In which we learn Araya Soma’s real name, and much more

Several readers have pointed out over the past couple of weeks that our favourite menses-quaffing, Hoaxtead-pushing anti-Semitic fascist, Araya Soma, has been awfully quiet of late.

For those who are new to the Hampstead SRA hoax, Araya was among the first to broadcast the hoax via Facebook, and has continued to do so for the past two years. She was friends with Abraham’s ex-girlfriend, and took it upon herself to spread the word:

She’s renowned among readers of this blog for her fascination with bodily fluids:

And most recently, she has been under a 30-day ban on her Araya Soma Facebook page. For a while she posted using her Araya Manna account…until that one went tits up as well, leaving her to use her lesser-known Ninon Dulac account.

She’s a woman of many names, Araya is, though the face (and the hair draped across the face) remains the same.

Yesterday we discovered yet another of Araya/Ninon’s names. In fact, this one might be her actual, real name, the one she was born with.

It all started with a drugs bust last summer.

We had heard rumblings from our contact in the Glastonbury area that Araya had been arrested for possession of cannabis with intent to sell, but we could find no verification of the charges, so we said nothing at the time. However, yesterday our source noticed an interesting article in SomersetLive, a local Glastonbury newspaper, and passed it on to us:

The bit that caught our source’s eye read,

A fourth co-defendant, Laurence Lavie, 50, of The Archers Way, Glastonbury, charged with the same drugs offences, attended the court but refused to enter the building claiming the court was not properly constituted, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Hmm, they thought: didn’t Araya once live with her boyfriend on Archers Way? And that refusal to enter the court because it was “not properly constituted” business sounded an awful lot like the Freeman of the land woo Araya/Ninon and her friends spout.

We thought it was worth taking a bit of a closer look.

A simple Google search took us to Laurence Lavie’s MySpace page, where we found a picture of a woman who could be a younger, less odoriferous Araya. And she does have Araya’s characteristic “anybody seen my hairbrush?” look. Curiously, Laurence’s page may be found at the following link:


Looking just a bit further, we found that Laurence Lavie had also made a donation on someone’s GoFundMe page:Bingo!

Once we’d confirmed that Laurence Lavie is indeed Araya Soma, Araya Manna, and Ninon Dulac, we started poking around a little further. We discovered, for example, that she and her erstwhile boyfriend (and current co-defendant) Michael Malik, had gone through a “handfasting” ceremony a few years ago:

Sadly, it didn’t seem to take, as the couple split fairly recently. If the SomersetLive article is anything to go by, Mr Malik buggered off to Leeds, and really, who can blame him?

We also discovered that had it not been for an evil doctor who stole Araya/Ninon/Laurence’s special magical all-healing crystal, she might be a wealthy woman now, and would not have had to turn to allegedly running a pot palace in Glastonbury:

This was posted on a discussion group for acolytes of one Major Ed Dames, who claims to teach “remote viewing”, the purported ability to psychically “see” events, sites, or information from a great distance, or across time. So yes, it would appear that Araya…er, Ninon…that is, Laurence has been barmy for a number of years now. Just in case you were wondering.

We’ll leave you with one final screenshot, this time from Ninon Dulac’s Facebook page, which we suspect could be related to certain recent legal events:Not that Araya/Ninon/Laurence is bitter, of course.


133 thoughts on “In which we learn Araya Soma’s real name, and much more

  1. If we can imagine it, that makes it reality! ‘Cause “intuitive” truths are superior sources of knowledge than mere facts documented by elitest scholars and scientists.

    Uh-yup uh-yup uh-yup!

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    • We ran it past someone who’s known her a long time and they claim it’s a match, but I’m willing to be proven wrong. Interesting that she’d use the name Ninon Dulac, though.

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  2. One strange, inexplicable aspect of this is that if you report either Araya Soma or Araya Manna as fake names on Farcebook, nothing happens. And fake names is one of the few things that FB are rottweilers on.

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      • Naw, there’s ways to weasel out. Justin is impervious to such complaints, because FB has a valid cellphone number associated to his account.

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        • My understanding is, you could have an account name like: “Random Internet 1/2-wit”, so long as FB themselves know who the real person behind the account is.

          I could be wrong though.

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          • No, sorry – that’s not entirely correct.

            “Your username should include your authentic name.”

            Like I said, they are really strict on this.


            “If you select a username or similar identifier for your account or Page, we reserve the right to remove or reclaim it if we believe it is appropriate (such as when a trademark owner complains about a username that does not closely relate to a user’s actual name).”

            There are other rules about usernames on FB too:

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    • I think angry birds like Jay K are really calling for help having been down in Grannies’ basement for so long she forgot they were there and locked the door. Probably thinks the scrabbling noises are mice.

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  3. Warrant out for her arrest! Couldn’t happen to a better anti-semite. Her friends? Fascist enablers. Should be ashamed of themselves.

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  4. I’m confused, EC. If Ann Daemani (Araya) is one of the 3 and the 4th is Laurence Lavie, how can Araya also be be Laurence Lavie?
    Or am I just tired and it’s time to go to bed?.. πŸ™‚


  5. Araya Soma on Michael Malik’s Facebook: ” Bt time some people did their research instead of regurgitating 80 years of lies by the Jews, do ur research Allan, Hitler was one of us, brought down the usury Jewish federal banking, sacked their sorry arses, and then made jews wear a star to warn the Germans mothers, as rabbis and kaabalistic jews were stealing children for sacrifices blood rituals etc, it’s even in all English no European archives and the reason why Jews were expelled from 109 countries in just 200 years , why don’t u do ur fucking research before saying it’s utter shite, the winners wrote the his-story all lies, Hitler was the good man, they ve done same to him as they did gradation and few others, named them dictators, when the opposite was true look at England now thanks to the Jews taking over. And Hitler never invaded Poland, all, lies, he went in theire peacefully to retrieve all Germans that came with the stolen German lands given to Poland, coz the bolsheviks were genociding all Germans, and yes the bolsheviks were Jews, all of em, and then they the Jews declared war on Hitler not other way round see all newspapers worldwide with the title , Judea declares war on Hitler coz he was fighting them as they were all bolsheviks. Also Hitler had 150, 000 jews9 non religious Jews who also had ennuff of the Jewish nonsense ) and Emile Maurice his right hand man was. Jew who created the s on his behalf, now if u don’t onow the truth research or shut fuck up.”

    Need I say more….

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    • The regurgitation of human excretions seem to be something of a popular pastime in certain circles.I dont believe they have quite got the full hang of organic recycling principles just yet.

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    • She’s trying to sell it atm. Maybe leaving town Laurence??? I hear the weather in the Gobi desert is nice at this time of year.

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    • It’s quite interesting that a former sex worker and confirmed slattern of the most unclean type should express such a thought. In such a regime she’d probably be among the first rounded up and incinerated for reasons of public health.

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  6. It’s been suggested to me that some of the main dots to be joined include those surrounding her time as a Pole Dancer (i.e. where, when etc. Who were the regulars, who had a financial stake in the premises etc) and whether they can be linked, even obliquely, to the ownership of premises in or around Glastonbury. The notion of drawing up some form of relationship chart between the various players was also raised. I’ve heard it said that you can trace many of these people back to the days of their teens/early 20s in London and a particular “scene”. Also that the still extant ringleaders at that time played Fagin to these now dried up and withering Olives and Olivers. And yes, “Araya” will know someone who can produce forged documentation, at least good enough to fool the internet, almost instantly.

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    • Does this explain the claim I saw elsewhere that a certain person used to be a brothel madame in the 1980s? It was an intriguing comment I saw on a message board, but with no evidence attached there was no way to know if it was true or just a bit of libel.


      • “Does this explain the claim I saw elsewhere that a certain person used to be a brothel madame in the 1980s? ”

        I think the general tide of opinion is that’s not the case, although we are in the correct left luggage department. You wouldn’t expect the Madam(e) Fagin in question to actually get her hands too dirty now would you? No. It’s more a case of who, directly or indirectly, owned or influenced what. Rather like that programme on the BBC where they trace out the roots of a particular comedy programme, things can often be reduced to the work of just a small number of influential, if not really illuminated, people. Sorry to be so vague. But the greater the number of people who reach the same destination via differing and completely independent modes of transport the better. I’m simply pointing out that there are signposts. The ‘brothel’ sign is more likely to be something that has been mischievously moved from another lamp post and is set pointing down the wrong road in order to mislead the runners. There is quite a bit of that sort of thing about.


        • Thanks for clearing that up. It thought that might have been a trap someone was setting for the unwary.


    • I can check that locally – but I actually doubt that’s the case. Property and company documentation is very extensive in this country, so if you’ve got some names…..


      • I’m told naming names would be counter productive and have been asked not to. Sorry. However I can say that you would be looking for shell companies that are kept dormant (i.e they exist simply to create a trading name and perhaps protect some intellectual property of some kind, but don’t actually trade in their own right) and assets at least part owned by companies with very similar names. As far as people are concerned, bear in mind that a woman who is or has been married might use any one of a number of combinations of her own and husbands (no, I didn’t forget the apostrophe) names. Equally well, if she has children they might be “nominated”, especially if not-too aware of the world. If you discover anything, please take it to the appropriate authorities first rather than just post it. I think it won’t be news to them as such, but independent corroboration and complaint will make what they already have harder to ignore, as they seem to have been doing for some few years now. -That’s the miracle of Teflon!


        • I work/ed in research professionally but I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Are you saying that there’s a connection between people now living/owning businesses in Glastonbury; and dodgy folk from London from the 80s and 90s? Unless one already knows some names, there is absolutely no point in looking for a needle in haystack of company records, land registry etc.


          • It’s not really my own suggestion. But my understanding is that it’s possible to connect certain of those who have done very well financially in the conspiracy and scamming industry with those that have hit slightly tragic brick walls. And yes, you can trace the “heritage” of all this at least as far back as about 1979. As for names, simply start with the usual suspects. I might suggest that your eye should firstly be on a certain more mature woman of some considerable substance, despite her Bag Lady demeanour. -The Madam Fagin who lives near the tube station?


    • And I’ve been saying it for ages- others have said APD is linked to the career master forger Andrea Davison now working in the Boiler Rooms that have proliferated in Bangkok targeting unsuspecting pensioners (over 200,000 alone each year in Australia) and ripping off their life savings.
      Christopher Fay I personally know was an habitue of the West End afternoon drinking clubs that thrived in the 70s & 80s after the 3pm pub closing time.
      Notably the Toucan & Jonathans near the old Trocadero, the usual thing- a small upstairs room with flocked wall paper and a bar, sign the book as a ‘member’ and drinking would continue. ( The Colony Room was my favourite with a more intellectual arty crowd) but there were half a dozen such gay clubs were all manner of people gathered but certainly they were replete with the criminal class.
      One heavy gay gangster I met a few times would have frighted the Kray Twins such was his penchant for violence. When he was being extradited from New Zealand where he had fled once after a vicious jewelry shop robbery he threatened to punch out a plane window so they returned & put him off the plane until they could secure him better.

      Davison was there- renowned for having the gift of the gab and her forging skills, Fay a regular, gay but not a pedo but with a penchant for chatting to suspect rent boys who also flocked to these clubs looking for punters ( I’ve always though Fay skated on thin ice with his horrible money making scams which was all Elm Guest House was about) but like the odious cheap thug Bill Maloney he has gone to ground after both were pulled in by the Rozzers of Operation Midland looking into the phony Ted Heath claims. The difficulty of proving conspiracy saw these two untouched for now but the creatures finally realised they had overstepped the mark and last I’ve heard were shitting themselves they may face charges.

      Two sources separate from here tell me APD was a minor figure & occasional visitor to such places probably looking for something to latch on to. It was in one of these clubs I scored a job working for a few months for a bunch of hookers driving them around and delivering their cards to various newsagents, almost a full time job in itself (central London newsagents in those days were pulling in Β£100s a week just for pasting up ads in their window for Miss Whiplash & Strict French Lessons.

      Anyone who spent any time in London’s West End & Soho in it’s heyday knows everyone knew everyone ( as did the police) and there basically two tiers of ‘entrepreneurs- the few Paul Raymond types who kept within the law and thugs both gay & straight. ‘Exotic’ dancers were known by everyone (this was a small world with few hard core regulars ( and rarely just danced for a living. Into this world also stumbled male & female youngsters who were ripe for exploitation.

      I could point to so many characters from that day who are now married with families, ‘respectable’ ( have become pseudo hippies in Glastonbury ?) and have changed their entire lifestyle. But they are mainly all linked and so many are scammers and have a dark past and like many now adopt the High Moral Ground. They don’t fool me.

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      • What you say here Sam is endorsed and corroborated by other, quite independent, sources. This crowd are apparently quite well known. Only one thing, Davidson is reputed to be holed up in S.America, although there is every possibility of her being run from Thailand I suppose.


  7. The supporters of Abe and Ella really are the caring type aren’t they? How sick is this person, he needs help and fast. I am truly disgusted at his comment.

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  8. I’ve decoded the pizza-gator’s secret anthem!
    “cotton-eyed joe” must be code for satanic grey-alien baby-muncher.

    Here’s the translation:

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  9. Blimey, she really does walk right into these things, doesn’t she:

    Le’ts get reporting, folks. I’ve just flagged this video and reported it and in the comment box I’ve pointed out to YouTube that the video – by Angela’s own admission – has already been banned once (and I’ve sent them the link to Angie’s Farcebook post).

    * Remember – her main YT channel is currently on two strikes. One more and she’s out! *

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