What if Sabine flees abroad again?

Earlier this week we noted that Sabine was in court with her solicitor, and was able to have her bail conditions varied: specifically, she is now permitted to post online (though she’s still bound by the restraining order that HH Judge Worsley imposed following her trial with Neelu last month); and she may, if she wishes, travel abroad.

Long-time Sabine watchers will be aware that Sabine has form for travelling abroad at high velocity when she suspects that her actions might lead to incarceration, a fine, or both. Specifically, in February 2015 she bolted because she had violated Mrs Justice Pauffley’s court order which stated that both Sabine and Ella must:

Delete from any public computer network, internet website and/or social networking website their articles relating to the subject matter of these proceedings;

Delete from publicly available electronic sources their postings of all photographs, pictures, images, recordings (voice or video) identifying [RD and his two children].

[They were also prohibited by injunction] from publishing or broadcasting….any information relating to these proceedings; any information which either identifies or could lead to the identification of the children as being subject to proceedings and in particular the names, any picture or image, voice and/or video recordings of the children….[and] from harassing the father, RD, and from subjecting him to unlawful and unwarranted psychological intimidation by posting articles and information upon any internet or social networking website accusing him of unlawful activity.

Sabine was fully aware that she had absolutely no intention of complying with that court order, and rather than face the consequences of breaking the law, she chose to flee to her nephew’s flat in Germany. While there, she violated the court order freely and knowingly.

And yet, Sabine professed to be hugely surprised—and outraged!—when, as a result of her nipping off to another country to evade UK law, the DWP realised that she was no longer a UK resident, and stopped her pension credit. She was even more distressed when she finally returned in August 2015, and discovered that DWP was demanding a new application rather than reinstating her existing claim.

In characteristic Sabine style, she drew up this “Witness Statement: Long Standing Pension Credit Withheld by Revoking Residency Status”, which fairly froths with indignation, self-justification, and self-pity:

Sabine-pension credit 1 2016-08-12

Sabine-pension 2016-08-12

Our understanding is that this battle is still under way.

Only now, Sabine is facing a new, arguably more potent form of court order: her restraining order was issued as part of criminal proceedings, and will carry very stiff penalties if she has been found to have violated it.

Now that Sabine is once again able to leave the country at will, we can’t help but wonder whether she’ll do another bunk; and if she does, we wonder whether her pension credit and pleasant flat (complete with silk pillows) will still be waiting for her when she returns.

Sabine-weepy 2016-08-12


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  1. Sabine won’t be needing the flat if she is locked up for violating the Restraining Order.

    If I was the landlord, I’d be seeking to live in the flat myself, therefore Sabine will have to find alternative accommodation.

    Perhaps the local authority might find her a suitable “Old Person’s Home” maybe “Sheltered Accommodation” considering she is somewhat disabled.

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  2. FA – you say “if she is locked up for violating the restraining order”

    Surely you mean “when”?

    Personally I think its inevitable.

    She can hide, but then her money runs out?

    Sabine seems to have very few true friends who are going to fund her long term.

    Still HMP will keep her warm clothed and fed, and of course there will be lots of other women in similar circumstances that she can help with “free” advice

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    • I can’t see them ever locking her up.

      Of course if she breaks the RO then eventually she should be but she’ll claim disability and old age.

      As for Neelu she’ll be considered a Vulnerable Adult so possibly she’ll swerve prison until again she’s considered too old.


        • Oh dear, I shall pity them if Sabine joins them.

          Imagine having to live with her 24/7.

          Doesn’t bear thinking about.

          Or Neelu for that matter.

          You’d soon say you were fit enough to go back to the regular wing.

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          • I was surprised to read that Sabine was married for 10 years. How on earth anyone managed to put up with her for that long is beyond me.

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  3. Sabine will not be able to hide from prison by claiming old age and disability – an associate of hers, Maurice Kirk also breached an restraining order. As a consequence he spent several years inside prison.

    Kirk is seen below:

    Sabine talking about Kirk:

    Perhaps Sabine can reflect upon his example:

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    • Oh crikey!

      Another one shooting the old sherbet me thinks.

      I met Maurice last July (2015) in the pub opposite the RCJ for someone’s birthday that Dave C had organised. Not Maurice’s. He was definitely not looking disabled then. Rather a tall, well built man would be my description of him but then I am only 5’1″.

      Maurice was there, not sure why with Butlin Cat and another man. The first thing he said to Dave was “Do I owe you money?”


      We should have said “yes” but we didn’t…

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      • I take it Dave C. was Dave Conaghan?

        He’s someone who swore blind that he’d moved on from Hoaxtead as far back as May/June last year and was sucking up to a number of us on Facebook. Yet there he was, bold as brass, supporting Sabine and Neelu at the trial.

        (Dave is the one on the far right, ironically.)

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        • Yes it was Dave Conaghan who also met Maurice last July. Though Dave may not remember. I do because it was such a strange thing to say to someone I thought.

          Dave has assured me he’s not getting involved with Hampstead anymore after we had a bit of a fallout.

          We’ll see if he keeps to what he says this time.

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          • “Dave has assured me he’s not getting involved with Hampstead anymore after we had a bit of a fallout.”

            Wow, now I’m intrigued. Do tell!

            And how would a fallout with you, a non-hoax-believer, make him stop supporting the hoax?

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    • I gain hope from the fact that it was anti-hoax campaigners like us who got Robert Green locked up.

      In fact, I’m aware that some of the regulars on this blog are veterans of the Holliehoax campaign.

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  4. Bit confused about her status : I keep getting hassled to inquire about a UK pension which I’m entitled to but I receive an Aussie one having become a citizen.
    Is Sabine a UK citizen or does she receive a pension because of the EU?. Wouldn’t she be entitled to receive a UK pension no matter where she lived in Europe or is she just a German citizen? (ex-Stasi agent?)

    I’m a Remain fan but perhaps Brexit was worth it just to get rid of Sabine.

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    • She won’t have enough NI contributions to qualify for a pension s such, instead she’s getting the means-tested pension credit. – Interestingly it looks as though she took her pension pot back in the late 70s/early 80s when she left ‘CERN’ and has been bludging off the state for abut 25 years.

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    • If she hasn’t paid enough in she doesn’t get to move out of the UK and keep on getting a UK pension.

      As a German citizen who has lived in the UK for a long time I’m sure she’d be pretty much treated like a UK citizen.

      If she could leave the UK for about two years that would be nice.

      She can have hardly worked at all in her life to be on pension credit, what with options to buy stamps to make up for career breaks, rules about contributions in other countries.

      What a waste. She’s still trying to sell her ideas that no one wants, and no other ideas.

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      • Maybe she gets a German pension as well. I’m entitled to a UK one but of course my Oz pension then gets docked but I would still be slightly ahead of other pensioners. Would pay an electricity bill etc.
        Is she on the fiddle in two countries? I think German pensions pay more. I don’t trust her.

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          • As a matter of interest does anyone know if ANY of these wastes of space are in full time employment?
            From what I can glean most HR readers either work for their living of have perhaps retired having done their graft and net contibuters to the collective pot.

            By contast the hoaxers in one way or another all seem to be living on a cocktail of handouts and wheezes and even manage to cross subsidize each others cowardly do doos against a community that effectively helps fund their comatose existences.
            Its a measure of a society how it treats citizens encountering difficulties but I have a distinct impression this whole shower are just taking the pi$$.The only real conspiracy seems to their conspiring to milk the system run apparently by vampire lizards.

            Perhaps the people of Hampstead should simply give everything they have worked for to these idiots and sign on themselves.


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          • Generally speaking Mik No….. Unless you consider being a fill-time con merchant (i.e. McKenzie) to be a job. They are almost-universally benefits claimants. Occasionally you’ll find low-level business interests but these very often amount to petty-crime rather than anything legitimate. The other common thread is that sooner or later you’ll discover they’re pot heads of one shade or another.

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  5. “There is no abuse on the planet that Sabine and I haven’t been subjected to”…so says Neelu in her latest video missive in which she says she has no intention of obeying the Restraining Order.

    Also claims ” Sabine has done more than anyone else on the planet for abused children”. Sabine the Princess Di of the Noughties.

    She also claims her notes contain nothing offensive on that Comedy Court site so I guess saying the judge had no jurisdiction in the case and wasn’t impartial (she somehow manages to turn his “no case to answer” into a negative) and she accuses the witnesses of committing perjury and I think she recommends execution for the judge but certainly accuses him of treason and claims he was being directed by a “higher authority”.

    I wonder how the Law Society will answer my query as to whether 2 barristers (unintentionally) lied to the court that the accused agreed there was no Satanism & baby murder in Hampstead? Sticky one that as they do have to respond at some stage,

    The poor thing is barking..really barking but I reckon Sabine is downright sinister.

    ## Ved, Princess of Planet Bizarro could give Angie Power-Tool & Rupert Quaintarse some lessons in producing videos though.

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    • So does that mean that Neelu and Sabine are victims of for instance, SRA themselves, seeing as whatever sort of abuse there is on this planet they’ve suffered it?

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    • Neelu has stated on video more than once that various judges should be “hung for treason”. At the time I pointed out four issues related to that (Neelu didn’t answer, though – she just blocked me and ran away as usual):

      1. Contrary to popular myth, there is no death penalty for treason in the UK. It was abolished in 1998.

      2. Even before that, a person could only be hanged for high treason, not just any old treason. (And the last person to be hanged for that was “Lord Haw Haw” in 1948.)

      3. For someone who calls herself a Christian, belief in capital punishment is highly hypocritical, unless I’ve misunderstood the parts of the Bible that stipulate “turn the other cheek” and “thou shalt not kill”.

      4. It’s “hanged”, not “hung”. This is the most important point out of the four and Neelu should be put to death immediately for this shocking crime against grammar.

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    • Would be Bar Council (or Bar Standards Board) for barristers. And Solicitors Regulation Authority for solicitors (given her solicitor’s conduct). Law Society doesn’t do such things any more, so doubt you’ll hear from them.

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  6. I’ve no idea why Neelu keeps going on and on about this.

    She didn’t get convicted, lucky for her.

    If she’s going to leave the 4 witnesses alone, then the Restraining Order isn’t even a big deal.

    But oh no! Neelu, Sabine and all the others want to keep going on about the Hoax.

    Talk about 15 minutes of fame, I think she’s had more than that, well infamy anyway.

    Well let all of them waste their time.

    I don’t agree with them disrupting other people’s lives though.

    You only live once I believe. A complete waste of time.

    They all need to find another hobby and quick, double quick.

    I’ve no sympathy for either of them.

    None at all.

    It’s well, well, well, time for them to shut the f… up!

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    • You don;t fool me- they’re all Princess Neelu from the Planet Omicron Aradin 5. Although I think her Lady In Waiting Dame Penny Pullit was one and Omicron’s Minister for Mental Disorders Mel VD was in there as well.

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  7. LOL, look who’s back, still whining, still as mentally unhinged as ever (and naturally being “liked” by Angie)


    • Be interesting whether he shows up for that.I believe UK is 8 hours ahead of pst so kicks off 11pm presumably.Watching match of the day and listening to that plonker simultaneously will be a novel experience.
      FFS sort it out ref!!

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  8. Hmm 11am Uk time.Bet he doesnt show but will give it a try.Watching match of the day with sound down and listening to Rupert ego wanking will be quite surreal.
    Quite remarkable 😉

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  9. There is a Ray Savage retired Police officer (Ex CID) in Sussex whose wife I think she still in the force. He has also joined campaign about Franking with the Brighton MP (Green Party) Caroline Lucas. .And I think is the same guy. But there is more to this. Think.


    • I’d be interested to see a shred of checkable independent evidence that Ray Savage ever held a warrant card issued by any police force. – Acquaintances of mine who are serving Police Officers can find none.

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      • Oh! And I’m sure Philatelists everywhere will be delighted that someone is taking a stand against franking. – Terrible practice! Self-adhesive stamps are another evil that should be eliminated. – Just not cricket!

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        • One day the when the insane posse have eventually cured the world of all its major ills they will need to find something else to drone on about.
          Philatelists are ripe for major harassment given their dubious fetish for licking small sticky things,showing and swoping images within their select closed circles.
          Even the Vatican does stamps so that them fucked.

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      • I think the only valid point about Ray Savage is why is he given any more credence than any other observer?

        The sad truth is police lie all the time. They lie in court and out of it. They exaggerate alleged crimes committed by the accused and so on. British modern history contains a catalogue of innocent persons falsely jailed because of cops who lie including alleged IRA members which is doubly evil as these same cops allowed real killers to escape justice. And no lying cop has ever faced recriminations.

        That doesn’t mean they all do and I think the majority are honest but being an ex-copper gives a person no more or less credibility than the man on the street & the only video I’ve seen of Savage is where he claims Drapper is telling the truth which is just bizarre as she wasn’t a witness so I would question Savage’s policing abilities & think we are better off that he is no longer in the force.

        The added fact is ex-coppers with a barrow to push can be quite damaging in skewering the truth,

        One only needs to look at the career of Mark Williams-Thomas who has made equally strange claims about his career in his various newspaper articles seemingly exaggerating his qualifications including implying he led the investigation against music figure Jonathan King which even I know as a civilian cannot be true as ALL sex abuse inquiries are headed by no less than an Inspector. He may have worked on the King case but it could have only been briefly as he left the force before King was charged.

        Even then it’s apparent he was only an acting detective for around 18 months but the most startling claim he makes in one of his Mirror articles is that he claims he has had “30 years in policing and investigating child abuse” which is laughable as at the time he was 44 which means he became a copper at 14 years of age.

        Then there are the ex-detectives who all made startling claims about the Elm Guest House when the VIP lunacies were being reported (all now exposed as frauds) and who all had a book to sell. There were at least 3 of them.

        So sadly I would question the claims of any ex-copper more than anyone else in fact.


        • That’s bang-on the nail Sam…… As you say, an ex-copper is no more or less likely to be honest than anyone less. At the end of the day, once they hand their ticket in, they are just civilians.

          Here’s the thing with these walts and bloaters though – and this is common to military walts too – they were never an ordinary plod that spent 20 years on the beat and 10 behind the front bar of the station. – They’re never the guys that spent most of their careers checking tax discs and the rest warning little old ladies not to let passing chancers tarmac their drive…. When was the last time you heard one of these guys tell you he spent four years in the force before realising he wasn’t up to the job? Or that most of his days were spent moving neds off the streets of housing estates and pouring drunks into the cells to sober up?

          Tony Farrell is another walt/bloater IMHO….. A failed clerk with ‘attitude’.


          • Actually the ones I would be more likely to trust are these : “they were never an ordinary plod that spent 20 years on the beat and 10 behind the front bar of the station. – They’re never the guys that spent most of their careers checking tax discs and the rest warning little old ladies not to let passing chancers tarmac their drive”.


        • Well said, Sam. And if we’re looking at Savage’s credibility, lest we forget his frequent use of water dowsing readings to “prove” everyone’s guilt. I’m guessing they didn’t teach him that at Hendon.


      • Savage is a fairly common name- I know 2 people named Savage who are not related.

        I note the newspaper article linked to says that Savage is an “ex-policeman” but you can tell a newspaper reporter (?) anything and if adds to a story they will print it.
        Doesn’t mean it’s true or accurate but that seems to give people a mistaken belief that it’s the gospel truth when the UK has more tabloids that tell lies than any other country on the planet.

        Angela Powerless-Dizzy is a famous one for trawling for newspaper articles that confirm her prejudices and ignoring ones that factually destroy her claims.

        ## as for newspapers – I was involved in a civil dispute over a property that began in 2008 and lasted 5 years. The local newspaper produced a sensationalized article that included the falsehood – which I had not directly said but deliberately inferred – that I was living in the property.
        I did it so that the opposite party would think it was true and it worked a treat as when they tried to illegally entering the premises a few times the police always took my side believing I was ‘tenant’ with lawful rights. I & my partners won the case eventually. The defendants still think I live in the property when I’ve never spent a single night there.


        • @Ghost of Sam

          These property disputes often occur when ghosts try to haunt people. If they try to arrest you, just slip through the walls. But keep an eye out for Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd and their ectoplasm detecting machine – those guys don’t f*ck around.


      • I think both Rupert and his Mother are more than just half a planet away from anyone!

        Aye Rupert, we’re all dead impressed at a couple of American fannies that have to hide behind guns. And now we’ve seen you stood beside Charlie boy we know EXACTLY what a pathetic little pipsqueak you are.

        Here’s the thing though dickhead (literally, you have a dick-shaped head which is well funny! – Funnier than your baby-Trump comb-over)…. You don’t have your silly little pop guns here. Factually you’re a silly wee man who is threatening our kids, our homes, our families. And that’s not going to be taken-to kindly….. If you’ve got so much as a sharpened pencil on you Rupert these guys and gals are waiting for you. After all, you’re not only a terror threat, but a dirty little nonce. And, actually, these are your softest option.

        Just fuck-off stickman, you impress only your sad little self and a few fellow stoned fuckwits.

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        • Rupert has certainly cultivated the human dildo image to suit his personality.He should do everyone a favour go on safari and satisfy frustrated elephants in the Savana or something.Those adventures of Rupert would go viral.

          Them anti terror police look the part but it must take an age to put all that kit on. I cant imagine the response is particularly rapid but its a far better look than Drooperts thats for sure.

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          • There was a PR exercise on the other day about that very subject. Like fighter pilots, they’re kitted up ready to go and will be out the door before you can draw breath. They even have them riding around on Scrambler bikes now!

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        • They strike me as the sort of law enforcement that dont stand around listening to idiots spouting mindless mumbo jumbo.Wham bam,in the can,mission complete.Saves all the fannying about. 🙂

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    • Mother of The Year with her concealed Kalashnikov.
      And you wonder why so many US kids grow up being either paranoid or gun happy when Mum carries a sawn-off shotgun in her handbag.

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    • Who does Rupert want to shut down permanently?

      I really don’t like the sound of his question.

      Only permanent method I know is Death…


      More threats from Rupert …


  10. Dont make me swear please. It is so easy to check if Ray savage exist and he does. Just check many youtube videos, google his name and ASK THE BLOODY SUSSEX POLICE FORCE I start thinking that some of you are worst than the conspiracy theorist who are accusing Hamstead people of killing cooking and eating babies. RAY SAVAGE EXISTS AND HE IS A RETIRED POLICE OFFICER. If you dont believe it then is up to you.I cannot help people who has mental issues.


    • Swear if you like – doesn’t bother me. Nor does your attempt at deflection and projection. You’re the one making unverifiable claims, not me. And if anything might be indicative of ‘mental illness’ it’s a knee-jerk hysterical reaction to a simple and reasonable question.

      What part of my asking serving Police Officers about him, and them coming back with a blank don’t you understand? As a matter of policy Police Forces and public services generally won’t respond to requests for personnel records from civilians; not even the press and media. – So no, as I’m sure Ray Savage knows damned-well; nobody can just ” ASK THE BLOODY SUSSEX POLICE FORCE” and expect an answer.

      I’m afraid googling his name or looking at YouTube videos proves absolutely nothing other than the claims this walt himself has made. So I’ll ask you again; please produce a shred of checkable independent evidence that Ray Savage ever held a warrant card issued by any police force.


    • Obviously he exists but the veracity of his claims to have been a serving police officer seem worthy of clarification.Even if he had once served in the police force perhaps he “was Retired” for being incompetant and a tad out with the fairies.

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      • All sorts of scenarios are possible…. Was he civvy staff or a Traffic Warden at one point? Or is it all just complete bullshit. Maybe he worked as a call handler? – I’m not aware that the uniform pictures are online or where. but I have it on good authority that they’re ‘wrong’ and would blow him out the water. – This is sometimes/often done with Police costumes used for drama production. – Collar/Division numbers won’t exist for instance. Or they’ll use ‘king’s crown’ badges with ‘ER’ on them; which is a mismatch – there are all sorts of details a real cop would pick up and call out.


    • It’s not a Mental Issue if people question the likes of Ray Savage et al.

      Just because he says he is this, that or the other does not make it true.

      Obviously Ray Savage is a person, I’ll accept he’s a male.

      Everything else that is said about him is questionable.

      Hey Sabine says she is a Mathematician.

      Well I could claim that seeing as I have a grade 1 CSE and grade C GCSE.

      However, I wouldn’t claim I’m a Mathematician.

      You claim you’re a Solicitor but have you any qualifications that enable you to claim that?

      Angela claims she is a Journalist. Is she?

      What qualifies her to claim that?

      There is little wrong with questioning people’s claims.

      At least it shows someone is not completely gullible and that can’t be a bad thing.


    • Nope…. Not good enough….

      “Ray Savage, chairman of Alfriston Parish Council and a former police officer ”

      That’s what he told a Daily Fail reporter; not what’s backed up by any form of records or verification. Simply his own claim.


      • Exactly, JK, I’m wanting to see evidence that he was a Detective Sergeant (with 20 years experience of interrogation) as he has claimed.

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  11. And, incidentally, we know there are photographs of him in uniform. But the badging of that uniform is incorrect, and it’s thought to be a stage costume; as someone pointed out the other day, his face is ‘familiar’. But more likely as an actor.


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