion that Hope and Angela were bitching to each other behind the scenes, because that is the way Hope operates. She did the same with me regarding Dani Arnold Mc Kenny and Lisa Harrison. Hope is addicted to fighting and drama, much like Angela, and can’t help herself but to buddy up with what ever person who attacks anybody that Hope may perceive as a threat, no matter how much of a piece of trash they really are… Sadly, the only real commonalities between Hope and Angela is that they are both religious nut jobs, both complete liars, both scamming people, and both completely caught up in their delusions of grandeur and self importance, when really all they are is a distraction and irritation to the truth movement. [That’s actually quite a large number of commonalities, but we won’t quibble—Ed.]

If Hope Girl and APD actually spent more than a day together in person, guaranteed they would fall out, because I know Hope would have an issue with Angela’s trashy social behaviour, and let’s face it, Angela eventually falls out with everybody due to her severe narcissistic tendencies. [You won’t get any argument from us on that—Ed.]

Please find below the entire letter that I wrote to Hope Girl, Dated 4 March 2017. This letter clearly explains much. If anybody has any questions or comments, I will gladly answer them.

Dear Hope

Thank you for cancelling your monthly donation of 50 bucks. I myself have been trying to figure out a way to not feel as though I am keeping my silence for such a small fee, because I have a lot to say to you, and have done so for a while, which is why I know you have been avoiding me.

I have tried contacting you several times over the last few months in an attempt to discuss matters, but you have not responded, and a part of me thinks you were just looking for an excuse to end your monthly donation, which is why you even pay attention to the auxilliary drama in the first place. That being said, there is no reason any longer for us to remain silent anymore about what we know. It is not like I have anything further to lose. Your most valued friendship was gone the day you lied to me about Wilhelmina (the lady who gave Hope $120 000 of her inheritance—Mel) saying she had an issue with CCN, when in fact it was your mother Valerie. We can confirm this in correspondence we have with Wilhelmina. (Although what this episode did show is that Hope is loyal only to money, not friends—Mel)

Furthermore, I know you used me to eke out those last two episodes for your own personal gain. I was more than happy when you cancelled NO HOLDING BACK the first time, and I did not feel comfortable (with you coming back and) doing the last two episodes with you, the ones on my book and with Lori. Biggi was also dead against it and we had a massive fight over my decision to do the shows, all because I did not want to hurt you or let you down badly, but in the end, you beat me to it.

You used me and my network for your own personal hate campaigns against Dani and Lisa that went on beyond a point of me being comfortable with, and then you justify them by repeatedly posting your articles about why you to exposes as if to justify your actions, but I saw straight through that. You just believed you were in a position of strength with me having your back, and you went full on nuclear.

Evidence of your modus operandi became obvious throughout the year we worked together. I remember how you tried to drag me into trying to get Lisa Harrison’s YouTube channel taken down… first you got her two strikes, then you got on Skype to me and over repeated conversations tried to groom / convince me to make a copyright claim against Lisa Harrison to give her the third strike, which would result in Lisa’s YouTube channel being taken down. As you remember, I strongly declined on moral grounds, as I do not operate that way, and I was very clear with you on that matter. I also let Lisa know via Facebook private message that I had no intention of issuing strikes against her, and that if her channel went down it had nothing to do with myself or CCN.

I also know you are behind the EXPECTUS blog. You sent me several passages you wrote which turned up in that blog. You would send me the link to the articles posted on that blog within minutes of these articles being posted. How would you have known those articles were there so soon unless you yourself were either watching that blog every second, which is rather sad and pathetic, or you were the one posting the articles? (After sending Hope this letter, the EXPECTUS blog was immediately mysteriously taken down—Mel) [Note to self: never name a blog “EXPECTUS”. Sounds too much like “EXPECTORANT”—Ed.]

Our network suffered a great deal for your war against Lisa and Dani, and we got blamed for much of the aggressive actions that were actually purely your doing, and had nothing to do with us, and these actions were not things that Biggi or I would even waste energy doing.

The bottom line is, we know too much about you and your operation, and what has really happened behind certain matters. Furthermore, we have a trail of written correspondence and published content to prove our claims. I am not going to go full-blown public with all the sordid details, as I really have better things to focus on, but I am sorry to say that our stance on the QEG project is that it is not ethical to sell training courses for an academy to build a product that you yourself cannot get to work. It becomes harder and harder for us to defend you to people when they call you a scammer. An ethical business model is to have a working product first, then train people how to build them, because you know what you are teaching them is tried and tested. I mean, imagine going through all the effort of training to build the QEG, buying all the parts, and then the anticlimax when you realise that those who sold it to you still do not know how to make it work? How is this an ethical business model?

We have had so many letters from various people, engineers and others, regarding this matter, and at first we just wrote it off as your well-noted critics, and we trusted that you were straight up, but some of these letters were from people who had been involved in massive fund raising to get parts and train to build the machine, and they were disappointed that it did not work. I never knew what to say to these people as I am not an engineer, rather I hoped that in due time you would prove them all wrong… and to date, you have not.

The final straw for me was your recent ramping up of your Christian profile and openly stating that you were going to capitalise off the Christian market. I have always been tolerant of the fact that you were still imprisoned by a mind-controlling belief structure, because I thought it was in perspective. It is not that I have an issue with religion, it is just that when people ask me what religion I am, I know what they are really asking is what brand of intolerance I am. It is the intolerance of religion that I am intolerant of… and you can pretend that this is not that case with you, but then ask yourself, why cancel your donation? Because you perceive something I say as blasphemous? (I called Angela Power Disney a Jesus Fucker—Mel) [Seriously? Love it!—Ed.]

Yes, that is a perfect example of intolerance… punish someone for not respecting your mental prison. Why should I respect your mental prison? It is part of the problem with our world, not part of the solution…. and Hope, you are not part of the solution either, no matter how much hope you pretend to give the world, or how much you pretend to fix the world, what we have come to know for sure is that this is all part of a very skillful PR campaign, which you execute with enviable precision. But your “fix the world” pseudo veneer has worn awfully thin.

I love you Hope, and you too have broken my heart a few months back already, when I sadly had to be honest with myself about who and what you really are. You have lied to us on several occasions. You have not been clear on facts and you have twisted your storylines several times to us in an attempt to back track when things did not add up. You lie to the public, or at least, you are brilliant at spin… truly, you are masterful, possibly one of the most talented and professional media people I have ever worked with, which is why I truly enjoyed the experience of working with you. But in the end, it just got to the point where I could no longer pretend I did not know what was really going on behind the external locus of identity you so skillfully create.

I wish you and your family well.

Kindest Regards

I hope this gives a clear understanding regarding what happened behind the scenes with Hope. Biggi and I have kept copies of all our communications and correspondence to validate these facts.

Considering how much negative publicity and backlash Hope is getting right now, she would be very smart to distance her self from Angela Power-Disney and all her drama. In an attempt to save herself from drowning, Angela clings to anybody she can, but usually drowns them also in the process of trying to save herself.

Kindest Regards
Mel Ve


This really does bear out the truth of something we learned many years ago: if a friend gossips to you behind another friend’s back, eventually you’ll be next in line. Moral of story: don’t befriend gossips.

We’d also like to make a friendly suggestion to Mel, which we hope she’ll take in the spirit in which it’s offered: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There’s a reason people were mocking and naysaying the QEG long before Mel and Hope Girl parted company, and that is the fact that energy cannot be manufactured from thin air. That said, we’re glad Mel and CCN are no longer aiding and abetting this hoax and its perpetrator.


Updated 22 November 2019

Hope Girl has been snorting and snuffling recently about this blog having been hacked and all functionality shut down. Like this nice little porkie pie, for example:

Hope Girl scammer blackmailer QEG faker

I wonder how she’ll explain the fact that I not only have full access to the dashboard and various plug-ins, but have been going through a few oldies but goodies and appending this little message? Probably best not to ask her, I hear she’s a right old sow when people ask awkward questions.

230 thoughts on “What really happened with Mel Ve and Hope Girl?

  1. By curious coincidence I was just watching this;

    No, Hope Girl can’t get her QEG device to work because it’s just an ancient side-show fraud and the dishonest cow knows that perfectly well. The real danger is that someone kills themselves or worse still starts a fire that kills other people with the complete piles of shite she flogs. They’re not just stupid, they’re dangerous.

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    • Yeah, isn’t it sad that alarm bells never went off in Mel’s head over the fact that the QEG was scientifically impossible.

      My favourite moment in that whole debacle was when MKD spotted that at a public demonstration of this supposed perpetual energy generator’s awesomeness, the bloody thing was plugged into the mains! 😀

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    • Fantastic! Brilliant! Highly entertaining!
      Loved this guy, thank you.

      It would be great, to have some knowledgeable person with a powerful personality, debunking SRA-MC in a similar manner. Unfortunately, one of the best potential candidates for such a vid host would be me – and I’m out of the question. (I did do public broadcast debunking in the late 1980s- early 1990s. I kicked serious ass on local tv and radio, too, but no more for me thanks)

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  2. It was friggin’ obvious to anyone with any sense that the QEG was a load of ole nonsense and of course you don’t ask people to buy anything till you have a working product to sell.

    I’m glad Mel has seen the light about this!

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  3. APD and HopeGirl. A match made in hell.
    I have to admit. I did appreciate Biggi dropping by here last night to explain things.. and now Mel V. too.
    They know this is where people come to get the real stories and the truth and their words will be seen.
    Interesting post, EC.

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  4. Blah blah blah Too Little too Late! Has anyone heard of the concept of “unclean hands” in Equity? LOLOL


  5. EC – Our new Dutch “friend” (and I don’t mean Mel or Biggi) has a WordPress site, it seems:


    And when this specimen isn’t busy trolling this fine blog, he’s a flat-Earther, anti-Semite, Hitler apologist and Holocaust-denier:



    Yeah? And protecting convicted neo-Nazis is worst than being a Nazi, Don. Just saying.

    By the way, as Jake Blake pointed out, he’s a Pizzagater too:


    Surprised much?

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    • There is “hope” for Mel and Biggi now they are spring clearlng their decks.A chance for a clean “break” and revamp their output perhaps to include debunking new age fear peddlars and truth shame-men who certainly do NOT make the world a better place.Mel and Biggi are in useful place to hold their hands up and utilize their experiences in a worthy direction.

      Genuine hope and parts crossed for constructive fruitful progression within a rising octave.


  6. Er…based on what, Ann? Please put together a reasoned argument if you can and back it up with three spoonfuls of evidence and a dash of logic, if you’d be so kind…

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  7. Thanks, EC. And good advice at the end there! 😀

    I must say once again that, as with Angelagate, if only Mel had listened to us! All of us were shouting from the rooftops for some time that QEG was a scam and that Hope Girl wasn’t to be trusted (and MKD made some very fine videos on both of those subjects). But oh no, we weren’t being helpful, we were “terrorists, pure and simple”, as I recall.

    So Mel, now that you’ve hopefully finally learnt to listen to us, check out the wealth of proof on EC’s excellent blog that Hampstead was a hoax instead of continuing to claim that you haven’t seen enough evidence!


    Perhaps you could clarify what pieces of the jigsaw you’re missing in terms of evidence? This blog has over two thousand articles, as well as medical reports, police reports, court reports, press articles, screenshots, links, tens of thousands of informative comments, etc. etc….

    I suggest you start with the court report, which concluded that the whole thing was all bollocks:


    EC’s brilliant ‘FAQ’ section is also very useful for those unfamiliar with this case:


    There are also a number of videos about it on various channels (including mine – see the Hoaxtead playlist):

    Then there’s the fact that several of the allegations are logistically impossible, not to mention the fact that the children themselves have admitted that they’d made it all up; and there is video evidence of them being coached by the mother’s criminal boyfriend Abraham, who has 37 previous convictions for drugs, fraud and violence (as well as police cautions for abusing his own son and accusations of rape).

    Also, many of the names and places the children had named turned out not to exist. In fact, the children themselves admitted they’d made it all up after being violently coerced by Abraham (he and Ella, the mother, then abandoned the children and buggered off abroad, where they are still on the run). The children begged not to be returned to Abe & Ella. (Incidentally, Abe and Ella never reported the alleged abuse to the police!)

    But in a way, all that’s academic, as the burden of proof – both legally and ethically – lies with the accusers, not the accused. I reiterate: innocent until proven guilty. This isn’t the Dark Ages, Mel. Sadly, however, after two years of asking, the hoaxers have still never produced one single scrap of evidence to support their silly claims.

    Hope this helps.

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    • Mel says ” keeping my silence for such a small fee”, so would Mel have been happy to keep her silence if she was getting more cash for doing so? She knew the QEG was a scam and i bet she would be more than happy to defend the scam if she was making something from it for herself.

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  8. These hoaxer spats are so entertaining. And this one will definitely do for this week’s ‘Friday Night Pagga’, as Liza calls it.

    Just wondering who’s up next?

    Off the top of my head, here’s my wishlist:

    Angie v Heifer
    Kristie Sue v Alanson
    Debs v Angela

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  9. “Considering how much negative publicity and backlash Hope is getting right now, she would be very smart to distance her self from Angela Power-Disney and all her drama.”

    And is that “negative publicity and backlash” also why you’re suddenly distancing yourself from Hope Girl, Mel?

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    • Sonic, this not a sudden distancing, this has been going on for 6 months at least. I have just kept quiet about it until I saw that Angela and Hope were in cahoots… then I could not longer hold my tongue


    • So what the popular opinion of free energy and Hope Girl aka Naima Dawn Feagin is a dangerous scammer that takes all the investors money for a free energy device that has been proven by scientists the world over to not work and not scientifically viable. Not only that, the free energy device is dangerous, could get someone electricuted and even start a fire. I wonder what product testing this device has had, I assume it is illegal and does not conform to any regulatory standards in any western country where strict laws apply.

      So, in short, it is more than fair to say that Naima Dawn Feagin aka Hope girl is a criminal, a con-artist, a fake christian, a fraud, a phony, a liar, a cheat, a thief, a scammer, and is stealing peoples money for a product that will NEVER work and putting peoples lives at risk to make a quick buck.

      #HopeGirlScammer, #freeenergyscam, #NaimaDawnFeagin Scammer #Naimadawnfeaginscam

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  10. When did Mel know about Belindas integral role ? Alfred lamenting n mel chose to diss kev the rev with kev galling fake fasting replacement, for prague. In a clear obscufication, you both interviewed sabine.


    • Sheva, I had my suspicions about Belinda back in 2009 already. I have been very clear about my concerns regarding Belinda Mc Kenzie, and we have never ever been friends or in contact. As for the rest of your comment, I can’t make out what you are trying to say


      • Mel you said Belinda was a Witch or similar with her coven hub in Highgate but when you wanted Angela No Power subscribing to you, you backed down on your condemnation of Belinda.

        You seem to change your mind as often as you probably change your underwear.


          • Got your facts wrong there again Spiny. I have been very clear in my past recountings about how I met Belinda Mc Kenzie, due to the fact that very strange things happened to me at both these conferences. At a conference in Brussels in October 2009, I met Belinda Mc Kenzie at a table selling books. I purchased a book about Lloyd Pye from her, as she was representing his work at this conference. Lloyd Pye has since died. The last night of the conference, Biggi and I were gassed in our camper, and all our media equipment stolen, with all the interviews we had acquired at that conference. It was a very traumatic experience for us, and although many nay sayers would love to claim that we made the whole thing up, we had many witnesses to the occasion such as Desiree Rover and Bill Ryan. Belinda was then present at a conference in Scotland in November 2010, that I travelled to from Holland, and was turned away at the door. I went all the way there to interview Robert Green at the beginning of the Hollie Greig case. I did not even have a conversation with Belinda, nor do I recall seeing her, but I did see Lloyd Pie, but I was told she was there, but I honestly could not say if Belinda was there or not.
            My denial of association to Belinda came when I was called a “Mc Kensie’s Devil”, which I thought was ironic, given that Belinda and I were in no way associated at all, nor were we in contact. I knew who she was and she knew who I was… I did not trust her and she did not like me. End of story.

            So to clarify Spiny, that is the story with regards to my statement that I have met Belinda twice at a conference. This is more detail to give context of these meetings. But something tells me that no matter what I say, no matter how truthful I am, people will always find ways to have a gripe about something… it is almost like they don’t have anything better to do than to obsess over the irrelevant details of my life. Pathetic really


          • So twice, then. As I said.

            Interesting that you get so het up on that (a mere question of numbers) and give such a detailed response, yet you still can’t bring yourself to respond to any of our comments about your accusations against the people of Hampstead and the proof that the whole thing was a hoax.

            And do you finally admit that you were wrong to support Hope Girl’s QEG scam? Yes or no?

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        • Fanny, considering the name you have chosen, I am not surprised you use “underwear” missives. I have never changed my opinion about Belinda, just because I am not publicly hating on somebody, does not mean that I have backed down or changed my mind, it just means that I have more constructive things to focus on.


          • I didn’t choose my name, it was given to me by my parents.

            I think you just like to sit on the fence Mel, that way you get the best of both world’s.

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          • Mel, why are you spending so much valuable time on here when you could be using it to register CCN as a company, do your accounts and pay your long overdue tax?


          • To be fair, I do recall Mel saying several months back that she neither liked nor trusted Belinda; this isn’t a recent development as far as I’m aware.


      • You bought a book from Belinda Mel, yet you were suspicious of her?

        You must have been suspicious of Angela yet you took her or her gullible supporters money?

        What did you think about Angela’s “relationship” with RQ?

        And did Angela make a pass at your husband?


        • 1. I had no idea who Belinda Mc Kenzie was the first time I saw her. I walked up to the table, picked up a book and bought it. The person who was behind the table was Belinda Mc Kensie… that was the first I had ever seen of her and had never know of her existence before that date, never mind any details about who or what she is.

          2. I actually was not suspicious of Angela to begin with, but I began to see for myself the deep dark and dirties as we worked with her. As for taking her money, I did not take anything, it was paid to from Angela to us for our services. I have a tax registered business and we provide professional media services to many people, even outside of the CCN broadcaster family. We don’t necessarily like all the people we deal with in business, but then if I only dealt with people we like, we would out on the street. We don’t always get to decide what type of people others choose to be, but we can absolutely decide how we let it affect us, and that is how I deal with the aberrant energetics.

          3. To be honest, I think both Rupert and Angela are as crazy as each other. Rupert is a chronic flirt and so is Angela. My guess is that they were flirting on FB, and Angela, feeling a little horny, offered to give Rupert 2000 euros to come be with her, in the hopes that flirtations may turn into more… Upon arriving at Angela’s, Rupert realised just how unappealing the prospect of sexual union would be, and rejected Angela’s advances… Angela obviously felt that she had wasted 2000 euros in the hopes of getting laid by young man, but I also think Rupert led her on and used her to get that 2000 euros, then when it came time for Angela to get what she wanted, Rupert could not go through with it. In the end, Rupert got what he deserved for her lunatic ranting, and for his callous flirtations. There is not such thing as a free lunch. There is always a price to pay.

          4. Angela was attracted to Biggi from day one, and made several flirtatious comments throughout the time that Biggi was producing Angela’s shows. After shit hit the fan and I distanced myself from Angela, she tried to do the impossible by attempting to cause conflict between Biggi and I by writing to him and telling him that I only married him for a visa, or something to that effect. I mean I get it, my husband is an attractive, highly intelligent man, and all the female broadcasters we work with adore Biggi. But the reality is, we have been married for 16 years, and nothing will separate us. Like all couples, we have been through rough times, but we are stronger than ever, and nobody can come between us, never mind somebody like Angela Power Disney. My husband has way more class than that!

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          • Liza Radley, Er, yes I do have a tax registered business, and we have done for over 7 years now, you just have to check the right details, for example, knowing the name of the company to search for, and under whom it is registered, would be a good place to start, but you don’t have those details, nor do I have to provide them to you… Believe me, the tax man knows who we are and where we are. They know exactly where we live and where to find us, so what ever your issue is, the tax argument will not wash, as we have all our paperwork and administration in order.


          • Thanks for your answers Mel.

            Must say both Rupert and Angela can flirt all they want, I can’t see many finding either attractive.

            Doesn’t surprise me Power Disney trying to cause conflict between you and Biggi, true to form I would say.


          • “I am not registered under CCN… LOL, fucking morons, the lot of you!”

            Oh sorry, it must have been a different Mel Ve who stated some months ago that “CCN is a registered company”. How many of you are there?

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          • “Fucking morons, the lot of you!”

            What was that you were saying about the importance of being polite and diplomatic and not being rude, Mel? Good to see you leading by example 😀

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          • Yeah I never said CCN was registered under the title CCN. CCN falls under the umbrella of our registered online media business which has been registered since 2010. CCN was only started in 2015, and came under the existing business we already had registered, hence why you won’t find anything if you search for CCN…. but then again, I do not need to discuss the inner workings of my life to anybody. After all, we are all entitled to a certain amount of privacy, and until any of you actually hand me a court order, I really do not have to answer to any of you. Not sure why I even bother writing this. In much the same way, my where I live and my living situation is really none of anybody else’s concern, nor should any of you be telling me where live or where to go, or how to run my business, because none of you actually know all the facts, and none of you are in a position to comment on how I should conduct my life. But that being said, I have been as clear and transparent as I can. Hope this can suffice.


          • I’m sorry, but I am not the internationally recognised journalist that you are Mel, but if I was going to cover something or give a platform on my network and use my logo etc I would at least do a little bit of research first on what they wanted to cover going over to see if it was something I would be comfortable staking my personal/Networks reputation on beforehand. It does seem like you wanted to create an uncensored platform no matter who you hurt or defamed, as long as they paid the broadcasting fees.

            Did you not google Angela Power Disney? I know after looking briefly through your book, that you are at heart, a conspiracy theorist and believe in Mind Control, SRA and many other things.
            [Insert Plug Here],

            Click to access sa_guide_to_the_global_conspiracy.pdf

            So that link kind of shows you the conspiracy mindset we are dealing with.
            Did you not google or research these people’s claims before allowing them to muddy your name? If not you do rightly so deserve some criticism for promoting hoaxes, at least MKD just present what you or others have said, they have not tried to make up false allegations that have made families and their children fear for their lives, or lost money on scamming free energy enterprises.

            Anyway, time to plug my garbage, lol 🙂
            Have you removed this Free energy, MK ULtra, SRA scammer video from your network? If so, why not?

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    • Sheva, I don’t owe you or anybody anything. When I feel that I owe somebody an apology, I will give it. You people are so quick to try lynch people for “not listening to us”, to the point of being violently abusive and unpleasant, that you alienate people from your cause. Perhaps you should learn to communicate better and then you will not have such a problem getting people to understand your points of view. Nastiness, allegations and name calling are not the way to get people to pay attention to anything you have to say, no matter how valid you feel it may be. As an investigative journalist, I often have to wade through a lot of shit to get to the truth, and it is almost impossible to come out of that without shit on you. Sadly people do not appreciate the efforts you go to in wading through the shit, they just judge you for having shit on you. It is a thankless job in many respects. I have never set out to deliberately hurt or defame any resident of Hampstead. I only took a keen interest in this story due to my own bizarre experiences when I lived there. I have never named any person in Hampstead as an abuser, merely taken information from those who were making the claim. At this stage I wish to distance myself from this entire case as it is a total cluster fuck, and without further resources, it would be impossible anyway to properly investigate it, hence the reason way the content has now been removed. Furthermore, I too have suffered as a result of being defamed by MKD, being called a PEDOPHILE PROTECTOR and all sorts, many of which are labels that are false and just invoke shock in people resulting in emotional knee jerk reactions. My neighbours have seen this crap online and won’t let their kids anywhere near us, and they are trying to get our thrown out of our apartment. I don’t imagine I will ever get an apology for that. So tell you what Sheva darling, get off your high horse and stop projecting your own unresolved socio psycho issues at other people whilst masking your issues under a thin pseudo veneer of pretending to care about the residents of Hampstead. I don’t buy it for one moment.


      • “I don’t owe you or anybody anything.”

        Yeah, you do, Mel. Big-time. And shame on you for not accepting that.

        You repeatedly accused members of the Hampstead community of being in a cannibalistic baby-raping cult. You also loudly and wholeheartedly supported Angela and Hope Girl in their similar allegations.

        The only way you could possibly assert that you have nothing to apologise for is if your reasons for taking down all your Hampstead-related videos were for reasons other than to accept that you’d been in the wrong.

        Moreover, on this very blog, on more than one occasion, you have maintained that you’ve seen little evidence to refute the allegations. And on each occasion I have responded to you with detailed pointers re. what evidence is available. However, on every single occasion, you have chosen to ignore me. Very telling, in my opinion.

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      • Mel, no one here has ever been violent towards you. Please retract that statement unreservedly.

        You are also on extremely thin ground by accusing US of lynching YOU, in light of the daily death threats – in many cases from people whom you have supported and applauded – that many people here have been receiving for over two years.

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      • How dare you describe yourself as an investigative journalist, Mel. You’re not a journalist. You are a liar and a scam artist, pure and simple.

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        • It is a bit rich Mel charging people to appear on a YouTube channel, even if one of those people was No Power Disney.

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          • You don’t even get on YouTube any more. She just broadcasts on Facebook Live. LOL

            Biggi will of course upload a recording of your show but it takes him about 4 days on average and then when you piss him off, he’ll take them down again 😀


          • We broadcast in several different locations, Facebook, You Tube, Periscope and Livestream. Our set up cost us a licence fee to LIVESTREAM which gives us the facility to multi faceted streaming, but then, none of you actually know how our set up works… but go ahead… make your usual false statements


          • Er, no you don’t broadcast on YouTube. You haven’t done for many months, after your arses were banned by YouTube LiveStream, as you well know, Mel. Stop lying, please.

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          • And we don’t need to know how your setup works, luv. All we need to know is that we can broadcast on YouTube for free without paying a penny to predatory scammers. Just saying.

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          • BANNED BY LIVESTREAM??? Not true… seriously you people like to make stuff up. We pay LIVESTREAM … we are their paying clients, and no we are not banned by them at all, in fact we work with them in product development, really you people have no clue


        • LOL, “How dare you”… so dramatic… don’t you love the way people use terms like “pure and simple”, as if it makes them more emphatic in their delivery… What ever Liza… I do what I do, and I know I do it from a honest intent and pure heart. I am actually pretty good at what I do if you actually bothered to read any of my books, but then again I don’t expect that you have the intellect that could grasp my work. I don’t care what you call me as you don’t even know me. The labels you vomit in condemnation are more of an indication of your own inner projections than any bearing on fact or reality. As for scamming people, I have never scammed a penny in my life. We run an ethical project and we do our best with what we have. Often we do not have the resources to investigate matters to the fullest extent of completion or satisfaction, and this is a real tragedy. Truly, I wish I had the resources to do proper investigative journalistic work, as I too feel that the media is limited on various fronts.


          • “I am actually pretty good at what I do if you actually bothered to read any of my books”

            Yeah, good point. So let’s hear from some people who read your books, Mel:

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          • “I don’t expect that you have the intellect that could grasp my work.”

            Classy, Mel, very classy. Resorting to playground insults when you don’t get your way.

            For the record, I have four university qualifications. Thanks for asking. And thank you for demonstrating your intellectual superiority over me by using such brilliant grammar in your rants.

            Oh wait.


          • You do realise Mel that you have brought yourself to the attention of genuine media, journalism and broadcast professionals? Your claim to be a “journalist” is, as previously discussed, entirely bogus. Similarly, as far as broadcasting is concerned you are nothing more than a Webcam-Licker. To be sure I have sought credible opinion on this, and it’s clear that you and “Biggi” have no technical skills whatsoever, you have no “broadcast” facilities or equipment and that the whole of your “CCN” setup is of no more merit than (as one particular brodcast expert put it) “some children engaged in a role-playing game using their mummy’s laptop”. It’s a croc in other words.

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      • “My neighbours have seen this crap online and won’t let their kids anywhere near us, and they are trying to get our [sic] thrown out of our apartment.”

        Yeah? Welcome to our world!

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        • I don’t know why Mel doesn’t go back to South Africa and take her Dutch husband with her.

          Perhaps she can get her foot operated on there.

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          • She couldn’t cope with life in South Africa now that Apartheid’s gone and she’d have to use the same post office queues as black people.

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          • Yeah but they’re European “blacks”. It’s the “Jesuit-controlled South African Kaffirs” Mel has a problem with.

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          • Fanny Adams, the low level you sink to is no better than APD. My husband is dutch, we live here and we have a life together here. I have not lived in South Africa since 1999. My husband is not allowed to live in South Africa, so we live here as we have done for the last 9 years. Now how about you mind your own business about where I live. We all have to live somewhere on this planet and I live in Holland were I am entitled to live as the spouse of an EU National. Why should I uproot my entire life just because you do not know why I don’t do it… proper narcissist you are. Why should I do anything you say. Get a life!


          • And I would appreciate it if you learnt how quotation marks work, Mel (like the ones I used around the word ‘Kaffir’, for example). Cheers.

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          • And I would appreciate it if you stopped saying that all Catholics are evil and that they’re to blame for all the World’s problems and that black people shouldn’t be allowed to use the same post office queues as white people. Comments like that are offensive in my culture, Mel.

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          • Spiny, you people love to twist things… firstly, I have never said that all catholics are evil. I often say that we can not call all catholics pedos just because 10% of catholic priests are pesos. I in fact have very close friends who are devout catholics and I am very tolerant of their choices, and they understand my concerns about the corruption in the Roman Catholic Church. Secondly, you have twisted my words about black people in post office ques. I have no issue with black people at all and I have no issue sharing any space, que or what ever with them. What you are referring to is my defence of the concept of SEPARATE DEVELOPMENT as an antidote to forceful CULTURAL GENOCIDE. If you actually bother to read my work and take the time to understand the subtle nuances, you will clearly grasp what i am saying. Stop twisting my words.


          • Nope. We all heard what you said, Mel. Nice try.

            And your so-called “defence of the concept of SEPARATE DEVELOPMENT as an antidote to forceful CULTURAL GENOCIDE” is doing you no favours. That’s just racism by another name.

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          • 10% of catholic priests are paedo’s? that’s insane. I come from a long line of Irish catholics and went to a school of 800 boys, my sister went to a school with 800 girls. I know nobody who has been touched by a priest, my dad says that a Christian brother teacher at his school in the 50s was rumoured to be that way but you are making out its bigger than it is. Also Mel the British army did not send troops into the North to stop catholics genocide on the protestants, they were sent in to stop ethnic cleansing of catholics from certain areas, it got so bad that the old guard IRA of the 1916-21 had a vote on whether to protect catholics, they voted no which led to the birth of PIRA. Your historical knowledge is biased as fuck. And the Hells Angels and KKK were not created by the Jesuits you loon, neither did they sink the Titanic. Seriously Mel are you mentally ill?

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          • You know what Mel, I hope your foot gets better and wish you no harm but you have done a nasty thing to Ricky Dearman and the people of Hampstead. You promoted this ridiculous conspiracy with Alf Webre, another one who constantly pushes satanic bullshit. Your actions are adding to the continued harassment of proven innocent people and ruining any chance of the children ever leading a normal life. Now pizzagate has been revealed for the idiocy and bigotry it is the pizzagaters are now focusing on Hampstead. You helped do this with your biased videos. You owe the people and the children a massive apology before you can ever start to redeem yourself. If your aim is to make Alt media look absurd you are doing a fine job. You say we need to overthrow the corrupt system, for what? a system based on bigotry, fear and zero respect for the law?

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          • A foot with never recover when Mel is clearly suffering from a major case of Foot in Mouth disease, which is not to be confused with her other complaint of foot and mouth disease, aka Mad Cow disease.
            All the hoaxers suffer from it, no cure sadly.


          • Pardon the pedantry but foot and mouth disease and mad cow disease (BSE),are two different things.
            And I should know, as I am out standing in my field.

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        Scarlet Scoop
        August 4, 2015

        Oh, I’m sorry – did I say that out loud?

        Yes I did. And this is why: because I’ve just endured 27 minutes of the disgusting shameless pig banging on to her fellow twat Alfred Webre about how Hampstead must be a haven for baby-murdering Satanists – and that there are several schools where children are being murdered – because…er…she has a gut feeling about it!

        Let me reiterate that: for 27 minutes, Ve makes some extremely serious, public allegations against the residents of Hampstead, including teachers, doctors, nurses and the Police, without ever once providing one single scrap of evidence to back up her claims. It’s all based on her gut feeling that “something isn’t right”, which is apparently reasonable grounds for shouting it on the worldwide web and potentially helping to wreck hundreds of lives. This time, unlike the last, she didn’t even present her beloved ley line readings as “evidence”.

        Oh and she throws in some typical Hoaxteader anti-Semitism for good measure by blaming everything on the Jews.

        She also states that when she lived in Hampstead, she never met one person that she liked.

        But she doesn’t leave it there, folks. At 23:36, she calls for people from all over London to go and protest…AT THE SCHOOL!!!

        So I stand 100% by what I saId: MEL VE IS A NASTY LITTLE SHIT. Any questions?

        Please remember to flag and report this disgraceful video. I have 🙂


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        • I never named a single person, I only called for a proper investigation into matters at that time when the whole matter broke, which is as you say, back August 2015. And I stand by my statements about Hampstead. I experienced some pretty strange things when i lived there.


          • The story broke on facebook in February 2015, but originated in August/September 2014 if not thought about before then.


          • “And I stand by my statements about Hampstead. I experienced some pretty strange things when I lived there.”

            Then you deserve everything that’s been levelled against you by the people here. Shame on you, you vile disgusting pig.


          • “I experienced some pretty strange things when i lived there.”

            Yeah, I remember you saying, Mel. You said the people were a bit standoffish and that the architecture looked a bit creepy. I take it that’s what you mean by “proof of claim”. Sigh


      • Mel you owe any suckers that bought into the Hope Girl energy crap machine an apology for promoting such nonsense.

        I also think you ripped off Sandy with your journalism academy or whatever you called it.

        She didn’t even go for any lessons, just online crap.

        You must have known Angela Power-Disney was talking bullshit and yet you took her money or should I say the money of the idiots that donated to her lavish lifestyle which you are a teeny bit jealous of.

        You are edging your bets on this Hampstead Hoax as you don’t want to lose punters or potential punters.

        How about getting a proper job?

        Any reason why you can’t?

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        • We’re talking here about a woman who charges people 200 Euros to broadcast a FREE show on Facebook Live (LOL) and then demands that they dedicate about 10 minutes every hour to advertising CCN, the people they’ve paid to broadcast! Get someone to advertise YOUR product but THEY have to pay YOU for the “privilege”! LOL. Nice work if you can get it 😀

          And speaking of CCN, lest we forget that it is not registered as a company in the Netherlands and doesn’t pay tax.

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        • Fanny, I have tried to get a job here in Holland and have been to hundreds of interviews, but they don’t like foreigners, hence why I started my own legitimate media business 7 years ago. I work very hard at my chosen field, and I really don’t care if you appreciate my work or not. We all have the right to earn a living. As for Sandy, I have provided all the correspondence on Skype, which clearly shows she begged me for Journalism Academy training. She did attend lessons and I did what I could to train her. Some people are just bad students. I actually teach and train online to people all over the world and have many glowing references from people I work with, either coaching, training or teaching.
          And as for your comments “You must have known Angela Power-Disney was talking bullshit”… No I did not know up front, as I am not a witch and I do not scry through a crystal ball. As I already said, it only became clear over a period of time, but more specifically after the Arthur interview.
          As for being jealous of Angela’s lavish lifestyle… let me be clear on this… there is nothing about Angela that I am jealous of. In fact, I am not a jealous person, as people have always been jealous of me, and I have always found that to be very destructive, hence why I discipline myself not to engage jealousy, as it is a destructive energy. Again, epic fail Fanny, you really don’t know the facts about me or how things flow in my morphic field.


          • Shouldn’t you learn how to do it yourself before training other people on how to do it?


          • “And as for your comments ‘You must have known Angela Power-Disney was talking bullshit’… No I did not know up front, as I am not a witch and I do not scry through a crystal ball.”

            Indeed. If only someone had warned you.

            Oh wait – we all did. Repeatedly. Remember that, Mel? Your response was to call us – and I quote – “terrorists”.


          • Okay I’ll accept Mel that you have tried to get a job in Holland.

            I’m not sure if they don’t like foreigners though, possibly…

            I didn’t say I didn’t appreciate your work.

            I really do find it hard to believe that you did not realise Angela was full of bull shit though.

            I’m not a witch but I knew she was a liar from the off.

            You don’t have to be a witch to spot BULLSHIT.

            Phew that it took you to the Arthur interview to realise, which coincides with her not coughing up the hard cash, interesting…

            Regarding Angela and her continuous holiday in the Sun, you have declared that you haven’t had a holiday for years, so it stands to reason that wanting one, you would be a teeny weeny bit jealous/envious that she has the beach on her doorstep.

            Anything else about Angela I will buy that you are not jealous of her.

            I’m not actually against you Mel, just find it really hard to believe that you could not spot the devious, manipulative person that No Power Disney is.

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          • Temper, temper, Mel.

            I am not in ANY way like Angela Power Disney.

            I think you are confused.

            It’s not me, but YOU and Angela No Power that fancy themselves so much, that they have to put their faces out on fb/youtube for people to look at!

            Do you actually know the definition of the word Narcissist?

            You obviously DON’T.

            You want your foot fixed, so I suggested you go back to South Africa if the tax payers in Holland don’t want to pay to get it fixed and who can blame them?

            PS A bit of advice luv. Lose a bit of weight, it’ll help with the foot healing.


        • Seriously, is that your gripe? Come with an actual proof of wrongdoing if you want to have a gripe. I once several years ago, expressed an idea of an artistic display of protest in a Facebook thread, and never followed through on it… nothing ever came of it…and you want to hold that against me… Sheva, get a life you sad sad person. Focus on those doing actual harm and get over yourself sad lady


          • When I interviewed Sabine, I had no idea how closely associated she was with Belinda Mc Kensie. I only found out when Sabine stopped talking to me or communicating with me at Belinda’s instruction. I have not been in contact with Sabine since


          • Okay, people—on both sides of this argument—everyone please take a deep breath and settle down. No one is being blocked, but I’d like to think we’re all mature enough to discuss these issues without name-calling and mud-slinging.

            Whatever we may think of the validity of, or need for, Mel’s business, unless she is engaged in fraud or criminal behaviour I don’t believe it’s our place to tell her what to do, or where to live.

            On the other hand, yes, it would be nice to hear some acknowledgement of the harm caused by Mel’s early endorsement of the Hampstead hoax, based on little more than gut feelings and unspecified “strange things” occurring in Hampstead a few years before the hoax occurred. Many families have lived in fear for the past two years as a result of this hoax. I believe that anyone who helped promote the hoax, even if they did so in good faith at the time, bears some responsibility for that.

            Mel, if you choose not to apologise that’s your choice, but if I were in your shoes I would be thinking carefully about how it would feel to be publicly accused of the most serious and horrific of crimes by people you don’t know. I’m not going to dwell on this, but I do think it’s something to consider.

            Here endeth the sermon.

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      • “As an investigative journalist”

        You’re not any such thing Mel. It’s very obvious that you have absolutely no training or qualifications in journalism, and that you’ve no clue as to how the law works and applies to journalists. Nor indeed do you understand why various laws exist – if you did you would not flout them so readily. That’s a title which you plucked out of thin air and you have no entitlement to.

        “I have never set out to deliberately hurt or defame any resident of Hampstead.”

        And yet, because you obviously don’t understand the first thing about journalism you did exactly that. What you intended to do is, in any case, irrelevant. It’s what you actually did that counts, both morally and legally.

        “I too have suffered as a result of being defamed by MKD, being called a PEDOPHILE PROTECTOR and all sorts, many of which are labels that are false and just invoke shock in people resulting in emotional knee jerk reactions.”

        You haven’t been defamed, you jumped onto the bandwagon of a particular hoax, apparently trying to make financial gain from it, i.e. traffic for your shoddy Con the Credulous Network.

        This hoax, like most of these hoaxes is in part a scam to part the credulous from their cash. But it is also organised by some fairly vile people including drug dealers and porn dealers, especially those who deal in ‘paedophile porn’. If you’d drilled through to the truth (as an actual journalist might be expected to do) you would have recognised quite quickly that the Hampstead kids’ videos were a form of paedophile pornography. It’s certainly something the judge identified. The plain fact is that you have protected the scammers behind this hoax, thus you have protected paedophiles. Hire a lawyer and “clear your name” if you believe it to be otherwise.

        “My neighbours have seen this crap online and won’t let their kids anywhere near us, and they are trying to get our thrown out of our apartment.”

        That’s entirely your own fault. Your neighbours are alert to the CCN scam you’re running. And that, to be clear on this consists of nothing more that you playing with webcams and laptops and promoting this fantasy “network” of yours, in truth just a con trick to screw money out of stupid delusional people. It’s a fly cadge right enough! Youtube provide a free service and you’re charging mugs money to upload content to your monetised channel! But lets be honest Mel, there are many other reasons your neighbours don’t want to live next tot he likes of you.

        And no, given the weird shit you promote, your own background and all this lying about being a “journalist” etc, of course nobody wants their kids anywhere near the likes of you; you’re a nutjob and therefore potentially a bad influence. Nobody cares what you “buy” Mel. OH, and one small point about defamation which you seem to have missed. To be “defamed” you actually need to have a reasonable reputation that can be damaged. You’re beneath defamation Mel, and I’d love to see you try and sue someone so that can be established in a court of law.

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      • Hi Mel ! You said: “Nastiness, allegations and name calling are not the way to get people to pay attention to anything you have to say, no matter how valid you feel it may be”.

        Well, there’s a place for patient, rational discourse – but only when the other person is both rational & sincere. Your own ‘testimony’ appears to be, that many of the folks targeted for debunking by associates of this blog are NEITHER.

        Nevertheless, there are reams of articles & comments from moi on this blog, the vast majority of which contain NO nastiness, allegations or name calling about ANY currently active personalities. Just observations, facts, & history. And I’m as much a ‘citizen researcher’ as any other person you could name. I don’t call myself a satanist, I don’t work for anyone else, I’m never paid by anyone for anything I say online. I’m just some guy, but a guy who reveres reality & truth. I’ve never seen you reference anything I’ve had to say, here. YOU seem 110% interested in, and mired by, the soap opera. I’m not saying that you care only about that aspect of things, but I can’t find the evidence that you care about anything else.

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  11. Something that defies the rule of science like this QEG scam should be so obvious to everyone especially today when solar & wind power are steaming ahead like lightening and will soon provide fantastically cheap energy for all.

    It’s a mystery why anyone would fall for scam artists like Hope but it just shows what real lowlifes people like her are- targeting the most vulnerable. A pox on her and the rest of these con artists.

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  12. The Mc Kenzies Devils original Youtube channel has gone down, damn, I wanted to hear about Mel’s foot etc.


  13. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    Not that well coded, Naima Dawn. You’re a drug smuggler.

    And here’s a coded message for YOU:

    Let’s HOPE that no one GRASSes you up 😉

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      • I don’t know – I haven’t heard that and she has no connections with Abrella as far as I’m aware (but I’m open-minded on it). It does, however, cross my mind that drug-smuggling may explain Hopeless Girl’s frequent jaunts to Morocco.

        Mel/Biggi – if you’re reading this, can you shed any light?

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        • Hi Spiny, Hope lives in Morocco. She does not do drugs as far as I know, and has expressed very intolerant views towards hash and cannabis, despite being a former cigarette smoker herself. As far as I know, Hope has no direct connections to Abe and Ella, and during our time collaborating together, it was never mentioned in conversation.


    • In Hopeless Girl’s head:

      Copyright breach = Serious crime and totes evil, boooo!
      Drug-smuggling = Perfectly acceptable

      Remind me, HG – how many children die as a result of the illegal drugs trade every year?

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    • Gigantic grapes??Now I am not one to wish dis-ease upon anyone but were a sudden bout of arch hemorrhoids to wreck havoc in the nether regions there would be a degree of natural justice.A cautionary stocking up of anusol may be in order albeit its really not all its cracked up to be,and I talk from experience.

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    • Seems a pretty nasty piece of goods, full on with the Holly Grieg hoax and demeaning those poor parents from Sandy Hook and obsessed by the McCann case.

      Is life imitating art? Consider how Wikileaks & Assange promoted the ridiculous pizzagate rubbish and now they have become the darlings of the flighty right wing VIP Satanist pedo ring promoters and pretty well destroyed their credibility and as predicted by moi (does only my cat take me seriously?) it’s all backfired badly for Assange with the US wanting to arrest him.
      Do these fools not understand getting into bed with Putin or even Trump (so many screws loose with him) that witnesses are not allowed to flourish?. Poor Snowden with only 2 years of sanctuary left in Russia, I hate to think what his fate will be.

      Mel Ve should have considered as even the mainstream media has always known: credibility takes a long time to establish but can be destroyed so quickly by a Bill O’Reilly, Kelvin McKenzie or an Angela Power Disney & promoting an obvious “free energy” scam can be the kiss of death.

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  14. Here’s Angela falsely claiming the “credit” as usual:

    And good luck with that, Angie – they’ll be back up and running in minutes 😀

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    • Sorry…. I got 1:24 into the random collage of other people’s footage underpinned by generic incidental music from an X-Files type thingy….. Then I spotted a seagull eating some chips from a packet some drunk had thrown on top of the bus shelter last night and that was far more gripping. – An executive summary sometime will be fine .

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  15. 1:23 – “We have to get these projects going and, you know, one reason is we need to be able to make a living and create some new income and so I’ve got different products that we’re getting ready to put out and things that people are gonna find really interesting, so we’re just, you know, trying to make a living. That’s what we’re doing.

    Erm, also we’ve been doing a lot of travelling around, because we’ve got some stuff going on with QEG, right, so we’ve…That’s just one project. Then there’s the mini-QEG, which is another project, and we’ve got some new business relationships that we’ve created locally here in Morocco.”

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    • Rhetorical Question, what is it with Morocco and Portugal that make them so attractive to spivs, con merchants, drug dealers and perverts?


      • Morocco have very lax laws when it comes to exporting cannabis with most officials getting backhanders or just looking the other way, cannabis is a big part of their economy with many people growing it for export. With the right connections you can make a lot of money if you can find a way of transporting it.

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  16. Those two vile scammers deserve each other, cant wait for it to all come crashing down around them. Anyway, that’s enough about Mel and Biggi, lol.
    Is Mel going to stop letting other fruitloops on her network plugging their free energy devices?
    Or just the chubby christian now her donations have dried up? The top of Mels letter to Hopeless sounded an awful lot like blackmail, its hard to keep quiet about a rip off scam for a mere 50 a month when old chubbs is making a packet and wrecking your networks reputation (lol).

    I will say one thing, Mel struck on a genius phrase to combat the religious nutcases. I am saving this one to use, thanks mel, i will make sure to keep the copyright in place when quoting you.

    “Why should I respect your mental prison? It is part of the problem with our world, not part of the solution”. – copyright MEL V 2017

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    • That is such a lie about having a friend who needed her videos for a court case they were winning! In the extremely unlikely event that one of Angela’s videos would ever be considered as evidence, the lawyers would have downloaded it and entered it as evidence from the outset.

      Moreover, Angela would have been yapping away about said court case all over YouTube and Farcebook the second it started. yet for some bizarre reason, she’s never mentioned it! LOL

      Hashtag lyingbitch

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  17. Yeah? And how did that work out for you, Blondie? They already had three back-up channels and were back up and running within minutes (as promised)!

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    • Oh, it’s CIA now, is it? Not Ricky Dearman, Sheva Burton, MI5 or any of the other zillion people to whom she’s attributed this fine blog? I do wish she’d make up her bloody mind!

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      • Yes that’s how the CIA work.
        Even though they spend $millions on changing governments more to their liking in say, Chile or the Ukraine they set up a blog to take on some has-been chain smoking hideous bat-shit crazy hag instead of just marching into her house, shoving a stick of dynamite in her ugly gob so we can we read how there was an unfortunate gas-main explosion in Oldcastle that killed a poor old pensioner.

        Tiresome old c*nt she is. (There, that feels better)

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    • Hooray, for John Cleese!

      CLEM: “Ah could’n follee thet feller’s speechifyin’ n’tall, Orville!”
      ORVILLE: “S’alright, Clem. Have some more ‘Dew’ and turn the channel thingy over ‘ta our Lord – Alex Jones!” …”

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  18. “A privileged, upper-class community hiding in plain site, just like Hampstead; professional people with wealth enough to choose their residence close to favoured ‘friends’ and now, more evidence connecting suspects to Aleister Crowley’s Satanic ‘Book Of The Law’.”

    Oh shut up, Slurpy. We’re getting bored with you now. Send on the next performing chimp.

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    • So Debs, Comet pizza wanted to get rid of their hard drive so they paid an actor to bring an assault rifle into their pizza shop and cause an international incident and end up in prison for years and destroy his family. Makes sense.

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      • They wouldn’t just, oh, I don’t know, throw the thing in the river and hope for the best?

        Nah, no, too simple, don’t like it. Bring on the deranged gunman.

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        • River? It’s not like the Potomac is just five miles down the road is it! Better bring in the deranged gunman and be sure!

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    • I kid you not – Debs is genuinely putting this forward as “proof” that Pizzagate is real:

      In this email to John Podesta, someone is saying they found a handkerchief and is asking Podesta if it’s his. Debs is claiming that “yorus” is a deliberate misspelling of – and therefore code for – Horus! The exact wording is:

      “The realtor found a handkerchief….Is it yorus?”

      Er… you wouldn’t say they meant ‘YOURS’, then, Debs? XD

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    • angela and titus both have links to child abuse through being in contact with pedophile hackers, there is another pizzagate rally today at that connection.
      “My name is Dean Fougere, I am the creator of the YouTube Channel “Titus Frost”, author of the historical fiction novel “The Lost Truth”, also control the twitter handle: https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth

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    • Yes he has won APD because 1) it’s just not true and 2) fortunately there are tens of millions of sane normal Americans who think conspiraloons like you are beneath contempt.

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    • I often sit here and wonder what exactly it is these spanners hope to achieve? It’s very obvious they have no technical ability. Nor much by way of a general education. “Expect” whom exactly? A few unemployed dregs with laptops they bought from their mum’s catalogue? Some rabid drug addicts? A crack squad of nobodies equipped with plastic Anonymous masks from the local flea market? Ooooh! Scary!

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      • Or a gang of headless chickens running around squawking and trying to work out whether they’ve got the right address? LMAO!

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    • Funny how obsessed these “so called” Christians are with Satan, I swear they spend more time and energy mentioning Satans name than a Satanist probably would.
      I don’t think I have ever met a Christian who talks about Satan, apart from a crazy woman who I worked with, who was very common and slutty one minute, then the next minute telling all of us who don’t believe in God to get our flame-proof jackets ready ‘cos we’ll need them for the lake of fire unless we repent at some point, lol. I could write a book on her, seriously. Should have wrote all her craziness down at the time. The pearler was when she was round at her friends house (the one with the fake tits, as she called her),in the garage hot tub with her husband getting drunk and she wondered why he never got up to use the bathroom all evening. Well you can guess the rest.

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        • Lol. Okay I will drag this one out.
          On the ride home she asked him why he hadn’t gone to the bathroom all evening and he said he just pissed in the Hot tub with them all sat in it. About 8 beers worth, all evening. He didn’t realise it was one of those cheap quick set up hot tubs and the water would be in there probably most of the rest of summer until they dismantled it. He also bought a load of tanning pills and took too many of them and ended up a funny orange colour and having to go to the doctors. Another time they bought a shared holiday apartment in Cyprus, lovely location, great weather etc. Just a shame it was literally right round the corner from the local bordello, and noisy punters could be heard from late at night until early in the morning bahaha.
          When she was expecting her third child, he traded in the family car shortly before she gave birth, for a two seater sports car with no room for a child seat.
          I won’t say her name, but her parents spelt it wrong and it doesn’t make sense. She found god one day when he spoke to her in the garden, and he’s been stuck listening to her bollocks ever since, poor fella.

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          • “She found god one day when he spoke to her in the garden, and he’s been stuck listening to her bollocks ever since, poor fella.”

            Well, if he will go hanging around in women’s gardens, he only has himself to blame.

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          • Lol Barchon

            I thought you were going to say that they got up to all sorts in the Hot Tub, not that he peed in it!

            Poor woman, she does seem to be attracted to a lot of bad luck or maybe she was dropped as a baby…

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          • Well said, Spiny! No way would I allow the Lord to go sniffing around MY lady garden. Creator of the Universe or not, that’s just not on.

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          • FA – Trust me, there was no poor woman about her, she was pretty evil. My friend was a bit of a gym rat, one minute she would be asking him to show his abs, next minute she was saying he looked like he had aids. She had a somalian friend who she was ashamed of going swimming with, because she had the oddest body she had every seen and apparently they all look like that. She asked why a work colleague had black friends round to his house, and wasnt he scared of them stealing his wallet.
            She loved god almost as much as she hated her own mother, which was an incredible amount.
            She would character assassinate anybody.

            Her and Angela would get on like a house on fire. She could turn from a sexually frustrated creepy perve to a right wing bible thumper at the drop of a hat, usually in mid conversation when she’d lured you in to dropping your guard. To be fair she was good fun on a night out, if you like that sort of thing.

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          • Spiny. No she wasn’t called Deborah, that would be a real name, lol.
            She was from very close to Debs neck of the woods though.

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            • Haven’t seen her for a while thankfully.
              She also didn’t believe in using the internet outside of work and having to for essentials. She would be able to pretty much find a way to offend absolutely everyone, even Angela eventually.
              We had a temp Agency girl in and by the end of the day she had told her that the tattoes she had were against the bible, not to give up in men and turn into a lesbian because she shared a house with a bunch of other female friends, and “looked, the type”. Even before she arrived she wanted to have a bet with me that this girl would be fat and spotty because she was unemployed. The temp girl didn’t last long at all. Oh and this temp girls parents had move to live in Thailand so her father was obviously a creepy pedo obsessed with young girls.
              All in a days work.
              Strange enough even though she was against gay people, on a night out she spotted a girl from an other department and asked her if she wanted a threesome with me and her, she was only joking, I think, but it does make you wonder when these people claim to hate something, they may be projecting. She was also pretty obsessed with a womans cleavage at work as well, lol.
              To be fair she could actually be funny sometimes when the bitterness was reigned in. Her favourite phrase when it was getting to lunchtime is to ask people walking past if they were hungry, then reply before they could even answer “because, you don’t look it”. Didn’t matter if they did actually have possible weight issues or were skinny.


      • My mind must be too clean, as I can’t guess what happened next. LOL
        Come on, BM – don’t leave us in suspenders…

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  19. Can’t even watch a horror movie on YouTube without seeing conspiraloons invading the comment section these days.

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  20. The most amazing thing about this whole fiasco, mainly pointing at APD and others, is that they see no problem whatsoever defaming and accusing hundreds of people of some of the worst and sickest things imaginable, but the second someone like MKD literally just use their own words and things they have said against them, they cry, “oh, so harsh, why are they trolling me, they are trying to silence us”, and other grievances that absolutely plae in comparison to calling innocent people baby eating, satanic pedophiles.

    So put on your fucking Big Girl Pants and deal with the seeds that you have sown yourself through defaming innocents in the first place.

    I think that maybe one of the most annoying things about all this nonsense. So if I call Angela a child abuse with links to pedophile hackers, which is true and can be proven in her own words and accusations, then that is defaming a whistleblower, lol.

    Angela’s blown a lot of things in life, including her sisters money, parenting, a normal family life and many other things she picked up in bars.

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  21. Thanks Mel for finally answering my question. So your research before deciding to promote this dangerous hoax? No sign of Belinda? No sign of Sabines close workings with her? Hard to believe that.


  22. I have a feeling. E.C. will have some legal news to report on next weekish…Said news will surely Affirm what Justin Sanity is on about @ Id. I would love to combine expertise and make a real “investigative” Video about All these Hoaxers and their Crimes against Children in the guise of “campaigners” ….Watch for Verified Complaints in a couple U.S. States and Tears all Around….Thanks for providing and organizing All evidence needed. Contact E.C. with evidence of Threats or Defamation out of Mass. or N.C. and whatever State “Nit-head” hails from. Multiple Plaintiffs are EZ to add, it’s only paper and ink My Friends. Paper and Ink. (Oh, and Certain “Occult” (I’m Blind remember) Qualifications none of these Lying Scum could ever hope to Aspire to) Retirement is Grand! As for Mel Ve? PFFFFT! Holland has some fairly good laws also when dealing w/ “visa holders”….As for the UK Libels? A class Action looks like the best route….The time to file continues until libels have stopped being repeated so……Keep it Up Dumb Asses! Your Stupidity and vileness know NO grounds. A Court will think the Same thing, IMHO. 😀

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