FAQ update #1: ‘How we know it’s a hoax’

As we promised yesterday, we’ve been poking around in the Hoaxtead Research FAQ section, updating and revising to reflect new evidence that’s come forth in the past few weeks.

Here’s the first new page, which we’re calling “Frequently Asked Questions: How we know it’s a hoax”.

Please feel free to suggest revisions, additions, deletions…this is very much still in “first draft” condition. Once we’ve heard from our readers, we’ll post this in the FAQ section of the blog.

1. I’ve heard the videos those children made. They sounded so genuine, they gave so many details, I can’t believe they were lying.

We are absolutely not accusing the children of lying, in the sense of making things up on their own for malicious purposes. We are saying that Abraham Christie, with Ella Draper’s approval, bullied, tormented, and coached the children into saying things that were not true.

In fact, part of what gives the hoax away is the amount of detail the children offer. In Why Didn’t They Tell Us? On Sexual Abuse in Child Pornography, by Swedish researchers Carl Göran Svedin and Christina Back, the authors describe a detailed case study of 23 children who were identified through police investigation, and/or abuser-perpetrator confession, as victims of sexual abuse. Their abuse was verified, as it had been recorded by their abusers in photos & videos seized by police.

The study found that children who have been through real sexual abuse will generally only volunteer information which the interviewer already knows about:

To sum up, one can say that of the interviewed children, only two of them began to talk spontaneously, and there were five others who eventually gave a fairly complete account without being shown the pictures or the investigator saying that he/she knew what had happened (from the seized material). Five children denied that anything had occurred”. …

All the children’s accounts were fragmentary, and the children showed great difficulty in talking about their contact with the suspected perpetrator. …

They often said that they did not remember what had happened; we do not know whether this meant that they did not have any memory of the incidents or if it was too difficult to put it into words. Nevertheless, it became apparent that what the children least “wanted to remember”, were the most unpleasant or abusive activities, and these were probably the most shameful and guilt-ridden.

By contrast, RD’s children were animated, excited, and eager to describe what had allegedly happened to them:

The children both describe killing and eating babies, drinking blood, being anally penetrated and being injected with drugs. They provide details of all the people who have been involved – all the teachers, parents of children at the school, social services. [from P and Q (Children: Care Proceedings: Fact Finding) [2015] EWFC 26 (19 March 2015)]

Those who claim to “believe the children” will say that they show no shame or guilt because they have become so acclimatised to this abuse that it seems “normal” to them. However, in the Swedish study, some of the victims were mere infants when their abuse started; as they grew older, they learned from sources such as television that what they were suffering was not, in fact, normal. At this point, they began to feel very guilty and ashamed of what was happening to them.

None of the children who were actually abused were willing to volunteer any extraneous or embellishing information to their interviewers. As an experienced family court judge, Mrs Justice Pauffley would no doubt have been aware that the descriptions offered by RD’s children, which were devoid of negative emotional affect but full of exciting detail, were completely unbelievable.

2. Is it true that Ella has now retracted part of her story? And if so, what does this mean?

Those who’ve watched all the videos which Abe and Ella had the children make en route to the UK from Morocco, as well as the audio recording made by Abe’s brother-in-law, Jean Clement Yaohirou, and the leaked police ABE interviews, may remember that the Abe and the children mention several times that their elder brother, his father, and his step-mother were “in the cult”. The children alleged that their brother participated in sexually abusing them.

However, in May 2017, during an interview with Nathan Stolpman on YouTube, Ella retracted this part of the story: she claimed that she’d been “under duress” when she’d included her ex-husband and his family in her list of the accused. We’ve speculated that she might have made this retraction in order to regain access to the spousal support payments her ex-husband had been making. We based this speculation on the fact that Abe and Ella have been abroad for more than two years, her support payments were stopped about a year ago, and all the attempts Abe has made to set up crowdfunding pages have been thwarted.

So despite their repeated claims that the children’s videos were 100% true and accurate, it’s now clear that the children were forced to make at least part of their allegations. This shows very clearly that Abe and Ella, not the children’s own experiences, were the real source of the children’s information on the videos.

This is extremely important, as it casts doubt (if any were needed) on the rest of the allegations the children made.

3. How do the tattoo allegations actually help to disprove the hoax?

Ella claims that both her ex-husband, Mr Draper, and the father of her two youngest children, RD, were “in the cult”. In fact, the children have described RD as being the “boss” of the cult, and Ella has claimed that Mr Draper is the “cult financier”.

The children and Ella described the cult as multi-generational and lifelong: membership is passed down in families. The children also stated that all of the cult members (except themselves) had “monster” or “devil” tattoos on their genital areas. As life-long cult members, then, both of Ella’s partners, with whom she’d borne three children, would have had large, distinct, and unusual tattoos in a very unusual place.

And yet Ella, who had children with both RD and Mr Draper, noticed absolutely nothing unusual about either man.

We have repeatedly asked Abraham and Ella to explain this. Their answers only make it clearer that the “cult” was a manufactured story:

Ella tried to claim that she’d made a mistake when she included Mr Draper in her initial list of cult members. However, as we mention above, this only goes to further demonstrate that the children’s allegations were made under duress, and were untrue.

Abraham tried to claim that RD got his tattoo in Los Angeles after he left Ella. However, this means that when the children said that RD was the “boss” of the cult, and when they claimed that the cult was multi-generational, they were not telling the truth.

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  1. Just to quote you El Coyote before I answer 🙂

    “Ella claims that both her ex-husband, Mr Draper, and the father of her two youngest children, RD, were “in the cult”. In fact, the children have described RD as being the “boss” of the cult, and Ella has claimed that Mr Draper is the “cult financier”.
    The children and Ella described the cult as multi-generational and lifelong: membership is passed down in families.

    The children also stated that all of the cult members (except themselves) had “monster” or “devil” tattoos on their genital areas. As life-long cult members, then, both of Ella’s partners, with whom she’d borne three children, would have had large, distinct, and unusual tattoos in a very unusual place.”

    Right so the kids, their parents and grandparents were all in the cult apparently, interesting.

    So that means one of two things, either if the said cult was real she was also a party to it because all the family multi generational are in it, and that means she would also have a tattoo like they all claimed, so let’s see her tattoo.

    Or she knowingly allowed child murder and child sexual abuse etc, so she should be in prison for a very long time, well if there was evidence of said cult.

    Or its all rubbish and what I have written has made it clear its only 1 of 3 options! Even the conspiraloons can’t deny what I have put is correct.

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  2. There are so many false parts to this whole scam by these two scam artists, that it almost impossible to recall them all.

    You remember one, then another one comes, then another, while the former ones to sink back in to your conscious, then around they come again.

    And there’s just too many gems haha.

    Do you remember the child abuser Crusty, right at the beginning, the idiot stated that he heard the childrens dad talking to his kids, and from that conversation over the phone or skype or something, he could tell that he was a pedo! hahaha

    And thats pretty much how it started.

    Evil, yes. Smart, errrr haha, lets just say that he will go down in history as an evil child abusing, scum, low life.

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    • Yes, I’ve been realising that there are so very many pieces of this thing that point toward it being a hoax, it’s going to be tricky to list all of them. However, we’re going to give it our best shot! 🙂

      I think it might work to sort the evidence by category…that’s what I’m working on today.


    • The case where Shurters photofit is from is a murder of a boy from Georgia over 1000 miles from Omaha where Shurters dad lived, also he was killed execution style and not sacrificed in a ritual as David says his dad did.

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      • It’s not even a police photo-fit drawing, just a drawing from a photo of his father which looks to be when he was in his 50s. It looks like one of those drawings you get at a fair ground or from an artist in the street who does them from real life or a photo you give them.

        Photo-fits are not drawn like that.

        It’s the one Shurter claims was a ‘photo-fit’ of a convicted killer yet the real killer was an overweight 20 year old and his photo-fit was released by police and was very accurate and drawn from witnesses descriptions who had seen his face (sans stocking) in a case almost identical the one Shurter rambles on about.

        Shurter is a seriously creepy individual and I believe he is extremely dangerous and possibly a closet pederast. His entire life is devoted to sexual talk about rape, murder and young boys. His video post stating that a neighbors child should die is worrying. I would say local police are well aware of this dangerous man and keep an eye on him.

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      • You can search Shurter’s blog and you will eventually find the snap of his father that is the exact pose in that drawing, as opposed to his latest photo of his father.

        It’s ludicrous to claim that drawing is a “person of interest” as it’s not a drawing that the police would ever release and anyone can find 1000s of photo-fit drawings that confirm this.

        At least Shitface Shurter gives me some exposure which is a real blow to Spiny Normal who is my handler and superior at GCHQ.

        Spiny always claims I’ll never amount o anything and never be more than just the tea lady which is a job I quite like but I do want to be a Major Disinformation Agent like Spiny someday.

        Stupid Spiny doesn’t even know I spit in his tea and he really doesn’t want to know what I do to his Digestives before he gets them. Posters on here probably don’t even know Spiny was drummed out of MI5 for reasons I cannot divulge as it would expose Doris Tremblebeeck who is Head Tea Lady at MI5 and tells me all the latest gossip.

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      • @karnevilnine – don’t forget that DS also claimed, he and his family ate their young victims. That was supposed to be the reason why the missing boys were still missing, after many years or even decades. He only started claiming that the children’s bodies were plastered into the walls of his father’s house, when it was being sold – quite recently. I think that’s one reason why he’s so obsessed with feeble attempts to cast doubt on the resolution of the Wetterling case. There shouldn’t have been any remains to recover, according to the story he originally told.

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        • The lying scumbag is now saying that I faked the site about murdered child Chuck mauk. I had never even heard of him until a few hours ago when I did a google image search of the drawing that Shurter claims is from the Jacob Wetterling case. Anyone can do a google image search on the drawing and see.

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  3. @coyote – you are so talented at tidying up information, including the cluttered thinking I express here! But, how to install you as my mental editor on a permanent basis?…that’s the question 🙂
    I can’t improve on what you’ve said, above.

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    • No because she skims the surface and seeks out cases she’s never had a clue about before & posts a link to try give the appearance she’s on the ball as a “child protection advocate”.

      It’s as though she discovered all these Satanic MKUltra nonsense about 4 years ago and thought ” I’ll have a piece of that action” as she probably noticed everyone promoting these lunacies has a ‘donate’ button.

      It’s why I pointed to a recent post she put up about a 2010 case of mothers launching a case in the European Court over their removed children but the case was not successful.
      The silly drongo doesn’t even do basic research. Some journalist. I bet she was a lousy waitress as well. Probably nicked all the tips.

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  4. I could use some help, from one of you folk with the infinite patience for going through inane videos to pick out what you want from it. ‘Cause I ain’t got that patience, and I’ve ‘lost’ an important piece of info in someone’s video.

    On youtube, there is a video of Paul Bonacci being interviewed for a deposition, wherein he’s performing several of his “alters’ for everyone. It’s not one of Gunderson’s “debriefings”, its the one I posyed in a recent comment thread. You needn’t post the video, though, I know which one it is.
    Somewhere in this video, there is a very brief section where John deCamp – sometime visible sitting to the left of Bonacci from our perspective – pretends to read out a “code” for triggering Bonacci to switch personalities. I think deCamp is off camera, and says: “I just received this”…

    If you can find that, please transcribe what deCamp reads off and post that here.
    I can’t pay you, but I will reward you with a genuinely new revelation & documentation of fraudulence and deception at the heart of Bonacci’s “testimony” and the Johnny Gosch case. In the near future. 🙂


    • DeCamp: “Does this have to do with Monarch?”
      Bonnaci: “Yes”
      De Camp: “If I use the code, will that help, which I just obtained in the last hour?”
      De Camp: “D6413782ProgramXPYEagleAlexHope, please go ahead and answer all questions.”

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      • Beautiful 🙂
        THANK YOU!
        I’ve waited a loooong time, to assemble all the pieces of the Bonnaci ‘smoking gun’. And now I have them.

        I will probably ‘publish’ it on the Dysgenics blog, and give y’all the link here when its ready.
        (One more thing – what was the play time on that, the 0:00 reading?)

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    • Hi Justin

      These are your previous comments about Bonacci. Hope they help:











      This was also from you, as I recall, but I can’t find the original thread:

      “@karnevilnine – Yes, it’s terribly tragic & sad.

      It is my belief, that when there exists a family spokesperson for a missing/murdered child case, they should be allowed some degree of ownership over “the official” story of that case. So, I don’t think we should do a Johnny Gosch article here. Nevertheless, there are some clarifications about that case, info you might not find elsewhere including the “Who Took Johnny” video currently on Netflix, that I don’t want to take to the grave with me. So here you go:

      1. Noreen Gosch is and always will be a genuine hero of grassroots efforts to ensure proper investigation of missing child cases. In Iowa and many other states at the time, there was an unbelievably stupid “cooling off” period of 72 hours before a missing teen could become a police matter. Noreen fought for the elimination of such regulations, like a grizzly bear, and won – causing a domino effect of such regulations being thrown out all over the US.

      2. Noreen’s sense of ownership over the case has been SO extreme, that from the beginning it has extended to a sense of ownership over any/every investigative effort. The police chief Orval Cooney probably was a corrupt incompetent, I don’t dispute that, but police investigations cannot be directed by “citizens”, not even the grieving parents of a missing or murdered child. That’s just an unreasonable expectation.

      3. It’s not true that the FBI refused to investigate the case. The FBI did look into it at some point in the first 18 months. However, in one of the news reports that never made bit into the digital age, from the 1982-83 period, Noreen is quoted as telling the FBI to “stay out of my son’s case”, because she thought they would blow a sting that she and her private investigators had set up.

      4. Everything Paul Bonacci has said about his involvement in the case, is a lie. Because he apparently wishes to be known as the man (teen, at the time) who abducted and raped Gosch, I have allowed him that status in previous comments. However, Bonacci gave at least three mutually contradictory account of the alleged abduction – and all of his pedophile kidnapping ring stories are fantasies based on news reports of unrelated cases that he researched while sitting in prison for child molestation conviction.”

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    • Some previous comments from Karnevil:

      “Eilish is interviewing flat earth moron Santos Bonacci, he is a true fanatic who said he would disown his son if he didn’t believe in flat earth, this channel has some great videos about him.”

      “This just caught my eye, a reference to the Finders to do with Paul Bonacci and the Franklin credit saga that Justin was talking about. Small world.”


      “@Justin. Shadowman claims to be Bonacci dosent he?”

      Any use? There’s bound to be something in there that’ll piss off Dave the paaedo-necro-terrorist 🙂

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      • This Santos is one of the most annoying and arrogant of the troofers who latches on to every conspiracy going ages after everyone else (not unlike APD).

        Nicely exposed by Oz TV when he was arrested for not paying massive road toll fines accumulated over a few years by traveling into central Melbourne where he was busking. This hypocrite gained some media exposure by claiming money is a fraud whilst quietly claiming disability benefits.

        He pulled a $20 note from his pocket for the cameras and set it on fire to demonstrate money is useless, for the cameras outside court which pissed off the journalist he gave it to him- and then he had the temerity to ask his supporters for donations so he could get home.

        I heard that when he was eventually jailed he started spouting off his claptrap in jail but was cornered by a burly tradesman who had also been jailed for non-payment of road toll fines but who had gone bankrupt after being overwhelmed with debts and had just not been able to pay his fines – threatened Bonnacci with a severe knuckle sandwich if he didn’t shut his trap as he considered him a total leech on society.

        When Santos was on the run he hid out with a so-called “hippy dippy” couple who spouted every New Age nonsense going but were former Hells Angel meth dealers and were being watched by cops who got suspicious about their new house guest.
        He’s not too far removed from professional con-artist Peter Forster who conned Cherie Blair and also went on the run in Queensland & hid out with similar dickheads who the police were also watching and wondered who their new house guest was.

        It’s another aspect of the New Age / Satanist / MKUltra / your Birth Certificate is a Fraud mob who are often cheap grifters who latch on to what they think is a good new con long after everyone else.

        There are so many of them (among the genuinely mentally ill) and again I would respectfully not like to name any one individual although the words Disney, Power and Angela come to mind.

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    • There is article on the web with an interview with Gunderson..Rolling Stone ? ..or a similar mainstream publication that shows him up as the nutcase he is.

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      • Lucien Greaves does a great job on showing what a nutcase Gunderson is in his lecture ‘Death of a Public Paranoid’, it’s on YT and is well worth watching.


  5. I could use some help.

    I’ve just been told some woman called Sharron Chesterman is saying I’m Harry Jones, Jill McClean and Barbara Collier on fb.

    It’s as bad as being called RD.

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  6. Surely that’s quite normal FA? Everyone is somebody else but somebody else is another person who is everyone… It’s a ruse they use to try and kid the world on everybody and his dog isn’t on to them!

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  7. Not content with rabidly supporting and promoting the psycho Jason Streatham, Mad-Moo is now also promoting the psycho Bronny Llewellyn. Yup.

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    • BronHllda NZ thinks the Hobbit moves are documentaries as they were filmed near her which is why she’s modeled herself on an Orc.

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    • Although I think that system of marriage is bizarre most people misconstrue it for what it really is in their absolute obsession to see a Pedo Satanist Behind Every Bush.
      It’s basically a form of betrothal where a young girl is betrothed to an older man and they are married but they do not have sex until she is of age.

      Obviously that’s a system open to abuse whereas most Western pedos sidestep the marriage part. Plays into the hands of the obsessed though who cannot be bothered to read about another religion they do not understand.

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