The Angela/HoaxGirl break-up: What happened?

Some things are as predictable as the rising of the sun: moths will fly toward a flame, Britons will complain about the weather, and Hampstead hoaxers will fall out with one another.

We’ve seen countless spats amongst the hoaxers in the past three-ish years—highlights include the break-up between Abe/Ella and Belinda/Sabine; the falling out between Belinda/Sabine and Charlotte Alton Ward….and of course, who could forget the epic bun-fight after Angela accused Ella of participating in making child sexual abuse videos?

But the one hoaxer who really outshines all the others in terms of her ability to love ’em and leave ’em is Angela Power-Disney.

That’s why we were amused but not even a tiny bit surprised when we learned from HoaxGirl last month that she and Angela were no longer on speaking terms:

HoaxGirl comment 2018-05-25

(As for the WordPress takedown, we’re sorry you wasted your money, HG. Better luck next time.)

Of course, Angela has breathed not a word of this, whether out of embarrassment or simply not noticing, we do not know. Certainly she changes friends more often than most people change their underwear, so perhaps she just sees this as the natural way of things?

We were interested, though, when Butlin Bulldog posted this: Butlin Dawg 2018-06-30 HopeGirl v Angela

The copyright complaints queen

An interesting take on the situation: we know that HoaxGirl has a nasty habit of enlisting her friends to help her take down any videos she doesn’t like, usually on the grounds of copyright infringement.

So if you dare to mention, for example, that the Quantum Energy Generator is a fraudulent product which claims to be able to violate the laws of physics, you can bet that HoaxGirl will be in there like a dirty shirt, reporting you and your channel with claims that you are violating her copyright.

Sometimes, we grant, she may be correct. However, the “fair dealings” exception to copyright law states,

Fair dealing for criticism, review or quotation is allowed for any type of copyright work. Fair dealing with a work for the purpose of reporting current events is allowed for any type of copyright work other than a photograph. In each of these cases, a sufficient acknowledgement will be required.

So if you choose to use a portion of text or a snippet of audio or video for the purpose of critique or reporting, so long as you credit the original author of the material, you should be fine.

HoaxGirl relies on YouTube complaints reviewers’ knee-jerk reactions to copyright complaints to do her dirty work, and if you are unfortunate enough to be her friend, at some point you will find yourself being asked to help her take down other people’s work which she doesn’t like, for whatever reason.

The problem arises when the friend loses interest in acting as HoaxGirl’s silent copyright strike partner.

This is what happened between Mel Ve and HoaxGirl: HoaxGirl wanted Mel to team up with her against her sworn enemies Dani Arnold McKenny and Lisa Harrison, and Mel had neither the time nor the stomach for fighting HoaxGirl’s battles for her.

And as anyone who has spent any time with Angela knows, “hard work” and “loyalty” aren’t really in her vocabulary. So how likely would she be to continue dropping copyright complaints about HoaxGirl’s critics? Can you say “snowball’s chance in Hell”?

Victims fight back…and win

We’ve heard from Sheva Burton recently that she’s been able to have some of her videos, which had been targeted by HoaxGirl and removed, reinstated by YouTube. And now, Butlin Bulldog is saying they’ve had similar success: Sheva & Scam the World 2018-06-30One thing which some folk might not realise: if you protest a false copyright claim to YouTube, so long as you can back up your argument (for example, but using the Fair Dealing exemption), there is a good chance that you can have your video (or your channel) reinstated.

A further interesting twist, which Sheva has mentioned: if YouTube realises that their copyright complaints system is being abused—as it certainly has been in HoaxGirl’s case—they may decide to penalise the channel which made the original complaint.

And if YouTube get really annoyed (for example, with a person who continually posts fraudulent or malicious copyright complaints), they can remove that person’s channel altogether.

We have no evidence that this has happened in HoaxGirl’s case, but we do know that she is complaining loudly and bitterly about being “under attack” lately: HoaxGirl 2018-06-17 under attackHoaxGirl 2018-06-30 under attack 2We could say something about karma or reaping what one sows or making one’s bed and lying in it…but that would be just too predictable, don’t you think? So perhaps we’ll let Mr Tesla have the last word.


Update 22 November 2019:

She might be quite adept at manipulating the YouTube copyright rules to her own advantage, but Hope Girl kinda sucks when it comes to figuring out why I stopped writing on this blog. She’s been claiming the blog was hacked and I lost control of it…which is clearly not the case, QED.

Care to try again, Hopey? Keeping in mind, of course, that this is not YouTube, and false copyright strikes hold no water here.

59 thoughts on “The Angela/HoaxGirl break-up: What happened?

  1. “Sign up for each call with a $5 contribution”? Translation: The ‘long con’ is running dry, so it’s time for a short-con cash extraction from the remaining suckers before moving on to some other fraud.

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    • Smut Clyde, yes, when I saw that desperation…… charging up front, instead of offering free stuff to draw in new punters………. it was clear that the game is up, for her.
      Her new FTW channel promoting the orgonite, shungite bullshite has dismal figures, too.
      I hope though that she comes under proper investigation, as I am concerned that she is very likely not to be trusted with peoples details and could be selling on their email addresses to others of her scamming ilk.

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  2. ‘Thousands of sock puppet accounts’….? What a big fat liar, she is…… given that I have witnessed her colluding with the fukushima frauds as well as Angie thanking her for all of the help from her ‘flying monkees’, it is clear that Hopegirl indeed herself, employs many devious tactics to suppress exposure of her disgusting cons…….
    There’s a good chance I can get my channel back, because she did indeed report one of the videos for Angela, that she didn’t even appear in.
    She doesn’t realise that her crowing about taking my channel down, her lies against some very decent people, like Doazic; who had exposed her very thoroughly and politely, I will add and her vile comments claiming that Tim MKD died because God was on her side, sent a wave of revulsion through the internet, that prompted some people to indeed put some time and effort into reporting her fraudulent QEG scamming videos as well as the orgonite, shungite bullshite, with her fake healing claims.
    Also, her collusion with Cat Snot of FSF who has reproduced the Hoaxtead Exposed blog, that she denies setting up, caught the attention of other good people thoroughly sickened by the tactics and antics of them all.
    I’m pretty sure too, that genuine people of the Christian faith would see it as their duty to report such evil and hypocrisy, to protect the vulnerable, gullible and perhaps weak minded people who might fall for her lies and slick presentations.

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    • It was people of the Christian faith who exposed big league liars like warnke and Stafford. Regardless of religious belief, or lack of, some people will not tolerate liars. No real Christian will tolerate lies, just look at their titlte for the devil 😈.

      the father of lies.

      They’ll forgive you, but they’ll not tolerate outright lies and scaming.

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      • I was having phone issues. Ended up doing a hard reset. Then I found out the simcard didn’t have credit, so had to get a refund, buy a topup, top it up, request the bundle, phone up to chase the bundle and . . . Eventually, remember my password. . . . Took a few attempts and not easy due to the awful weather that is far too hot with my shaggy fur. Mt ears are burnt to a crisp and I’m sweating like becki Percy at an airport.

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    • At most half a dozen people are giving thumbs down or asking how the whackadoodle magic machine works. She’s a con artist, and not a very good one.

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          • Dollars, Doazic exposes her exploits really well, which is why she added him to the hoaxtead exposed list…… she also talked about him on CCN and called him a terrorist as well as the usual troll, shill, etc…… He’s a really decent guy, very thorough and always produces evidence…….

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          • She can smear me all she wants. I have been accused of fraud, stealing my mother’s pension , being fat and everything else. A drunken American called will gelvin threatened to have the IRA kill me not long back. I’m not easily dissuaded from exposing bums, crooks and liars.

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        • Unfortunately, HopeGirl only needs to fool one person with money to spare to fleece and enable her to carry on with her scam until the next person comes along.

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  3. Thanks, EC. Always fun to catch up on the latest shenanigans of Scam ‘n’ Scammerer.

    So who’s paying for Angela’s blog now that her benefactor’s pulled the plug? Cue the impassioned GoFundMe plea…

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  4. This was the video that I got back quickly: Hopegirl had copyright it struck again, but this time, I had kept it shorter and learnt the rules, better…… It is a clip from the video originally struck fhat brought down my other channels….. of course she could withdraw the complaints and try to put it right, I hope she doesn’t, I wasn’t as upset about it as she hoped……… I’d rather she feel the consequences of her malicious actions and lose the ability to take advantage of people who care about the planet and believe her because she pretends to be a christian..

    I think it is important to highlight just who was going to Wiltshire Police and messing with Operation Conifer, as FSF and Jon Wedger keep mentioning it and it is now obvious that a connected group of people colluded to push David Ickes allegations regarding Ted Heath, even though whilst he was still alive, not one of the ‘victims’ that Oike claims to have met were encouraged to go to the police and that Miles Johnston helped to add in Angies fairytales for good measure, then I do think the public should know this information.

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    • Holy cow, my eyes are just adjusting to the light, I thought Angela’s screenshot said, “universal blah blah blah blah blah RPID mark of the breast implants”, I really need to wake up properly before reading anything to do with her. 💤😪😫😴

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    • Dumb lady is reading the region-specific clickbait advertising that pops up on free-to-read news websites and even that finds a place in her conspiracy-theory jigsaw-puzzle world.

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  5. Have any of you ever called in to one of Naima & Tivon’s live QEG phone-ins? It’d be fascinating to see how they’d cope with difficult questions about their scientifically impossible ‘invention’ that’s always ‘close to completion’.

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  6. To borrow one of Angie’s catchphrases, “#Ugh”…

    (From Naima’s “Hello friends, Please be advised…” post)

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  7. I see the fruitloops have their fingers on the pulse as always:

    (From John “We know where your mum lives” Taylor’s FB page)

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