Tracey Morris arrested over threats to hostel staff

According to Tracey Morris, she was arrested on Saturday, 21 October; however, she has stated in two live-streamed Facebook videos that the police have not yet laid charges against her. However, they have seized her cell phone and two computers.

Piecing together the somewhat incoherent story Tracey presents in the two videos (one here and the second one here), it seems that the arrest comes in connection with the death by suicide of her eldest daughter in April this year.

While at that time the Belfast Telegraph reported that Tracey’s daughter, Corrina Rice, had been found in a wooded part of Poleglass, an area of West Belfast, Tracey is now stating that her daughter was found in the shower area of a hostel for homeless women where she was living at the time.

Ms Rice was seen very drunk the night before her death. When she returned to the hostel she was placed on suicide watch for the remainder of the night. She got up in the morning and seemed all right, but some time later she committed suicide in the shower.

Tracey is accusing the staff of being involved in her daughter’s death, and her arrest appears to be related to threats she has made against staff at the hostel. She stated in one video, “Every member of staff is involved in the cover-up in that place”.

Stating that the hostel is in the habit of taking in young women and murdering them, Tracey is also alleging that her daughter was drugged prior to her death, and at one point mentioned having her body exhumed and drugs-tested. (She did say “consumed”, but we assume she meant “exhumed”.)

Tracey is also claiming that social workers had told Ms Rice that she would be able to get her children back if she kept them away from Tracey. Again, the veracity of this statement has not been confirmed.

Tracey’s bail conditions include being barred from proximity to the gates of the hostel in question, but she is planning a protest to take place this Thursday.

We will continue to follow this story.

157 thoughts on “Tracey Morris arrested over threats to hostel staff

  1. So many things could be put about how much she lies (fighting Paddy been one of them) but honestly I think that she isn’t worth it.

    And let’s face it karma will catch up with her, Angela and co. They can only bullshit for so long and it will bite them on the arse.

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  2. It’s a sad situation and she’s holding loads of people responsible for her daughters death and threatening some people. She’s naming names too. This can’t end well for her and she’s deluding herself if she thinks she’s going to be able to bring people down. She’s just going to create more problems for herself and her children and again, this is sad.
    Re her naming and threatening – another example of how we need new laws to cover internet harassment and threats.

    Tracey continually talks about how she has a brilliant legal team. If that’s the case why aren’t they tackling the issues in relation to her daughter?

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    • That used to be one of Belinda’s empty threats, if she ever shit her self over anything, she would threaten the legal team, that was in the Hollie Greig days, most of us are still waiting for our court summons, then the last time she ever used it was a meeting in London saying if we gathered for a meeting to discuss The Hollie Greig nonsense, we would all be arrested, well it was a packed house, no one got arrested and Sabine turned up and turned on the taps and we all lived happily ever after.

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        • Yes it was, there was a lot of people who walked out of there who had a different opinion than when they walked in and Sabine just made a complete tit of her self. Belinda didn’t turn up, but had a meeting down the road somewhere and got some people to deliver leaflets before hand that Anne Greig had written, full of lies about Sylvia Major mostly but Belinda did make her self look like a proper fool that night with her empty threats.

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          • And was the failed comedian Malcolm Ogilvy there, prancing around in his greasy wig and yelling about “dog-shaggers”?

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      • I too have a brilliant legal “team” (lawyer) but at $650 per hour I’m frightened to even say Good Morning to him.
        Fantasists, the lot of them.

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    • Whenever a hoax mobber uses the words “legal” and “team” in the same sentence the word “Taj” pops into my head for some reason and I find myself rolling about on the floor in fits of uncontrollable laughter for anything up to several minutes.

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  3. Yes indeed, it is a sad case. Acceptance would give her peace in my opinion & she could get on with mourning her daughter’s sad passing. The fact that she has children at home also raises concerns, in one of her live feeds, she was asking someone to bring her the evidence I think she said. The claims she continues to make are ridiculous & threatening & the people who are encouraging her seem to be people who have had their children taken by social services who are just not thinking logically. One of her live feeds actually frightened me the other day, the vitriol with which she was speaking was horrid. I think it was the one in which she was naming a lady at the place where her daughter was and talking about the judge walking her daughter to her death, in fact she named two judges also. I can’t remember if she made threats against them also, I couldn’t bear to listen to it again. This can only end in a bad way, she should be comforting her children who I am sure are distraught also but not getting the help they need because of her crusade.

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    • Yes I wondered who physically gave her the “evidence” in one of those 2 videos. Maybe an older son??

      I also wondered where her youngest children were. I’m sure they are under 10, what with her ranting so loudly and then her going to bed about 4am. Who was going to be looking after them when they woke up?

      I doubt Tracey has 2 pennies to rub together, so all those people named would be wasting their time suing her.

      I for sure would not be saying anything about anyone unless I knew it was true, i.e. it had happened to me or I’d seen something with my own 2 eyes.

      Tracey names sooo many people I can’t believe she has evidence on all of those people, but I could be wrong.

      If these allegations are wrong, I suspect Tracey will not suffer any loss as it will all be put down to her daughter’s tragic death, which is tragic, plus her Mental Health etc.

      Tracey is a liar, not very important but she said I blocked her on 2 fb accounts.

      Untrue as those accounts are long gone, she wasn’t blocked at all.

      Tracey is a trouble maker.

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      • I feel sorry for the woman whose house she brought the chaos into, and for all those around her. It is sad, the reaction of a mother who has to defend herself against the guilt of not being a good enough mother by pointing the finger at all and sundry rather than herself.

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      • Yes, we’ve caught her lying on many occasions. Constantly bigging herself up and claiming things like “I don’t need my A levels or a degree, I was trained by the best!” As if.

        Plus some of the stuff she’s alleged about the Hampstead hoax has been just plain ridiculous.

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    • I think you’re absolutely right, Daisies. Hard as it is to accept the loss of a loved child, she’s bringing herself even more pain by creating wild conspiracy stories which she’ll never be able to prove one way or the other.

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  4. I feel for her kids, one has died and instead of being there for the others, she is off in lala land….

    Oh and E.C. re “(She did say “consumed”, but we assume she meant “exhumed”.)”

    Considering the number of times they accused others of being cannibals, and many people noting that these people tend to ‘project’ onto others things they tend to do themselves… I wouldnt be so quick as to assume that!- freudian slips and all that


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    • I don’t like the way they say ALL Social Workers are bad ‘uns.

      My sister-in-law is a Social Worker and now works with the elderly, she used to manage a small children’s home which was a small house.

      That was a bit of a joke as she was useless with money in her personal life and didn’t have a clue why one of the residents was smearing herself with faeces. I thought it was obvious, but hey…

      Couldn’t believe it myself, but my sister-in-law is a very nice person, very kind.

      These people are hurt and aggrieved but don’t tar everyone with the same brush.

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  5. It’s people like Belinda and Angela who don’t help her at all when it comes to this social services kidnapping children stuff. You know even the agony aunt on This Morning got sucked in to all that before she died, it was very sad to see. She was even special guest at one of Maggie Tuttles meetings, and what she was saying was total bollocks.

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    • Yes, the “baby-snatching” stupidity that Belinda, Sabine, and Angela push is very much their bread and butter, but does absolutely no good to parents who have lost their children and need help dealing with social services and the courts. Running in and claiming social workers operate on commission so they can send babies off to be eaten by Satanists just makes the court think a person is insane, and will only make things worse.

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    • @ 5:59

      “I used to be a white supremacist and my plan was to annihilate the Jews and control all the inferior races through fear, manipulation, deception… I was pursuing a career in chemistry, so that I could develop viruses that would attack certain racial groups. And my whole life plan was laid out before me. The motto: ‘It’s time for a new Adolf. This time, no more Mister Nice Guy.’ I lived by that.”

      Yep – I can see why Kristie Sue likes him.

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      • Agree. A real illustration of what innocent people have to put up with. Hell is other people. Including this nutter. Thanks to ethel for the extract.

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    • Is there no one in Wellfleet who can remind Kristie Sue to take her meds? She’s forgotten again.

      And this is the comment from RD to which she refers:

      Because Dearman is me, you see. It’s been “forensically proven”. Come on – you’ve all heard my voice. Admit it – I sound just like him and my thick Yorkshire accent’s a dead giveaway, isn’t it. Er… Actually, I think I need MY meds too…

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      • Spiny,your first name has five letters and ends in “y”.Your surname has “man” at the end….come on your cover has been blown.

        Obviously you are masquerading as Colonel Mustard having done something darstardly to Miss Scarlett with a candlestick in the conservatory.

        Enough of these charades you cad,you`ll never get away with it with the likes of eagle eyed Kriste Sue unmasking you and foiling your cunning schemes at every turn.

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      • LOL! Well, keep in mind that Kristie Sue has an entire blog post on how Biddy Baboon/Bridget Yorke MUST be Charlotte Ward. Wanna know how she has come to this stunning conclusion?

        Come on, just guess.


        Oh, all right. It’s because Bridget is from Seth Effrica…and the brilliant Detective Costa has worked out that Charlotte speaks with a marked South African accent, LOL!

        I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that one….

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  6. When she disappeared for two weeks, I thought that perhaps she’d decided to stop acting like a twat and found a new hobby to replace her trolling. But she’s back to her old antisemitic self, it seems…

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    • Most of these hoaxes are just people projecting their failings onto innocent bystanders. In this case it is particularly tragic.

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      • History books reveal malificent projection has afflicted humanity for many a long year.Tracey and the Hoaxmob should heed the errors of their forebears.

        “Far wiser the souls whom taketh thine flatulence remedial than they whom with undue gusto rameth the very cork of denial up the back side of unfortunates within their putrid midst.”

        (Fartinius Skidpanticus circa 579bc)

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      • So, what’s Belinda’s excuse. Oh yeah she just turns up with the petrol now and again, and some of the others bring the matches.

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  7. Angie’s using her back-up FB account, which usually means she’s on a suspension. Fingers crossed – you may recall that I reported her picture of the bloke snogging a scantily clad 13-year-old girl yesterday, though I haven’t had a response yet and the offending pic is still up. Will keep you all posted…

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    • I doubt she even knows who Anonymous is. In fact, if anyone does, that’s their name fucked. LOL

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    • Loads of poeple out their claim to be the real Anonymous and even more upload fake videos falsely depicting Anonymous supporting their various causes (and we’ve featured one or two here in the past). I seem to recall OpDeathEaters trying that one in the past. As did this twat, who told us to expect him (but we’re still waiting, lol):

      Most famously, though, Christine Ann Sands screamed for years that she was an official representative of Anonymous, until they put up a video effectively telling her to fuck off 😀

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      • It would be tad tricky if Anonymous woke up one morning with full on amnesia and couldnt remember for the life of himself who he wasnt.Or what the fuck he is doing with a stupid mask on either for that matter.

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        • Those masks just make me laugh. The people who wear them claim to be all about freedom and equality and so forth, but if you look at the masks you’ll see a little stamp inside that says, “Made in China”. And I’d be willing to bet they’re not made by happy, well-paid workers in well-lit, safety-inspected factories, either.

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    • Even if it were the real anonymous (assuming they even still exist), what exactly do these women expect them to do? Make a video telling the magistrates of Ireland to expect them? Yeah, that’ll help. LOL

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      • Anonymous: “Expect us”.
        Clerk of the Court: “Go home, take the masks off, comb your hair, and don’t come back until you’re properly attired for Court”.
        Anonymous: “Oh. Right, sorry”. (shuffles out of courtroom)
        Clerk of the Court (shouting): “And take a bath while you’re at it!”

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    • Getting interesting over there – Nikki Tenkids Laverty: How dare you try and discredit Tracey Morris for the 100s of families she endlessly helps while you sit on your hole on live feeds every day desperate for a good story to benefit yourself and had that poor girl and her husband paying you and your daughter who took every penny they had off them and forced that man to make calls and beg for money
      You are a sick twisted woman and if Anonymous were to ever believe the likes of you before Tracey you are blinder than blind. Bring it on she has an army where’s yours???????

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  8. OMG.. I watched these videos and something told me there’s something not right about what this lady is saying, so I googled her and here I am. Everything that I’ve read about her is what I was already thinking. I lost a child myself who took her own life, but to pray on vulnerable people the way she is is wrong.. I know that a lot of people will buy into the crap that she seems to be spewing out cos of the legal team that she has behind her (obviously not) and her being a civil rights defender an all.

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    • Hi ICS. Yes, it’s all true, I’m afraid. It’s hard to know where to start with Angie. She’s a hasty hateful troll, a compulsive liar, a self-confessed child-abuser and shameless scammer who delights in milking people for all they’re worth (under false pretenses that she is a journalist and anti-child abuse campaigner), then chucking them under the bus. Be very very wary of her. If you fall foul of her (typically by daring to question her or calling her out on her bullshit), she will slander you all over the shop. And even more worrying is the number of people she’s fucked with who’ve ended up arrested, sectioned or dead. Watch your back around her – and feel free to copy and paste this to her page as a warning to others.

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    • Angela’s Acquaintances: Update
      All of the following had contact with Angela shortly before they me their fate:

      Rupert Quaintance

      Jake Clarke
      Arthur Kaoutal

      Lee Cant
      John Duane

      Fiona Power
      Tory Smith
      Max Spiers
      Patrick Cullinane
      Corrina Rice
      Aaron Dover
      Johnny Squires
      Paul Stephen McCartney

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      • All that and the African orphans who were at best short changed owing to lets just call it Angies “creative accountancy” to be charitable ;(

        Its amazing that just when Angie appears to have reached the very nadir of callousness she manages to carve out a whole new cesspit of disgust for herself.

        She manages to achieves all this in the full gaze and cover of her bestest mate Joshua Jeshua or whatever his name is. I just want to know what his cut is in all this,seems a right dodgy geezer by all accounts.No doubt JJ will go the way of all the others and probably end up in the slammer,sectioned or worse.

        No accounting for folk.

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    • I hope the police in London have a word with the Police in Belfast and advise them that this sort of thing needs nipping in the bud. The police were too tolerant in Hampstead at the beginning and look what happened.

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    • “Here’s some articles we found on HollieGreigJustice
      This is the preliminary investigation into Maggs Shaw-O’Neill being on the Hoaxtead ‘team’, could this be ‘El Coyote’? We’ll let you know more soon…watch this space

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Go Defective Costa! 😀

      PS: in Kris’s own screenshot, Maggs was referred to as an expert on Holliehoax, not Hoaxtead. She’s even underlined that bit for emphasis!

      Keep up, dear – with, er, yourself! 😂😂😂

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    • Whats the point of doing a part 2 when viewers rarely make it beyond a minute of part 1 if they have the stamina and mental stubborness to even make it even that far?

      If Debs wants more likes she should reduce the length of her outbursts and condense her salient points to hold viewer attention and enable the essence of her message to be conveyed.

      Why not simply finely hone her entire back catalogue into one simple 10 second primal scream of “Fuck off humanity”,then go and grow maize in the foothills of somewhere or other,preferably far,far away without any hope of even so much as a dial up connetion?

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  9. Kristie Sue and Jake have both jumped on the ‘Slaggie Maggie’ bandwagon now, bless ’em:

    They’re all about peace and love, you know.

    By the way, how funny that Paedogilvy’s had that video up for over two years and he still hasn’t noticed that he’s spelt ‘Rachael’ wrong, haha.

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    • I’ve reported both the KSC post and the MKO video for harassment. I’ll keep you posted…

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    • Sooo, Kristie Sue is a woman and a mother but is happy to support a raving misogynist who goes around calling women cunts, whores and slags and threatening to murder them and who abused his own daughter. Interesting.

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    • Kristie Sue must have seen the comment about reporting her. She’s shat herself and taken the post down, lol.

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  10. Malky’s threatening to shoot me now, haha. Bring it the fuck on, you dickless wimp.

    That’s a GIF, by the way:

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  11. Another day in nutterville, of course it was not her upbringing that caused this. No, it was the everything but.
    Someone (Tracey) should, I suggest, have a long hard look in the mirror.

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      • I’m wondering whether it came down automatically because it was a link to a video that’s no longer up. Either way, the bitch has had a narrow escape there.

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      • Funny about Kristie Sue saying she never talks to Ogilvy, isn’t it.

        When even Kris Costa gives a fellow SRA hoaxer a wide berth, you know there must be something very wrong with him 😀

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