What really happened to Aaron Dover?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any troofer who should happen to shuffle off this mortal coil under any circumstances whatsoever is perforce a victim of the Powers That Be, who have murdered him or her for their own vile and dastardly reasons.

Since we reported on the untimely death of Aaron Dover a few months ago, rumours of how he died have sprung up like mushrooms across the internet. Most of these rumours involve dire mutterings such as “he was killed for what he knew”, or “‘they’ had him killed but made it look like a suicide”. You know the sort of thing.

We’d originally decided not to follow this story further, in part because rehashing the details of what actually happened to Aaron would be terribly distressing to his family; but the mutterings in WooWooLand are growing louder, and we think it’s time to put the story straight.

Caution: Readers who are upset by descriptions of graphic violence should probably read no further.

It seems that Aaron was staying in a borrowed flat in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, when he died. According to Aaron’s friend Dylan Ellis, the actual tenant of the flat, Aaron committed suicide by jumping from a twelfth-floor window:Dylan further explains that while he was not present at the time when Aaron died, he saw pictures of the event and identified the body afterward:

You didn’t see it so I don’t expect you to (believe it) but the fact is he landed on his legs and then hit his face after jumping from the 12th floor and it was really gross.

I was in Thailand so I didn’t see it but I saw many photos that people around had taken and the investigation people took plus the camera footage from the building but the point is I went and saw the body.

In a later post on one of his YouTube channels*, Dylan veers off into an anti-Semitic, homophobic rant about freemasons and paedophile slaves and so forth, but we have no reason to doubt that he is telling the truth when he talks about his friend’s death. In fact, given that he and Aaron shared some very odd beliefs about how the world works, one might expect Dylan to embroider the facts. The fact that he refrains from doing so only adds credibility to his description of Aaron’s distressed state of mind, and his ultimate decision to end his own life. Dylan contrasts his own life-long poverty with Aaron’s comparative wealth, and has trouble understanding his friend’s depression:

The reason I am contrasting is I am trying to explain to you the difference it how he must been feeling once he let all that London shit back in his head, he had gotten rid of it and was doing great in Thailand, I mean he had on and off days but man he was f**king depressed about what those a**holes had done to him and there was this thing if he killed himself his sister would get his flat and not his ex-wife so look the reasons were really his own fucked up rich people are cunts problem.

Ultimately, Dylan concludes that Aaron made the decision to end his own life because of “his personal life shit…the London shit, the ex-wife shit, the lose house in the divorce shit and just general London twat bullshit”.

But wait, there’s more!

Some of the troofers who’ve been trying to raise the alarm about Aaron’s alleged murder have been pointing to a witness statement prepared by Aaron in July 2014 as part of a lawsuit involving his former business partners in London. This statement, currently available on scribd.com, offers Aaron’s side of the story: he alleged that his ex-partners first defrauded him in 2012, and then bad-mouthed him to his subsequent employers (all four of them) with the result that he was sacked from all four positions.

  1. The applicants are motivated by exceptional levels of greed, and are extremely ruthless, to the extent that they chose to defraud me in respect of my share which was relatively tiny, despite their extraordinarily large earnings. This was in the context of my having built the systems upon which the success of the business depended. The profit shares are not even the whole picture of the partners earnings – they also made vast sums through investing in the fund free of fees and had numerous approaches to reducing their tax burdens some of which caused me concern especially when I was going to be forced to participate in the Xxxxx scheme whose purpose I had been told was for tax avoidance.
  2. By contrast to the other four partners who have been making tens or hundreds of millions from the firm, I was paid one million USD, less than my full 2011 profit share, and have then been hounded out of the industry by the badmouthing and menacing conduct of the partners. My life is left in a ruined state whilst they continue to enjoy all the vast profits of both their rightful part, and my rightful part of the firm. They are like spoilt children, to them the whole thing is a game and they run the firm as if it is a playground, and they have not the slightest care or remorse for what they have done to me.
  3. Since LMR fired me I have worked for Marble Bar Asset Management, Prologue Capital and Credit Suisse. None of these roles offered anywhere close to the remuneration I would have received from my part of LMR. Furthermore, I did not leave any of these four jobs by choice, and I believe the conduct of the applicants, starting with their badmouthing of me to investors of Prologue Capital, has been responsible directly or indirectly for this devastating series of events. I now find myself unemployed without realistic prospects of continuing in my career to date.
  4. I am very unwell with severe symptoms of anxiety and depression resulting from the situation I am left in following the events described in my account. My physical and mental health has deteriorated over the period since the dispute began between XXX and me in November 2011. I have been suffering from panic attacks, headaches, loss of sleep, nausea, vomiting, chronic fatigue, depressive symptoms and heart palpitations. It is my view, supported by the Dr. Pxxxxx Lxxxxx, that I currently lack the mental capacity to conduct these proceedings. At the time of sending many of the emails described by the Applicants, in particular those at the end of February immediately prior to the un-staying of these proceedings, I believe that I was in a very poor state of mind and that some of the decisions I was making about how to escape from this dispute would seem on reflection to be irrational and self-destructive. I would ask the court to consider my poor mental health as a mitigating factor. Sir Robert Owen QC in the hearing of 5 Mar 2014 used the phrase to describe me as being at times “unable to contain emotions” and I think this is a very accurate description of the situation. I have at times felt enraged, despairing, scared or just hopeless. To clarify this point further, I do not have a long history of mental illness. This dispute and all its devastating ramifications for my life since November 2011 have caused great harm to my mental functioning, and it is this dispute that is wholly responsible for causing mental health to become an issue for me when it had not been previously.

This self-description bears out the information provided by Dylan: Aaron was clearly in a very disturbed mental state by early 2014. By his own admission he had been sending abusive emails to his former business partners, which he explains by noting that he was in an “irrational and self-destructive” state.

The previous September, he made headlines in Hampstead when he was involuntarily sectioned following a police “manhunt”:

Hampstead resident Aaron Dover has spoken of his incarceration at Highgate Mental Health Centre in a bid to raise public awareness of the complexities of mental health issues.

The 39-year-old IT consultant was sectioned against his will last September and forced to take anti-psychotic drugs daily while he was in hospital. But within two weeks a tribunal found his detention was not justified and he walked free.

Mr Dover, who lives in Keats Grove, Hampstead, relived the drama of the day he was captured and told the Ham&High: “I was brought into hospital by a major police manhunt of over 10 police cars, police with dogs trawling Hampstead Heath, and a police helicopter, while I was out quietly having a coffee on Flask Walk.

“The police escalated to a ‘high risk missing person’ manhunt. I was hunted down like a nuclear suicide bomber rather than someone out for Sunday breakfast.”

The former University College School student had been under intense pressure due to an employment dispute and had at times suffered from depression.

On September 15, his wife called the NHS 111 out-of-hours number concerned for his wellbeing.

Authorities feared he may be suicidal and within the hour he was tracked down by police in Grove Place, Hampstead.

The IT consultant was taken to Highgate Mental Health Centre where doctors suspected he had a delusional disorder and eight days later he was sectioned.

Mr Dover, an intermittent user of cannabis for 24 years including highly potent skunk, admits he was under intense stress but believes his sectioning was based on hearsay and not enough was done to verify his account of events.

On October 2, following a five hour hearing, a tribunal found that it was “not satisfied that he was suffering from a mental disorder”.

It seems clear that Aaron’s mental condition continued to deteriorate.

In 2016 when this blog notified police that we had been receiving graphic and disturbing death threats from Aaron, we were informed that the police were well aware of his case, that he had made similar threats against a number of people including family members, and that should he attempt to re-enter the UK from Thailand, he would be immediately apprehended.

We don’t really expect that this information will stop people like Angela Power-Disney and Kristie Sue Costa from hinting darkly that Aaron was murdered and/or mind-controlled by the Evil Superpowers of Doom…but we do hope that those who are genuinely confused about the rumours and misinformation they’ve found about Aaron’s death will find some answers here.

*While we appreciate Dylan’s insights into how his friend died, we can’t say we like or sympathise with his views. And his video is best left unwatched. Believe us, we tried.

93 thoughts on “What really happened to Aaron Dover?

  1. The troofers went into conspiracy overdrive pretty much the day Aaron’s death was announced:

    “Read his post from four months ago. He was not only exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse at Christchurch in Hampstead. This involved the intelligence agencies MK Ultra training. Also exposed the money laundering scheme that would take down the Clinton Foundation but also The Crown- which is the Royal Family.”

    “Don’t get distracted by flat earth.. It does not matter if it is flat or round if PedoSatanists rule it. That is the point and who Dover was. He outed The truth of the Hampstead case and his involvement. The fraud of the Crown & the Clinton Foundation.”

    “It’s gutting to see another truth warrior be slain. A real kick in the guts. Grieve, reset and use it to steel your resolve. As a movement of good people we must not let good souls die in vain. I share your pain. In my reasearch i have witnessed things that have knocked me on my arse, and i consider myself fairly strong mentally. I took a break, healed and bounced back. You will too, and i send you healing energy.”

    “Sad day for truth. He certainly seemed to have incriminating evidence. This is highly suspect and definitely raises a red flag for me. Would be interested to know his cause of death. Thanks for sharing this.”

    “I have not been able to find out cause of death yet, still researching this myself. Definitely raises some red flags.” [Kristie Sue Costa]

    “Wow, and more wow. Just… wow. I’m wondering if the Pizzagate and Hampstead community realize how unbelievably important this event is? 42 years old? There has to be foul play involved in this one.”

    “The most important part is where his mother worked and what is really going on there.”

    “This proves Jews are behind Tavistock and the Hampstead abuse.”

    “You are right over the mark. The alleged ‘Jews’ like Soros & Rothschild pour money into groups to boycott Israel but are linked to Satanic Ritual Abuse in Hampstead & Tav. Seems like they are fake ‘Jews’ after all. Believe DNA proved that in 2013. Hate for that to get out.”

    “Actually, it would be better to see ‘Hoaxtead Research’ where Ricky Dearman and his fellow cult members dwell, they know much more about Angela Power Disney than anyone, she works for them…Angela, like Hoaxtead Research all say basically the same thing, the Hampstead children lied in their testimonies.” [Kristie Sue Costa]

    “Did anyone investigate his claims of Crown money laundering in the financial markets with hedge funds? He was also revealing stuff about the Clintons? Is he another one of their victims?”

    “The CIA may have convinced him OR the Earth really may be flat. I don’t care one way or another. I care about these kids and all of the investigators and truthers they keep killing off”


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    • They treated his death as though it was a spectacle put on for their own entertainment. It’s disgusting, and so hurtful to those who loved him. I was hesitant to publish details of his death because I have no wish to contribute to his family’s grief, but I think in the face of this sort of arrant nonsense it’s important to put the truth out there.

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      • Even though he bombarded us with antisemitic hate mail and death threats, we’ve treated him (and his passing) with more respect than his so-called friends have.

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        • I try to put myself in the shoes of his family, who also received death threats and horrible online defamation from him. I have to think that at some point, he was a normal, loving child whose life took a serious wrong turn.

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    • Yes, it was clear while we were gathering information for this post that he’d suffered a terrible downward spiral, though it would be difficult to pinpoint exactly when or how that started. He seems to have had a fine mind, which was wrecked by some combination of drugs, mental illness, and exposure to the lunatic fringe.

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      • It’s just sad he could not reconcile with his family and come back home. But having some experience currently with that mindset, sometimes family don’t understand and can further exacerbate a situation.
        I know he claimed the sectioning was involuntary, but had he been in the UK, maybe this time it may have saved him from himself. It’s always a difficult decision whether some sort of forced sectioning may actually be of help, and being suicidal does not guarantee that by no means, unless the person is expressing extreme emotions, and actually admits to planning and carrying out such ideas, or the concerns of those around them are expressed intensely.

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        • I think by the time he was in Thailand it would have been too late for a return home, if not family reconciliation. He was there because he had fled the UK to avoid arrest, and I expect that part of what ate away at him was that he was unable to return without being arrested.

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          • A a salutary lesson for certain individuals fleeing accountabilty for their actions and denying themselves the instant fix of KFC midnight munchies.Must really be gnawing away by now,tickerty tock.

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  2. It was a Saturday in October. There had been a couple early snowfalls, but it wasn’t really cold out yet.
    My friends and I were 11 years old. Bestest buddy, whose father managed the high-rise apartment a block from my house surprised me with a call at 7 am: “You gotta come over right now – before my Dad cleans up! You gotta see this!” and so we gathered our little clan at the carpark behind his building.
    He led us around the side, where there was a long span of empty field. “Over here! Follow me!” and before long, there it was – the bloody snow-angel of some jumper. “Wow!” and “Awesome!” was all we had to say.

    That instructive lesson in the effect of gravity on human bodies didn’t prevent us from continuing to get up on the roof of that building and sit on the edge of the top balcony roof’s concrete pad – dangling our feet over and watching flicked ashes fall to their doom.

    Rest in peace, Aaron.

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      • Perhaps. The next year, Dennis P – who was 16 and the neighborhood muscleman – tried to fly off the bridge while on pills. He hit every tree on the way down, so he lived, but he was left a pathetic & crippled paroady of his former self. That was a more relevant lesson for us, I think. Two years later, Lance C hung himself in his family’s garage, he was 15. And on and on it goes my dear.
        There are good reasons for this song’s popularity:

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    • Yes, he seemed very angry a great deal of the time. Deliberately embracing beliefs which on some level he must have realised were just plain silly (the whole “there is no such place as Greenland” argument, for example) almost seems like a temper tantrum grounded in contrariness.

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  3. It’s pretty obvious he was suffering from severe drug psychosis and whether the drugs exacerbated a previous condition or caused it we’ll never know.
    In fact he is a prime example of someone that should have been sectioned for a long time but obviously managed to convince a tribunal he should be freed.

    That Ham & High report is typical gutter rag reporting, implying that somehow a well educated middle-class person was probably locked up unfairly and ‘fed’ anti-psychotic drugs (that’s what shrinks do isn’t it?..force people to take drugs & the fact that they will make them better which is a good result for the patient and society is neither here nor there). They basically reported one side of a case and because medical professionals are restricted because of privacy concerns Dover got away with giving the impression he was perfectly OK.

    Combined with the mass support of a crowd of troofer idiots who indulge and encourage the mentally ill to believe they are surrounded by plots when in reality, they are of little consequence (like me) in the grand scheme of things , and we see the end result. I hate to say it but he’s one of dozens of Westerners who end up like him when they travel to Third World countries where illicit drugs are cheap and plentiful even in Malaysia and they enter a downward spiral that will have one inevitable end.

    The last person I personally knew that was like Dover could have almost been his twin in life. He finally returned from Thailand at the begging of his mother only to get into an argument in their London kitchen and whilst waving a knife around accidentally stabbed her in the leg and she bled to death before help could come. At least he’s in a secure unit getting the help he needs.

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    • I agree with you about the H&H reporting. I’m not sure why any journalist would simply accept one side of a story holus bolus, though as you say the medical professionals would have been restricted. Still, in that circumstance I was taught that one simply reports the bare facts in a brief report and leaves it at that.

      And such a sad story about the man who killed his mum. I think you’re right that drugs played a very prominent role in Aaron’s story as well, but we will never really know the extent.


      • Because they have been proven time and time again to be a bunch of lying, deluded psychos who delight in encouraging the drug-addicted and mentally ill to make monumental fools of themselves and get themselves into trouble or danger. Sad but true.


    • I got sucked in by the opening credits and then…SRA etc etc. Stopped right there.

      Notice in the cartoon-like introduction Barack Obama was featured ( was Hillary there?) and our glorious Queen.
      I mean really- has any woman done greater service to Great Britain & held it together like a solid glue than Her Maj in what must be THE most most mind-bending boring job of all time? .
      And they really & truly believe she eats little kidnapped Canadian kiddies for lunch. Madness.

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      • Watching things like this, I’m left to wonder whether the people who put them out really believe what they’re saying. Somehow, turning it into a cartoon lent an element of parody to it, whether intentional or not.

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        • Call for An Uprising paid for someone to create that Cartoon introduction, which however silly, gives an air of quality. Sadly thats the only talent on display in any of that asshats videos.


  4. As always, that latest ‘satanic panic’ vid has become a meeting place for the intellectual elite and members of the sane community. Cough cough…

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    • You hit the Mother load there didn’t you?
      You must be a warder (nurse) at Broadmoor yes?
      You’ve published the in-house forum for the Perpetually Confused.

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    • I had to stop at “Hale Mary”. Is Hale Mary the newer, fitter version of the rather insipid lady in baby-blue robes we see in all the paintings? Has she been eating kale and pumping iron? The mind boggles.


      • It’s such a pity that God’s guidance doesn’t cover spelling and grammar, isn’t it. Case in point – Cassie’s attempt at the Lord’s Prayer.

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        • Poor old Cassie. If only there were such a thing as a website she could have copied and pasted it from instead of attempting it herself. Oh wait.

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  5. ‘Could There Be a Nefarious Agenda Planned for This Upcoming Solar Ecilpse?’

    Well? Could there? Answers on a postcard, please (which should be posted direct to Dave in his rabbit hole).

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    • Oh for God’s sake when I spilled tea over dear Mr Soros in his Bohemian Grove office I distinctly saw a memo that said “Get Shurter!”.
      I think he’s been replaced by a clone. He looks much healthier.

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    • Lmao… from his facebook:
      Lol I ask a question in my video and Hoaxtead jumps right on it. Don’t think- just listen to them and their BS. But my question can’t just be ruled out and hopefully I am wrong but it is amazing to me that people will just simply rule it out without even thinking about it. And the UK govt website jumped on it within MINUTES of me posting it. If I am such a nobody- why do they focus so hard on what I post within MINUTES of me posting?

      Hahahaha… we’re the UK government, guys… we should be getting paid for this shit…
      Why, Dave? Because you are a scammer and a liar about most things, and we just try to show people how ridiculous you are before they get hurt or waste their money on you. Lol.. also, it’s fun. Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy the attention, we all know why you keep coming to check hoaxtaed comments. Most of us feel somewhat sorry for you as well, but with ridiculous claims like “I’m sending the darkness to Trump, I’m making his dick fall off” “I have a camera in my house, that’s a fire alarm, that’s been there as long as the other fire alarm but trust me it’s a camera” “this and this and that person is Doug Mesner” David Wolfe, Craig Sawyer, etcare all pedophiles/pedophile protectors” etc etc. It’s ridiculous to the point where we Have to laugh at it, so why shouldn’t we sit back and enjoy the show? You do it for money and attention. If you really cared about the kids, you would be joining up with or promoting those who actually did shit about it, not attacking them. You would at the least be encouraging your supporters to donate to or volunteer for groups that help kids, not making videos about “poor little me, a troll said something mean to me”. You do it for attention, and money, or you’d have stopped coming to this site long ago. And if us pointing out how ridiculous your claims are keeps just one person from getting scammed or attacked by you.. because we hear you do turn on your friends.. then it is worth it. We invite your supporters to come to our site and examine the truth of things themselves.

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      • Hi guys. Just stopping by to check on my investment. Yep, you all seem to be doing a great job. In fact, I may even give you all a raise. Carry on 🙂

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      • Poor Dave hasn’t yet realised he’s an object of amusement for us.

        That may be a tad mean of us but we do have to have some moments of light relief whilst doing this important GCHQ work of demoralising those important investigators who continue to expose that the world is run by a VIP cabal of Shape Shifting peedo aliens who eat small kiddies (usually on a Tuesday) at brunch and afternoon tea.

        I still haven’t been able to work out why the directive is issued to target folk like Shurter when there are at least a million of them churning out YouTube videos on a daily basis.
        Dave should feel privileged that he has been singled out. It shows how important he is in the Troofer food chain.
        He’s up there right at the top with Debs.

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      • Oh Shurter,… hahaha…you’re a bit of a coward, aren’t you? Why don’t you copy and paste my previous comment to your facebook page like you do so many other comments on here? Afraid people will actually come to look and start seeing through your bullshit?


    • An expert at clearing out anything of value from every other compartment in her life,Neelu should have no difficulty checking through the glove compartment before the car goes to meet its maker.

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    • In what way is a sticker “permanent”? Even the ‘signwriting’ on vans and commercial vehicles is (generally) removable. As for the private land thing; who does the land belong to? Not Neelu and/or her family certainly… They lost it. How does she know the collection agency don’t have full permission to be there? And surely there is no obligation to accept payment in anything other than Sterling? – Certainly not something that has considerably less value than a bundle of monopoly money!

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    • If I were “Mr Pearce” I would have jumped at the chance of accepting a crate of gold from Neelu but I don’t blame him for refusing to take a Promissory Note from a soon-to-be bankrupt.

      But he’s done his dash now that she has charged him with High Treason. He’ll be sorry when he joins the long queue of British magistrates and judges at the newly opened Tyburn Hanging Centre near Marble Arch.

      Take a tip “Mr Pearce” : When your name is called out for your turn to walk the plank, say you are “Bruce from the Family Pearce” and you do not accept Neelu’s jurisdiction or at least ask to see the arrest warrant from International Common Law Court of Justice.

      If that doesn’t work say you are a Citizen of Kanata and are exempt from UK laws and you are sending your Strawman entity for execution. Quote the renowned late Common Law Lawyer Patrick of the Family Cullinane, just some stuff about Talmudic Law and in the confusion, run like buggery.

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    • She should know that if everyone gets $6,000,000 and a couple thousand $ a month, a house will cost something like half a billion and her grocery shopping would be thousands a month. Inflation baby. She could end up worse off. It is a scam, but if it happened, she has no assets to cushion the shock to global trade and production and that could be sold, no land to grow food, and no current skills to earn money. There could be wars. Albania had a little trouble due to pyramid schemes, ok actually a period of brutal civil unrest.

      This is actually not a well written wiki page, but has a little background.


      Is she on the dole? On the sick?

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      • No one has ever satisfactorily explained how Neelu supports herself. And yes, it’s occurred to me that her ideas are a little…impractical. I’m reminded of photos of Germans in the 1920s, carting wheelbarrows full of almost worthless banknotes to the shops to buy the smallest things.


        • Yes and muggers used to pinch the wheelbarrows and leave the cash on the side of the road.You used to be able to get half a pint of stout for a dozen wheelbarrows back in the day.Ah the memories 😉

          Which reminds me, any sniff on when the gubbermint will be shipping out the vast convoy of juggernauts with our annual bonuses?

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  6. ‘Man creates Monster in his basement with Sperm and Chicken Egg – Home Alchemy!’

    I initially presumed this was a joke but I think the guy actually believes what he’s saying:


    • Classic Debbie shoutfest at 48:36, in which she implores “Jah” to destroy the Earth and claims that she has healing powers. Yup.

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      • 56:20 – “Yer dirty fooking cunts…And that is what this World is – a cunt…So burn this cunt planet with its cunt people and cunt psychology, Jah. Destroy! Total destruction is the only solution.” 😮

        I’m not making that up. She actually said that.

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    • Jah Wobble Law, paedo fascists running the banking system.
      My dad was a bank manager at Midland. I never got to ask him about his bosses, the paedo fascists.
      Missed opportunity.

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    • Deb never fails to deliver.
      She accuses everyone of destroying the planet so she errr, demands the planet be destroyed.

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      • Who are you? It is extraordinarily depraved and disgusting of the anonymous coward who authored this cruel piece about the death of my friend.

        How can you justify yourself in anyway a decent or moral being with any shred of respect for the very recently dead or their friends and loved ones to so deceitfully and without permission copy and paste information shared by Aaron’s friends about his death on social media?

        What position of ‘moral high-ground’ do you expect to attain with such underhanded and vindictive behavior against a young man who was not born with a silver spoon lodged up his a**?

        Who are you?

        Why do you choose to anonymously attack young people defaming them when they are just starting out in life?

        Who would behave in such a fashion?

        Who would anonymously attack young people that they do not even know and viciously attack the dead under an anonymous account?

        You are most definitely without conscious and show remorse towards the victims of your venom.

        What motivates you?


        • Dylan, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Our post about Aaron was as respectful as it could be. While he was violently opposed to what this blog stands for, in the end he was clearly a very troubled individual with a history of mental health problems (which I personally consider no more shameful than physical health problems).

          Sadly, part of that disorder, in Aaron’s case, seemed to involve making violent and graphic death threats toward people with whom he disagreed.

          If you have specific issues you’d like to address in this post, please do so.

          If you’re just here to stamp your feet and scream because no one on this blog uses their real name (because we’re not fond of being threatened by those who support the Hampstead hoax), then frankly, you can feel free to take a long walk off a short pier.

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        • Actually, Dylan, EC was extremely respectful about Aaron in his write-up about his passing, as were all of our commenters, despite the fact that Aaron had sent many of us vile death threats and antisemitic abuse. Put it this way – we’ve been a great deal more respectful to the memory of your friend than he and the other hoaxers have ever been about us. Case in point: the extremely abusive, antisemtic message you sent us on 16th August, which is still languishing in our spam folder. Sample quote:

          “Please reveal yourself rich kike twat. What is your name? Show us your hook nose.

          Wow such a J(ewe) fag-mason slave thing for you to do it’s almost like you are from a cult that rapes and mutilates all the infant males in sadistic pedophile torture rituals called ‘circumscision’ with the added bonus of a baby blowjob from an elderly pedophile named Rabbi Gandalf.

          You are just trying to distract for the fact that Judaism is vile a RAPE CULTURE (a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.) look at how they are about the fact they RAPE AND MUTILATE THEIR OWN CHILDREN. What the f**k could be more insane than having a pedophile tear apart your son’s dick like what happened to Aaron.”

          Ring any bells?

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          • You are correct Scarlet Scoop ‘circumcision’ is rape and you are right Judaism dose most certainly promote rape culture. It’s about raping every man in the tribe as a boy so the victim is trauma mind-controlled into submitting to the rape cult and obeying the man who raped them and deformed them for life.

            Rape doesn’t get much worse than having an old wretched pedophile mutilate the genitals of it’s victim destroying the victims reproductive organs for life. It not only permanently changes the victims mentally but physically.

            Those people who were deformed and made “Jews” are definitely victims of serial pedophiles called ‘Rabbi”. I agree with your statements Scarlet Snoop.

            You put it so well Scarlet Scoop when you posed the question “What the f**k could be more insane than having a pedophile tear apart your son’s dick like what happened to Aaron?”

            I never supported the Hampstead Hoax because it is just a cover story and distraction for the obvious institutionalized pedophilia and child rape supported and propagated by vile criminal cults such as “Judaism”.

            I posted a video calling out the Hampstead Hoax on 22nd August 2016.

            Now if anyone wants to stamp and scream like an infant having it’s genitals torn apart because it’s a London twat with a little bit of money that doesn’t use it’s real name when talking about institutionalized Jewish pedophilia and child rape with dishonest terms like, “circumcision” then Anne Frankly you can take a walk to Judengasse Salzberg and investigate the German Jewish origin of the houses Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Rothschild before reviewing the history of the Bank of England and the Royal trans-actor family.


          • “You are correct Scarlet Scoop.”

            I’m correct about things I never said? Cool. You’ve either got it or you ain’t, I guess.

            Seriously, though, I never said anything remotely resembling anything you’ve attributed to me and I never would make such vile, disgusting remarks. And frankly, I don’t appreciate you lying about me on a blog you were told you could post on on the condition that you “keep it respectful”.

            We also do not tolerate slander, race hate speech or death threats. So I guess you blew it, dickhead. Bye bye.

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  7. ‘True science allows for more than one opinion’ – Dylan Ellis

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    There is no ‘crude oil’ on Flat Earth but there is free electricity live on air.

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    Oil is made from plants, processed in processing plants to produce plant produce, same story with plastic and even coal.

    The history of Oil is a weigh-all whale of a tale and the origins of dinosaurs are a crude joke to ensure the goys are well-lubricated for the f**king scammers.

    Plastic is obviously made from plants. Crops like corn and soy are turned into plastic and oil is pressed from plants like palm but can be produced in a multitude of other ways.

    It’s apparent that they always made oil and plastics from plants and they lie about ‘drilling’ in the same way adults lie to children about where babies come from, dinosaurs, icebergs and volcanoes.

    They have been lying about the origin or plant-based oils since whales and then derriks, then offshore rigs and they made up the whole fake ‘environmental’ movement and ‘green parties’ to simply sell back to people the same oil they always had in the same way they always produced it but pretend there is a ‘expensive transition’ but it’s all just bullshit.

    Snake oil salesmen are all that are involved in the underground crude oil hoax.


    We discuss electrolysis,hydrogen, oxygen, gas and watt it is we are breathing.

    Wood and peat for coal to coke to make gasworks work and much more.

    Hydroelectric dam hoaxes are busted.
    Solar power is so sh*t and so wasteful.
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    Trump owns towers and the given name Barak, also spelled Baraq, from the root B-R-Q, is a Hebrew name meaning “lightning”.

    Figured it out yet?

    It’s A-CON so dig yourself 🙂

    There were no floors in the old Twin Towers WTC just like the new Freedom Tower and many other ‘skyscrapers’ that are merely free ‘atmospheric’ or more aptly termed aetheric electricity masts.

    Over 2000volts with a balloon and one copper wire 🙂


    9/11 NO FLOORS & 7/11 NO FLAWS ’17magick

    Create a power differential with a gap of information between those at the top and those at the bottom of a power pyramid structure.

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    The Masters you see built everywhere on top of tall structures and as ‘radio masts’ or ‘satellite communications GPS towers’ are not always but more often than not also the source of the energy current coming out of the power point in your walls.

    It’s simple; the difference in potential between the ground and the peak of a tall metal mast conducts electrical flow that is tapped via cables and with supply regulated and stored in capacitors and batteries all around you.

    There is no ‘crude oil’ made from hoax dinosaurs being dug up from under the dirt and there are not ‘power stations’ with big turbines. These things simply do not really exist.

    Electricity is harvested from static charge in the ‘air’ (a.k.a. prana or chi or aether or holy spirit ) via the di-pole differential of potential between the peak and the ground of a mast.
    Free electricity supply existed and was tapped before the first light-globe because otherwise it is like building a boat before you have even seen water.

    Why lie? Effectively to create a giant electronic concentration camp or prison socioty when the prisoners don’t know where things come from or how they are made and just have to do what the warden says or else suffer at the hands of the guards.

    Now if you start to get scared sacred just remember ‘Copernicus’ Planet Earth’ is only an anagram for ‘open Circus’ theatrE Plan’.

    Lying about the earth and other hidden lands or ‘extra territories’ is just another way to control the slaves and keep them from escaping to build a functioning holarchy; a model that must be suppressed by the current hierarchy because it surpasses it.

    Calling me names won’t change that. So please don’t, I won’t fall for that.

    You should calm down. I am not upset at all. 🙂 Neither should you be.

    Electricity knows the fastest way to ground; as sure as water seeks it’s own level.

    What is first?

    The light-globe or the electrical supply?

    Obviously the free sky supply. Watt (SI).

    Otherwise it’s like building a boat with no knowledge of water.

    WATTIS first.

    Sky Scrapers utilise the di-pole differential of static charge potential between the ground and the peak to access free electricity and generate power.

    I.T’s the MASTer plan with simple technology; presented as magic.

    The secret of all religions and faiths is blowing in the wind.

    The Tree of Life (i.e. the Universe itself)
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    Therefore God lives in darkness and God lives in light.

    Jesus is the son of God.

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    https://soundcloud.com/here-tickery/10-door-in-the-floor-the-what-if-show-episode-ten'True science allows for more than one opinion’ – Dylan & Vishal


  8. Oh wow, I’ve missed all that!

    I have to say though that I don’t read “long” pieces of too much information.

    Split it down in to smaller chunks and I may read it…


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